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MSGVB Chapter 27.1

Two chapters in one!

Translator: Hua

Jing Xun said that Shen Yijin was his boyfriend. But obviously he had no intention to introduce both parties. After all, They were not familiar.


It was Wu Chun who hadn’t recovered from the shock for a long time. Beside him, Peng Yutong was puzzled by what happened to him, so she pulled his hand.


Peng Yutong said to Jing Xun embarrassedly: “So little brother already has a boyfriend.”


Then she couldn’t help but glance at Shen Yijin. When She first saw the man sitting opposite Yan Jingxun, Peng Yutong’s reaction was similar to that of Wu Chun.


They1Refers to Wu Chun and Peng Yutong because they’re both jealous of Jing Xun. deserved to be called a couple. When She got a closer look, Peng Yutong also felt faintly jealous of this student who was favored by the professor.


Previously, Wu Chun insinuated to her that Yan Jingxun had done something big, that was why he could join the group. However, she didn’t care much.


Although they were in the same project team, the gap between the second group and the first group was still very large. Peng Yutong did not pay attention to this student’s participation.  


But now……


Junior brother Yan, who went to the group meeting two days ago, still had a simple and ordinary appearance. But now he was wrapped in brand name clothes.


“I really couldn’t tell….” Peng Yutong refrained herself from measuring him for too long. She smiled dryly: “I wish you happiness, Brother Yan.”


Soon, she and Wu Chun left.


Obviously, Jing Xun didn’t care much about this unexpected encounter. He and Shen Yijin sat in the café until 5:30, and they even settled the dinner together on the spot. 


Seeing that it was almost time, they got up to pay the bill and left.


The café was located opposite to the school gate. The school building that Jing Xun wanted to go to was located not far from the gate, less than five minutes walk away.


So to digest the meal, Jing Xun suggested: “Sir, I’ll go over by myself.”


He didn’t ask Shen Yijin to bring the car.


Shen Yijin did not object, and said naturally: “Okay.”


“Then I will take you there.”


Jing Xun: “……”


In fact, Jing Xun originally meant that Shen Yijin could drive home directly, otherwise Mr. Shen would have nothing to do while he was in the group meeting.


Besides, Shen Yijin wanted to send him…Jing Xun looked at the other party up and down. He always felt that Mr. Longlegs was too eye-catching. Previously, he just attracted two people2Wu Chun and Peng Yutong.. If he went to the meeting with him, he could not tell how much trouble it would cause.


But since Mr. said he was going to send him off, he didn’t want to deliberately refuse. He even agreed when Shen Yijin proposed to carry his school bag for him.


Jing Xun felt that his learning ability was very fast—he had learned not to be polite with Shen Yijin.


Fortunately, the weather was not so hot after five o’clock. After coming out of the air-conditioned cafe, there were still traces of sun exposure outside, but you could feel a slight coolness.


Jing Xun and Shen Yijin walked side by side.


It was originally quite romantic…the two of them strolling on the road back to school. They were in harmony with the rest of the world. 


Until Shen Yijin stopped him to remind him that his shoelace was undone.


 Jing Xun looked down and said, “…oh oh oh!”


There happened to be a stone step next to him, so he hurriedly tied the scattered shoelaces.


Jing Xun had a weakness, that is, he didn’t know how to tie his shoes.


He would always only tie a simple bow, and unwilling to tie a bowknot.


Because the knot was ugly and hard to untie. 


However, strolling down the street with your boyfriend, the untie laces could affect the atmosphere.


Jing Xun said nothing, and immediately after tying the bow, he tied another knot.


Shen Yijin probably saw that he could not tie his shoelaces, but he didn’t say anything.


Mr. Shen was accustomed to speaking less.


Then the two people continued to move forward, but in the process, there was still a small situation——


The café and the school were at two ends of a crossroad, separated by a small road. The zebra crossing was clearly visible on the small road, but there were no traffic lights.


Jing Xun actually had another problem or another shortcoming in life—he didn’t know how to cross the road. He was especially afraid of such an intersection without traffic lights.


This was also due to the fact that he hadn’t going out much in the past… In this regard, Jing Xun was like a primitive man who had lived in a closed mountain for decades, and was suddenly thrown into a prosperous city one day.


It was okay when there were traffic lights, he just needed to look at the indicator light.


But there was no traffic light at this intersection…


 This was much more troublesome.


Jing Xun fixed his steps on the stone steps on the side of the road. With his feet in snow white canvas shoes close together, he carefully looked at the passing vehicles.


Actually, it was okay when there were not many cars. He could grit his teeth and ran away when he couldn’t see any car.


There were a lot of students returning to school at this time. Looking at it, there were a lot of cars coming from a distance…


If there were no other people around, Jing Xun could wait patiently to find the opportunity, and cross the road with peace of mind without being late.




Shen Yijin stood beside him.


Jing Xun had already noticed, and realized that he was not moving. Shen Yijin naturally stopped and waited for him.


This made Jing Xun feel even more embarrassed. He knew that Mr. probably didn’t understand why he suddenly stopped…so what to do, he didn’t want to be embarrassed by letting sir know that he couldn’t even cross the road ah ah ah!   


That was the worst.


Sometimes the more nervous you get, the more you can’t get things done. Someone on the opposite road had already taken the opportunity to cross over, but Jing Xun was still standing there…He didn’t know how to move.


“Xiao Xun?”


The two stood together on the stone steps for almost half a minute. Looking at Jing Xun’s red ears and white cheeks, Shen Yijin seemed to understand something.


He said, “Give me your hand.”


Although he said so, he took Jing Xun’s hand without waiting for his response.


Even with a heavy computer bag on his back, Shen Yijin was still standing tall and upright.


Two people holding hands, walking side by side on the endless stream… Jing Xun found that crossing the road seemed not that difficult.


When a car came from the left, Shen Yijin walked on his left. When they crossed the solid line in the middle of the road, he automatically changed to his right.


He was very tall and walked calmly.


The passing vehicles were actually very orderly. They would slow down when they approached the crossroads.


In this way, the two of them crossed the road to the other side of the school with ease.


Jing Xun lowered his head, trying to hide himself.


——It was not a difficult thing, why was he so scared just now?


But fortunately, sir didn’t say anything.


When he sent Jing Xun to the teaching building, he said to him, “After school in the evening,  I’m coming to get you back.”


To go back naturally meant to go home.


Jing Xun buried his head deeper and gave a low “En”.


“Send me a message when it’s over.”


Shen Yijin gave more instructions: “If it’s over and I haven’t come, just stand there and wait for me, don’t walk around, let alone go out of the school gate.”


Jing Xun: “……”


He didn’t know if it was an illusion…


He always felt that it was rare for sir to say so much, but when he did, it was actually related to his inability to cross the road!


Ah ah ah.


Feeling ashamed, Jing Xun said that he understood and would not walk around recklessly. He asked Shen Yijin to return the computer bag to him.


But Shen Yijin still insisted on sending him into the elevator of the teaching building, and then left by himself.


After  separating from Shen Yijin, Jing Xun carried the backpack and went to the classroom that the senior sister had previously notified him.


It was 5:50 in the evening.


He was ten minutes earlier than the meeting time, which was just right.


There were already some seniors in the classroom. It was bustling with noise and excitement. When Jing Xun came in, Senior brother Hou from the same group came up to him.


Jing Xun took leave on Friday because of his family affairs and did not come to work on the project. Obviously Hou Dongyu still remembered this.


Now that he saw Jing Xun, he couldn’t help but quickly ask about Jing Xun’s family circumstances.    

Senior sister Chu Qiao in the same group was also very enthusiastic. She also showed concern when she looked at Jing Xun. Including the main program group, even if they didn’t often discuss together, Jing Xun had been getting along well with quite a few of them in the past two days.


It was very strange that Jing Xun was always inexplicably loved by a large group of seniors.


In the past, whether it was doing academic research or participating in competitions, at least in terms of life, the group of seniors took good care of him.


Originally, he thought it was because of his poor health and that he had no family. The teachers and classmates in the school felt sorry for him, so they were willing to take care of him and take him into consideration.


But now, he never expected that with a different and healthy body, the senior brothers and sisters here also treated him well?


When all is said and done, his social experience was limited. In the face of other people’s enthusiasm, Jing Xun would only respond with more goodwill and would not think too much.


What he didn’t know was that, with his performance a few days ago, his unusually quick thinking and reaction ability had long attracted the attention of other seniors.


Jing Xun’s attitude was extremely low-key. He was courteous and modest at all times, not rushing in or hiding from work.


Who wouldn’t like such a sensible student?


Moreover, this little brother was very good-looking. The focused appearance and slightly vacant eyes when thinking, couldn’t be more cute!


In the words of Senior Sister Chu Qiao, their Ah Xun was too perfect!


But when a group of people were concerned about the situation of Jing Xun’s family, Peng Yutong on the side suddenly said: “Xunxun, the ring on your hand is so beautiful. It was given by your boyfriend?”


“What? What ring? Let me see!” Senior Sister Chu Qiao, who liked accessories and was very keen about it, immediately saw the ring on Jing Xun’s left hand.


“Oh wow? Ring finger!”


 “Oh, this ring? Is the brand inside? It looks like platinum.”


“Xun Xun’s fingers are so good-looking, they look good with any ring!”


On the contrary, Senior Hou Dongyu on the side discovered the key point. He looked at Jing Xun in shock: “Ah Xun has a boyfriend?”


“Oh yeah…” Senior Sister Chu Qiao returned to her sense, “Our Xunxun actually has a boyfriend?”


In fact, same-sex marriages had long been legalized, and free love was now advocated. It didn’t matter if the partner was a man or a woman, he would not be subjected to weird looks from others.


Chu Qiao and the others were really surprised, because they never expected that this obedient and good-looking student who didn’t look like someone who would be in love…..was actually off the list!


“That’s right. Junior Yan is very attractive after all.” Peng Yutong said, “I just saw Junior Yan’s boyfriend. He looks so handsome.”


“Really!” Senior Sister Chu Qiao was excited, and asked Jing Xun directly, “Are there any photos?”


Looking at her appearance, She was really happy for Jing Xun.


Jing Xun having a boyfriend was naturally heard by other seniors. They also coaxed him to show the photos. Jing Xun was surrounded by them, so he didn’t dare to take out the mobile phone in his pocket.


To be honest, there was a photo, the one sent to him by Shen Yijin before going abroad to attend the summit.


He saved it.


But at the thought of showing Shen Yijin’s photo to others… saying he was his boyfriend…


Even if the seniors didn’t know what Mr.Shen looked like, that picture was completely unimaginable. Just a little imagination would make him blush with shame.


Jing Xun was somewhat embarrassed. Knowing that he had thin-skin, the seniors didn’t force it. Everyone came forward to rescue him from this predicament: “Hey! What a mess!”


“Really, what should we do if we frightened our junior brother?”


“Hahaha I really like the innocent look of the little brother.”


“Be careful! Junior brother is now someone who has a partner!”


After joking around for a while, the original topic about Jing Xun was considered to have passed.


But some people were still not satisfied.


The reason why Peng Yutong mentioned Jing Xun’s boyfriend was because she thought that other people would…….have some thoughts like her.


But she didn’t expect that the people in both group 1 and group 2 would collectively trying to defend this junior……


Peng Yutong felt that it must be because no one else saw how Yan Jingxun’s boyfriend was……different.


And these ground insects3A metaphor describes people who have never seen the world, old fashioned, or never keep up with current trends. didn’t even notice that Yan Jingxun’s clothes had jumped dozens of levels more than before!


The discomfort in her heart deepened. Peng Yutong said again: “By the way, junior brother, I didn’t see your boyfriend wearing a ring just now? Couple rings are usually a pair, right? Why didn’t he wear it?”

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  • 1
    Refers to Wu Chun and Peng Yutong because they’re both jealous of Jing Xun.
  • 2
    Wu Chun and Peng Yutong.
  • 3
    A metaphor describes people who have never seen the world, old fashioned, or never keep up with current trends.
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