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MSGVB Chapter 21.2

Three chapters in one.

Translator: Hua

Open the boxes one by one, insides were a full set of clothes, even underwear.


Most of the outerwear styles were simple and casual. They looked very common such as half-sleeves shirts and trousers. If you ignore the brand logo, then it was probably no different from the popular product he bought.


But Jing Xun knew that this set of clothes must be pricey. Just take two pieces of clothes, and the added price would estimated to be tens of thousands, and he also troubled Shen Yijin’s assistant…


He hovered in front of the bedroom door with the box, and finally chose to go to the bathroom in the corridor to change clothes.


Although the master bedroom was composed of three spaces, with Shen Yijin’s obsessive-compulsive character, he(syj) should have changed his clothes in the cloakroom. In order to avoid embarrassment, Jing Xun felt that It’s better to change clothes in the bathroom outside.


Jing Xun changed his clothes very quickly, after all, there were only two or three pieces inside and outside, and very soon, he was done.


Probably his size was easy to guess, the clothes Jin Zheheng brought to him were just right.


Coming out of the bathroom, Jing Xun heard the sound from the master bedroom. It was Shen Yijin calling him.


“Sir?” Jing Xun blinked. Shen Yijin seldom asked him to do anything in the past. Jing Xun curiously came back to the door of the master bedroom. Across the door, he uncertainly asked: “Are you calling me?”


“En.” Shen Yijin’s low voice sounded from inside: “Are you free? Come in.”




Jing Xun pushed open the door and went inside, but there was no one in the bedroom.


He continued to walk inside. The light in the cloakroom was on. Shen Yijin who had already changed his clothes, stood in front of the long horizontal mirror.


There was a warm background light behind the mirror, and the color of the entire cloakroom was also slightly warmer, which was different from the simple black and white design of the living room and other places.


And Shen Yijin was looking at him under such a warm yellow light.


What he wore was not formal anymore, it was still a suit, but a casual style one. What he wore inside was a casual T-shirt.


He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but Jing Xun thought that this kind of big brother was not cold at all.


The two looked at each other for a while. This time Shen Yijin began to speak first, “Did you sleep well last night?”


Jing Xun: Huh?


His eyes widened slightly, Jing Xun thought to himself: Sir is finally going to discuss with him(jx) the problem that he(syj) was being pressed down last night?


But Shen Yijin said: “I have three places where I often stay at, including this place, there are several other houses that have not been decorated. When I have time, I will show you around those places to see which one Xiao Xun likes. If you don’t like it, we can buy a new one.”




The question mark in Jing Xun’s heart increased significantly.


Shen Yijin: ” You can decorate the home however you like it.”


Jing Xun: “…”


Jing Xun found out that he seemed to be a little too sensitive to the word “home”, especially when Shen Yijin mentioned the word, he always had a feeling that his heart was impacted by something.


… What a shock.


Well, that was probably the word to describe it.


Although Shen Yijin didn’t say love words–through their small amount of contact, Jing Xun was basically determined that Mr. villain was unlikely to do so.


He would only state the facts.


For example, Shen Yijin said: “I hope you can live more comfortably.”


Even so, Jing Xun’s heart still felt very warm.


He didn’t mind the home decoration, so he immediately said: “It’s very comfortable here and It’s pretty good. There’s no need to look for another house.”




Shen Yijin didn’t say anything else, just called out to him again: “Xiao Xun, give me your hand.”


“…?” Even though he didn’t understand, Jing Xun still stretched out a hand.


Because of the location between the two people, he subconsciously stretched his left hand closer to Shen Yijin.


Then he saw Shen Yijin’s fingertips conjured up an extra ring.


When Jing Xun was still unresponsive, it was put on his ring finger.




This ring was simple and exquisite, Jing Xun couldn’t tell what it was made of, but the thing from big brother’s hand must be extraordinary.


Subconsciously, he touched the inner part of the ring with his thumb.


His fingers were thin, white, and well-proportioned. Wearing this ring was just right. It could make his slender finger look more pleasing to the eye.


…In the end, he did agree to the other party’s request for engagement. So prior to this, Jing Xun had done some research on the internet by himself, everything about marriage.


Generally speaking, they should propose marriage first, get engaged, then get the marriage certificate, and hold the ceremony.


Of course, various families and couples had different customs. Some people proposed on the day of the engagement ceremony, while some families didn’t hold the engagement ceremony at all. They simply proposed marriage directly, and from the moment they agreed to the proposal, they were engaged.


But, undoubtedly, putting the ring on his ring finger was considered to be an engagement.


So what did big brother mean?…..


Thinking about what the other party just said those remarks about “home”, Jing Xun always felt that Shen Yijin was going to propose to him?


However…. As early as that day in the café, when the other party asked him if he had considered getting married, and he said yes, Jing Xun had already acquiesced that it was a marriage proposal.


So he was very direct and straightforward, wasn’t he?


…..In short, it’s not very romantic.


Jing Xun raised his eyelashes lightly, looked at Shen Yijin puzzledly, and just wanted to ask him what was this for.


However, Shen Yijin has already answered him one step faster: “To make up for the gift from the last marriage proposal.”


Jing Xun: “……”


Alright, it turned out that last time was really a marriage proposal…


He knew it!


No one could be more straightforward than Mr. Villain!


Jing Xun did not forget to remind the other party: “But last time, I had already received my Mr.’s watch.”


Shen Yijin: “En.”


Jing Xun: “En?”


Looking at Jing Xun’s clear eyes, Shen Yijin opened his eyes a little, and said lightly, “No conflict.”


“From now on, everything I own is also yours.”




Why does this sound so much like Dad who wanted to split the family fortune?


Jing Xun: “……???”




Perhaps not understanding Jing Xun’s surprise, Shen Yijin’s tone also raised some questions, “According to the national law and regulations, it stipulates that all property after marriage is a joint property, isn’t it?”


Jing Xun: “……”


“Then sir, aren’t you afraid that I will sweep away your family property?” Jing Xun asked half-jokingly.


Although knowing that asking such a question was an insult to the big shot–what kind of person had that BIG guts to run away with the big brother’s family fortune??


But he was very curious, how would Shen Yijin respond to him……


As expected, Shen Yijin also answered him. The attitude was very calm, and the content was extremely simple and clear.


He said: “Not afraid.”


Jing Xun: “……”


The two did not delay long afterwards and soon went out, driving directly towards the hospital.


In fact, Jing Xun was very clear about his current situation. He really couldn’t give Shen Yijin anything in return as his fiancé. Shen Yijin didn’t need it either. Most of the time, however, it seemed he cared about it too much.


But Jing Xun would remember the gift Shen Yijin gave him, and what he did for him.


For example, the other party even deliberately set aside some time to come with him to handle the matter of transferring his brother to another hospital.


Yesterday, it was very late in the hospital. Suddenly seeing Shen Yijin, he was so excited that Jing Xun could not distinguish clearly. The other party said that Lei Tianhao was going to be transferred to the private hospital. In fact, it was a private hospital owned by the Shen family…..


In addition to specialized medical staff who took care of them 24/7, the private hospital also had high-grade wards, which were suites, and there were also rooms specially for his parents to use as a residence…


While on the road, Assistant Jin Zheheng had already shown some pictures to Jing Xun through the tablet in advance.


And taking the words of the big brother, It was more reassuring transferring to the hospital that you own.


This was out of consideration for his family members, and Jing Xun had no objection.


But having said that, Jing Xun still felt a bit unreal–yesterday he was still worried and distressed about things, after Shen Yijin came, the problem was solved overnight?


…Of course, there were still difficulties.


How to tell his family about this… it became a big problem.


A few days ago, he was just a poor college student, and he couldn’t deceive the elders by saying he got rich overnight.


Besides, that was unfair to Shen Yijin, which was equivalent to directly obliterating his contributions.


Even if Shen Yijin said it was okay, Jing Xun didn’t want it to be like that.


But if Shen Yijin was mentioned…..


Then in what status should he introduce him?




In the original book, his mother and stepfather didn’t like him being together with a man, although same sex marriage was legalized in this world long time ago.


However, in the original work, the two elders objected the original owner being together with the scum gong, because in the later period, the scum gong criticized and slandered the original owner as he pleased, and did not treat the original owner as a human being.


He was not sure if the two elders specifically disliked him being with a man, or just could not accept the scum gong…. This was not certain.


In other words, when he agreed to Shen Yijin’s engagement, Jing Xun really did not think about the problem regarding Ms. Luo. After all, in his twenty years of deep-rooted belief…


From birth to old age, he was all alone.


There was a saying, When one person is full, the whole family is not hungry1Refers to a single person with no partner or children. If one person is full, the whole family is full, because the whole family consists of only one person..


But after contacting Ms. Luo in the hospital yesterday, Jing Xun had to say that now he also cared a little bit about the feeling of the person that should be called his mother now.


This is difficult.


After all, not only he had no experience in love, but also no experience in communicating with family members.


When his thoughts were tangled up, Shen Yijin suddenly said: “Why don’t I go and talk to them?”


“Huh?” Jing Xun’s eyes widened immediately.


With big brother’s way of doing things, if he(syj) introduced himself as his lover to everyone…..he didn’t know what kind of stimulation Ms. Luo and others would receive. Jing Xun was really worried about letting sir go in.


He shook his head quickly: “No, no, no I’d better talk about it myself…”


Shen Yijin said: “If you are worried that they cannot accept our relationship, I can leave it alone for the time being.”


Jing Xun was shocked: “Sir?”


Shen Yijin merely said, “It is more important to settle your brother and parents’ matters first.”




Jing Xun was really surprised this time. Is this still the OCD big brother who had to be honest with everyone about their relationship, and must sleep in the same bed under the name of fiancé!


Later, they came to see Jing Xun’s parents together.


Shen Yijin, this person, although his outer appearance was indifference and reticent, looking very dull, but in front of Jing Xun’s parents, he had become a person with good upbringing, refined and courteous, with an excellent temperament.


Don’t look at his taciturn personality. If he really wanted to, big brother could really speak.


——He told Ms. Luo directly that Jing Xun was funded by the school’s management because of his outstanding ability. His younger brother could enjoy the best medical treatment, and all expenses will be paid by the employer. In return, Jing Xun must obey the arrangement to participate in the school’s scientific research project.


It was hard for Ms. Luo to believe such words said by a stranger.


However, Shen Yijin’s every move was extremely peerless, his words and deeds were powerful and sonorous, let alone Jing Xun’s parents, even the the family members of other patients in the entire ward couldn’t be more convinced.


Of course, Shen Yijin didn’t lie either.


He was indeed the school’s biggest investor.


The entire ward and the family members of the patients who knew them well all congratulated Ms. Luo, saying that she was blessed by having such a good son.


Ms. Luo and husband had tears in their eyes, but they smiled and expressed their gratitude to Shen Yijin.


Others also came over, trying to get a glimpse of the nobleman’s scenery.


Jing Xun looked at the small hospital ward surrounded by many people, Shen Yijin was still politely and patiently answering the questions, all of a sudden….he was moved by many inexplicable feelings.


Shen Yijin was born in a noble family and loves to be clean. Others didn’t dare to stick too close to him.


But at this moment, surrounded by many strangers, he did not show any uncomfortable reaction.


He never asked others to abide by his own standards. For example, in the case of the engagement, he automatically took on the role as a fiancé, but never asked Jing Xun to adopt the same attitude.


 ……Such a big brother, was also very excellent!


Jing Xun thought of the senior who told him the original story at that time… No wonder senior Pei liked him so much.


A person like this, even if he was a villain, you can’t afford to hate him at all ah!


For today’s matter, how could he thank Shen Yijin?


He really helped him a lot.


Among the crowd, Jing Xun raised his eyes to look at the tall man.


It seemed that Shen Yijin also felt something, he turned his head to meet his eyes.


In the noisy hospital, two people stared at each other inexplicably.


Jing Xun’s eyes were bright, and in his vision, Shen Yijin’s cold eyes were not as cold as usual…


But he was still unsmiling.


He didn’t know if he had seen it often, or if the surrounding area was too lively, making Jing Xun felt that the pair of peach blossom eyes seemed to have faint signs of warming up.


So he smiled, showing a more and more brilliant smile to Shen Yijin.


He even winked his eyes deliberately at the other person’s direction, teasing him.


Shen Yijin stared at him with concentration.


At this time, he didn’t know which person suddenly asked Ms. Luo: “Sister Luo, I like your eldest son so much. He is handsome and capable. Does he have a girlfriend yet? My little niece graduated from college this year, and she’s still single. How about introducing them to each other?”


Jing Xun: “…….”


He was speechless.


These groups of matchmakers were everywhere.


In Jing Xun’s peripheral vision, the temperature in Shen Yijin’s eyes dropped to the freezing point almost at a speed visible to the naked eye.


Jing Xun said in his heart, what bad luck. Will big brother get angry….He didn’t know who it was, looking at the tall and peerless Shen Yijin, they said, “This young man is also good. Young man, do you have a partner? “


Jing Xun: “…”


Shen Yijin: “…”


Jing Xun rushed into the crowd, rushed to the side of Shen Yijin, and said to his mother: “Mom, it’s late, the ambulance is waiting outside, let’s go through the transfer procedure as soon as possible.”


What a big issue.


Ms. Luo clearly knew the priorities, so they didn’t discuss this matter anymore, and immediately went through the procedure.


While walking with his mother, Jing Xun turned his head and glanced at Shen Yijin: Look, these aunties are just like this, don’t take it to heart.


Shen Yijin looked at Jing Xun, who was giving him a quirky and strange look. The corner of his lips, which was originally taut, actually rose slightly, revealing a seemingly nonexistent arc.


After successfully transferring Lei Tianhao to the hospital, and solving the problem here, Shen Yijin asked Jing Xun, “What’s Xiao Xun’s plan next?”


Jing Xun seriously thought about it.


Today is Saturday. There were no classes and no exams at school. As for the research project, their group also had the weekend off. It seemed that there was nothing else.


So Jing Xun said, “I’ll go back to the dormitory.”


His only remaining job was the private work he had taken before. Yesterday, it was put on hold because of his family affairs, today he had to catch up with the progress…..


Unexpectedly, Shen Yijin suddenly said: “Today is the weekend.”


Jing Xun: “?”


Shen Yijin: “I’m not going on a business trip either.”


Jing Xun: “? ?”


Seeing Jing Xun’s eyes filled with question marks, Shen Yijin lowered his eyelids, his peach blossom eyes were again covered with dullness, and his voice became lower: “Xiao Xun, Don’t you think we should do some activities together?”


Jing Xun: ! !


Oh, that’s what this meant!


In all honesty, he didn’t mean to leave the big brother alone!


He said he wanted to go back to his dormitory, mainly because Mr. Shen and Assistant Jin’s phone calls had not been cut off since this morning. He thought that the big brother had something to do later, so he considerately chose to withdraw……


Jing Xun hurriedly blinked twice, explaining his own thoughts along the way, and then asked: “Sir, don’t you have to work today?”


Shen Yijin replied, “Yes.”


 Jing Xun: “……”


Shen Yijin lifted his chin slightly, and rightfully said: “But it won’t delay our activity together.”


Jing Xun: “……”


Well, that’s also true.


Shen Yijin asked him again: “Is there anything else Xiao Xun needs to do? Do you have to go back to the dormitory?”


 ……He didn’t have to go back to the dormitory.


The kind of private work that he took, as long as he had a computer, he could do it anywhere.


So Jing Xun answered honestly, he replied, “There’s no need to go back to the dormitory, I can do it anywhere, as long as there is a network cable… Uh, I’ll go back to get my computer.”


Shen Yijin had no objection: “Sure.”


Before returning to the dormitory, they had a meal outside, and it was already afternoon when Jing Xun returned to fetch things.


Shen Yijin’s car was waiting for him downstairs of the dormitory building. Originally, the big brother wanted to go upstairs with him, because as his fiancé, he should help him carry things.


But Jing Xun was afraid that his roommates were in the dorm.


He wasn’t the kind of person who liked to show off his boyfriend in a high-profile way. Of course, what’s more frightening was Shen Yijin’s aura that did not match here. Tang Jingyuan and others would be intimidated and uneasy when they saw him.


Jing Xun didn’t want his roommates to be disturbed because of him.


Sure enough, Tang Jingyuan and Yang Yi didn’t go out, they were squatting in the dormitory at the moment, chewing on books.


Even the third roommate, who had almost moved out, also returned.


“Xun Xun, where did you go last night? Is your brother okay?” Tang Jingyuan saw him so he greeted him kindly. He was not surprised to learn that Jing Xun came back to pick up things and went out for the weekend, after all, something like that happened in his family….


On the contrary, the returning third roommate looked at Jing Xun a few times and said, “I heard that professor Huo thinks highly of Jing Xun, and you also joined the school’s scientific research team? I haven’t noticed that you are so powerful before.”


He said it half-jokingly, but it was hard to hide the jealousy in his words.


Speaking of them, there were four people in their dormitory, only the third roommate was not from the same department. In the transfer of the school dormitory, he was transferred by mistake.


Coincidentally, he happened to be from the faculty of computer science.


All projects that the school cooperated with outsiders were open and transparent. The team members would also be published on the campus website. It was indeed a bit abrupt for Jing Xun’s name to be hung behind a group of graduate seniors, and it was normal to attract dissatisfaction.


Jing Xun didn’t pay attention to the other party’s tone, and responded casually, and then began to pack his own things.


The third roommate was punching the cotton, so he couldn’t say anything else, he continued to turn his back to swipe his phone.


Jing Xun didn’t have much to bring. To be exact, he didn’t need to come back to fetch the computer. Shen Yijin had them all.


However, he was more accustomed to use his own things, not to mention that he would probably sleep at Shen Yijin’s house tonight, so he still needed pajamas.


He didn’t want to trouble Assistant Jin to pick up things for him. Jing Xun originally planned to come back to get some daily necessities.


He brought a change of clothes, pajamas, along with a computer, and packed them into school bag.


With a backpack on his back, he looked no different from those college students who lived locally and went home on weekends.


Saying goodbye to his roommate, he soon returned to Shen Yijin’s car.


The sun was very strong at noon today, and the weather was very hot.


In the afternoon, although the sun began to tilt towards the west, there were more clouds in the sky, but it was still very hot.


It was hot, damp, and stuffy.


So when he arrived in the car, Jing Xun’s face was a little more rosy than usual, and there was a red glow hanging from the side of the car, staining the little tear mole at the corner of his eye, making his eyes brighter and clearer.


Jing Xun said, “Sir, you have waited long.”


Shen Yijin looked at him, his hand lifted slightly, and eventually took a bottle of water for him on the side near Jing Xun.


“Beware of heat stroke.”


Jing Xun: “…yes.”


Back at the house, Shen Yijin changed his clothes in a bit, and he was about to start working, looking like he was about to make a video call.


There was only one study in this house. Shen Yijin didn’t ask Jing Xun what he wanted to do with the computer, but just asked him if he wanted to work in the study.


Jing Xun listened and shook his head subconsciously.


There are many reasons not to work together.


For example, he didn’t want to listen to the content of Shen Yijin’s work– he hadn’t forgotten how the original owner was crippled in the original work, so he wanted to avoid suspicion.


For another example, if they even had to finish work together, that would be a bit too much…Although all of the villain big brother’s current behavior patterns were based on the role of “fiancé”, even the real husband didn’t have to be so sticky, right…?


Shaking his head, Jing Xun said: “I’ll just do it outside. Isn’t there a counter outside? And there is also a table…..”


“Okay.” This time Shen Yijin didn’t say anything. He knew there was a limit to anything. He Just said: “If you have anything, just call me.”


“Okay.” Jing Xun said.


Jing Xun asked Shen Yijin for the wifi password in the house again, and then it seemed that there was nothing to trouble the villain big brother. Jing Xun watched the other party walk into the study. He also went back to the cloakroom with his schoolbag and planned to change into his regular clothes.


Unlike the big brother’s stern-faced business elite style, Jing Xun pursued comfort when it came to clothing. Anyway, he didn’t need to have a meeting.


But when he changed his clothes, he discovered something wrong again… It was a small problem caused by a logical error. That is, the pajamas and clothes he took back were big vests and shorts. Because of the heat in the dormitory, poor students were reluctant to use air-conditioning.


But… Shen Yijin’s home had a central air conditioner, or a fully intelligent air supply system, the indoor temperature was always evenly maintained at the most suitable temperature…


It seemed that the vest he specially took back was too cool and unsuitable for him to wear.


And Jing Xun vaguely remembered that big brother didn’t like seeing him wearing a vest.


……Then forget it, anyway, the pajamas he borrowed from Mr. Shen could be worn for another day.


Jing Xun turned over the clothes he changed in the morning and put them on again.


Although the shirt was a bit big and the pants were still very long…..It seemed that there was no inconvenience.


Pulling his trouser legs to his knees, Jing Xun began to do his own private work.


Jing Xun’s private job was to create some small programs for a game company. According to the contract, it should be handed over tomorrow.


It was time for him to upload the first subroutine. Generally speaking, time was tight.


But fortunately, this was not difficult for Jing Xun. He always focused on his work, especially when working on such brain burning programs. He couldn’t help but immerse himself in them.


So when Jing Xun hit the last key to finish his work, he suddenly realized that the sky outside was already dark!




He unexpectedly took so long to finish?


He suspiciously moved his gaze to the lower right corner of the computer screen, and looked at the time. It was past six o’clock in the evening…This time of the day should not be so dark…


When he was still doubtful, he only heard a “ka-cha” of thunder outside, followed by a swift sound, and the heavy rain came.


……This city was really rainy.


It turned out that the afternoon was so stuffy because it was holding back a heavy rain.


Jing Xun buckled the laptop, stood up, and moved his painful fingers and cervical spine.


But the next second, when the lightning flashed across again, Jing Xun’s movements stopped.


He suddenly thought of a question.


Where’s the big brother?


Is he still dealing with business?

He didn’t know if he was thinking  too much. He always felt that it was a bit strange that the house was so quiet at this time.


And Jing Sun still remembered the night when he met Shen Yijin for the first time. It was also a night of lightning and thunder, and torrential rain….


Jing Xun came all the way to the outside of the study.


He couldn’t hear anything inside.


He tried to gently knock on the door.




There was still no movement.


Just as Jing Xun began to wonder whether to continue knocking or just leave and come back later, the door in front of him suddenly opened.


Shen Yijin’s handsome face suddenly came into view.




The study was located on the side close to the master bedroom. After dark, the sensor lights in the area where Jing Xun was standing would automatically light up, so the entire corridor was brightly lit, which was not terrifying.


The horrible thing was the suppressed breath of the other party, his cold eyes, and the darkness behind him.


…..Shen Yijin didn’t turn on the light.


At the same time Jing Xun smelled the cigarettes again. This time it was very strong.


The author has something to say: 

Shen Yijin: Has Xiao Xun misunderstood something about that fitness vest?

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    Refers to a single person with no partner or children. If one person is full, the whole family is full, because the whole family consists of only one person.
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