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MSGVB Chapter 51

A Sister-in-law Who Brothers Are Vying For

Translator: Hua

T/N: I’ll be changing second young master to Er(second) Shao(youngster from rich family) from now on because SBH is mentioned A LOT in this chapter. Wring “the second young master Shen” is way too long.

Chapter 51: A Sister-in-law Who Brothers Are Vying For

[Mi Mi: Say, do you guys believe it? In the office, the boss and his wife openly do it….]

[Assistant Xiao Lu: What’s going on? Don’t just talk halfway and stop ah.]

[Tang Tang Tang: What? I just left for a while and there’s melon to eat? ]

The private assistant secretaries group instantly became hot.

Secretary Mi, sitting outside the president’s office, looked at the closed door discreetly, and couldn’t help but recall the thrilling experience just now in the group chat.

A moment ago, Er Shao suddenly came over and said he wanted to see their President Shen, then he rushed into the office without saying a word.

How could Secretary Mi stop him? The physical strength was very different. Instead of stopping him, she was pulled into the office by Er Shao.

[Assistant Xiao Lu: ..…]

[Tang Tang Tang: What? Er Shao came to Yiwei? He also broke into the boss’s office? ? What are the security guards doing? ]

[Mi Mi: Yeah, I don’t know where Er Shao got the pass… Anyway, I was scared to death. I thought it’s over this time. The two people shouldn’t have a big fight, I didn’t expect to see such a hot scene at the back…]

Secretary Mi recalled the previous situation, and thought that the scene she saw in the office just now was beautiful.

The young boy with a slender body gathered in front of President Shen, rubbing him like a cat and biting his neck. 

Their tall and abstinent President Shen didn’t dodge or move. He just supported his slender upper body and leaned there, even when he saw them coming in, President Shen was as stable as Mount Tai.

…..Their boss only fixed his gaze on the youth’s silhouette. To be honest, Secretary Mi had seen him like this for the first time in so many years.

[Tang Tang Tang: @Jin Zheheng how did Er Sho get Yiwei’s pass?  ]

[Jin Zheheng: Let me check]

[Assistant Xiao Lu: @Mi Mi Sister Mi, keep talking ah, it’s hot! ]

Mi Mi attempted to depict the scene at that time. Nearly a hundred characters focused on their boss disheveled clothes, and another hundred characters described his facial expressions. The writing style was top-notch.

Everyone in the group began to howl, saying:

[So the boss’s good deed was unexpectedly interrupted? ]

[That Shen Er Shao is too annoying. He has sneaked into our company more than once to inquire about information ah.]

[But if Er Shao didn’t go in, sister Mi Mi wouldn’t be able to see such an exciting scene. ]

[Sister Mi Mi, what happened then? What’s the reaction of the boss? ]

[Mi Mi: The boss didn’t have much reaction, and was quite calm, but Er Shao who barged in caught a glimpse, then turned around and left without saying a word. ]

[What? Why? ]

[Didn’t say anything? Then what did he rush in for? ]

[Mi Mi: I don’t know, anyway, when Er Shao left, his expression was very green and furious! I don’t know why I felt so happy seeing him like this, hahahaha! ]

Secretary Mi didn’t dare gossip too much.

Although they were a small group pulled out privately, they usually discuss what to eat at noon, but the people inside are, after all, company colleagues, and there are many mouths. 

At that time, she was still too excited. Especially after Er Shao turned and left, she couldn’t stay in the office any longer. She bowed slightly and was about to leave, then she saw President Shen straightened up. He ignored his untidy clothes, and reached out to clasp the waist of the youth in front of him……

And the red-faced youth was also very lovely… When he was hugged, his face was still hesitant and shocked, but his waist was slender and soft, which could be easily grasped.

The big white shirt swayed slightly, and the youth naturally approached the boss’s arms. How could he be so soft, when she thought of the boss’s big hands holding the young man’s narrow waist…


Previously, she heard Xiao Tang say that President Shen and his wife had a very good relationship. She also expressed disbelief because it was hard to imagine the scene.

And now it is simply too much to believe!

She had been working with President Shen for more than two years. This was the first time she had eaten President Shen’s dog food…. Secretary Mi wasn’t willing to be the only abused dog.

She immediately wrote another one-hundred-characters essay, depicting the last scene she saw in the second half, and hurriedly sent it out.

Of course, what she had written was quite beautiful.

But she didn’t mention how soft the youth’s waist was.

She focused on writing about the deer caught in the headlights1Describes the heartbeats between men and women. She probably focused on writing emotional part rather than ahem spicy part. or something, to ensure that even if President Shen saw it, he wouldn’t react.


In the office.

A few minutes ago.

Jing Xun didn’t see the person who barged in, he only saw someone’s furious departure back. He drew a question mark in his heart.

His attention quickly fell back to Shen Yijin. He was frightened and wanted to touch the tooth mark, but Shen Yijin took the lead to hold his waist.

In Jing Xun’s vision, the beautiful secretary closed the door and left very sensibly. At the same time, warm thin lips kissed him lightly, like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water .

The dry and soft touch made Jing Xun regain his senses. He heard Shen Yijin calling him: “Xiao Xun.”

“En…” Jing Xun rested in Shen Yijin’s embrace without moving.

Looking at the tooth mark from close range, his front teeth hurt a little just now, how could the soft flesh on Shen Yijin’s neck not hurt?

And there was a major artery in the neck or something, it wasn’t a trivial matter. Jing Xun said with guilt, “Sir, I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s okay.”

In the office, Shen Yijin hugged him tightly, then lowered his head to kiss his forehead gently, saying, “It’s nothing.”

Jing Xun finally touched the tooth mark, rubbing it back and forth carefully, and found that there was no bleeding, so he was relieved.

Shen Yijin’s Adam’s apple rolled, he took Jing Xun’s hand off, and held it in his hand.

Jing Xun realized that he was too close to Shen Yijin, and the two were almost face to face. This time, his breath was sprayed on Mr’s neck.



A very subtle sound was heard in the office. With the thought of comforting the injured skin, Jing Xun subconsciously dropped a soft kiss on the trace.

“…..” Shen Yijin slowly lowered his head. The young man was still watching his neck intently.

His limpid eyes were full of worry and grievances like a small animal who had done something wrong, looking very pitiful.

Then, Jing Xun, who was holding Shen Yijin’s collar pitifully, was kissed.

The protruding knuckles gently pinched his jaw, forcing Jing Xun to raise his head.

This time, it wasn’t a light touch.

It was a long kiss.

When he fell back into the seat dizzily, in Jing Xun’s field of vision, Shen Yijin slowly raised his hands and fastened the button on his collar again.

The loose tie was also fastened and pushed up.

The gentleman standing in sunlight was still tall and abstinent.


The position of the tooth mark seemed to be off.

It was a lot higher than he had expected…

The shirt collar couldn’t hide it at all.


Jing Xun was dumbfounded.


The feeling that he was really in trouble came out. Jing Xun stood up uncomfortably, making gestures, not knowing what to say.

However, Shen Yijin apparently also discovered this, but he behaved extremely calmly. His indifferent eyes even contained a slight smile. With a slight bow, he comforted Jing Xun again, saying, “It’s okay.”

He pressed Jing Xun back into the chair to let him sit in peace, then Shen Yijin picked up the phone again. Soon the office door was knocked, and the secretary in formal attire walked in again.

“Where is he?” Shen Yijin asked.

Secretary Mi reported in a very brief and precise manner: “Er Shao just ran out and disappeared. He should still be in the building. The security guards are already looking for him. Assistant Jin is also sending someone to review the pass.”

“En.” Shen Yijin nodded: “If you find him, bring him over to see me.”

Sitting behind the desk, Jing Xun’s long eyelashes fluttered. Hearing this, he abruptly raised his head and thought, right…the person who just barged in seemed to be the scum gong? !

Just now, all his thoughts were put on Mr’s injury. Jing Xun had no time to think of anything else.

At this moment, he remembered. It was Shen Bohan who broke in suddenly a while ago, but he didn’t say anything. After breaking in, he ran away without looking back.


So what is the situation?

After a while, Shen Bohan was caught by two security guards. He looked a lot more haggard than yesterday.

All of his brand-name clothes were dirty, his hair was a mess, his face was blue, his lips were pale, and his cheeks and pupils were abnormally red.

After he was taken into the office, Shen Bohan was extremely angry, but his momentum was still there.

He shook off the two security guards who grabbed him. Shen Bohan looked at Shen Yijin like a living Asura. He smiled and said, “Brother, is it so difficult for me to see my big brother? “

Shen Yijin, however, didn’t seem to want to talk to him. He didn’t even ask where his pass came from, he just said: “You want to see me? What’s the matter?”

“I come to…” At this point, Shen Bohan’s momentum was a little weaker. He glanced at Jing Xun who was sitting there.

He came to talk to Shen Yijin, asking him to let Yan Jingxun go.

After leaving the airport yesterday, in fact, he later chased down to Shen Yijin’s house.

He didn’t have much contact with his elder brother. At least after Shen Yijin returned to home country this time, the two brothers were almost bridge to bridge, road to road2Mind their own businesses, you do yours, I do mine..

If it weren’t for their grandfather, and because they still live in Shen’s house, they would never see each other at all.

But nevertheless, he still inquired about Shen Yijin’s residence.

Or the place he hid Yan Jingxun.

It was raining all night last night. The curtains of Shen Yijin’s house were completely blocked, and Shen Bohan could not see inside.

Then he was drenched in the rain, and spent most of the night downstairs.

In fact, he figured out a lot of things last night, such as why Yan Jingxun said that he didn’t love him anymore–after being suppressed by Shen Yijin’s bodyguards at the airport, being beaten down in front of absolute power, and having his dignity swept on the floor, he finally realized where Yan Jingxun’s humility and hardship came from in the past.

Yan Jingxun was a coward, so he despised him for that. He never valued him. 

On top of that, he allowed other people to crush his self-esteem as much as they wanted, but on the contrary he wanted to laugh at his cowardice…

Actually, he just wanted to tell Yan Jingxun yesterday that he had dealt with Hu Xiaopeng, and no one will frame him or insult him from now on.

But there was no chance.

He didn’t even have a chance to say this.

Maybe Yan Jingxun didn’t even care anymore.

Looking at Yan Jingxun, who was sitting behind the large desk with a calm and composed face, Shen Bohan suddenly felt very unfamiliar.

Unfamiliar, and so beautiful.

Yan Jingxun behind the desk wore a white shirt, paired with a delicate face, a sharp chin, a pale and thin neck, but there was no fragility.

He sat there without any inconsistency compared with the style of the entire office. The young man’s eyes were calm, his expression was indifferent and confident. He looked at him in the eyes with a scrutiny and measuring gaze, without any evasion or fear.

What to do… He thought this Yan Jingxun seemed even more dazzling.

He didn’t want to give up Yan Jingxun just like that.

But at least, no one will hurt Yan Jingxun any more, like the bastard he was.

Shen Bohan already had a fever when he was found last night, and now with this terrible fever, his brain had become a paste.

But when he thought of Yan Jingxun and Shen Yijin, Shen Bohan still endured the discomfort and ran out secretly behind his mother’s back. He had to look for Shen Yijin, and tell him face to face to let him spare Yan Jingxun.

Thinking of this, Shen Bohan shook his chaotic head and said, “I want you to let Yan Jingxun go.”

As he said this, his eyes involuntarily fell on the youth behind the table. Remembering the scene where he rushed into the office and saw his senior offering a kiss to Shen Yijin…Shen Bohan felt like a knife was plunged into his heart.

His pale lips twitched, and the high fever made him gasp. The tremendous pain made it difficult for him to speak.

But Shen Bohan still insisted: “Brother, say it with your conscience, can you really marry Yan Jingxun?… If you are still angry with me because of what happened when you were a child, I apologize to you, as long as you let senior go….”

Jing Xun: ? ? ?

Looking at Shen Yijin with astonishment, Jing Xun completely had no idea what Er Shao was talking about.

Obviously, sir had the same doubts as him.

“You’re thinking too much.” Shen Yijin said, “Me being with Jing Xun has nothing to do with you.”

Shen Bohan turned the spear and directed the conversation with Jing Xun instead: “Cough…. Senior, do you really believe him? You’ve only known him….for a month… Don’t be too hasty, I know you hate me. But, don’t… punish me with your own happiness…” 


Jing Xun also raised his hand weakly and said: “I really didn’t want to punish anyone…..”

Seeing that Er Shao couldn’t even catch his breath at this moment, Jing Xun was still a little worried.

He was afraid that something would happen to him in Shen Yijin’s company.

Jing Xun said, “Why don’t you go to a hospital first? Er Shao, you are sick.”

He’s obviously sick!

Jing Xun remembers that in the original work, in the later period, Shen Bohan thought of trying to invade Yiwei Technology to steal business information, which was the crucial piece that could help him overturn Shen Yijin.

The original owner was also used at that time and finally got crippled.

It could be seen that Er Shao was deeply attached to Yiwei.

Then he suddenly rushed to the top floor with his pass today, which in itself was a kind of exposure.

Although a pass couldn’t explain too many problems, unless one really lost their mind, most people wouldn’t expose their cards so early.

Jing Xun gave Shen Yijin a look. Instead of talking nonsense here, he wanted sir to send Shen Bohan to the hospital, so that nothing could go wrong here.

President Shen could comprehend his meaning right?

When he looked over, Shen Yijin naturally received his gaze.

Seeing that the young man’s concern was not false, Shen Yijin confirmed it a little, and then heavily closed his eyes.

He lifted his eyelids. When he opened his eyes again, the temperature in those peach blossom eyes disappeared without a trace. The bottom of his eyes resembled the ink that cannot be melted.

“Er Shao is sick, take him to the hospital first.” he said.

“No, I haven’t finished.” Shen Bohan, who was on the verge of collapse, was caught again by two security guards. He struggled and didn’t want to leave.

The fever was making him confused. Shen Bohan became very stubborn, he just wanted to persuade Shen Yijin to let go.

The two security guards were not as well-trained as Shen Yijin’s bodyguards. They heard this person was Er Shao and dared not to use force. All of a sudden, the office was in chaos.

Standing on the sideline, Secretary Mi was so frightened that she didn’t even dare to move. She didn’t expect…The drama about the madam’s position was actually a bloody plot of two brothers competing for him!

No wonder Er Shao’s face was green when he ran away. It was estimated that he couldn’t accept the blow of his ex-boyfriend becoming sister-in-law, so he had to run out to calm his mood…

Tut Tut.3Sound of tongue clicking.

But it should be said that Er Shao was too immature compared to President Shen….

While struggling, Shen Bohan finally expressed his thoughts clearly as he said to Jing Xun: “Shen Yijin is the eldest grandson of the Shen family! In the future, my family business will be given to him. Do you really think he will marry a man? Even, cough cough, even if grandpa yields to him because of his illness, and gives you guys his consent, the uncles in the family clan will not agree…If he wants to inherit the family business, it is necessary….to marry a wife and have children, to pass on the family line…. senior, do you understand? He is just playing with you…”

Jing Xun: “……”

Shen Yijin: “Take him out.”

Shen Yijin’s emotionless voice command sounded without the slightest intention to refute the argument.

But everyone is aware that President Shen was in a very bad mood right now.

In the office, Shen Yijin approached Shen Bohan step by step with no expression on his face. Every step crushed the hearts of everyone in the room. He was wrapped in a cold air that couldn’t be removed. From a moment ago, this chill became more and more intense, making people shiver deeply everywhere he passed.

The frozen security guard dragged Er Shao harder and harder, but Shen Bohan, who was ill, was very determined. For a while, the two men could not drag him.

While scurrying and pulling, Shen Yijin came in front of Shen Bohan.

He looked at him condescendingly, his thick black pupils seemed to devour everything.

“This is the last time, Shen Bohan.” He said.

His voice was flat, as if a bucket of cold water was poured down on his head. Even the two security guards shivered in unison, almost letting go.

But at this moment, a voice came from behind Shen Yijin——

“Who said we can’t pass on the family line?”

Jing Xun’s voice came from behind. The youth’s unique voice was crisp and melodious: “Who said we can’t pass on the family line?…I, I…”

For a moment, at least eight eyes were gathered on him, including Shen Yijin. Jing Xun suddenly choked.

He just subconsciously wanted to confront Shen Bohan. In fact, when all is said and done, Shen Bohan would deliberately talk about this today. He glorified it as worrying about him, but in fact, Shen Bohan still thought he was unworthy.

Because he felt that Yan Jingxun was not worthy of being with Shen Yijin, or getting approval from the elders of Shen family. So he stuck to the view that Shen Yijin was deceiving and cheating him.

This idea made Jing Xun amused and a little disgusted.

However, Jing Xun had always been honest and rarely quarreled with others.

After opening his mouth impulsively and facing many gawking eyes, he suddenly didn’t know how to counter “passing the family line” elegantly without losing anger.

He couldn’t really say that he could give birth. He will be treated as a lunatic…


After sweeping his eyes at the crowd, Jing Xun suddenly blushed, intending to give a euphemistic suggestion: “Have you heard of Hai Tang4Hai Tang is another name of Longma, a webnovel platform that consist of R18 novel only.? What about Mpreg articles?”


  • 1
    Describes the heartbeats between men and women. She probably focused on writing emotional part rather than ahem spicy part.
  • 2
    Mind their own businesses, you do yours, I do mine.
  • 3
    Sound of tongue clicking.
  • 4
    Hai Tang is another name of Longma, a webnovel platform that consist of R18 novel only.
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