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MSGVB Chapter 44

Shen Yijin and Yan Jingxun? ? !

Translator: Hua

Jing Xun looked in the direction of the bathroom, and suddenly thought of something more special.


Mr.’s mobile phone wasn’t a new one, so there must have been a password before.


Now that the password had been changed to such a close date, it meant that he had reset it later, after that day on the 29th.


…This, this, this, this was too attentive!


He didn’t think so much when he asked for the password just now.


Now that he thought about it…Shen Yijin had given him the password, which meant he could check his mobile phone at any time in the future??


This is Mr. Villain’s personal mobile phone!


Although Jing Xun didn’t plan to check his partner’s mobile phone, how should he put it… this feeling of being trusted could easily warm people’s hearts.


Shen Yijin finished washing and came out. He saw the young man lying on the bed with those almond-shaped eyes stared in his direction without blinking. When he came out, his eyebrows immediately arched in a smile.


As if all the good things in the world were hidden in those eyes, Shen Yijin strode over and gently kissed the center of his eyebrows.


“What’s the matter?”


Jing Xun handed a mobile phone to him with bright eyes.


This time, what he handed over was his own.


“Sir, can you guess what my password is?” he asked.


“…..” Shen Yijin hesitated, but still took his mobile phone: “What is it?”


Jing Xun didn’t feign ignorance, he smiled and said, “Six six.”


Just after finished speaking, Jing Xun suddenly reacted as if something was wrong. Before Shen Yijin could speak, he quickly explained: “Ah…I just want to let you know my unlocking password…”


As for why his password is still 6 6 instead of any commemorative number, he wanted  to change it but couldn’t think of any.


Should he use the date they first met?


But he had just transmigrated over at that time, and neither of them was in the right state, it was a bit unsuitable for an anniversary.


The rest, he and Shen Yijin didn’t have any special days.


……Or should he say that every day was special, and the most special day had been chosen by Mr. first.


Because he couldn’t think of any, he didn’t change it for the time being. 


“It doesn’t matter.”


Shen Yijin didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with this. Even at this time, the corners of his lips rose even more. He bent over and almost pressed the youth under him again.


His deep eyes were facing the clear pupils of the young man, and then Jing Xun was bitten again.


The other party had just finished washing, so there was a hint of mint in between his hot breath.


Jing Xun was kissed until he became dizzy, then he heard Shen Yijin’s hoarse and melodious voice: “The future is long.”


Even though Jing Xun has only a little wound left, with Shen Yijin’s insistence, he still had to rest for a few days as the doctor said.


To reduce walking and sitting as much as possible, today’s plan to go to the back of the mountain to pick fruit fell through. He could only rest in the house.


Fortunately, when hearing that he was injured and unable to move, Grandpa Shen specially arranged for someone to pick him some of the ripe fruits from the back of the mountain.


In this case, the result was actually the same when you think about it in a good way.


——That is, he gets to eat the fruit.


If he ignored the fact that the process of picking the fruit was the most important thing.


However, Jing Xun was a person who could adapt himself to different circumstances. He rarely got the chance to be a rice bug1A term refers to adults who are dependent, unmotivated, and do nothing all day long. without any physical discomfort. He simply enjoyed staying in bed with comfortable clothes and food2The full sentence here is: Stretch out your hands when you wear clothes, and open your mouth when you eat. It’s a metaphor describing a lazy person who enjoys the fruits of other people’s labor. Mostly refers to rich and spoiled people who are being served. .

How could he put it, the experience was a bit uncomfortable but also quite good.


All the fruits delivered were washed, peeled, and deseeded.


Moreover, the fruits in the mountain were painstakingly planted by experts in related fields. They were pollution-free, fresh, and very sweet.


He was not allowed to get up, so Jing Xun could only lie down and eat.


In addition, the handsome and wealthy villain in the book, whose income was calculated by second, was sitting not far away from him, handling documents and taking care of him on the side.


Jing Xun was only responsible for watching TV while lying in bed.


If he wanted to drink water, someone would bring it, he would even hand him the tissue and throw the garbage away….Probably the only bad thing was that if you ate too much fruit, you often wanted to go to the toilet.


Mr. didn’t oppose him going to the bathroom.


It was just that every time he went, he had to follow him and hold him personally. This made Jing Xun feel a bit like a good-for-nothing.


He had never been such a high-maintenance person before!


And Grandpa Shen didn’t ask them to go there to eat again. Breakfast and lunch were brought over.


If it weren’t for Jing Xun’s insistence on sitting up and eating by himself, seeing Shen Yijin’s appearance, it seemed that he wouldn’t mind feeding him bit by bit.


However, it was all about experiencing the life of rice bugs anyway, so Jing Xun just….immersed himself in the role.


Fortunately, this exquisite pig-raising life only took more than half a day.


They were going back to Dragon City this afternoon.


——Something happened at the company, so Shen Yijin needed to go back to deal with it. Besides, during these few days, Jing Xun couldn’t climb the mountain anyway, so it was meaningless to stay here.


As for accompanying Grandpa Shen, when things were done here, Grandpa would return to Dragon city soon. After the three of them had a discussion about it, Jing Xun and Shen Yijin would return this afternoon.


After watching a soap opera all morning without understanding anything, Jing Xun lay on the bed and swiped his phone while waiting to depart back to Dragon city.


…The forgotten Moments yesterday was now finally remembered by him, Jing Xun clicked on WeChat, and then found that his Moments had really blown up!


Most of his junior brothers and sisters, including the relatives and friends of the original owner’s family, didn’t know Shen Yijin. They simply praised the face value of the photo he sent, saying that the people in the photo were really handsome.


There were probably no less than ten comments like this, and the number of likes was countless.


——The original owner used to be the student council president of their department, and his popularity was pretty good. There were relatively many friends in his Moments.


Of course, there were also some who already knew Shen Yijin’s identity, such as that group of seniors… Not only did they collectively like it, he didn’t who started it first, they also collectively commented ” 6663Awesome, powerful, amazing etc.“.


The most shocking thing was that Jing Xun even saw Professor Huo leaving him a comment!


He didn’t keep formation and comment 6s like others.


The old professor just sent him a few [Congratulations] emoticons in an unfathomable way…




Professor Huo undoubtedly knew Shen Yijin.


He also knew Mr.’s identity better than anyone in the school.


It could be imagined that when he saw this Moment, the elder had guessed through a series of brain supplements4Filling the brain hole, internet slang, filling the plot hole in a certain event with your own imagination. about “why a junior student can actually take photos with the school’s largest sponsor”.


Otherwise, he would not send such a congratulatory emoticon!


So this photo was seen by him, wasn’t that….showing affection in front of your elders? !


It was fine for peers to talk about some private topics such as dating. Although they may feel shy, uncomfortable, and so on, it was still okay. At most, this matter would pass after they kicked up a fuse.


But in front of the elders, it will become…quite shameless.




He completely ignored the fact that he also added Professor Huo’s WeChat!


Yesterday, when he posted to Moments, Jing Xun thought that he might be teased by the seniors, and that he would receive a reply from Assistant Xiao Tang again, and even thought that his mother, Ms. Luo, might ask him about his current relationship with Shen Yijin….


But he had forgotten one person.




There was a sudden rustling noise in the direction of the bed. Shen Yijin, who was reviewing the development contract, couldn’t help turning his head only to see that the young man who had been lying on the bed suddenly retracted all of his body under the quilt.


The head was buried deepest.


The two thin legs that had been hidden were instead exposed.


Shen Yijin:……?


After calming down in the quilt for a long time, Jing Xun, who stretched out his head again, started to flip through his mobile phone casually to ease the embarrassment.


Speaking of it, in the past two days, he had been receiving calls from an unfamiliar number, but he didn’t answer it.


He would answer the phone before because the case of the stolen coding program a few days ago needed to be assisted in the investigation, and he had to keep the phone unblocked.


But yesterday Shen Yijin said that he had called a lawyer to follow up on this matter. No matter what new information or clues the police had found, he would first contact the lawyer he met last time. In this way, Jing Xun’s mobile phone didn’t need to be kept on standby for a long time, and there was no need to answer unfamiliar harassing calls.


Although he couldn’t directly pinpoint that those unfamiliar calls were from the scum gong, after two days of cleansing his ears, he felt really good.


In the afternoon, when it was time for departure, Grandpa Shen sent a car to personally take them to the airport.


Jing Xun was “inconvenient to move”, so he was first carried on the plane by Shen Yijin and placed on the bed in the bedroom. Then Shen Yjin went down to say goodbye to old man Shen.


The luggage was naturally put on the plane, and Shen Yijin bid farewell to his grandfather. When he was about to board the plane, he received a call.


It was his personal phone that rang. Shen Yijin looked at the name of the person displayed on the screen, then looked at the door of the plane, and finally stopped to answer the phone.


“Shen Yijin!” There was a violent male voice on the other side. Before Shen Yijin could speak, he already roared: “You’re really something. Did you take Yan Jingxun to see Grandpa? Do you know he’s mine …”


“Shen Bohan.”


Shen Yijin directly called out the name of the person on the other side.


His tone was very flat, which was in stark contrast to the yelling of the other person.


But as soon as he made a sound, the person on the opposite side couldn’t shout anything, perhaps he was mad because of his particularly calm tone, or perhaps because he was still Shen Yijin after all.


The hand that didn’t hold the phone was naturally inserted in his trouser pocket, and Shen Yijin’s slender legs stood straight.


He leaned on the handrail beside the boarding ladder, and said indifferently, “As far as I know, Jing Xun has nothing to do with you.”


“He doesn’t have anything to do with me, so you stay with him?!”


Shen Bohan was immediately furious: “You know my relationship with Yan Jingxun. You know I can’t let him go. That’s why you deliberately took him to see Grandpa, right?! What are you trying to do! Do you know that you are taking away someone’s love?”


“Really?” Shen Yijin didn’t have any expression on his face, and he didn’t seem to care what he was saying at all.


He only cared about what he wanted to say.


“Grandpa has agreed to our marriage.” Shen Yijin said: “From now on, the name Yan Jingxun is not even yours to call.”


Shen Bohan: “…..”


Shen Yijin’s voice sounded exactly the same as before, indifferent and abstinent.


There were no ups and downs.


Why didn’t he recognize his voice that night? ?


If he had recognized it earlier, he wouldn’t have checked it for so long.


If he had found out earlier that Yan Jingxun was at Shen Yijin’s place…If it was earlier, then Shen Yijin would not have wanted to take Yan jingxun to see their grandfather…


No, he actually recognized it.


He actually heard it a long time ago.


He just…he just couldn’t believe that Yan Jingxun would have something to do with Shen Yijin.


He didn’t believe it!


His elder brother…that violent tempered and stubborn elder brother, was with Yan Jingxun? ?


How can it be?


Where did Yan Jingxun get the courage to do this!


Therefore, therefore….


It was impossible for Yan Jingxun to take the initiative.


“Where is Yan Jingxun?”


Thinking of this, Shen Bohan couldn’t help shouting into the phone: “I want Yan Jingxun to talk to me! Have you got him under control? Bullshit marriage, Shen Yijin, you are crazy!…”


Actually, he still wanted to say that Shen Yijin was using Yan Jingxun to blackmail and ruin him.


He knew that Shen Yijin had never liked their mother and son.


Shen Yijin came back from abroad, except when his grandfather was at home, he never returned to the house, and never spared their mother and son a glance!


But he didn’t expect that Shen Yijin would openly declare war with them.


He even used Yan Jingxun!


No, no, no, Shen Yijin had no reason to choose to fight him at this time…


He usually paid great attention to self restraint, and he also deliberately pretends to be a dandy5 A good-for-nothing young man from a wealthy family. to relax his elder brother’s vigilance.


There was no reason why Shen Yijin chose to be with Yan Jingxun in order to retaliate against him.


This was also the reason why Shen Bohan didn’t say the next thing.


–It wasn’t the right time for them to tear down each other’s façade yet.


And according to what he knew about Shen Yijin, the other party would not answer his questions.


He had never said many words to him.


No, not only to him, Shen Yijin rarely spoke to anyone.


But no matter what, he just loathed his superior attitude.


They were obviously brothers born with the same father, but their grandfather only preferred Shen Yijin…


However, this time, Shen Yijin unexpectedly said a few more words.


“Anyway, if we meet again, I hope you get a clear understanding of your identity.”


After speaking, he hung up the call.


Shen Bohan held the phone tightly.


His belated reaction was filled with thoughts of his grandfather agreeing to…… grandfather actually agreeing to it?


Shen Yijin and Yan Jingxun? ? !


Trembling with anger, Shen Bohan continued to roar and called his personal driver.


“Go to the airport.” His eyes bulged slightly and his face flushed with anger, “Go to the airport now!”


He admitted that there was still a big gap between his current strength and Shen Yijin. It took him more than a day to find out Yan Jingxun’s whereabouts and latest developments.


But obviously, by the time he knew it, it was already too late.


And, not only him, everyone knew it? Because Yan Jingxun…..Yan Jingxun actually posted a photo taken with Shen Yijin…..


The photo was still stored in his mobile phone by Shen Bohan.


When he just received a reply saying that Yan Jingxun’s last trace was at Shen Yijin’s house, one of his classmates who had Yan Jingxun’s WeChat sent it to him.


Then he knew Yan Jingxun had updated his Moments as early as yesterday.


Everyone saw the picture.


Only he didn’t.


He had deleted Yan Jingxun’s WeChat long ago…


This time, Shen Bohan couldn’t control it anymore, he threw the phone out and smashed it into pieces.


Fortunately, this time his people finally didn’t perform too poorly.


——In the news sent to him, there was also Shen Yijin’s itinerary for the past two days.   


Shen Yijin went to see their grandfather in S city. On the return trip today, he would reach the Dragon City Airport in just over an hour.


He still had a chance…


Shen Bohan got into the car.


Yes, he will go to the airport and bring Yan Jingxun back.




Jing Xun took a nap on the plane.


He didn’t know if it was because Mr was holding to sleep that he slept quite deeply at this time.


He was awakened by Shen Yijin.


Although there were two lounges on the plane that were designed as bedrooms, considering the size of the private jet, the area of ​​each room was small, and the bed inside was even smaller.


It could accommodate one person to rest—Jing Xun’s legs could barely stretch out, let alone two people.


But they just slept like this.


When Jing Xun was awakened, his consciousness was still a little fuzzy. The air-conditioning was turned on and he slept soundly.


At this moment, he felt very comfortable lying in a broad arm. He felt the shaking of the plane, and subconsciously asked, “Are we almost there?”


“Yes, very soon.”


Shen Yijin’s voice came from above his head very softly.




Jing Xun then slowly opened his eyes.


His  eyelashes were slightly lifted, the youth’s bright and limpid eyes were like pure and translucent natural amber stone.


Jing Xun blinked, and then suddenly realized–the bed was not big enough, he was sleeping on half of Shen Yijin’s body.




Jing Xun was very embarrassed, he tried to sit up but failed. Shen Yijin’s arm was holding him firmly.


His face was red when he just woke up. Shen Yijin slowly lifted Jing Xun up, touched a small crease on the young man’s face, and said, “Get up and move.”




When the plane landed, Jing Xun jumped to his feet, feeling that one of his legs was numb because of his side-lying posture.


A tingling sensation came, and Jing Xun couldn’t help but look at Shen Yijin…..They slept for at least forty minutes, but Mr who was pressed by him looked fine…


They were all human beings, so why was their physical fitness so different?


When the plane landed completely, he unfastened the seat belt, his legs were still a little numb.


The cabin door opened and the boarding ladder was lowered. Jing Xun limped out and beat his old waist, which had been stiff from lying down for a day.


For real, he couldn’t lie down like this anymore, he would be ruined if he lay down again.


Jing Xun felt very disconsolate and planned to discuss it with Mr. He really needed to stand up and move around.


What he didn’t expect was that, the person who was squatting here at the airport under the plane, saw another picture——


Shen Yijin’s private jet landed, the door opened, and Yan Jingxun, who was thin and weak, walked out alone.


His steps were a bit bumpy, his expression was slightly solemn, and he was still beating his waist with his hand? ? ?


Seeing this, Shen Bohan subconsciously remembered what he had heard on the phone the night before, and his face went dark. His first reaction was to rush forward.


But at this moment, Shen Yijin, who followed behind Yan Jingxun, also appeared at the cabin door.


From this angle…Shen Bohan could see that Shen Yijin raised his hand to support Yan Jingxun’s waist!


And Yan Jingxun didn’t dodge.


Later, the two of them went down the stairs together. Yan Jingxun was being supported, but his feet were still unstable, and he limped slightly…


But it happened that the whole face of the young man seemed to have been moistened, full of peach6Peach; improper love affair between men and women. and a piece spring7Generally refers to a woman, describing her “beauty”.


  • 1
    A term refers to adults who are dependent, unmotivated, and do nothing all day long.
  • 2
    The full sentence here is: Stretch out your hands when you wear clothes, and open your mouth when you eat. It’s a metaphor describing a lazy person who enjoys the fruits of other people’s labor. Mostly refers to rich and spoiled people who are being served. 
  • 3
    Awesome, powerful, amazing etc.
  • 4
    Filling the brain hole, internet slang, filling the plot hole in a certain event with your own imagination.
  • 5
     A good-for-nothing young man from a wealthy family.
  • 6
    Peach; improper love affair between men and women.
  • 7
    Generally refers to a woman, describing her “beauty”
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  1. Avatar kayrahiss says:

    Shen Bohan, what a clown you are! Jumping up and down while neither Jing Xun nor Shen Yijing want to pay any attention to you. But that latest misunderstanding is simply too beautiful, though the effect would’ve been better if Shen Yijin had carried Xiao Xun down the stairs 😊
    Thank you for the chapter ♥

  2. Avatar Liusumianhua says:

    Thank yoh for the chapter! This scum seriously has an unnecessarily high opinion of himself🙄🙄🙄 Can’t wait to see Jing Xun and Yijin put him in his place💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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