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MSGVB Chapter 29.2

Newlywed couple?

Translator: Hua

Jing Xun’s ears that were puckered by the sound turned red again, but it was dark all around, so he was not afraid of being seen.


He calmly said: “Goodnight Mr….”


After that, Shen Yijin switched to lying on his side.


His eyes adjusted to the darkness, and Jing Xun could see the back of the other person with a broad outline.


After sir lay on his side, the space became much bigger and the distance between them was stretched.


This lessened Jing Xun’s psychological burden a little, and he tried to sleep with his eyes closed.


The room was quiet without any sound.


He couldn’t even hear Shen Yijin’s breathing.


He should be able to sleep well tonight.


But after about five minutes, Jing Xun still didn’t fall asleep.


One could imagine that the reason why he felt nervous was far more than the fear of falling asleep and pressing into Shen Yijin.


Shen Yijin himself was the cause.


Did all newlyweds feel like this?


…Were they a newlywed couple?


This realization made Jing Xun shrank directly into the quilt.


The light and soft air conditioner made a slight scratching sound, and Shen Yijin remained motionless.


…..Was sir about to fall asleep?


Or had he fallen asleep already?


He should be.


He(syj) had suffered from insomnia until late yesterday, and he(syj) got up early today and spent a whole day with him(jx)…


Even ironman could also feel tired.


In order to allow Shen Yijin to fall asleep more peacefully smoothly, Jing Xun maintained his current posture and was determined not to move.


In fact, it was comfortable in any posture at the beginning, but if he kept the same posture and didn’t fall asleep…it became a bit uncomfortable.


But Jing Xun had a special way to alleviate the discomfort.


His brain was like a VCR, which recorded everything he saw and listened to, then automatically stored them. When stored, it could be recalled at any time to read and study.


Many of the difficult books he had read before were first stored in this way, and when he was sick and hospitalized or couldn’t get out of bed, then turned them out a little bit to read.


It was due to the fact that Jing Xun could ignore all physical discomforts when he concentrated on doing things.


This was one of the ways he had discovered all year round to make himself feel a little better.


So this time, Jing Xun, who was tired from lying still, also planned to repeat the same trick.


He could just move out the thick reference book he just read.


With content as thick as two bricks, all the knowledge needed to be sorted out in his mind, absorb the essence and get rid of the dregs1Absorb the best things, and discard the bad and useless things.

The amount of work was not small, Jing Xun was eager to get into action.


But this time, there was an accident somehow.


His thoughts returned to Shen Yijin’s study. He inadvertently recalled the glimpse through the study room in the morning when he saw Shen Yijin reviewing documents in front of the computer.


The man had a fierce aura, solemn and indifferent, handsome and outstanding, just like a god descending to earth.


He was bathed in the warm morning sun. The sun was just right and everything looked so beautiful…


It was very splendid. 


Jing Xun also felt warmth because of this scene.


It would be so much better if Mr. could stay in the sunshine forever like this…


Jing Xun fell asleep just like that.


He had no idea how long it took. The sleeping youth lifted his body to the side, and his thin ankle naturally rested on the calf of the person beside him.


In the darkness, Shen Yijin breathed steadily and turned over. The distance narrowed, and the ankle that had been resting on his leg turned into a whole calf.


Facing the young man who was sleeping deeply, the person next to him also slowly closed his eyes.


The next day, both of them went out together after eating breakfast. Shen Yijin was going to send Jing Xun to school.


At 7:30 in the morning, Shen Yijin’s driver appeared in the underground parking lot on time.


There was a bit of a traffic jam on Monday morning, but Jing Xun steadily arrived at school before eight o’clock. Shen Yijin had a meeting at nine o’clock, and the two separated.


After that, Jing Xun began to get busy. The new week officially entered the exam week. When he was not taking the exam, he had to join the group to work on projects with the seniors. He also had to do private work in his spare time and was often busy all day long.


But it was busy and fulfilling.


Shen Yijin was even busier than him. He didn’t go home until nine or ten o’clock for two days. When he got home, he would continue to have video conferences.


But no matter how busy he was, he insisted on sending Jing Xun to school in the morning, and would only send a driver to pick Jing Xun up at night when it was too late.


Actually, their home was really close to the University of Science and Technology. At the slowest, it took half an hour on foot.


There were also special bicycle lanes and sidewalks on both sides of the road. Except for the small road at the entrance of the school, which required a little caution, there were no safety hazards during the whole process. Jing Xun had repeatedly proposed that he could go to the school by himself.


But it was all rejected by Shen Yijin.


It didn’t matter what the reason was, and sir never said why.


Anyway, no means no.


When discussing it with him, he never agreed. Nonetheless, he was either sent off or picked up everyday. 


Of course, Jing Xun didn’t mind not being able to go to school by himself.


If it was someone else, they might feel that it was very troublesome and uncomfortable to be picked up and sent off in this way. But Mr. villain…Jing Xun enjoyed the time of going in and out together.


It was just that the car Shen Yijin usually rode was a Maybach…a business car. For a company president, it was already a very low-key and ordinary car ba. Jing Xun occasionally chatted with Assistant Xiao Tang. He learned that this was considered the most ordinary and low-profile car owned by president Shen.


But even so, if they frequented the school, even if they just stopped at the school gate and did not drive into the campus, it was still… too eye-catching.


Jing Xun was picked up for two consecutive days, and some of his classmates had already begun to ask him who owned the car and who sent him.


Later, Shen Yijin only sent him to the school gate. There were fewer people asking, but not none.


It made Jing Xun wonder how he was discovered by these people when he got out of the car.


So a few days later, Jing Xun euphemistically asked Shen Yijin if he could park the car outside the intersection and walk the rest of the way by himself.


“I see.”


Shen Yijin said: “It will be resolved tomorrow.”


Jing Xun couldn’t help blinking: “…how to resolve it?”


Shen Yijin said, “Just change the car.”


Jing Xun: “Oh, oh oh.”


So sir actually had a more ordinary car…


Shen Yijin also seemed to be dissatisfied that he could only send Jing Xun to the school gate these days. His tone became indisputable: “Which building will Xiao Xun take the exam tomorrow? I will send you to the gate of the teaching building.”




As long as they could keep a low profile.


Jing Xun said, “Okay.”


But Jing Xun did not expect that when he and Shen Yijin took the elevator downstairs the next day, he saw assistant Xiao Tang leading people to unload something from a large off-road SUV….a two-wheeled vehicle…. 


? ? ?


How to put it, the appearance of this car had nothing to do with a means of transportation called a bicycle.


The author has something to say: 

President Shen: Green and environmentally friendly.

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    Absorb the best things, and discard the bad and useless things.
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  1. Avatar Liusumianhua says:

    Is Shen Yijin going to use a bicycle to drop off Jing Xun at school?

  2. Avatar Liusumianhua says:

    Is Shen Yijin going to use a bicycle to drop off Jing Xun at school? 😅😂😂♥️♥️♥️

    1. Hua Hua says:

      Haha you’re going to find out soon.

  3. Omg SYJ. It’s gonna be like a HS romance scene lolol. 🤣🤣

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