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MSGVB Chapter 31.2

Shall we return to the Shen's house sooner?

Translator: Hua



Hu Xiaopeng exchanged glance with his gay friend, bewildered by the question that came out of nowhere.


…The senior who just left was also quite tall, estimated to be over 1.85 meters, but…


In terms of temperament, appearance, and figure, it was still incomparable with that person.


They couldn’t comprehend what second young master was thinking, so they didn’t dare to speak casually and tell the real scene at the time.


In fact, after such a long time, Hu Xiaopeng almost forgot about it.


He simply could not believe what his eyes saw at that time was true. Sometimes when he thought about it, it felt like a dream.


Hu Xiaopeng did not dare to speak, and Shen Bohan thought he had acquiesced, so he could not help but give a slight “heh”.


——Yan Jingxun found someone like this to replace me?




No, they didn’t look like a couple. It should be just for show.




Hou Dongyu was a typical academic student. He usually didn’t dress well, and often hunched over.


Because of his overthinking-ness, although he was tall, he was also very thin. Although he was still fair, he had the refined temperament of a researcher.


Shen Bohan didn’t put him in his eyes at all.


Now that he learned that Yan Jingxun was close to such a person…Shen Bohan couldn’t help but want to laugh.


Then he really laughed.


Because his senior Yan didn’t find anyone new at all.


His self-confidence immediately recovered after comparing himself to the senior that Yan Jingxun was talking about.



Shen Bohan suddenly laughed, which made Hu Xiaopeng and the others even more stunned and worried.


——So what happened to the Second Young Master?

——Don’t tell me he was stimulated by that shou?

——Could he still want to get Yan Jingxun back? !


When he just saw Shen Bohan, Jing Xun’s mood was indeed affected. After all, the scum gong’s mad dog appearance was deeply ingrained in his mind, the appearance of not being able to communicate at all even with words. Jing Xun was not sure if the other party would do anything unusual.


But fortunately, this time Shen Bohan just greeted him.


Although his tone sounded very gloomy and strange, Jing Xun didn’t feel relief until he sat in the classroom, answered all the test questions, and the scum gong didn’t catch up or appeared in the examination room to harass him.


…So did Shen Bohan really give up this time?


 He should have given up ba.


——After the exam, Jing Xun turned on the phone that he had turned off during the exam. It was quiet, without text messages or incoming calls.


Jing Xun was completely relaxed.


After submitting the examination papers, he first returned to the project team.


Sure enough, as Jing Xun said earlier, the first group had not completed the handover with senior sister Chu Qiao yet.


“It seems that there is a little appendage part that hasn’t been finished, so let’s wait for a while.” Chu Qiao said, “If it’s not given to us by the afternoon, I’ll go over and urge them.”


Jing Xun had no objection. The two of them waited patiently in the laboratory together. Later, senior Hou, who came back from the invigilation, joined them. At noon, the three also ordered takeout.


However, the rice and fried vegetables they ordered were not the first to be delivered.


But…a box of chestnut osmanthus cake.


At first, they discovered that the delivery person had brought a beautiful small box instead of lunch. The three were still wondering who secretly ordered it.


But when he saw that the takeout information was filled with his mobile phone number, Jing Xun suddenly couldn’t laugh.


“Hey, isn’t this the chestnut osmanthus cake sold at the north gate of the school? Xun Xun, do you like to eat this?” senior sister Chu Qiao quickly saw the name.


Jing Xun: “……”


He hadn’t tasted this kind of pastry himself, so he didn’t know if he liked it or not.


But liking it or not didn’t matter. What’s important was that, in the original owner’s memory, this thing… had quite a deep meaning!


In addition, he just met Shen Bohan…


Jing Xun could already confirm that this thing was sent by the scum gong!


…… So what does Shen Bohan mean?




Jing Xun suddenly thought of the crime and horror movies he had seen before, the dark forces would kidnap the family members or loved ones of the righteous party, then chopped off an organ everyday and mailed it to the righteous party.


It suddenly occurred to him that in some thriller and suspense novels, the protagonist would also receive anonymous threatening letters or some horrible things in the mail every day.


Now, in Jing Xun’s eyes, this box of chestnut osmanthus cake was exactly the same as those scary things.


He looked again at the address written on the takeaway order.


There was no mistake. It was written clearly and unambiguously that this was the laboratory where he was…


So the scum gong was implying that he had grasped all his movements?


Jing Xun now suspected, this box of chestnut cake would not be poisoned, right?


Although it felt unlikely, after all, he was in the state of being drugged when he just transmigrated over.


Those rich second generations seemed daring enough to do anything.


In the later period of the original work, Yan Jingxun was knocked unconscious by the scum gong. He woke up only to find himself locked in a small black room with iron chains on his feet…


It was necessary to be on guard against those people. 


Jing Xun dared not eat this thing nor let others eat it.


To prevent the seniors from accidentally eating it, he also destroyed the box of pastries and then stuffed it into the trash bag, and finally carried it to the large trash can in the bathroom and dumped it himself.


Arm rose up and the knife fell1手起刀落[shǒu qǐ dāo luò]: Arm rose up and the knife fell is a Chinese idiom describing swift and rapid movement., Jing Xun’s movements were extremely slick.


This stunned the younger brother who was sent by Shen Bohan to observe the situation.


He only saw the delivery man send the things into the laboratory, and after a while, Yan Jingxun came out again with the bag, carried it all the way to the toilet, and threw it into the trash can without looking back…..


This little brother was very clever. The Second Young Master sent him to observe Yan Jingxun’s reaction after receiving the osmanthus cake. He didn’t dare to go back and return without finding out.



Although the door of the lab was closed tightly, and he couldn’t see the situation inside, he still felt that the time interval between the delivery of the osmanthus cake and the time when Yan Jingxun came out was too short and a bit odd.


So after Yan Jingxun left, he looked at the trash can and saw that there were many crushed osmanthus cake pieces in the scattered trash bags…


This little brother hurried back to report the situation.


“Second young master, the box of chestnut osmanthus cakes was delivered.”


“Well, did Yan Jingxun eat it?”


“He didn’t eat.” The little follower said.


“From the look of it, not only did he not eat, but he also didn’t give it to others. He didn’t intend to let other people eat it…..”


Second young master: “???”



The program of the first group was finally passed on at around one o’clock in the afternoon. Next step was the time for the second group to do the data measurement.


Although the computer in the laboratory was much more efficient than ordinary computers, the amount of data that needed to be measured in the measurement phase was too large, and it was estimated to take at least five or six hours to produce results.


Jing Xun and the others waited in the laboratory until nearly seven o’clock in the evening, until the results of the data measurement came out and the program data was confirmed to be within the calibratable range. Their tight nerves were completely relaxed.


“It seems that there is nothing wrong with this project.” Chu Qiao said.


Hou Dongyu: “Yes, as long as you adjust the places that need to be calibrated tomorrow, and then check again, our project will be delivered.”


“Okay!” Senior Sister Chu Qiao couldn’t help but shout out happily, “Then, let’s stop here for today. Everyone has worked hard. Let’s go back and rest. I will reply back to the first group and the teaching assistant. Let’s do it tomorrow!”




After thanking each other for their hard work, Jing Xun agreed to start work early tomorrow morning, then they left the laboratory one after another.


Jing Xun subconsciously quickened his pace as soon as he left the laboratory, because Shen Yijin contacted him half an hour ago, saying that he was done with work on his side, and asked Jing Xun when he would finish.


Although Jing Xun had already seen from the existing data at that time that this project should be foolproof, but just in case, he chose to stay till the end and explained the situation to Shen Yijin.


Shen Yijin asked him not to rush, saying that he would be at school in about half an hour, then he would contact him.


And now, it was exactly half an hour later.


When Jing Xun arrived downstairs, Shen Yijin was indeed standing at the entrance of the teaching building waiting for him.


At seven o’clock in the evening, it was already dark, but Shen Yijin’s tall figure was dazzling and eye-catching all the time.




Jing Xun shouted, then trotted over, the soft hair on the top of his head flew all over the place.


Running straight in front of Shen Yijin, with a look into the other party’s peach blossom eyes, Jing Xun unexpectedly spotted a brightness flash across it.


After parting every day for the past few days, when they met again at night, Jing Xun didn’t feel the coldness from the other party.


Shen Yijin put on a high-end suit again. It seemed that Mr. Shen had changed his outfit after arriving at the company in the morning. His appearance was still so calm and abstinent, and he didn’t seem to have any expression at first glance.


But perhaps he got the skill to detect Mr.’s emotions. Somehow, Jing Xun could always see some brightness in the other party’s indifferent eyes.


It was this little bit of brightness that Jing Xun didn’t feel the coldness or alienation, allowing him to be unscrupulous and rush to give sir a hug.


Just like right now.


Shen Yijin stretched out his long arms when he ran over, and moved to embrace him very naturally. He then raised his hand to tidy up the messy hair on top of his head.


It seemed that everything went so smoothly.


And somehow, when seeing sir, Jing Xun’s heart was at ease. 


The mood that had been suppressed all day was suddenly relaxed, as if he became instantly invincible and no longer afraid of anything.


Shen Yijin asked him: “Are you hungry? What do you want to eat?”


Jing Xun was really hungry.


His mood was affected at noon, and he didn’t eat well.


So Jing Xun answered honestly, “I’m hungry.”


As for what he wanted to eat, he blinked at Shen Yijin: “Mr. decide.”


Shen Yijin glanced at the time and said, “Go eat something tasty.”


Jing Xun laughed: “Okay.”


Shen Yijin: “Is Xiaoxun busy today?”


Jing Xun: “Mm-hmm”


It was probably early today, and both of them had nothing to do, so Shen Yijin chose a relatively late-night restaurant to settle dinner.


It was too far away and was not suitable for cycling. Taking advantage of the darkness, when no one noticed, Jing Xun hopped into President Shen’s luxury car again, sitting in the back row with Shen Yijin, and was taken by the driver uncle to have a meal.


Sitting in the back seat of a luxurious business car, Jing Xun remembered meeting Shen Bohan during the day.


No matter what reason Shen Bohan sent him the anonymous osmanthus cake, it didn’t feel like he would be giving up, and Jing Xun was always disturbed.


In this situation, Jing Xun should logically tell this to his current boyfriend, that is, Shen Yijin.


Shen Yijin knew his “past”, and that he did not step on two boats2Being in two different romantic relationships at the same time.. Now it was Shen Bohan who had gone mad one-sidedly. There was no reason why he shouldn’t tell sir about this.


But Jing Xun did not forget that the Shen brothers had a bad relationship.


He also did not forget that at the end of this book, the villain was blackened.


The current sir was obviously not blackened…Although sometimes fierce, Jing Xun felt that Shen Yijin was not a bad person at all. He was wise, open-minded, and rational.


But the reason that made the Mr. villain blackened, Jing Xun still didn’t know.


This was more disturbing.


At the thought of the future sir’s cruel methods of killing people and even doing a lot of things that violate the law… Jing Xun hesitated, not knowing how sir would react after telling him about Shen Bohan.


The two brothers were originally not in a harmonious relationship, what if Shen Yijin fought with the scum gong because of this incident?


Although Mr. villain wouldn’t do it himself.


Perhaps what JIng Xun thought would not happen at all.


But what if there was a slight possibility that Shen Yijin would do something wrong as a result?


Jing Xun did not want Mr. villain to be implicated and hurt because of him


Besides, what if he was just thinking too much? What if that box of sweet-scented osmanthus cake was the last time, and the scum gong would stop pestering him afterward?


Then telling Shen Yijin now would be a bad thing instead.


But Jing Xun would not sit back and await his doom like before, instead he would quietly observe whether the scum gong had given up.


That was still a bit dangerous.


In order to prevent the scum gong from suddenly acting up again, Jing Xun intended to make some preparations early.


Judging from the current situation, it was obvious that even if Shen Bohan had not given up, he would not be crazy enough to shut him up in a black room.


Jing Xun estimated that as long as he let the other person know that he had found a new boyfriend, and was very much in love with this new boyfriend beyond heaven and earth, he believed that anyone who had a little face would never again entangle with him.


Of course, it was obviously impossible for him to take the initiative to find the scum gong and tell him he already had a boyfriend, and ask him not to harass him again.


Jing Xun didn’t want to meet or communicate with the other party in the slightest.


But there was no other way.


Then he came up with a wonderful way to not only quietly let Shen Bohan know that he had a beloved boyfriend and retreat in the face of the impossible, but also without alarming Shen Yijin.


“Sir.” Jing Xun suddenly turned his head and looked at Shen Yijin beside him.


Unsurprisingly, he met the other party’s dark eyes, Jing Xun’s eyes were bright as snow, and he asked him casually, “Sir, when will you take me back to the Shen’s house?”


…Although Jing Xun didn’t like showing affection, this time, there was no other way.


He looked at Shen Yijin’s eyes earnestly, and didn’t notice that the other party’s slender fingers he had naturally placed on his knees jumped at this moment.


The young man’s eyes were gentle and blazing, and his voice was soft, revealing a kind of young and bashfulness.


In Shen Yijin’s sudden deep gaze, Jing Xun asked very shyly: “Shall we return to Shen’s house sooner?”


  • 1
    手起刀落[shǒu qǐ dāo luò]: Arm rose up and the knife fell is a Chinese idiom describing swift and rapid movement.
  • 2
    Being in two different romantic relationships at the same time.
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