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MSGVB Chapter 22.1

"Anything will do."

Translator: Hua

A glance at Shen Yijin’s indifferent eyes, Jing Xun’s heart was stunned.


He tried to call out: “Sir?”


Standing behind the door, Shen Yijin, who almost hid his figure in the darkness, nodded: “En.”


“……are you okay?”


“Are you okay?” Chen Yijin chewed these words repeatedly. If it were the past, he would probably only answer “yes” or “no”, but this time, he just tilted his head and stared at Jing Xun’s eyes, his gaze became deeper and deeper, but he did not speak.


This was totally uncharacteristic.


After a long time, he suddenly asked, “What’s the matter, Xiao Xun?”


His tone was still normal. The voice was also deep, full of substance as before.


But despite the fact that he didn’t have many contacts with people, Jing Xun, who didn’t really understand human feelings, knew that the big brother was obviously abnormal at this time!


Jing Xun had not forgotten the terms he had negotiated with Shen Yijin.


He also did not forget his own role.


——He had to help Mr. Villain pacify his mood.


But sir changed so suddenly… They had never had relevant practice before. How to help him pacify his mood?


How to do it?


Jing Xun licked his lips.


For things he couldn’t understand, he usually asked directly. Therefore he boldly looked back at Shen Yijin and asked: “Is there anything I can help you, sir?”


As soon as this remark came out, Shen Yijin on the other side paused.


Another thunder flashed by, and Jing Xun clearly saw him frowning.


…For someone like Shen Yijin who usually had no expressions, once frowning like this, it became too obvious.


He was undoubtedly in a bad condition and in a bad mood. His eyes were also in a state of abnormal redness, even more terrifying than those who stayed up all night. And, what’s more terrifying was that even the red eyes couldn’t hide the coldness in those eyes.


Especially when he stares at people with those stilled eyes, there would be a feeling of being frozen and strangled alive.


Jing Xun’s back became a little stiff.


But his body still stood upright.


His limpid eyes also didn’t dodge at the moment, just looking back gently and patiently.


His idea was quite simple.


Shen Yijin had helped him so much as his fiancé, so he wouldn’t back away if he could help him.


Besides, during his last episode, facing him as a stranger, Shen Yijin didn’t skin and eat him alive…cough cough, although it was another kind of eating……


Wait a minute, the way to pacify his mood isn’t that right?


It felt a bit nonsensical and the setting was also a bit of dog blood.


But it seemed, theoretically speaking…


If people were in a bad mood, venting it out would be… a lot better?


Just after some reasoning, Jing Xun was basically sure that he was right… even if it was wrong, it didn’t matter, at least he could give it a try first.


Shen Yijin suddenly spoke up.


He answered his previous question: “No.”


Jing Xun: “?”


“If there is nothing wrong,” Shen Yijin raised his hand and pressed his temple: “Don’t bother me.”


After speaking, he was about to close the door.


Jing Xun: “……”


To tell the truth, maybe because Mr. had always been polite, respectful, and reticent, he never said any heavy words.


So when he heard this, he felt that there was a big gap.


Jing Xun felt that he had finally experienced the cold side of the villain and the feeling of being splashed with a basin of cold water.


But he did not ignore the pain that gradually showed on the other party’s face when the door was gradually closed.


At that moment, even though he still didn’t know what to do and was at a loss, without knowing it, Jing Xun raised his hand to block the door that was about to be closed.


Immediately afterwards, facing Shen Yijin’s surprised and bewildered gaze, Jing Xun squeezed his thin body through the crack of the door.


With a “bang”, the solid wooden door was completely closed after that, and Jing Xun’s back was half attached to the wall, not daring to move.


…As he got inside, the smell of the cigarettes was even stronger in the room.


Before that, Jing Xun had not smelled cigarettes anywhere else in the house, nor had he seen anything like ashtrays.


–If it weren’t for the occasional scent of tobacco on Shen Yijin’s clothes, he would have almost forgotten about the other party’s smoking habit.


So Mr. should not smoke very often.


He only smoked when he was in a bad mood.


After confirming this, Jing Xun looked around again and found that nothing was visible.


Now the entire study was completely dark, and he couldn’t even see his fingers, but it was very similar to when they first met.


Actually Jing Xun also noticed yesterday that there are thick curtains hanging in front of every window in this house.


Shen Yijin didn’t look like a person who hates sunlight, what he hates might be the lightning outside…..


But why not turn on the light?


As soon as these questions arose, Jing Xun felt that someone was approaching him.


…The kind that got very close as soon as you leaned forward.


In an instant, the other person’s breathing sounded in his ears. It was very heavy.


Shen Yijin’s voice was deep and hoarse, full of rhythm. With some doubts in his voice, he whispered softly in Jing Xun’s ear: “Xiao Xun?”


“En…” Jing Xun responded with uncertainty. The other party’s abnormally hoarse voice made him breathe more cautiously.


He tried to say: “It’s me, sir.”


“What are you doing here?”


Although Shen Yijin’s voice had changed, his tone was still light and melodious, and there was a touch of contemplation in his voice.


If the surrounding area was not completely dark, and if he could see Shen Yijin’s face, Jing Xun felt that the other party must be having an extremely violent expression at this moment.


But what does that look like?


In his mind, the tall and handsome man was standing in the bright light without any expression, so Jing Xun couldn’t imagine what the ruthless Shen Yijin would look like.


But just like that, some grief suddenly appeared in Jing Xun’s heart–he wanted Mr. to return back to his normal appearance.


He also wanted the other party to get rid of the pain.


So he tried to say: “I’ll come in… to accompany you. Sir, do you have anything you want to do, do you want me to accompany you?”


“Anything will do.” Jing Xun concluded it at the end.


But when his voice fell, in exchange, Shen Yijin was silent.


Although there was no sound, the other person’s breathing seemed to have become heavier, just like the sound of rain outside. A torturous aura of manic suppressed by bitterness spread rapidly in the air.


In the completely dark room, Jing Xun suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder.


At the same time, Shen Yijin asked him hoarsely, “Anything will do?”


In fact, being touched in the darkness like this was quite a test for the heart.


But seeing Mr. Long Legs being sick and unable to control himself, Jing Xun still chose to forgive the other party.


Not only that, he also raised his other arm and covered Shen Yijin’s big hand with his.


He curled his five fingers slightly and held them gently.


Jing Xun said with certainty: “Anything will do.”




The hand under Jing Xun’s palm had obviously become very stiff, and Shen Yijin’s voice sounded even more hoarse: “Aren’t you afraid of me?”


 I’m afraid.


Subconsciously, this answer appeared in Jing Xun’s mind.


But before the words came out, he suddenly remembered what he had said when he was sitting in the center of the city and eating in a revolving restaurant on the 68th floor… He said that he was not afraid of Shen Yijin.


So Jing Xun finally said, “I’m not afraid now.”

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