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MSGVB Chapter 36.1

Two chapters in one! Drunk + not the one you should touch

Translator: Hua

Jing Xun really didn’t feel anything when he had a glass of beer, besides feeling a little hot.


Later, he ate some barbecue and drank some beer. Jing Xun felt ok and didn’t drink too much.


Then his cell phone rang.


There were a lot of customers dining at night, and the lobby was so noisy that Jing Xun had to go out to answer the phone.


Just after picking up, the scum gong’s voice came through.






Jing Xun looked at this unfamiliar number that the other party got from somewhere, and deeply began to think about the possibility of changing his phone number.


Shen Bohan didn’t wait for Jing Xun to speak, as if  to prevent him from hanging up, he spoke much faster this time.


He said: “I know that the incident yesterday was caused by Hu Xiaopeng…Senior, you have to believe me, I didn’t know he was this gutsy before, and I didn’t expect him to have such ability…”


Shen Bohan’s voice sounded a little hoarse this time, and undoubtedly a little anxious.


But Jing Xun would only feel noisy and irritated when he heard it.


The good-tempered Jing Xun, who rarely felt the urge to rant, said, “Don’t call me anymore, I already have a boyfriend.”


After that remark, he felt that it wasn’t enough, so he added: “If my boyfriend knows that you often harass me like this, he…he will be angry.”


He should be angry.


Very, very, very angry…to the point that he might destroy your little gang…


“Yan Jingxun.”


Shen Bohan’s tone suddenly became much lower, and there was a faint warning in his voice, as if he wanted to crawl over the line and grab him right at the moment.


But after a while, his voice became soft again: “Stop kidding around, don’t be mad at me, I know I’m wrong, okay? senior ……”


Jing Xun: “……”


See, he knew he could never explain things clearly to the scum gong.


After a moment of silence, Jing Xun could only take a deep breath, squeeze the phone, and say, “I really have a boyfriend.”


“Is it that silly tall senior yesterday?” Shen Bohan’s tone had more than a hint of contempt,  he continued: “Even if you really have a boyfriend, I have confidence, senior …… you can only be mine.”


“Shen Bohan.” Jing Xun called the other party’s name on the phone.


The scum gong’s attitude made him reach the end of his patience. If it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t want Mr. to know about this, for fear of disturbing him, he would have spill everything already.


But it didn’t stop Jing Xun’s good mood from being affected, especially when senior Huo was shot while lying down1Internet slang, which means you didn’t do anything, didn’t provoke others, but was still attacked.…..


Jing Xun, who hated to trouble others the most, said with all seriousness: “You have a lot of nerve.”


“?” Perhaps feeling a bad premonition in his heart, Shen Bohan couldn’t help but call out: “Senior…”


But Jing Xun took a deep breath again, and said without stopping: “Wasn’t your friend the ones who humiliated me first? Where were you at that time? Later, you even pushed the blame to me on the internet. What were you thinking at that time? You asked me to come back to you, then what’s next? continue to let them humiliate me? Shen Bohan, I’ve never done anything wrong to you, why are you treating me that way and still not letting me go? How can you be so selfish and despicable?”




Shen Bohan was stunned for a moment when he heard senior talking so much for the first time.


He didn’t look at the phone screen until the other party’s voice fell. He couldn’t believe that this was what Yan Jingxun said.


Yan Jingxun was very gentle and polite. He had never said any dirty words. The words selfish and despicable should be his limit.


…Selfish and despicable?


Was that what he thought of himself?


To be honest, although they weren’t good words, it was not painful for Shen Bohan compared to other abusive words.


What really pricked his heart was that Yan Jingxun used to have a weak and submissive personality, he’d never said such a strong tone in front of him.


But now, the senior who always indulged and gave in to him…. actually began to recount his past behaviors.


The most upsetting thing was the fact that what Yan Jingxun said was all true.


“…Listen to me, it’s not like that.” Shen Bohan tried to explain.


In fact, he also knew that he had done wrong…every time afterwards he would criticize himself, but he was unwilling to admit it.


Because he always felt that senior would tolerate him, even if he was a little bit more willful, Yan Jingxun would pardon his behaviors.


Yan Jingxun loved him that much…..


But why did the other party actually remember the bad things he had done?


Shen Bohan suddenly felt a burst of confusion.


He couldn’t help asking: “Then do you remember our happy time together?”


“Are there any?” Yan Jingxun’s voice on the other side became cold, “I don’t think we have ever been happy.”


“Yan Jingxun!”


His words had successfully angered Shen Bohan, and his voice became fierce again.


He didn’t expect that Yan Jingxun, who had always been introverted and disliked to express himself, would unexpectedly rush to speak up again: “Look, what you like is someone who listens to you, obeys your orders, and pleases you all the time. But liking someone means treating them as equals; and unfortunately, second young master, I am no longer that Yan Jingxun.”


After saying this, the other party hung up the phone.



And no surprise, when Shen Bohan was still in a daze at the blind “Du Du Du Du” tone, his number was also blacklisted by the other party…


Jing Xun’s mood was suddenly not very good. Anyone who was harassed by a scumbag like this would not be in a good mood; especially when the other party was like a ticking time bomb. He didn’t know when he would come back and go crazy.


In fact, those words just now were the words Jing Xun disdained to say. He always felt that he should conduct himself with dignity and respect others.


He always believed that other people, just like him, could always examine one’s own mistakes; as a result, he seldomly and rather disinclined to say harsh words.


Perhaps because of the alcohol, he became much more wordy toward the scum gong.


With a bad mood, Jing Xun downed two more glasses of beer when he returned.


But after two glasses of beer, except for his slightly reddened face, he still looked very normal, spoke decently and logically, had a delicate smiling face, and was as polite and courteous as ever.


Eating charcoal grilled meat, everyone’s face was a little red, and the seniors didn’t take this little change of the junior to heart.


Until they were almost done eating and the crowd started discussing where else to go next, someone noticed that their junior brother hadn’t spoken for a long time, and just sat there giggling.


“…Xun Xun?” The senior sister next to him called him, but Jing Xun did not respond.

The senior on the opposite side couldn’t help but stretched out his hand and shook it in front of Jing Xun, who suddenly fell to the side



Then everyone stood up in a flurry, only then did they realize junior was already drunk!


“Which one of you has poured beer for the junior?!” the grumpy senior bluntly asked.


The senior at the opposite side said: “No, how could I, I’ve been watching from the side.” 


Senior Sister Chu Qiao said: “Xun Xun probably drank five or six glasses, certainly not just a bottle.”


Everyone: “…”


“Then what to do now?” Everyone looked at each other.


“Let’s call someone.” Someone suggested, “Xun Xun is living with his boyfriend, right, why don’t we call his boyfriend to pick him up?”


Everyone’s expressions changed unanimously. Someone immediately shook his head and said, “Otherwise, It’s better to contact his family…”


Fortunately, at this moment, Jing Xun, who was held by the crowd, raised his head again. Jing Xun didn’t know when his consciousness became unclear, but when he was in poor health before, he often felt that his whole body was out of control, so he didn’t panic.


Raising his head with difficulty, Jing Xun heard someone call him: “Xun Xun, are you okay?”


In his blurred vision, the senior brothers and senior sisters all turned into intertwined afterimages. Jing Xun heard someone ask him again: “Xun Xun, do you want to call someone to pick you up, or should we send you somewhere, Xun Xun?”


Remembering the prior agreement with Mr., Jing Xun asked: “Are we done here?”


“It’s over.”


“It’s almost over.”


“Then… I want to call Mr.”


“Mr?… What Mr?”


Then Jing Xun launched a drunken frenzy.


The form of his drunkenness was also limited to finding the “Mr” in his mouth, and he blindly emphasized that they could only find this “Mr”, and not anyone else.


Although Jing Xun was drunk and his reaction had slowed down, his muddled head was still affected by the phone calls, the original plot, and the scum gong. He always felt that he was going to be taken away and locked up in a small black room at this very minute. The more blurred his consciousness, the more alert he was.


He emphasized once again: “Look for Mr….find…”


“I found it!” said the senior sister who was holding Jing Xun’s mobile phone, “There is really a phone number noted with the name “Mr”, Xun Xun, look, is it this person?”


Jing Xun looked at it with his eyes wide open. He could see the two characters “Mr” on the phone screen, but the number below could not be seen clearly.


He couldn’t see clearly, so he was still not at ease, he said: “Mr’s height is 1.91 meters, Mr’s mobile phone number is 13xxxxx8888, Mr’s name is…Shen Yijin.”







Hua: Does everyone get confused when I used “Sir” and “Mr.” interchangeably??

I did explain how JX addressed SYJ during earlier chapter, but FYI, he used 先生 which can be translated to Mister or Sir. 

Should I just settled down with one?


  • 1
    Internet slang, which means you didn’t do anything, didn’t provoke others, but was still attacked.
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  1. Avatar Reign says:

    Ahhhhhh! He spilled the beans while drunk. What will Mr do when he gets there?! Thank you for the chapter. P.S. I think Me and Sir are fine. I can still tell who is being referred to in the end.

  2. Avatar Malacat says:

    I hope Mc drunkenly vent all his anger at the ML’s scum brother at him. He’s been holding back way to much for a scum guy. Let the jerk burn.

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