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MSGVB Chapter 31.1

Shall we return to the Shen's house sooner?

Translator: Hua

After bidding farewell to Shen Yijin, Jing Xun trotted happily all the way, although he didn’t know why he ran.


When he walked from the back door of the teaching building to the lobby at the front door, he happened to meet an acquaintance.


“Senior Hou?”


Jing Xun ran over, and saw Hou Dongyu holding a lot of things in his hand. He automatically took it from him, helping him carry it along the way.


“Why are you here at this hour?” he asked.


Hou Dongyu said: “I was sent to supervise the sophomore final examination in our department by drawing lots.”


Jing Xun looked down at the unopened test paper in his hand, and understood the situation.




Hou Dongyu spoke in a complaining tone: “It was a busy period during these two days, but I was also selected for the invigilation, alas.”


The rules of each department were different. For senior Hou’s department of computer science, they randomly selected graduate students to invigilate undergraduate students.


As for Hou Dongyu’s busyness, he was talking about the project they were doing.


According to the previous plan, today should be the day when the first group passed the designed program to them, and the second group would start data measurement and calibration.


It was a pity that Jing Xun had an exam today, and senior Hou was selected to invigilate the exam, so senior sister Chu Qiao had to do the hand-over procedure alone.



But in fact, the small measurement program of the second group had already been completed. After the main program was obtained, it was enough to just run the data directly. There was no difficulty, and it was the same whether there was anyone guarding it.


The reason why senior Hou Dongyu sighed like this was because he was a very serious person. He always felt that he should be on the sidelines as today was the first day of their group’s official work.


After all, this project was related to the future career destiny of many people. Although the project was not big, the time was tight and the task was heavy. If there was any error in the measurement or calibration link of the second group, their group would get a very low score from the teaching assistant.


Even if there was nothing wrong with the program of the second group, if the main program of the first group had major flaws, simple data calibration could not make up for it……


Then the first group would have to rush to work overnight, and the second group’s small program would also need to be adjusted accordingly…In short, if the final product failed, everyone would have to bear no small responsibility.


This was what Hou Dongyu was most worried about. After all, the success of this project was related to the reputation of the department, as well as their future resumes and salary.


There were many things to fret about, so it was strange for him not to worry.


But Jing Xun couldn’t understand his anxiety.


In his eyes, he should do everything he could do and consider all the conceivable situations, push the completion of things to 100%, and reduce the risk probability to the lowest level that could be controlled…


As long as all the above conditions were met at the same time, he wouldn’t feel the slightest worry anymore.


The rest was at the mercy of fate.


There was no use worrying about fate.


But he still tried to comfort the senior by saying: “Maybe the first group has not handed over the program to us yet, and even if they did, with our existing computer speed in the lab, it would take more than a few hours to run all the data. It would be fruitless for senior to hurry now.”


Hou Dongyu continued to sigh: “This is the same reason anyway.”


This was also the reason why he didn’t switch classes with others. After all, even if he didn’t come to invigilate the exam, he could only be anxious on the sidelines. It would be better to do something to relieve the nervousness.


The entire teaching building had only four floors, so instead of taking the elevator, Jing Xun and the senior just directly climbed the stairs opposite of the entrance.


The two people talked a little more about project-related topics, and Hou Dongyu discovered that he still did not understand this junior Yan.


Although this project was very important to him and Chu Qiao, as an undergraduate student, junior Yan was selected by Professor Huo to join the group. No matter how you look at it, the pressure should be greater for him.


However, the performance of this student was so calm like a pool of stagnant water.


When discussing or doing programs together in the group, this little brother was always doing things in an orderly way, free from arrogance and impetuosity.


For this reason, Hou Dongyu also deliberately observed junior Yan’s working methods. He was the kind of person who would make precise work plans every day, and then strictly implement and complete them. Once completed, he would never care about the work again…


He had to admit that this was actually quite efficient.


He was much more productive and happier than those who were extremely anxious everyday, finishing one job and worrying about the next without sleeping or eating well.


Of course, although he understood the truth, very little could be done.


Only people with strong spirits and sufficient self-discipline could strictly enforce these.


It could be seen that although junior Yan looked white and clean, and his appearance was thin and weak, but in fact he had a very strong heart.


Until he reached the third floor, Hou Dongyu asked, “Which floor will you take the exam?”


Jing Xun said: “Fourth floor.”


Hou Dongyu said: “I’m on the third floor, give me the things, thank you, junior brother.”


“You’re welcome, senior.”


Jing Xun stretched out his hand and handed back the test paper he had just taken to Hou Dongyu. Because there were other things in senior Hou’s hands, when handing it over, his hand slipped and he didn’t hold it properly, as a result the bag of test papers wrapped in a kraft paper bag fell directly to the ground.


Jing Xun’s first reaction was to bend over to pick it up.


Hou Dongyu was the same.


Hence the two people who were bending down almost collided with each other…..


“What are you doing?!”


A roar came from the stairs below them, giving him a shock. Jing Xun was able to avoid the painful fate of two heads colliding because of this.


——The teaching building was empty, and there were no people in the staircase, making the voice echo.


When he and Hou Dongyu both stood up and turned back, they saw a figure had already stepped up the steps in a murderous manner and was approaching in this direction ……


Wasn’t this the scum gong?


As soon as Shen Bohan entered the teaching building, he saw a thin and familiar back on the stairs.


Others had wanted to take the elevator, but second younger master Shen made a strange move and directly chased that back figure and climbed up the steps.


He really hadn’t seen Yan Jingxun for several days. But no matter how many days, he could still recognize the other party’s back at a glance.


Yan Jingxun was 1.79 meters tall. His height could be considered as above average but he was very thin.


It seemed that his skeletal frame was a bit narrower than the average boy. Yan Jingxun was a standard little fresh meat with a thin waist, long legs and fair skin.


This was also the first time Shen Bohan had met such a boy of this height with such a slender frame.


He had read countless people before, so he could never make a mistake.


Unfortunately, he was too far away at first, and didn’t rush to catch up, so he couldn’t hear what the two people in front were talking about.


But Yan Jingxun was undoubtedly acquainted with the person beside him. The two people had been talking, and the sound of the conversation echoed in the quiet corridor. It was not loud, perhaps a little bit smaller than the sound of footsteps, but without a break.


This made Shen Bohan a little uncomfortable, and subconsciously speeded up his pace.


But unexpectedly, just around the corner of the third floor, he saw Yan Jingxun squatting with the man, heads touching…


Shen Bohan had a hot-temper so he rushed up immediately.

After seeing the kraft paper bag in the hands of the two people who stood up again, Shen Bohan also knew that he was thinking too much and had misunderstood.



To no avail, he had just rushed up and roared loudly. At this moment, the second young master couldn’t lose face.


He chose to act like nothing had happened, staring directly at Yan Jingxun and calling him: “…Senior Yan.”


“We met again.”


However, the senior Yan he spoke of did not make a sound.


Instead, the boy standing next to Yan Jingxun said, “Junior brother, who is this?”


Jing Xun’s expression had cooled down since the scum gong appeared. He was born with a smiling face. His appearance was docile and polite, but not to everyone.


When he suddenly stopped smiling, it showed a great disparity compared to before.


Hou Dongyu obviously discovered his change. Even though he didn’t know much about what happened to this little brother, he had also heard some rumors. At this time, he didn’t even think about it, and took the initiative to stand up for Jing Xun.


So before Jing Xun could answer, he changed the subject: “The exam is about to start. Please go to the classroom, don’t be late.”


Jung Xun could naturally see how senior Hou was defending him. He simply ignored the scum gong and just focused on Hou Dongyu intently, saying, “I understand senior, so do you, don’t be late.”


Hou Dongyu: “Good luck on the exam, junior brother.”


Jing  Xun smiled: “Good luck on the invigilation, senior.”


Hou Dongyu: “See you in the laboratory later.”


Jing Xun: “Okay, see you soon, senior.”


Shen Bohan: “…”


Yan Jingxun smiled again when facing that senior, looking like a spring breeze.


This scene was also clearly seen by Shen Bohan.


Shen Bohan, who was standing there, clenching his fists tightly, and looking at Yan Jingxun’s eyes with a fierce and harsh appearance.


But just then, the bell for the exam rang.


Under the loud bell, Yan Jingxun said goodbye to the senior and turned around, walking upstairs. From beginning to end, he didn’t even give a look in Shen Bohan’s direction.



Second young master was once again completely ignored by Yan Jingxun.


The experienced followers knew that this was not the first time, while some of those who were not from this university but simply came to follow Shen Bohan looked at each other and did not dare to speak out.


What kind of temper does the second young master have?


Yan Jingxun has too much guts, doesn’t he? !


But on this rare occasion… This time, the second young master who was ignored didn’t curse out loud.


 He didn’t even show the anger like the last time. On the contrary, he just stood there, staring straight at Yan Jingxun’s back walking upstairs without making a sound… Not only did he not say a word, he didn’t catch up to teach Yan Jingxun a lesson either. Even his expression at the moment…..


The second young master’s expression was surprisingly gentle? ?




This this this,   


This is abnormal!


Hu Xiaopeng and others felt that second young master was mad with anger.


But in fact, Shen Bohan was not that angry.


…When he was being ignored, my mood was quite complicated.


——Yan Jingxun stopped smiling.


Anyone who had seen his smile and saw it disappear with his own eyes would feel some fluctuations in his heartstrings at that time.


But somehow, when he thought of Yan Jingxun completely ignoring him like this, like he was throwing a tantrum, Shen Bohan suddenly didn’t feel angry or depressed anymore.


That’s right. Just vent your anger.


If he wasn’t angry, why would he look at him like a stranger?


After all, they had been in a relationship. After separation, there would be bitterness and resentment in his heart, which was normal.


Shen Bohan used to experience this after breaking up with those little lovers. When those people met him again, they were either crying or complaining. Where could anyone be as peaceful as Yan Jingxun?


Ah, so to speak, the matter with Yan Jingxun being so quiet during this period of time turned out that he still hadn’t calmed down.


He really didn’t think senior Yan was quite a temperamental person.


…But this is also… okay.


The coldness toward him at least showed that he still had a certain weight in his heart.


Yan Jingxun had not contacted him for the past two weeks, giving Shen Bohan an illusion, as if he would never be in contact with Yan Jingxun ever again…..


This was a situation he never thought of two weeks ago.


To be honest, Shen Bohan didn’t want this to happen.


Yan Jingxun was still quite nice sometimes.


Shen Bohan remembered that when he first came to this school, he deliberately pretended to be a poor student with no friends. At that time, a senior whose task was to receive the newly enrolled freshmen looked down on others and deliberately tried to embarrass him.


It was Yan Jingxun who was the first to step forward and help him out of that predicament.


Although Shen Bohan actually didn’t need help.


But in the past two days, he didn’t know what was wrong, his mind was full of Yan Jingxun’s handsome appearance when he  pushed aside the crowd and came to him at that time.



In addition, the first time he had a meal with Yan Jingxun, the other party took him to a food stall near the school.


Yan Jingxun invited him to eat at a food stall.


What a strange combination. One day he was unexpectedly invited by someone to eat at a dirty open-air place.


But he suddenly missed the taste of the cheap skewers, and the chestnut osmanthus cake that Yan Jing bought for him before returning to school.


Because he was deliberately finding a topic to converse with the other party, he said casually: “Senior, I want to eat that, I have never tried it before.”



“Second young master, I heard that Yan Jingxun also participated in a project with the computer science department recently. He is very busy.”


Seeing that Shen Bohan was still in a daze, and surprisingly didn’t explode with anger for a long time, Hu Xiaopeng vaguely felt bad. He was busy shooting a glance at a little follower who had a good relationship with Shen Bohan.


——He still remembered how he was publicly scolded by the second young master last time in the hospital. At this moment, he couldn’t understand Shen Bohan’s mind, so Hu Xiaopeng did not dare to speak up.


Fortunately, that little follower was smart enough to understand the hint from his eyes. He added: “The one who Yan Jingxun called senior just now is from that project team…”


The little follower’s voice fell, but there was no response from the second young master. Hu Xiaopeng could only speak up personally: “That’s quite strange. Isn’t Yan Jingxun from the mathematics department? How did he get to participate in the project of the computer science department ?”


Hu Xiaopeng’s gay bestfriend chimed in at the right time: “…And it seems that senior is quite nice to Yan Jingxun. I heard that they are very close.”


They said so much, implying that Yan Jingxun had a different network. In fact, they wanted to suggest that Yan Jingxun had a very good time during this period and wanted him to see Yan Jingxun’s true character.


But unexpectedly, Shen Bohan’s reaction was still calm.


“How do you know this?” He just asked.


“There was an announcement from the computer science department, and Brother Xiaopeng happened to have a friend in that group. He knew more about everything than others.”


Shen Bohan: “So the man in the cake shop last time was that senior?”

Hua: Everyone I had a confession. I made some translation mistakes. This is kinda embarrasing, pls don’t kill me. T.T
About the department they are in, previously I translated that roommate 3 aka Wu Chun and Peng Yutong was from Accounting department. In fact they are both from computer science department, the same as senior Huo and the rest of people in the research group. The word here is 计[jì] which means number, to calculate, to count, or to compute. So yeah, I mistook it for accounting. Then I realized, oh wait, they are doing some kind of computer program and their school is the university of science and technology….. what does it have to do with accounting…..

Then I did some more research and this word ji could also mean IT and Technology field……

There’s nth major, just this small mistake….pls proceed…..

If you spot anything inconsistent in the future, pls do tell.


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  1. Avatar Lori says:

    So this is SBH almost admitting to himself that there’s literally no reaction JX could have had that he would not interpret as “He’s still in love with me” 🤨

    1. Hua Hua says:

      I think the attempt su!cide event really makes him believe that JX couldn’t live without him. 😐

  2. This young master is quite delusional. Hahahaha.

    Thank you for the chapter and for pointing out the mistake which boggled me before but paid no mind on it. 💖

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