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MSGVB Chapter 22.2

"Anything will do."

Translator: Hua

With a click, the light in the room was manually turned on.


The bright light pouring down suddenly from the ceiling was a bit dazzling for people who had been in the dark for a long time.


But Jing Xun still resisted the strong glare and stared at Shen Yijin intently.


Jing Xun’s eyes were soft and gentle like a warm lake.


And now, in that pool of lake, Shen Yijin’s deep frowning and slightly ferocious appearance was reflected.


However, none of this had any effect on Jing Xun.


At least in Shen Yijin’s perception, the young man not only held his hand, but also moved it away from his shoulders to hold it within his small palms.


Whenever there was lightning, thunder, and heavy rain, Shen Yijin would be unusually irritated.


But what he felt was much deeper than what he showed.


In the rainstorm, some people cried, some screamed, some were silent.


They would all jump out at this time, invade his memory, influence his perception, and try to change his emotions.


But at one time, it was different.


That time, the young man was soft as water and passionate as fire.


He was so polite that it looked lovely and pitiful…. It made people feel very warm.


And now, the other party was still looking at him with such warm eyes.


While Shen Yijin stared intently, Jing Xun tried to softly ask without irritating the other party, “Sir, have you taken any medicine?”


Shen Yijin seemed to have reacted to his question. After a long time, he tilted his head slightly and said, “En.”


Jing Xun: “……”


Mr. Villain was required to take medication. Although he had not seen him take medicine, Jing Xun had seen the doctor’s prescription in the other party’s medical report.


Because the patient’s condition was atypical, the medicine Shen Yijin took was only the common medicine to placate his emotions.


Obviously, It didn’t work at the moment.


Jing Xun’s heart sank. He couldn’t help but worry about Shen Yijin–If the rain didn’t stop, would he remain in this irritating mood?


“Then what shall we do?” He tried to ask, “Sir, what do you want to do? Last time…”


Jing Xun also took the risk.


Actually, it was nothing, that is, he and Shen Yijin took a bath together, and then…


Anyway, both of them were in this kind of relationship now. 


Having said that, If they were to do something, Jing Xun, who was quite inexperienced, couldn’t help but blush.


Haiyaa1Onomatopoeia for sighing.

It shouldn’t be because he had a thin face2Shy and easily feel embarrassed. and was overly cautious.


It should be those dreams he had recently… it was too exciting and too easy to mislead his thoughts!


Shen Yijin, standing opposite him, was obviously listening to his words.


The hand held by Jing Xun unexpectedly began to exert force, and soon it became a situation where Jing Xun’s two hands were wrapped in the other party’s big hand…


The heat from the back of his hand made Jing Xun even more embarrassed.


Although, in his field of vision, Shen Yijin’s gaze was still sharp, and his red eyes were as cold as falling snow, in his ears, Shen Yijin’s breath became heavier.


The other party asked him: “You won’t regret it?”


Jing Xun ignorantly blinked: “What regret?”


What regrets, Shen Yijin did not say it.


Jing Xun only felt that his breathing had become heavier.


After a while, the other party stepped back a little, and said in an irrefutable tone: “Come here, then.”


 Then, Shen Yijin opened the door with one hand, his other hand still tightly holding Jing Xun’s, and then Jing Xun was pulled back to the corridor.


The corridor was still bright.


The rain outside was still falling.


Jing Xun, who was suddenly pulled out of the study, thought they would turn right and go back to the bedroom.


Unexpectedly, Shen Yijin turned around and dragged him to… the living room?


……so exciting?


There was an intelligent control system, and the curtains in the house had long been drawn.


Not much lightning could penetrate through the thick curtain.


It was just that the annoying sound of rain couldn’t be completely isolated. In other words, Jing Xun suspected that as long as it was a certain weather or a certain period of time, Shen Yijin would be triggered, which had nothing to do with whether or not he could see lightning or hear the thunder.


When he was distracted thinking about this, he was already pulled onto the sofa and sat down.


Shen Yijin turned around and went back, saying that he was going to get something and asked him to wait.


Jing Xun: “……”


Jing Xun sat there obediently with his legs tightly closed, looking a little uneasy and constrained.


He was thinking, Shen Yijin wouldn’t come up with something strange, right?


No matter how ignorant Jing Xun was, he was still a young man. What’s more, he often mingled with his adolescent classmates.


So those kinds of curious items and equipment… he still knew a little bit.


…… Mr. wouldn’t play something big, right?


At the moment, the big brother was still clear-headed and could control himself to a certain extent.


But… he was not sure.


After all, you could still do some strange things with complete self-control…


It seemed that when Shen Yijin got better, they really had to practice in advance to see how to deal with this situation in the future.


Well, maybe they should start tomorrow.


Just when Jing Xun was thinking about it, Shen Yijin came back.


He had long legs and big steps, so he moved quickly.


Soon he came to Jing Xun, and then Jing Xun could see clearly, what Shen Yijin held in his hand was…


A chessboard?


……Foreign chessboard? ?


Mr. just wanted to… chess with him? ? ? 


Jing Xun was surprised, and immediately cast a puzzled look at Shen Yijin.


Shen Yijin looked at him from above: “Xiao Xun said, if I get sick, then we will do it together…”




“Read a book or play chess.”


Jing Xun: “……”


Excuse me.


He didn’t want to care if Mr. was sick now.


Instead, he doubted that he was the one who was sick. 


But this is also…alright, that is also fine.


Because later, they really played chess and the effect turned out to be pretty good.


Although Shen Yijin showed obvious dry reactions several times in the process, and occasionally took a long time to think about the next chess move, every time Jing Xun waited patiently and guide him gently, looking like a good student waiting for the teacher to call for class, without the slightest impatience.


Under his bright eyes, it seemed that playing chess could really alleviate Shen Yijin’s symptoms.


Even after a simple match, Jing Xun could ask a few questions when opening the next set.


For example, he ask Mr. if he was better now, whether he didn’t like the light or the sound, and how he went through it in the past.


These questions, Shen Yijin would answer some of them. Some he would not.


Jing Xun felt that the other party was going through a prolonged war in his mind.


So sometimes Shen Yijin was normal, sometimes not.


Right now, the reason why Mr. still had a logical and clear consciousness was entirely supported by willpower.


“Sir, can you sleep?”


Seeing him in pain, Jing Xun couldn’t help but try to ask. After all, he might not suffer from pain if he managed to fall asleep.


Shen Yijin said: “couldn’t sleep.”


“Okay.” Jing Xun said hurriedly, “Then we will continue to play chess.”


During the game, Shen Yijin even went back to the study to smoke. Jing Xun said he could smoke in the living room, but Shen Yijin was unwilling.


Obviously, the boss had his own rules when he was in a bad mood. He only smoked in the study.


While the other party was smoking, Jing Xun looked at the time. It was boring to just wait so he simply ran into the kitchen and turned things over. Finally, he found a set of teapots and cups. He opened a bag of beautifully packaged tea leaves, and brewed a pot of tea.


Jing Xun felt that he couldn’t sleep anyway, so he should drink more water.


When you feel uncomfortable, try to be as optimistic and happy as possible.


This was the way Jing Xun used to adjust himself before.


Although, he was actually not good at making tea.


But fortunately, he made scented tea, and the fragrance of tea filled the whole living room when he made it.


When Shen Yijin came out, he saw the youth sitting there, beckoning at him with bright eyes: “President Shen, drink tea.”



Later, after playing two games of chess, Shen Yijin said that he had a headache, so they stopped playing.


They changed to reading.


At this time, you couldn’t expect the big guy to put his heart into reading, so it was all Jing Xun reading, Shen Yijin listening.


Because Sir said that he had a headache, Jing Xun tried to massage his head to relieve the headache.


To massage while reading, Jing Xun simply let Shen Yijin rested on his lap.


There were two large bookcases on both sides of the study room, and there were all kinds of books.


Of course, they were all professional reference books. There were no novels that could ease the mood.


Therefore, after Jing Xun read three chapters of “New Century Capital”, Shen Yijin began to express his headaches again and didn’t want to understand the content of Capital.


“Okay, let’s change to another one,” Jing Xun said.


When Jing Xun put down the book, he lowered his head and saw Shen Yijin’s cold peach blossom eyes staring straight at him.




Although he was used to being stared at by sir, not this angle… he was better not to.


It was said that when the picture was taken from top to bottom, people would look fat and have a large face.


Being nakedly stared at like this was probably not so good-looking.


Jing Xun subconsciously covered his thin jaw, not letting the other person look at it.


He didn’t plan to continue reading.


He asked Shen Yijin: “Is there anything else we can do at home? play video games or something?”


Still staring at him, Shen Yijin said, “No.”


“Huh.” Jing Xun: “Then…computer games? Does the sir like to play?”


Shen Yijin looked at him without blinking.


Jing Xun: “……”


Okay, he guessed it vaguely, so the busy boss shouldn’t be able to play online games.


Jing Xun’s line of sight finally fell on a piano placed in the corner of the living room.


That’s right……


He suddenly remembered the silent headphones on the bedside table.


“Sir, would you like to listen to music? I’ll get your headphones?”


The rumbling of thunder outside had long since disappeared as well as the lightning. Unknowingly, the rain had become much lighter.


He didn’t know if it was an illusion, Jing Xun felt that Shen Yijin’s spirit had calmed down a lot.


At least, his eyes were still faint, but they didn’t seem to be as fierce and crazy as before.


Then maybe listening to music could completely placate his emotions at this time!


Although Jing Xun thought it out well, Shen Yijin frowned slightly, and immediately refused: “No headphones.”


Jing Xun had to try again and said: “Why don’t I play a tune for you?”


This time, Shen Yijin had no objections.


He even got up directly and said: “Okay.”




Although there were smart devices all over the house, he believed there must be some speakers hidden in the living room, as long as the user spoke the command, the music would be played immediately.


But… the theme for tonight was–helping Mr. Big Brother eased his mood.


So Jing Xun didn’t mind making a fool of himself.


There were a lot of music scores attached to the piano shelf. Jing Xun flipped through them, found two cheerful tunes, and tried to play them.


He had never learned the piano. The reason why he could play was only because he had a good memory. When he was in the orphanage, he always watched the teacher played. After a long time, he remembered all the keys and fingerings.


It was just that what he played was soulless to a professional pianist.


Although he could easily recognize the score with his memorable ability, Jing Xun would often get stuck and press the wrong keys while playing.


In short, the whole piece was basically in tune. But it was no different from a broken tune.   


In spite of this, the young man sitting in front of the piano was still smiling.


Jing Xun raised his lips slightly, and occasionally laughed when he pressed the wrong key. He glanced at Shen Yizhin who was standing next to him rather mischievously, and the tear mole at the corner of his eye standing out even more.


In Jing Xun’s eyes, although sir was in a bad mood, there was no change in appearance.


Not only was his face still handsome, but even the clothes he wore were not wrinkled, and his tall body stood upright. If he ignored those slightly cold red eyes, perhaps he was still the normal Shen Yijin.


Shen Yijin was indeed unusual just now, but perhaps the sound of the piano completely overwhelmed the sound of rain, and the damp night was lit by cheerful notes. Jing Xun felt that the breath of the big brother now seemed to be less cold.


Thinking like this, he grinned at the other party with satisfaction, his eyes and eyebrows bent slightly.


Because he didn’t pay attention, he pressed the wrong key again and the sound was lost.


But Jing Xun didn’t care.


Anyway, it was all about relaxation. Even if he didn’t play well, he was not afraid that Shen Yijin would laugh at him.


He was even more relaxed and bolder, always looking in the direction of Shen Yijin, occasionally giving each other a look.


In this way, a piece of music was played under Jing Xun’s light fingertips, and the picturesque young man got up from the piano stool and bowed formally to the only audience present.


He wanted to ask the other person, did he play well?


But just as he straightened up, he heard Shen Yijin calling him: “Jing Xun.”




Jing Xun raised his head, suddenly felt the other party getting close to him, and subconsciously wanted to take a step back.


But at the same time, his waist was also embraced by a strong arm.


Feeling the strength on the party’s arm, as if he was enveloped by his powerful aura, Jing Xun couldn’t help looking at Shen Yijin with a little confusion in his eyes.


And when he didn’t react, Shen Yijin lowered his head slightly, and his light-colored thin lips fell down…..pressing again his bright colored lips.

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  • 1
    Onomatopoeia for sighing.
  • 2
    Shy and easily feel embarrassed.
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