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MSGVB Chapter 23.2

Just be by my side.

Translator: Hua

Jing Xun: “En.”


Stay by my side.


 Of course he had to stay by his side without a doubt. This was what he promised the other party.


He didn’t think there was anything wrong with. Jing Xun grinned and immediately said, “Okay.”




Across from him, Shen Yijin’s eyes seemed to become a little darker.


After saying a few words to Shen Yijin, Jing Xun went to wash up.


When he came out after finished washing, there was coffee and bread in the kitchen prepared for him by Shen Yijin.


…..The door of the study was not completely closed. Jing Xun heard Shen Yijin talking on the phone inside. It seemed like he was talking about work again, so he didn’t disturb him, and sat at the table to eat breakfast.


Today was the weekend, and there was nothing to do, so Jing Xun ate a little slower than usual.


Although the whole wheat bread had no taste, the bread baked in the toaster was crispy and very delicious. In addition there  was butter in the kitchen, and he could wipe it on the toast if he wanted, but Jing Xun didn’t really like it.


After eating breakfast, he cleaned up the tableware and the kitchen. Jing Xun walked to the front of the shelf again, and observed the green plants.


Mr. Jin watered them yesterday. Jing Xun had no experience in growing plants, and he dared not to touch it.


He just felt that those stems and leaves hanging down were so powerful that they could grow so densely and abundantly, giving off the feeling of prosperity.


After moving around in the living room, Jing Xun had nothing to do, so he started working again.


Yesterday he uploaded the subroutine, and the person from the game company was very satisfied, saying that he would be paid the first payment on Monday.


For this reason, Jing Xun was full of enthusiasm. He planned to go ahead and finished it before the project time limit.


After nearly an hour passed, the doorbell suddenly rang.


The counter where Jing Xun was located was right next to the entrance, so it was easy for him to run over and open the door. He couldn’t help but glance in the direction of the study. Seeing that there was no movement on Shen Yijin’s side, he turned on the video intercom at the door.


An image of a young man appeared on the screen.



After a while, Jing Xun opened the door to the young man.


The visitor was another assistant of Shen Yijin, Xiao Tang.


Jing Xun added Xiao Tang’s WeChat before. Although they hadn’t had much contact, they more or less knew each other.


Now seeing the real person, Jing Xun was still stunned.


Because the other party had a cute baby face, he looked young and gentle.


And because the other party was carrying… two large grocery bags in his hands?


“You are Mr. Yan right? Mr. Yan, hello, I am President Shen’s assistant.”


He not only had a baby face, but Assistant Xiao Tang also had big round eyes, which made him appear very kind when he smiled.


Jing Xun greeted him with a smile, and helped take the bag from his hands. After a while, Shen Yijin came out of the study. Only then did Jing Xun realize that in order to express his gratitude for his company yesterday, Shen Yijin actually wanted to personally cook a meal for him…




Sir is cooking?


Sir could actually cook? ?


But Jing Xun couldn’t cook!


Growing up in the orphanage, he should have been very self-reliant, but his body was so poor that he usually fainted a lot in his childhood.


Therefore, from the dean to the other children in the orphanage, no one dared to let Jing Xun work.


Growing up this big, Jing Xun had never even entered the kitchen.


Fortunately, he made money later, a lot of money enough to improve the livelihood of the children in the orphanage to study, and repaid the dean and aunties and all the friends, which made him seem not so useless…


But why did Mr. Villain know how to cook?


Weren’t the overbearing presidents in the novels just open their mouths, stretch out their hands, and manage all sorts of things all day long?


“Haha, Mr. Yan doesn’t know? The boss studied abroad when he was very young, and he took care of his daily life by himself.” Xiao Tang said.


Today Jin Zheheng was taking a break. Xiao Tang was originally going to come and send a document to President Shen, but he didn’t expect President Shen to ask him to buy some food along the way… This gave Xiao Tang a big shock.


Xiao Tang: “But the boss shouldn’t have cooked for many years, he’s busy after all.”


Jing Xun: “……”


Xiao Tang hurriedly said: “Oh, Mr. Yan, don’t get me wrong. I know this because my brother was the boss’s classmate when he was studying abroad, so I do know something….. That’s not it, my brother and the boss are strictly just ordinary classmates. Don’t misunderstood, Mr. Yan!”


Jing Xun: …?


What did I misunderstood?


Jing Xun looked inexplicable.


However, although Xiao Tang, this young man looked like a silly fufu1Hatsune Miku plushies with a silly and cute expression. They are called fuwafuwa or silly fufu by the green onion fan. Picture here, and a little naive, in fact he had a good heart and was very likeable.


They talked a little more while Shen Yijin went back to the study to examine and approve the document. Jing Xun later learned that Xiao Tang’s big brother, Da Tang, was indeed President Shen’s university classmate. However Da Tang was now developing abroad. Xiao Tang couldn’t find any job after graduating from college this year, so he temporarily worked as President Shen’s assistant.


In addition, Jin Zheheng was also Shen Yijin’s university alumnus.


Shen Yijin had returned to China for two years, but special assistant Jin began to work for President Shen as early as three years ago. It was said that President Shen had strong ability and was very capable during his school year. At that time, many people were willing to follow him. .


Of course, Shen Yijin was still the youngest and surpassed his group of classmates.


“When it comes to the history of the boss, my elder brother said that he could talk for three days and three nights.2Meaning there’s a lot to talk about.” Xiao Tang looked at Jing Xun with admiration: “Mr. Yan, you are so amazing.”

Jing Xun was puzzled: “Where am I amazing?”


Xiao Tang looked at him without blinking, and the admiration in his eyes was already beyond words: “My elder brother said that when the boss was in school, the admirers who were refused by him should add up to three digits. You are the first to succeed!”


Jingxun: “…uh”


So… Is this a compliment?


Success or what not….. That was not the case. 


Jing Xun hadn’t figured out how he and Mr. got to this point.


Xiao Tang, who had finished delivering things, should have finished today’s task, but he was a talkative person. Although he looked like he was still curious about Jing Xun and wanted to continue chatting with him, he dared not remain in the same field as Shen Yijin.   


Before Xiao Tang left, Jing Xun suddenly remembered something and asked him: “Does Assistant Tang know where I could buy game consoles nearby?”


 “What game console?”


Jing Xun roughly described it.


He had never played before, but he generally knew that there was such a thing, which could be played with a handle or with a sensor on his body.


Xiao Tang said: “I remember the boss had both of the two you mentioned.”


“?” Jing Xun’s eyes widened: “both?”


“Yes… You know that the boss tends to be in a bad mood. In the past, Brother Zheheng brought two game consoles here, let me see…”


 After he said it, Xiao Tang really found two big game boxes in the cabinet near the TV.


Jing Xun: “……”


Yesterday he remembered Shen  Yijin firmly said that there was no game console…Well, there was a possibility that the big boss might not know there were game consoles here. 


And Jing Xun felt that the probability of this “possibility” should be very high.


Because the packaging of the two boxes was still brand new, they had never been opened.


Jing Xun was thinking that if Shen Yijin became uncomfortable and emotionally unstable next time, they could play games or something, perhaps it was easier to forget the pain than simply watching the animal world.


It was a bit embarrassing to say this, but Jing Xun had never played or touched the game console,

 although he had won the robot contest several times in a row……


“It’s okay, it’s easy to play, I’ll show you!”


After unpacking, the enthusiastic assistant Xiao Tang skillfully operated it in front of the TV. Soon, the game interface was logged in. Xiao Tang flipped through the catalog, and couldn’t help clicking his tongue with envy: “Tsk tsk, there are so many games but the boss doesn’t play it!”


Jing Xun: “…Which one is fun?”


Xiao Tang’s eyes brightened: “There are a few which are particularly interesting.”


So in order to give Jing Xun a demonstration, they quickly started a game.


The game chosen by Xiao Tang was similar to eating chicken3PUBG, except that the background was set in the Middle Ages, it was also a two-person team playing in the field, escaping, or picking up boxes. 


Although Jing Xun had never played it before, he had high understanding and was a fast learner. Basically, he had already understood the game operation within two minutes.


Turning around and headshotting the enemy, Jing Xun smoothly operated the game.


 This made Xiao Tang shout in excitement next to him: “Wow, Mr. Yan, you are so amazing!”


Jing Xun was originally quite calm, but when he checked the enemy’s equipment, he found out that a weapon that looked very powerful had been dropped. He couldn’t help but smile.


He asked Xiao Tang: “Assistant Tang, how do you use this thing?”


Assistant Tang exclaimed again: “F*ck, crystal ball! That’s too much! Archive, you must archive it, maybe you can pass the level!”


Before Jing Xun could archive the item, Xiao Tang, who sat next to him, stretched out his hand to teach him how to do it.


So after signing the document, Shen Yijin came out of the room and saw two people sitting on the floor in the living room, eagerly discussing in front of the game screen almost hand-in-hand.






Shen Yijin probably had a strong aura that could make people notice his existence all the time.


Not long after he appeared in the living room, Xiao Tang quickly threw away the game console and got up from the floor.


Shen Yijin glanced at him indifferently, and then walked to the kitchen.


 “I’m going to cook. Xiao Tang should stay and have a meal with us.”


Xiao Tang: “?”


The boss’s tone was clearly a statement but it didn’t sound like he was asking him to stay and have a meal but rather: Do you still want to stay and have a meal?


Xiao Tang quickly shook his head and said that he had to excuse himself because he also invited a friend to have lunch with him, so he left.


Just kidding, it was obvious that the boss was going to have a two-person world! How dare he stay and eat!


What’s more, the faint glance President Shen gave him just now still made him feel cold to the bone.

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    Hatsune Miku plushies with a silly and cute expression. They are called fuwafuwa or silly fufu by the green onion fan. Picture here
  • 2
    Meaning there’s a lot to talk about.
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