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MSGVB Chapter 30

Finally, he buried his head on the other party's back.

Translator: Hua


“Boss, the bicycle has been delivered to you.”


Seeing them coming down, Xiao Tang hurriedly greeted them: “I just got it last year, and I haven’t ridden many times. It was made of pure titanium alloy and carbon fiber,  absolutely shock-absorbing and safe. I spent tens of thousands of yuan on it…..”




Shen Yijin glanced at the bicycle, “As I said before, that Porsche belongs to you, the key is with Jing Zheheng. Take the time to drive away.”




Assistant Xiao Tang’s expression turned into a smile that was visible to the naked eye. He suppressed his smile and said very implicitly: “Where can I get the boss’s car? If I let my brother know, he would kill me….. I’ll just drive it for a few days and bring it back to you in a while.”


Shen Yijin didn’t say anything, seemingly didn’t take this matter into account at all. He just personally tested the bicycle. Feeling that there was indeed no problem, he said to Xiao Tang: “You go to work.”




Before leaving, Xiao Tang winked at Jing Xun.


Alas, he didn’t expect the boss to have such a romantic moment… Yesterday the boss called him and said that he was going to exchange the Porsche for his Volkswagen santana for transportation. Xiao Tang was stunned for a moment.


When he found out what the boss wanted to do with the car, Xiao Tang jokingly suggested that why not send Mr. Yan to school by bicycle. It was environmentally friendly and there would be no traffic jams.


Unexpectedly, the boss actually decided to let him send the bicycle over instead, saying he wanted to borrow it for a few days…


No wonder his elder brother said that no one could compare to the boss in terms of shrewdness.


——After all, driving a boyfriend to school had a sense of distance.


How could it be as good as two people riding a bike together!


Xiao Tang had already long been used to their boss’s ability to react and make decisions. He greeted Jing Xun,then went to the company to pick up the car key.


Jing Xun: “……”


Jing Xun bid farewell to Assistant Xiao Tang, then set his sight on the bicycle.


He had never ridden a bicycle, but this was a tandem bicycle with two seats at the front and the rear. It seemed that sir didn’t intend to let him ride it by himself.


In fact, if he thinks about it, just before they went out, Jing Xun had found some flaws.


For example, Shen Yijin didn’t go out in a neat suit like usual.


Although it was still a trousers and shirt, Mr.’s clothes were much more casual than before. It looked very much like the feeling when they went to the cafe together at the weekend. He was no longer so cold and lofty, but had a kind of student atmosphere.


Sir most probably had planned various procedures and details early in the morning…


The morning sun had not come up yet, and the road was cool and refreshing.


Jing Xun was sitting in the back seat. 


Not only did he never ride a bicycle, he also had no experience of being taken by others. Therefore, he was a little nervous when he first sat on it. Jing Xun asked Shen Yijin: “Sir, do I need to do anything?”


Shen Yijin was sitting in front of him, his legs propped upright on the ground.


He had very long legs and could hold himself firmly even when sitting on the seat, so Jing Xun only needed to bend his knees and place his feet on the pedals specially set in the back row. He didn’t have to worry about falling.


He heard Shen Yijin say: “Step on your feet, don’t move. Also, hug me.”



He had never ridden a bicycle, but he had seen others ride it.


Jing Xun stretched out his hand onto Shen Yijin’s waist, and slightly pulled the shirt on both sides of his waist.


“…Like this?”


“This won’t work.” Shen Yijin’s voice came from the front: “Xiao Xun.”




“Hold my waist.”


Jing Xun: “…ohhhhh”


Since sir wanted him to hold his waist, Jing Xun opened his arms obediently and gently wrapped it around Shen Yijin’s waist from behind.


…Mr. with this kind of toned body, as one could imagine, the waist was full of strength.


In front of Jing Xun’s vision, Chen Yijin’s back and waist were as straight as a pine.


Between his arms, Mr.’s waistline was extremely hard and lean. The abdomen was hard and had no hint of fat. Reaching out from the back, he could effortlessly circled his arms around it.


if Jing Xun wanted to, he could also rest his head on Shen Yijin’s back…


“Is this all right?”


“En.” Shen Yijin told him again: “Sit firmly.”


“Okay, I got it sir.” Jing Xun indicated that there was no problem.


Then both of them set out together.


When you left the community, you could immediately turn to the bicycle lane by the roadside. In the summer, the trees and bushes on both sides of the lane were dense and green, with the unique morning dew and mist, as well as the freshness of singing birds and fragrant flowers.


The lane outside the green belt was blocked with people, but the lane inside the green belt was very empty.

There were few people walking on the sidewalk sporadically. It was rare to see two long-legged men riding a tandem bicycle. Without exception, the pedestrians who passed by them couldn’t help looking at them a few more times.


But at the moment, Jing Xun couldn’t care less about the eyes of others. 


His attention was focused on the wind brushing from the side of his cheeks and ears, bringing along the clean and refreshing smell of Shen Yijin.


Sir was really good at cycling ah.


With powerful arms and a stable rudder, Jing Xun sitting in the back could hardly feel any bumps or sharp turns.


However, the speed of this bike was faster than he expected. Before setting off, he thought it was enough to simply hold Shen Yijin. Now it seems that sir was right, and it was safer to hold tightly.


Then Jing Xun really leaned forward, trying to put his face close to Shen Yijin’s broad back.


For no reason, this slow but breezy feeling made him feel happy. It was really different from the feeling of riding in a car. Especially when sir was taking him to school by bike…


This realization made him want to bury his head even more.


Jing Xun remembered that, in the orphanage, when he was very young, there were often older children riding bicycles with the younger children in the yard.


The bicycle was very old, but at that time he was also eager to ride, or simply be taken by others.


But his body was too weak, no one dared to take him, let alone ride his own bike.


Later on, there were too many things that he couldn’t do.


 The desire for a bicycle had instead become a corner of the iceberg that even Jing Xun himself couldn’t remember…


 Jing Xun subconsciously tightened his arms.


His two hands overlapped in front of Shen Yijin, and he subconsciously rubbed the ring on his finger.


Finally, he  couldn’t help but bury his head on the other party’s back.


He asked him: “Sir, are you tired?”


“Not tired.” Shen Yijin said.


“En.” Jing Xun replied, and smiled softly behind him.


In this posture, once Shen Yijin spoke, he could feel a slight tremor from the other  party’s back.


Jing Xun listened carefully, it seemed that he could also feel the other party’s heartbeat.


Sound traveled faster through solidity than through the air. The sound waves were likely to spread and be easily received by others… Physics didn’t deceive him.


Jing Xun felt that with such a powerful heartbeat, Shen Yijin’s cardiopulmonary function must be very strong.


Of course, this had also proved that Mr. was in good health….and good physical strength…


Soon, Jing Xun was sent to school by Shen Yijin.


The bicycle drove all the way straight in, without any intention to stop at the school gate.


In the morning, the students came and went on campus, after all, it was exam week. There were many people who got up early to read books, so even on the path leading to the teaching building, there were a lot of students coming and going…


Then Jing Xun finally realized something, they were not low-key at all.


In contrast, they seemed to be…..higher-profile.


Even though his face was buried on Shen Yijin’s back, he couldn’t hold back…Mr.’s attractive index!


Even if he didn’t look around, Jing Xun could hear discussions and screams when they passed by some people.


“Where did this handsome guy come from? He is so handsome!”


“Fuck? There is such a person in our school? This isn’t a handsome brother, this is a cool guy! What year is he in?”


“Wait a minute, are they shooting a video? There seems to be a little brother sitting behind the handsome guy! Holding him so tightly hahaha!”


“Maybe they are late for the exam. Don’t think too much.”



Jing Xun’s arms on Shen Yijin’s waist tightened further.


It was not only because sir said not to let go, but also because he didn’t dare to look up at the moment.


Fortunately, when parking, Shen Yijin chose the side of the teaching building, a place with fewer people.


His long legs supported the ground, and the bicycle tilted slightly. Shen Yijin said, “We’re here.”


He took the lead to step down from the bicycle and put down the kickstand.


After the bike had stabilized, he saw the young man with soft hair still flinching. The corners of the cold hard lips untraceably rose a little. Shen Yijin said, “There is no one around.”


Only then did Jing Xun lift his head up. The youth’s delicate and small face was unsurprisingly covered in red at this moment.


Jing Xun blinked his eyes and looked around. He found that sir really parked the bike at a desolate place. Then he stepped off the bicycle with confidence and looked around curiously: “This is… the back of the teaching building?”


“Hm.” Shen Yijin pointed to the side: “You can go in directly from the small door behind.”




Jing Xun subconsciously pulled back the soft hair on his forehead. Seeing Shen Yijin standing beside him looking upright and handsome as usual, his expression calm as if nothing had happened, he couldn’t help faintly admire sir. 



He could guess that Shen Yijin, who had just been riding in front, must have been calm and expressionless even in the face of other people’s discussion.


…Why can’t he do the same?


He wasn’t someone who cared about other people’s eyes. Why did he have to feel particularly embarrassed when it comes to anything related to Mr…


“Xiao Xun, go in.”


He had to admit that cycling was really faster than driving during the morning rush hour. Jing Xun estimated that they probably took only about ten minutes on the road…


 “Okay, sir.”


Jing Xun’s eyes that originally looked at Shen Yijin moved down, and began to stare at his toes instead.


By riding a bike, they managed to save some time. It was useless for him to go up now because the exam hadn’t started yet.


But later, Mr. would have to continue to take the car to the company ——the driver had been following them when they were on the road… It was estimated that there would be traffic jams, and Shen Yijin should probably set off right now.   


“Then…goodbye sir.”


“Goodbye.” Shen Yijin said.


Even so, the two people who had just said goodbye, both stood still and didn’t move.


Jing Xun wanted to look at Shen Yijin again to see why the other party hadn’t left yet, and then heard him call himself: “Xiao Xun.”




He raised his head with great speed and discovered that…. half of his face was being touched.


Chen Yijin’s slender and dry thumb brushed his cheek, and then changed to hold his face.


Then Jing Xun saw the other party lower his head slightly, this posture should be….


Jing Xun didn’t dodge.


The dry and warm lips pressed against his. Once again, he was enveloped by the other party’s scorching breath. Jing Xun even thought that riding a bike everyday was also good.


Not just because it was green and environmentally friendly, nor was it because of the traffic jams.




When riding in the car, there was an uncle driver in front, they were designated not to do anything.


 Jing Xun had to run out of the car with grief every time.


But now, at the corner of the school with no people around, they discreetly gave each other a goodbye kiss. 


This is youth.


Mr. Villain now looked like a young man in his youth, instead of the person wearing an expensive suit and sitting in a cold and silent office…


At least in this brief moment, he was not that person.  




In the end, Jing Xun blushed and chaotically said goodbye to Shen Yijin.


He entered the teaching building, and Shen Yijin was going back to work.


As for the bicycle exchanged from Assistant Xiao Tang…it was also easy to handle. President Shen usually went out with bodyguards. He just needed to assign one person to temporarily place the bicycle at the school’s bicycle shed.


Anyway… Mr. said that they had to ride it home tonight.   


Shen Yijin returned to his Maybach at an appropriate off-campus location. The car moved along the school gate. Outside the car, a group of people led by Shen Bohan stopped in their tracks.


“Second young master, what’s wrong?” , asked the person next to Shen Bohan.


“Why do I feel…” Shen Bohan muttered and looked back. The black and steady Maybach had already turned the corner and disappeared.


Shen Bohan: “Do you think that car looks so much like my brother’s?”


There were a lot of luxury cars on the main road, but only a few had such neat license plates.


With a glance, there were at least four 0s…Of course, there could also be a Q in the middle or something. He didn’t see it clearly after he had just passed by.


The companion next to him said: “No way. Second young master…why would president Shen come to the University of Science and Technology so early in the morning?”


“Okay.” Shen Bohan felt that his companion had a point.


He knew that Shen Yijin was currently working on a project with the University of Science and Technology, and that Shen Yijin had donated buildings to the school again…So even if it was really Shen Yijin, it was normal.


“Go,” Shen Bohan said.


He hadn’t come to school for nearly two weeks. He came here today to take the final exam.


Of course it didn’t matter if he didn’t come to take the exam. 


The main thing was……


After seeing Yan Jingxun in the hospital that day, the next day, Shen Bohan sent someone to find out who in Yan Jingxun’s family was hospitalized.


But after going through the entire inpatient list, he didn’t find a single possible connection.


And just like that, he had not seen Yan Jingxun since then. He had never received any news or text messages from the other party. After so many days, he was quite curious, what Yan Jingxun was up to all these times.


The author has something to say: 

Second young master Shen: If I didn’t make an appearance again, the green hat1Slang for being cuckold.on my head would be big enough to circle the earth!

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  1. UwU so romantic. Just like a HS romance manga scene. 💖💖💖
    Thank you for the chapter. 💖

    1. Avatar Sekstifire says:

      The fact that it was a tandem bike reminds me of that Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun bit where he kept trying to figure out a bicycle scene that didn’t viloate traffic laws though 😅

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