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MSGVB Chapter 45

"This is your sister-in-law."

Translator: Hua

Chapter 45: “This is your sister-in-law.”


After walking out of the cabin door, Jing Xun didn’t wait until he was picked up by Shen Yijin, he took the initiative to talk about his leg numbness and soreness.


“Sir, I can walk by myself.” He looked back at Shen Yijin and said pitifully.


Shen Yijin did not object, his palms automatically touched his back, and rubbed the youth’s thin waist. He said, “Okay.”


After that, he helped Jing Xun walk down the boarding ladder together.


Jing Xun realized it before boarding the plane. Today, Shen Yijin wasn’t as nervous as yesterday regarding his injury. He didn’t have to carry him everywhere he went. Mr. just didn’t allow him to walk down the stairs or step over the threshold by himself, for fear of being tripped and fell again.


….There was an old saying: once bitten, twice shy1Literal translation: He who was once bitten by a snake will be frightened at the sight of a coiled rope for ten years. Afraid of similar things or events because you’ve been hurt by it once..


Now that he had witnessed his boyfriend fall down once, President Shen was afraid of him taking the stairs.


But anyway, as long as he could make Mr. feel at ease, Jing Xun wouldn’t refuse.


Not only did he not refuse Shen Yijin helping him down the stairs, but he also took the initiative to encircle the other party’s waist while Shen Yijin encircled him.


In this way, there was a sudden sense of mutual support.


It was the first time for Jing Xun to encircle Mr.’s waist like this.


But to be honest, he was still a little nervous.


Intellectually, he knew that Shen Yijin would not take offense or oppose it. But the other party’s indifference and detached aura made people feel like they were trying to touch his inverse scale2A palm-sized white scale under the neck of the giant dragon. A metaphor refers to something that is very precious to oneself or a place where one cannot be touched at will (including language and movement)..


That one time, when he put the ring on Mr.’s hand, the other party didn’t hate it, he was just stiffened slightly.


Jing Xun couldn’t help but look up at the other party’s reaction, and found that Shen Yijin looked calm.


If there was any big reaction, it should be….. then the other party suddenly took hold of his hand that was trying to touch his inverse scale.


Yet he forcibly changed Jing Xun’s hand from just holding a piece of clothing to directly hugging his waist.


Jing Xun: “……”


Wait a minute……




This gentleman’s waistline was too good to touch ba!


Obviously, the visual effect was so strong, and the form was also tough when looking with the naked eyes, but when you touched it, the waist was much thinner than expected.


It wasn’t thin.


It was the kind of slenderness that had gone through years of exercise without any trace of fat.


In addition, Shen Yijin was just wearing a simple sweatshirt today. Through the thin fabric, he could easily feel more, and imagine the power contained there…


Because it was too good to touch, it was a waste to stop in one place. Jing Xun subconsciously touched it up and down.


He just walked down the stairs with Shen Yijin, and didn’t even notice that, under the boarding ladder, a figure was quickly approaching them.


Shen Bohan’s eyes were almost about to breathe fire.


His primary attention was all on Yan Jingxun, and he didn’t even notice the movement between the two people.


Before he knew it, the two people had changed to the posture of helping each other down the stairs. He couldn’t help it anymore and rushed up.


“Hey! Yan Jingxun!” On the empty airport lawn, he shouted recklessly: “Are you crazy! Why don’t you quickly let go of your hand!”


The two people had landed on the ground, but Shen Bohan couldn’t move forward.


——Just as he was about to come to Jing Xun, suddenly several bodyguards in suits came up from all sides and blocked him directly one meter away from Jing Xun.


“…What does this mean? Get away!” Shen Bohan glared at the sturdy bodyguards. After realizing that the order was fruitless, he turned his head to look at Shen Yijin with a vicious look in his eyes.


But compared to him, Shen Yijin’s eyes were still dull and calm, without any twists and turns.


This made Shen Bohan feel like he was punching a ball of cotton. It was useless no matter how much strength he put force.


“Big brother, are you going to be like this now when you meet me?” He probably didn’t expect that Shen Yijin would be so serious, and angrily ridiculed his own carelessness for not bringing anyone with him. When Shen Bohan said this, his tone was fairly calm. .


At present, Shen Bohan had a belly full of words to say to Yan Jingxun. But since Shen Yijin was here, it wasn’t convenient for him to say.


The scene where both of them were helping each other down the stairs more or less surprised him.


Before that, he thought it was Shen Yijin who forced Yan Jingxun, or deceived him, or even to avenge him, so Yan Jingxun actively chose to cooperate with Shen Yijin.


But no matter what the situation was, it shouldn’t be like what he just saw, these two people were too intimated!


To whom was Shen Yijin not being icy cold?


And if he remembered correctly, he also had a strange case of mysophobia, and he rarely allowed others to touch him.


But until now, they were still bunched together shoulder to shoulder!


But if it was for show, Shen Bohan himself felt that these two were acting unnecessary.


To piss him off? No, Shen Yijin wouldn’t deliberately anger him on such a trivial matter.


Shen Bohan remembered that when he was a child, he was most uncomfortable with the other party’s indifference, so he harassed him, angered him, and deliberately did things he didn’t like. For example, touching him deliberately…


Then Shen Yijin would be just like now, finding a bodyguard or family servant to stop him.


Later, he deliberately broke Shen Yijin’s toy and tore off the book he was reading. He complained to the adults that his brother never played with him.


But for all the things he did, Shen Yijin didn’t respond from the beginning to the end, and he wouldn’t even look at him more than once.


At that time, he thought that Shen Yijin was holding back, and waited to avenge him once for all.


But after waiting for a long, long time, until Shen Yijin went abroad and left the Shen family compound, he never received an extra look from his brother.


So, that can’t be, even if Shen Yijin deliberately seized his lover, he didn’t have to pretend to be very affectionate in front of him…


As for Yan Jingxun.


Shen Bohan was now more and more unable to understand Yan Jingxun…..He still hadn’t understood how Yan Jingxun caught Shen Yijin’s attention.


But now wasn’t the time to think about these things.


Shen Bohan chose to bypass Shen Yijin and talk to Yan Jingxun directly.


He tried to calm down his tone as much as possible, ignoring the gaze of the bodyguards who were blocking him. His eyes were more serious and focused than ever before: “Senior, stop making trouble, come here.”


“Come here, I have something to tell you… I have been calling you and texting you since the day before yesterday, did you see it, senior, I want to tell you…”


“What we’ve talked before isn’t clear enough?” His words were interrupted by Jing Xun.


Shen Bohan: “…”


Obviously, his senior didn’t want to listen to him.


——The rejection in Yan Jingxun’s expression was very obvious.


He even blatantly leaned on Shen Yijin, with the meaning of, “This is the boyfriend I told you before”.


There was no need for Jing Xun to say anything more, Shen Yijin beside him had already opened his mouth and said to Shen Bohan: “Since we met here, let’s formally introduce ourselves.”


The arms around the young man’s waist tightened slightly, and Shen Yijin’s voice was flat and calm against Shen Bohan’s renewed anger and astonishment.


It was this gentle tone that increased the weight of his irrefutable attitude. Shen Yijin introduced, “This is your sister-in-law.”




The cool evening breeze blew across the grass lawn in the evening, as if a long time had passed.


Or maybe only a moment.


Shen Bohan trembled all over, and couldn’t help but look in disbelief at the senior he thought he knew so well.


In his impression, Yan Jingxun wasn’t courageous, but very kind and caring for others.


When these three traits were added together, sometimes it felt too cowardly.


Even though Shen Yijin went abroad in his early years, and Shen Bohan seemed to have no strong competitors in the Shen family, he was still taught how cruel the world is and how cruel the competition is.


Therefore, in Shen Bohan’s eyes, Yan Jingxun, who was a cowardly person without any family background to rely on, was just an inferior nobody.


A mere nobody like him was destined to be trampled on. Even though Yan Jingxun was very kind and made him feel warm…..he wasn’t a match for him.


But who would have thought that one day this small fry would also find a backing to rely on.


And this backing…


Was his elder brother.


This wasn’t the most ironic thing.


The most ironic thing of all was that who would have thought, just two days prior to this, he, Shen Bohan had also just figured out one thing…..


In fact, he didn’t mind Yan Jingxun’s ordinariness. He just…wanted to feel his warmth.


But now, that senior, who was willing to love him even though he was poor, had turned out to be his sister-in-law….


In Shen Bohan’s line of sight, When Shen Yijin was introducing them, Yan Jingxun didn’t even look at him.


He just kept staring at Shen Yijin beside him.


In the way Yan Jingxun looked at Shen Yijin, there was no humility nor flattery. But there was a kind of clear and open concern, as well as blatant attention3To look at someone with great care and attention. It could also mean to treat someone or something(in a caring way) with practical actions or feeling..


Once upon a time, such a look belonged to him.


It was just that he didn’t notice it at that time, he only saw Yan Jingxun’s flattering attitude…


“No, Shen Yijin, you don’t love him at all!” At this moment, Shen Bohan couldn’t control himself anymore. He started yelling frantically, trying to break through the bodyguard’s protection and grab Yan Jingxun’s arm.


Because of the strong momentum at the beginning, the bodyguards couldn’t react in time, so it gave Shen Bohan a chance to get closer to Jing Xun.


It was merely a little closer.


Shen Bohan was quickly stopped by a few bodyguards again, but at the moment when he approached them, he saw that…his senior’s eyes remained clear, but they were a little more defensive when looking at him.


In particular, when he had rushed over, Yan Jingxun in his field of vision was taken aback, and he subconsciously drilled into Shen Yijin’s arms…


Shen Bohan saw Yan Jingxun turning his head sideways, trying to avoid him.


His long neck was then all exposed.


It still had…fresh kiss marks on it.


Like a deflated ball, Shen Bohan could no longer struggle.


He was almost forcibly detained in place by a few bodyguards, while the only driver who came with him was the driver of the Shen family. Seeing the situation, he wouldn’t come to mediate between the two parties.


Although Shen Bohan was young and wasn’t as capable as Shen Yijin, the second young master rarely had such a downfall.


This time, remorse and anger were intertwined together, but Shen Bohan couldn’t care less about this.


Seeing Yan Jingxun being guarded by Shen Yijin and gradually leaving the lawn and walking towards the car on the side, Shen Bohan struggled for the second time, but it was a pity that he was held down again.


He could only shout in the direction where the two of them were leaving: “Yan Jingxun, senior, don’t be fooled by him! He is lying to you, my elder brother is lying to you! He can’t like anyone at all! Yan Jingxun, did you hear that, don’t do foolish things!”


Unfortunately, senior Yan never looked back at him this time.


Instead, Shen Yijin gave him one last look, his eyes were cold and dull as before.


Maybe he wasn’t looking at him either.


He turned back just to order the bodyguard and the driver: “Send the second young master back.”


  • 1
    Literal translation: He who was once bitten by a snake will be frightened at the sight of a coiled rope for ten years. Afraid of similar things or events because you’ve been hurt by it once.
  • 2
    A palm-sized white scale under the neck of the giant dragon. A metaphor refers to something that is very precious to oneself or a place where one cannot be touched at will (including language and movement).
  • 3
    To look at someone with great care and attention. It could also mean to treat someone or something(in a caring way) with practical actions or feeling.
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