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MSGVB Chapter 5.1

Found him.

Translator: Hua

After waking up from an afternoon nap, Jing Xun suddenly received a call from home.


Looking at the word “Mom” displayed on the screen of the phone, Jing Xun was stunned. It took a while to realize that he was Yan Jingxun now, and then he quickly connected the phone.


“…Mom?” He was a bit stiff, but Jing Xun still spoke into the phone.


There was a loud female voice calling him “Ah Xun”. The background sounded a little noisy. Jing Xun knew that she should be at the hospital.


The original owner’s biological parents divorced when he was very young, and his mother took him to remarry. Fortunately, his stepfather was an honest man. Although he later had a younger brother, the family lived in harmony and the family background was originally also considered substantial.


All the changes started when his brother was diagnosed with leukemia. In order to treat the younger brother, his mother and stepfather had already spent all the money in the family. In fact, the original owner was not only responsible for his own tuition and living expenses, but also often subsidized his family.


His mother was very anxious and said straightforwardly over the phone: “Your brother will need to spend more than 10,000 yuan on medicine. We managed to scrape together some, and we still need 3000 left. Do you have any surplus money?”


“Yeah.” Jing Xun replied decisively and opened the online banking to check the original owner’s account. There were more than 4000 yuan left in the account. The original owner had been living frugally and specifically saved this money for his younger brother.


Jingxun said to the phone: “Mom, don’t worry, I will send you the money right away.”


“Yes.” The woman answered, her tone finally had some joy.


On the contrary, she asked Jingxun about the recent situation, her tone was no longer anxious like before, but it sounded a little humble.  That was the sense of self-blame that had always been ignored by the elder son.


The original owner’s mother loved him very much, and never neglected him even after starting a new family. It was just that since the younger brother fell ill, the whole family was in a state of desperation, and it was very difficult to not favor one over the other1一碗水端平 (yī wǎn shuǐ duān píng): To make a bowl of water even. It is a metaphor for being fair or impartial. .


Jingxun thought that it was understandable. While answering his mother’s question, he looked at the transfer record on his mobile phone and transferred all the money in the account without leaving a cent.


He had no relatives, and never enjoyed family affection. He didn’t understand what it felt like to have a brother. But some could be learned from the memory of the original owner.


…In his head, there was the memory of the little brother awkwardly learning to walk when he was a child. He used his chubby little hands to grab his knee and call him brother.


After finishing the transfer, he hung up the phone. Jing Xun looked at the empty balance on the card, touched the few cash in his pocket, plus the meal card with insufficient amount, and fell into deep thought.


The last time he had to worry about money was long ago.


Because of poor health, what he ate and what he used was usually fixed and quantified. Besides, he had no extravagant preference. The 15 year old Jing Xun was a national weapon with no emotions in the eyes of many people.


All of his participation in research and development was in the name of the country, and he never asked for commercial returns. Correspondingly, he did not need to worry about medical treatment and living expenses because they were provided by the state.


But just because you haven’t worried about it, doesn’t mean you don’t know the importance of money.


The Yan family in the original book would need a large sum of money at once, and the follow-up cost of his brother’s medical treatment couldn’t be solved by turning over a few thousand.


At that time, the scum gong who had just revived his favorable impression on the original owner heard about this incident, and helped the Yan family with the follow-up spending.


That amount of money was not much for the scum gong, but to the original owner, it was a timely assistance, which was the reason why he fell once again for the scum gong.


It was also the beginning of the original owner being abused and manipulated by the scum gong.


There was no need to say more about the following things. It was nothing but the scum gong being tired of the original owner once again, but the original owner deeply remembered the help of the scum gong, and tolerated his crude and indifference behaviors again and again…


The tragedy of the novel “All for love” had many roots. One of them was the huge gap between the rich and the poor, which was an insurmountable gap.


Such a painful realization, if Jing Xun didn’t have any awareness then he would be a real nerd.


So when he was free in the afternoon, Jing Xun clicked on the recruitment website to see if he could find suitable job opportunities.


In order to make money, the original owner had done everything, doing part-time work, washing dishes, selling milk tea and handing out flyers… In this situation, the original owner could still maintain his academic performance in the college as a student council president. In fact he was actually very inspirational.

If it wasn’t for the scum gong…


Jing Xun could not do the work that the original owner had done. In fact, if he had free time, he really wanted to try one by one. However, this way of earning money was too slow and time was not waiting for them.


But unfortunately, the high-paying jobs on the recruitment network were unattainable for a junior. After browsing for a long time, Jing Xun only found a company with suitable conditions.


In desperation, Jing Xun began to study the possibility of taking “private work” again.


In the evening, he went to the job fair with his two roommates.


Although this job fair was held for the Faculty of Computer Science, it did not prohibit students from other faculties from entering.


Every student even received a brochure before entering the door, which was a brochure of Yiwei Technology.


Yiwei Technology was mainly engaged in some cutting-edge technology research and development projects. It was obviously a newly established company in the last two years, but it had grown rapidly. Although it was not at the top of the industry, it had also entered the leading position.   


Others might not be able to see the reason for this, but based on his little knowledge of the novel, Jing Xun could infer that Yiwei’s growth was inseparable from the villain brother in the book.


Because Yiwei was founded by the villain Shen Yijin.


Shen Yijin, as the villain in the book, clearly already had 80% of the Shen family power, but he had to find another way to engage in the high-tech industry. This kind of foresight was not something the male protagonist who only talks about love could compare with.


Although the emotional entanglement between the gong and the shou in “All for love” was quite dog blood, some aspects still valued the reality.


For example, the author didn’t give the ignorant scum gong any defying golden fingers, and he was defeated completely in the end.


Apparently what the author wanted to express was that if you make a wrong choice at every crossroads of destiny, you will be defeated even if the starting point is high.


After receiving the brochure, Jing Xun looked at the content on it. Many things were introduced in detail, but they were all about the development directions of the enterprise and the corporate culture. As for the founder of the company, it had not been mentioned.


It was said that this person was very low-key.


What a pity.


Jing Xun sighed in his heart, he was actually quite curious about what the big brother villain looked like.


Just…plain curiosity.


The fierce face repeatedly mentioned by the author and the seniors, how fierce is it?


Of course he could only continue to be curious.


Shen Yijin had to take charge of both the Shen family enterprise and the outside companies, so how could he personally come to such a place?

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    一碗水端平 (yī wǎn shuǐ duān píng): To make a bowl of water even. It is a metaphor for being fair or impartial. 
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