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MSGVB Chapter 23.1

Just be by my side.

Translator: Hua

Jing Xun: “!”


As soon as he touched the other party’s dry lips, wrapped in a faint smell of tobacco, Jing Xun’s reaction slowed down for two seconds before he knew he had been kissed.


…Was it a kiss?


…This was a kiss. In Jing Xun’s vision was Shen Yijin’s long and straight eyelashes and a tall nose.


There was also the smell of the other party’s body and his scorching breath, intertwined and mixed together to envelope Jing Xun, so that his heart almost stopped beating at the moment.


Jing Xun’s legs softened, and he subconsciously fell back.


But because Shen Yijin’s slender and powerful hand was pressing tightly against his waist, he didn’t struggle too much.


——Even though his brain was blank at this moment, Jing Xun still subconsciously felt that he would not fall down.


The facts were as he expected, Shen Yijin held him tightly.


By merely leaning back, he pressed on a few piano keys, and the shocking piano sound “Duang” rang out at once, making Shen Yijin suddenly regain his senses and reopen the distance between them.


Jing Xun: “……”


Jing Xun, who was kissed for the first time, could no longer control the color and temperature of his face. It was strange. Shen Yijin obviously kissed him, but the shy person became him…


Jing Xun, who was too shy, had to excuse himself from Mr. Shen, and ran all the way to the bathroom.


Looking at the reddish cheeks in the mirror that were obviously wet by cold water, Jing Xun couldn’t help being surprised by his own reaction.


… Obviously they had already done everything, but never kiss.


So what’s wrong with being kissed? What’s there to be shy about?


 Jing Xun felt inexplicable, and began to try to recall the scene just now: in the clean and tidy living room, in front of the white and flawless piano, Shen Yijin’s stood upright, hugging him and kissing him…


“Hua la la1The sound of water.” 


Jing Xun turned on the faucet again and washed his face for the second time.


He determined not to think about the scene anymore, when the adjustments were almost done, Jing Xun walked out of the bathroom.


Shen Yijin bent his legs and sat on the sofa. He didn’t know when he had turned on the TV.


The clear sound came from the TV. Jing Xun looked over and saw two little lions on the screen biting each other and tumbling.


…Sir was actually watching the animal world.


He didn’t mean that Shen Yijin cannot watch the animal world.


Just……He just wanted to say, since you can watch TV, why didn’t you say it earlier!


Then Jing Xun leaned over and fell in love with the animal world with Mr. Longlegs.


The cute little lions with round and fluffy ears on the screen were indeed very cute. Every time they saw the lions had to practice hunting and the whole lion group was facing the problem of food crisis, Jing Xun’s heart was also pulled up.


But being attracted by the TV screen like this, the embarrassment just now disappeared.


Even if he was close to Shen Yijin and occasionally had some contacts, it didn’t seem to matter.


As for why Mr. Just now suddenly kissed him, Jing Xun didn’t get too entangled in this issue.


After all, all the behaviors of Mr. Big brother now was not suitable for thinking from the perspective of normal people.


It was like the little lion quarreling with his companions on TV, perhap….it was an instinct.


Well, literally, nothing else.


The Lion Special program was over, and they continued to watch the Orangutan Special program.


After watching Animal World, they started watching cartoons.


 Shen Yijin couldn’t fall asleep when he was in a bad mood. Jing Xun stayed with him and didn’t go to bed… The first time he actively stayed up late was not to study data or programs, but simply watching TV. Jing Xun was still excited nonetheless.


In the past, his time was too precious.


Every bit of energy was also extremely precious. Jing Xun would not spend energy on doing things other than research and study.


It was really his first time spending a whole night like this, recklessly squandering his time simply for entertainment purposes.


Jing Xun didn’t know when he finally fell asleep.


He just remembered that he felt sleepy and leaned on the sofa.


Later he became too sleepy and fell on Shen Yijin’s lap.


After that……


When he opened his eyes again, the curtains were still closed, but at some point, Jing Xun had already returned to the bedroom, and it was clear that the sky outside was bright.


 Jing Xun glanced at the time.


9:40 in the morning…




Goodness, not only did he stay up late, he also slept for half a morning.


Speaking of which, how about sir?


Jumping off the bed, Jing Xun took the lead to look around in the bedroom, but Shen Yijin was nowhere to be found.


He came out of the bedroom and went to the living room and kitchen to take a look. When he still found nothing, the study door was opened.


At this time, the sun was shining, and the moment the door was opened, the sunlight in the room seemed to be scattered. Shen Yijin, who was wearing home clothes, stood in the sun.


Maybe it was because of the home clothes, or because he was basking in the sun, the other party looked at him with a gentle expression, and his low, pleasant voice rang out at the same time: “Xiao Xun is awake.”


Jing Xun: “……”


Shen Yijin’s hairstyle was a typical three to seven ratio. Usually when wearing a suit, the hairstyle would be taken care of extremely meticulously. It was a typical elite style.


But he seemed to have just taken a shower at the moment, with some damp and messy hair scattered, lightly resting on his forehead, looking no different from a college student. 


Perhaps the momentum was a bit compelling.


But compared with the usual sir, it was a little bit more sunny…


After a long time, Jing Xun reluctantly tore his gaze away from such a refreshing Shen Yijin.


He nodded slightly: “Good morning sir”




In the morning, Shen Yijin’s topic was still asking him if he would like to drink coffee or eat whole wheat bread. Jing Xun had some experience, how could he always ask sir to serve him, so he said consciously: “I can make it myself.”


He glanced behind Shen Yijin again, trying to ask: “Sir was in the office just now?”


“En.” Shen Yijin said, “I just processed some documents.”




Jing Xun thought, Mr. Villain’s physical strength was still quite good. He slept at about two o’clock in the morning last night so he didn’t know what time Shen Yijin fell asleep…


Regarding the fact that he fell asleep halfway through and didn’t accompany him all night, Jing Xun rushed to apologize.


Embarrassed, he grabbed the soft hair on his head. He didn’t want to disturb Shen Yijin’s work, so Jing Xun said quickly, “Then, sir, you go handle your work.”


Unexpectedly, Shen Yijin stopped him again.


“Thank you for last night, Xiao Xun.”


“…En.” On the contrary, Jing Xun, who was thanked by the other person, was even more embarrassed. He carefully looked at Shen Yijin’s eyes and his expression, and found that the other party had no traces of last night’s madness, and he was relieved.


Jing Xun said: “It’s okay, in the future…um, if there is anything I need to pay attention to when Mr. is unwell, you can tell me in advance.”


“You don’t need to pay attention to anything.” Shen Yijin said.


Jing Xun: “?”


Shen Yijin, dressed in soft home clothes, stared at him slightly.


Jing Xun saw his own shadow in the other party’s deep eyes.


He heard the other person say it, word by word, enunciated clearly: “As long as Xiao Xun stays by my side.”

Hua: Shen Yijin is such a flirt. (´・ω・`)?

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