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MSGVB Chapter 36.2

Two chapters in one! Drunk + not the one you should touch

Translator: Hua

The crowd of people who were listening attentively: “W-w-what  is his name?”


“Fuck, I’ll just say it, the last name is Shen, it really is!”


“What?! So I already saw my idol, just yesterday?”


“Yesterday if I knew it was him, I’d have looked at him a few more times…I always thought there were so many people surnamed Shen, it wouldn’t be so coincidental…..”


“It’s mainly because the person from yesterday looked…..too young! I didn’t even think much about it!”


“Who said that being so young and wearing such expensive suits must have something to do with connection and background?”


“I should have asked for an autograph yesterday! Ahhhh, missed the opportunity!”


“Stop boasting, you didn’t even dare to look at him yesterday, so you still dare to ask for an autograph? Keep dreaming…”


During the wild discussion, Jing Xun’s clear and pleasant voice rang out again, interrupting everyone.


“Senior sister, I want Mr.”


As he said, he leaned softly on senior sister Chu Qiao, and carefully warned: “Don’t hand me over to others.”


Senior sister: ! ! !


This senior sister’s heart was about to melt!


Their Xun Xun was too soft. She really couldn’t imagine that the junior who was usually calm and reserved, and always polite and well-mannered when dealing with them, actually had such a soft and sticky side!

This, this, this… No wonder she couldn’t find such a wonderful boyfriend.


She likes it so much!


“Ok, ok, ok, don’t worry, junior, we will never leave you to others.” The senior sister wanted to touch the soft hair on the junior’s head but she didn’t dare.


…Although she didn’t know what she was afraid of. She precisely froze and didn’t dare to continue.


After comforting the junior, Chu Qiao roared at the others again, “Hurry up and make the call, who just said they had the guts to ask for an autograph just now? Here’s your chance to talk to your idol!”


“…..” When she said so, everyone retreated subconsciously.


Even though everyone drank alcohol, no one was as drunk as the junior. At this moment, the thought of calling that person…


Generally, people would feel embarrassed when facing the idols they admire, not to mention their idol looked so cold!


In particular, they had seen how unsmiling their idol was yesterday…..


This called for a bit of a scare among the crowd.


However, there was always a time when alcohol could strengthen the hero’s courage. The senior who had “watched the film” took the initiative to step forward and say: “What is so difficult, I’ll do it!”


Despite his prior courage, after the call was dialed, the senior was half awake when he heard the cold voice from the other side.


It suddenly occurred to him, if he told that person that junior was drunk, would he… uh, provoke any towering anger?


But the arrow was on the string and he had no choice but to fire it. Nevertheless, he bit the bullet and explained the situation here.


After that, the phone was put back into Jing Xun’s pocket, and Jing Xun was helped out of the barbecue restaurant by the seniors.


Outside, Shen Yijin was striding in their direction.


The “Mr” in this junior’s mouth was still expressionless, and the handsome eyebrows could be described as freezing cold.


The corners of his lips were almost stretched into a straight line. It was obviously summer, but everyone was frozen on the spot, and no one dared to move forward.


Foolishly helping Jing Xun to stand at the door and waiting for the big shot across the street to come over, Chu Qiao asked, “Xun Xun, is this the Mr you’re looking for?”


Someone was not afraid of death and asked in a low voice: “Xun Xun, is this your boyfriend?”


Jing Xun heard the question, and barely opened his eyes to look at the opposite side.


Across the street, Shen Yijin, who was walking towards him, had a slender figure and a handsome appearance.


……It was indeed Mr.


Jing Xun could see him clearly and was relieved.


Faced with inquiries from his seniors, he nodded, then shook his head and meekly replied, “Not a boyfriend.”


Everyone: “?”


The drunken Jing Xun corrected and emphasized with a serious face: “He’s my fiancé.”


The seniors: “……???”


Immediately afterwards, in the astonished gaze of the seniors, Shen Yijin stepped forward and took the junior away.


Chu Qiao was pushed by the crowd to go forward and “report” to president Shen about junior’s drunken condition.


After checking, Shen Yijin confirmed that Jing Xun still retained a considerable amount of sanity, but he was a little drunk, so he said to others, “I’m causing you trouble.”


“…no trouble, no trouble.” The seniors waved their hands and said.


Shen Yijin: “Then we will leave first.”


“Okay, good, walk slowly, walk slowly.”


In the eyes of everyone, their idol was just holding the young man with one arm at first, but he seemed to notice that the junior’s legs were weakened and it was inconvenient to walk; he simply bent over slightly, and then picked him up….effortlessly.



…No matter how skinny the junior was, his height was still there.


Nonetheless he was also an adult male of nearly 1.8 meters tall. Their idol unexpectedly princess-carried him….The people presented there subconsciously squeezed each other’s arms muscles….


They looked at their idol’s expression with a little more reverence and surprise.


Not to mention, after that, they witnessed their junior being put into a brand-new Rolls Royce…..


The driver was sent out to do errands. Today, Shen Yijin personally drove to pick Jing Xun up.


Placing the drunk person in the co-pilot’s seat, Shen Yijin got into the car from the other side. As soon as he got in the car, he saw the young man staring at him innocently with a pair of big round eyes.


“Sir… is it really you?”


Shen Yijin’s tight jaw line relaxed a little, and he said, “It’s me.”


“Hoo.” Jing Xun exhaled a little, and then his body leaned in the direction of Shen Yijin.


He seemed to want to lean on him, but the distance between the driver and co-driver in the car was still a little far away; Jing Xun, who was leaning forward, couldn’t find any landing point.


As a last resort, the drunk youth could only raise his head again, his misty eyes stared at Shen Yijin blankly, and the soft black hair on top of his head fell to his ears, a bit confused and a bit lost.


He called him:”Sir.”


Shen Yijin said, “Hm.”


Jing Xun asked: “Are we going home?”


The tone of the dazed youth was cautious, like a little rabbit who couldn’t find its way back home after leaving the nest.


The little rabbit was as white as jade. When looking at people with eyes full of innocence, he was cute, soft, and pitiful, as if any big movement would alarm him.


Shen Yijin had to reach out and touch his face.


“Mm, I just came to pick Xiao Xun up and then go home.”

The cheek touched by the fingertips was delicate; the young man looked up obediently and let him touch it.


Then, caught off guard, Jing Xun suddenly tilted his head and touched the palm of that hand with his soft, dry lips.


The young man’s lips touched his palm like a dragonfly skipping on the water surface, causing Shen Yijin to freeze for a moment.


When he looked up again, the young man who had leaned back into his seat was flashing him a smile.


…A very mischievous, child-like innocent smile.


The corners of the tight lips were slightly raised. Shen Yijin half lifted his body, pulled over Jing Xun’s seat belt and fastened it for him.


The young man leaning on the seat was unguarded at first, but he seemed to dislike being so restrained. As soon as the seat belt was buckled, he began to struggle.


“…No, I don’t want to be tied…”


Shen Yijin: “…..”


The narrow space in the car was somewhat hot and dry with the smell of alcohol. The drunk young man twisted his body unconsciously, but his voice was soft, with a slight listlessly nasal sound, very different from usual.


Shen Yijin had to patiently explain: “It’s just a seatbelt, I’ll untie you in a minute.”


Jing Xun listened, and he didn’t struggle anymore.


He just slumped there and grunted a little, expressing his dissatisfaction.


He seemed to genuinely dislike being restrained, and could not endure it.

This was the first time Shen Yijin had seen the other party behave in a spoiled manner.


……behave in a spoiled manner?


Shen Yijin remembered the scene when he saw the youth for the first time; the youth who was as soft as water, bonelessly bowed at him and apologized for his sudden intrusion…


The youth from that time was polite and estranged without any spoiled behavior.


In the enclosed space, in addition to Jing Xun’s nonchalantly shouting no, there was also a slightly heavy panting.


Fortunately, the barbecue restaurant was near the school and not far from their residence.


Shen Yijin drove the car and turned into the underground garage under the apartment within a few minutes. After parking the car, the young man sitting in the co-pilot seat could finally get rid of the seat belt restraint, but before he was excitedly talking two steps down, he was picked up again.


His vision spinned around for a while; Jing Xun had to stretch out his hand and circled the neck of the person carrying him to get a sense of security. Even though he was held firmly, he didn’t dare to move.


The experience of having two episodes of cardiac arrest and being carried to the emergency room by a group of people around him had taught Jing Xun not to struggle.


Because the struggle would bring resistance to those who save him.


Jing Xun hated to cause trouble to others.


…… But Mr. was different.  


He had experienced Mr’s amazing physical strength.



Drunk people were like this; their thoughts were easily unfettered by the bound of reality.


Jing Xun thought of his former self for a while, and then thought of himself as Yan Jingxun, and then thought of Mr again.


In the end, his chaotic brain accurately came to a conclusion: As the super invincible big villain in the book, and superbly built paper man with eight pack abs, his own weight was completely stress-free for sir, not worth mentioning at all.


So he leaned comfortably in Shen Yijin’s arms. At this time, Jing Xun was as quiet as a finely crafted porcelain doll.


As soon as they were home, Shen Yijin opened the door lock with his fingerprints. The clean-loving porcelain doll was immediately yelling for a bath.


Shen Yijin wasn’t at ease leaving him alone in the hallway; therefore, he had to carry him all the way back to the bedroom’s cloakroom and put him on the long leather sofa. He said, “Xiao Xun, wait a minute, I’ll prepare the water for you.”


It seemed that Jing Xun now had a hard time understanding the meaning of his words. The young man tilted his head, but still sat on the seat obediently and waited quietly.


Shen Yijin went into the bathroom to draw the water. After he came out, he took off Jing Xun’s shoes and socks and put them aside, then he paused for a moment and asked, “Xiao Xun, can you take off the clothes by yourself?”


“En.” The young man still nodded extremely obediently; he was looking at Shen Yijin with glistening eyes, the tear mole at the corner of his eye was clearly visible.


He said with conviction and seriousness: “I can.”


“That’s good.” Shen Yijin said, “Go in later and take off your clothes.”


After a while, the water in the bathtub was almost filled, then Shen Yijin led him into the bathroom.


The mobile phone and everything else in his pockets were taken out and put aside. Shen Yijin asked again, “Xiao Xun, can you wash up by yourself?”


“Mmmm.” Jing Xun’s answer was still very simple.


Worrying that Jing Xun would drown himself, Shen Yijin didn’t put too much water in the bathtub.


Finally he tested the water temperature, and after finding no problem, he said: “You can wash up now. Xiao Xun can call me if you need anything, I’ll be outside.”


“Okay, sir.” Jing Xun still nodded obediently, but before Shen Yijin could turn around and walk out of the bathroom, Jing Xun had walked directly into the shower room and raised his hand to turn on the shower.


Shen Yijin: “……”


When he fished the person out of the shower room, Jing Xun was soaked all over.


Shen Yijin’s suit was also stained with water. The chances were that he never experienced caring for a drunk person. President Shen, who was alway calm and steady, inevitably froze for a moment. His eyes were full of the soaked young man looking at him blankly. Shen Yijin’s peach blossom eyes, specifically the color at the depth of his eyes, suddenly became very deep.


“Xiao Xun… do you want me to help you wash up?”


As soon as his words fell, Jing Xun’s cell phone, which he had put aside, rang.


At this time, it should not be advertising or harassing calls. Shen Yijin supported the young man with one hand and picked up the cell phone with the other. He saw that it was a string of unfamiliar numbers that had not been saved.


Hesitating for a moment, he lifted his finger to answer the call.


Expressionlessly placing the phone on the side of his ear, Shen Yijin didn’t make a sound.


On the other side came the slurred speech of a drunk person: “Senior, I’m downstairs of your dormitory building…..Are you sleeping? I…..Can you come down? I have something to talk to you…Why don’t you talk? Yan Jingxun, I, actually I miss you very much……”


“Shen Bohan.”


Shen Yijin’s voice, like a steel knife, directly cut off the other party’s remaining words.




Seemingly recognized that the voice was not the person he was looking for, in an instant, Shen Bohan’s voice suddenly cooled down. Listening to his voice, one could tell he was much more sober.


He asked vigilantly: “…Who are you?”


“Don’t look for Jingxun again.” Shen Yijin didn’t answer his question; his voice was even colder to the extreme.


The commanding tone used by the superior was transmitted over the phone, without needing to say more, he had already overwhelmed the other party in momentum.


He didn’t even need to introduce himself, so he got the long silence from the other side.


As for what the other party was thinking, Shen Yijin didn’t care.

His tone didn’t have any fluctuation, but was full of sonorous warning: “Remember, Yan Jingxun is not someone you should touch.”


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