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MSGVB Chapter 40

The Same Lineage

Translator: Hua

Finally, Jing Xun packed his things and came to the airport with Shen Yijin. It took several hours to drive from Dragon City to S City, but it only took more than an hour by plane.


Jing Xun didn’t like flying, but he could tolerate it if it was only for more than an hour. He didn’t know until he arrived at the airport that they were leaving by private jet.


A private jet was naturally much more comfortable than an ordinary plane. In particular, Shen Yijian’s private jet also had two bedrooms on it. The master bedroom and the second bedroom had already been cleaned up. Jing Xun lay on the bed of the master bedroom and rested for a while, feeling that they would arrive in S city soon.


When they arrived at the farm paradise that Shen Yijin mentioned, it wasn’t twelve o’clock noon yet.


This farm paradise was invested and developed by the Shen Group; it had not yet officially opened for business.


Like most large-scale theme parks, there was also an amusement park and zoo here. In addition, the park had also added farm theme elements—according to Shen Yijin, the group had contracted the entire mountain behind and transformed it into a garden and farm. Visitors could live in the mountain and personally experience harvesting and gardening.


On top of that, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Zen meditation, spa and other projects had been set up as well. There were five-star restaurants and multiple cafes, which allowed visitors to experience the fun of the orchard and farm house without losing touch with modern society, creating an exquisite Pastoral theme.

Of course, as a project that was about to be completed, the buildings and infrastructure on the mountain had also been built.


Looking far down the mountain, there were row upon row of houses, some of which were in the shape of a courtyard house, some European-style villas, and a few of the shapes were stone houses and thatched houses.


For Jing Xun who came out to play for the first time, everything here was novel.


He didn’t feel much when he passed by the amusement park at the foot of the mountain because Mr said that many amusement facilities were still in the safety monitoring stage and could not be activated.


But by the time he got in the sightseeing car up the mountain, the natural scenery was so overwhelming that Jing Xun was totally unwilling to blink.


The whole mountain was very clean. On both sides of the road where the sightseeing car drove, there were towering ancient trees and various vegetation. A moment into the big forest, The singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers lingered in front of them. Everything they saw along the way was antique and magnificent, making one feel overwhelmed.


“Do you like it?” Shen Yijin asked him.


Jing Xun nodded unabashedly and expressed his liking. The corners of Shen Yijin’s lips were slightly raised: “We will go around here in the afternoon, and you can also visit the zoo.”


“Okay,” Jing Xun said.


He suddenly remembered something again: “Mr’s grandpa is here now?”


“Yes, he’s on the mountain.” Shen Yijin said.

Although many things were now being handled by Shen Yijin, Old man Shen hadn’t completely delegated his powers.


It was said that the old man came here to live in peace and seclusion for a while. He will return to Dragon City after a period of time.


It suddenly occurred to Jing Xun that they could actually go back to the Shen family to pay their respects when Grandpa Shen returned to Dragon City.


…Mr. deliberately took the time to bring him over, probably because of the request he made previously.


Jing Xun thought so because Shen Yijin was really busy. For example, when they were on the plane, Mr was still talking on the satellite phone. One moment he was talking about the Shen group, and the next moment he was talking about Yiwei and other companies. He was simply too busy.


Thinking about it this way, Jing Xun was a little embarrassed again.


…..Mr. had such a strong mobility, he shouldn’t have made the request indiscriminately.


Jing Xun felt very apologetic, and the whole person became sluggish.


Shen Yijin soon noticed his change. He couldn’t help holding his hand and asked him, “what’s the matter? Xiaoxun is…..nervous again? “


“Not nervous.”


Jing Xun shook his head. After thinking about it, he felt that there was nothing he couldn’t say, so he said directly: “I just think that Mr must have delayed a lot of things and wasted time just to bring me here…”


Jing Xun slowly lowered his head: “I feel sorry.”


“Why do you think so?”


Seeing that the youth’s soft hair seemed to wilt and droop down, there was a rare smile in his tone: “My time should have been all given to Xiao Xun. The problem now is that it has been occupied by other things instead. “




Jing Xun looked up again in a daze.


Even though he knew that Mr couldn’t say sweet words, he still thought that these words….was so moving!


In his field of vision, Shen Yijin’s facial features were upright and handsome, and the corners of his lips were slightly raised.


Jing Xun, who rarely saw this scene, was slightly stunned.


After half a second, he reacted with a jolt: It’s because Mr can’t speak love words, it’s because what he said is true, that’s why… it’s even more unbearable!


Once again, Jing Xun wanted to bury his head.


The speed of the sightseeing car wasn’t fast, but after all, the car was driving on a mountain road so it often shook a lot.


Amidst the shaking, Shen Yijin moved naturally and raised his hand to encircle him, saying: “It will be better after a while. Then we will go on vacation.”


In order to be firmly fixed on the seat, Jing Xun responded softly: “Okay, sir.”


 Finally, it became the posture where Jing Xun buried his head on Shen Yijin’s shoulder.



Fortunately, they were in a sightseeing car. There was a baffle between their seats and the little brother driving in front. There was mountain and wild scenery on both sides, so they wouldn’t be seen.


Shen Yijin has a standard ninety degree broad shoulder. Not only could Jing Xun rest his head on it, but he could also press half of his body against the other party, completely resting on his shoulders.


While shaking slightly from left to right, he unconsciously fiddled with Shen Yijin’s fingers. Mr’s hands were so good-looking with long knuckles, he would never get tired of looking at them.


It took a long time to fondle them from the root to the tip of the fingers, which was enough for him to play for a long time until the driver in front suddenly stepped on the brakes. The sightseeing car came to the door of a manor. A few people were standing at the door staring blankly at himself and Shen Yijin in the car…..


Only then did Jing Xun abruptly straighten up. The sightseeing car was open-top, so people inside could clearly see the outside.


Similarly, people on the outside could also clearly see the inside…


When he thought of this, Jing Xun seamlessly put down Shen Yijin’s hand.


But at this moment, the staff outside the car collectively retrieved their measuring gazes, saluted them respectfully and called out, “Young master.”




Noting that they were calling him young master instead of boss, Jing Xun looked at the people around him in surprise.

Shen Yijin explained to him in a low voice: “These are the people around Grandpa.”




Jing Xun: “So they all…recognize you?”


“Yeah.” Shen Yijin said, “They are all old people in the family.”


Jing Xun: “……!!!”


So he was seen.


Looking at the secretive gazes of these few people, Jing Xun realized that he was being “intimated” with Shen Yijin just now, and he was definitely seen!


The sightseeing car stopped steadily. Jing Xun’s hand was pulled up again, this time it was Shen Yijin who led him out of the car.


The few people waiting at the door immediately greeted them. Obviously they were well-trained. A middle-aged man in his 30s or 40s took the initiative to unload the luggage on the car, and a young man who seemed to be about 20 years old stood aside with his head bowing in silence, as if waiting for instructions.


There was also an uncle who was at least fifty years old that looked like a butler. He greeted Shen Yijin and said: “Young master Jin has finally arrived. The old master heard that you are going to bring Mr. Yan over, he has been waiting in the house all morning and told us to come out and wait…please come in.”


After Jing Xun heard the other person mentioning him, the hand he was holding Shen Yijin’s couldn’t help tightening.   


Shen Yijin felt it, and returned the grip with a little more strength. His face remained calm and steady. After speaking to the housekeeper, he walked in with Jing Xun.


Jing Xun was led, and didn’t dare to move, so he obediently followed him.


Except for the amusement park in front, the whole mountain in the back was personally designed by Shen Yijin’s grandfather. It was said that Grandpa Shen intended to live here for a long time after retirement, so the construction of the whole courtyard was very careful and elaborate.


Bypassing the screen wall1Screen wall or shadow wall is a traditional Chinese architecture. It is a kind of wall built in front of ancient temples, palaces, government offices and deep residence courtyards. Picture here, Read more. at the door, there was a hidden but beautiful courtyard. 


Willow tree, pavilion, rockery pond, flowers and plants.


It seemed to imitate the Suzhou landscape design2Looking something like this picture here. The Suzhou style consists of what is mentioned above.. Although it was built on the mountain, the garden drew running water.


Across the long arch bridge, there was a building complex behind.


After walking for a while, they arrived at the entrance of a courtyard. The butler backed away on his own, simply saying: “The luggages has been moved directly to young master’s room. Young master Jin, the old master is inside.”


Shen Yijin politely responded: “Thank you, Uncle Quan.”


After the two entered the courtyard, the young man who had been following the housekeeper immediately leaned forward and said: “Dad, that is the eldest young master’s partner? No wonder, he looks pretty good… “


“Go.” The butler glanced at the young man, “Is the young master someone you should inquire about? Have you finished your homework? Do what you need to do.”


“No, I’m just curious…”


Before the courtyard door was closed, the young man looked inside again. The two slender figures stood side by side. Mr. Yan’s hand was still held tightly by the young master…


Tut Tut.


When did the eldest young master become so… considerate and humane?


His father had been working in the Shen family since he was very young, so he almost grew up in the Shen family.


The Shen family was a big family, and naturally there were many rules. But for young people, the only thing they were afraid of was the third generation young master, Shen Yijin.


Young master Jin couldn’t laugh and rarely spoke. Those eyes were also fierce and cold.


Of course, there were some more major reasons…that made this legitimate eldest son of the Shen family appear like someone who couldn’t be provoked and unapproachable.


……It could be seen from the fact that he behaved so differently, but no one dared to bully him.


Until the young master went abroad, he was the one that all the children in the Shen family compound shunned.


Young master Jin had always been alone.


But the young man didn’t expect that after ten years, the young master whom he originally thought to be a loner would find a partner….


And that Mr. Yan was so good and courageous!


If he saw correctly, before entering the gate of the courtyard just now, he was still leaning on the young master….


Ten years later, young master Jin was even taller than before, but he was also obviously colder than before!   


That Mr. Yan was really…..too brave!


In the courtyard, the brave Mr. Yan finally saw Shen Yijin’s grandfather.


He was somewhat nervous just now, but when he saw this grandpa who looked exactly like Shen Yijin, Jing Xun suddenly became less nervous.


Grandpa was unbothered. When they entered the courtyard, old gentleman Shen was trimming the shrubs on both sides of the courtyard at the door.


There was also a middle-aged man standing beside him, wearing gold-rimmed glasses and a suit, who seemed to be reporting to him on some work.


Seeing them coming in, he whispered: “Old master, young master Jin is back.”


Shen Yijin’s grandfather was now over 70 year old, but his body was very strong. Except for his white hair, his back looked very tall and healthy, just like a young man.


Hearing that they are back, he handed the scissors in his hand to the servant on the side, took the wet towel to wipe his hands, and invited them to sit down in the courtyard.


A large tea tray was placed on a small table surrounded by four rattan chairs. Water was being boiled on the pottery stove. In the curling mist, the tea fragrant was overflowing in the air. Jing Xun finally got a clear view of the old gentleman Shen opposite him, and subconsciously glanced at Shen Yijin.


He remembered the setting in the book, saying that Shen Yijin looked like his biological mother, so Shen Yijin and Shen Bohan didn’t look similar at all.


That standard high nose, peach blossom eyes, and thin lips…..Mr was obviously the younger version of old gentleman Shen!


He didn’t know if it was because of this face that Jing Xun suddenly felt familiar with the old man in front of him.


After Shen Yijin introduced them and sat down together for a cup of tea, Jing Xun was able to talk to Grandpa Shen without any pressure.


Old man Shen: “Xiao Xun, how old are you this year?”


Jing Xun replied respectfully: “Grandpa, I’m twenty-two.”


Although his true age was only twenty years old.


Old man Shen asked again: “I heard Ah Jin said that you are still attending school?”


As he asked, he gestured to the middle-aged man who had just reported to him, and said, “Ah Rong, come and sit down too.”


Sitting on the rattan chair with a well-behaved posture, Jing Xun truthfully replied, “Yeah, I’m going to be a senior soon.”


The man named Ah Rong who had just been told to sit down listened, and couldn’t help but glance at Jing Xun, his eyes full of surprise.


He was still a senior at age 22. How did this young man speak so confidently and righteously? !


Originally this age and education was quite normal and not a problem at all.


But you should know that young master Jin had skipped five grades in all these years when he was studying abroad. He graduated with a PhD!


In addition, what’s young master Jin’s status? This young man…


He didn’t come from any prominent family either. From top to bottom, apart from his good-looking face, there was no other distinguishing characteristic.


Oh he has a sweet mouth.


Who knew he would just call the old master grandpa as soon as he came…..


The surprise in the eyes of the man named Ah Rong could hardly be hidden.


But he saw that besides him, everyone present was obviously very calm, and even the young man who clearly said he was still in his senior year did not feel inferior at all…


Ah Rong hurriedly adjusted his state, and took the initiative to take on the work of brewing tea, without letting the old master or young master Jin to see the abnormality.


——No matter what his background was, that was what Young Master Jin liked.


Besides, the old master didn’t express his opinion… With these two points alone, no one dared to say anything.


Old man Shen was indeed very calm. He was even amused by Jing Xun’s well-behaved tone, and ordered his servant: “Go and get the suet jade bracelet in my room.”


The servant moved quickly, and soon he brought out an antique solid wooden box. The box was opened, revealing a white jade bracelet inside. The bracelet was warm in color without any trace of impurities. Even under the sun, it was white and delicate with a clear body.


Old man Shen said to him: “Come on, Xiao Yan, take it.”


Jing Xun: “……?”


He subconsciously glanced at Shen Yijin. Jing Xun saw Shen Yijin’s tough jawline swayed slightly, nodded at him.


Then he complied and reached out to take the box. Even if he didn’t know much about jade, with a closer look, Jing Xun knew that this bracelet must be expensive.


Or simply priceless.


“Thank you Grandpa.” He said with some bashfulness.


But old man Shen said: “This time you and Ah Jin came over to visit, but grandpa didn’t prepare much, so I gave you a meeting gift first. When I get back to Dragon City, I will give you a big one.”




Jing Xun suddenly remembered the scene where Shen Yijin put on a world-famous watch on his wrist when they first met.


At that time, Mr said that he didn’t prepare anything. This was just a temporary gift…


So… this pair of grandpa and grandson not only look alike, but even Mr’s habit of giving big gifts during first meeting was also inherited from his grandpa?

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  • 1
    Screen wall or shadow wall is a traditional Chinese architecture. It is a kind of wall built in front of ancient temples, palaces, government offices and deep residence courtyards. Picture here, Read more.
  • 2
    Looking something like this picture here. The Suzhou style consists of what is mentioned above.
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