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MSGVB Chapter 17

Beyond the aesthetic line.

Translator: Hua

[Jing Xun: I heard that Mr.’s company won the gold medal? Congratulations! ] 

[Mr: En]

[Jing Xun: Mr. did not go up to accept the award? Everyone is curious about how you look like. ]

[Mr: The project has chief creators and R&D personnel. They will get them.]


So Sir was really a low-key person.


After two days of chatting through Wechat, Jing Xun also found out some rules. Generally, when Shen Yijin texted him very little, and was particularly concise, it meant that the other party was busy with something and it was not convenient to reply.


Jingxun didn’t mind. He often forgets things when he is busy, therefore he never asked the other party for anything, and just chatted very casually.


Seeing that the break was about to end, Jing Xun didn’t reply, but Shen Yijin sent him a message: [I’m about to board the plane.]


[Oh oh, are you going to country F? ]

Jing Xun remembered the schedule he told him before.

[En, I will be back in three days]

Yes, Mr.


Just after typing a few words, before he had time to send it, Jing Xun’s phone screen flashed, and it was his “mother” who called him.


“Hello, mom?” He answered the phone.


Soon after, Jing Xun rushed to the hospital.


The condition of the illness that the original owner’s younger brother had was not stable all the time. Especially when there was not enough money for treatment.


This time, his younger brother’s condition suddenly became serious and he was pushed into the emergency room. The phone was full of the cry of the original owner’s mother.


Jing Xun hurriedly rushed to the door of the emergency room, and saw a couple cuddling and sitting together nearby, both looking very haggard.


The stepfather first looked up and saw Jing Xun. He forced a smile on his withered face and said, “Ah xun is here.”


The original owner’s mother raised her head when she heard the sound, and Jing Xun saw it clearly.


…This face was the same as the one in his inherited memory, but it was a little fuzzy, not as vivid as it was now.


Looking at her from a close distance, this lady named Luo Li should have had a good appearance, but she neglected herself after the original owner’s brother fell ill. Now she not only had a haggard face, but also a sense of old age vicissitudes.


Jing Xun looked at the woman’s face, only to feel that the original owner’s eyes and nose were similar to hers, and his face was also similar… He began to subconsciously guess that maybe his real mother also looked like this…


But soon, the thought was interrupted.

——It sounds ridiculous to look for the shadow of a mother I’ve never met in the book world.  


 It was also a little hypocritical. Besides, this lady was different from his mother…they were not the same.


She did not give up on her sick child, nor their family. 


Ms. Luo Li’s voice on the phone sounded very rough, but the real person was extremely thin. She simply looked so weak.


But it was she who insisted on getting custody from the original owner’s irresponsible biological father, and single-handedly supported the original owner to grow up. Now she still had to shoulder the high medical expenses of the younger brother… Destiny sometimes loves to screw a person and joke with them.


If it weren’t for the younger brother’s illness, they are probably a very happy family.


Jing Xun stepped forward. Before calling out “Mom”, the woman who was originally calm burst into tears and hugged him in her arms.


…He was hugged by someone who could be called a mother for the first time. Even though he was mentally prepared on the way here, Jing Xun was taken aback and didn’t react.


With some difficulty, he propped up his arms and hugged Ms. Luo back.  


Jing Xun said, “He will get better.”


It was also at this moment that he clearly formed a belief in his heart that he must cure the younger brother of the original owner.


It could be said as a thank you for letting him be reborn. Or it might be that he couldn’t bear to let another family be torn apart because of a loved one’s illness.


That’s right.


Once the belief was established, Jing Xun’s mind started to automatically generate a plan.


Before he just felt that making more money was necessary, but at this moment, making money had become a top priority.


In the original work, the brother of the original owner was cured, but had undergone a bone marrow transplant, and requiring life-long medication. But at least in the setting, this disease allowed him to live on. That’s enough.   


 The difference was that the medical expenses of the original owner’s younger brother were mostly paid by the scum gong, so he was controlled by him in all aspects. He had to rely on the scum gong both materially and emotionally, which caused the tragedy that followed.


But now that Jing Xun was here, he could still do this by relying on himself.


Ms. Luo cried for a while and then she stopped her tears. About two or three hours later, when the emergency treatment was over, Lei Tianhao (the original owner’s younger brother) was pushed out. The treatment was successful, and his life was not in danger.


Both the old couple and the elder brother breathed a sigh of relief. Jing Xun wanted to persuade them to take a rest first and let him take care of his younger brother for a while, but was refused. So he had to accompany them to see if he could help with anything.


At night, Jing Xun wanted to go out and buy some dinners. Unexpectedly, he had just left the corridor where the ward was and turned into the hall when he suddenly heard someone calling his name.


“Hey, isn’t this Yan Jingxun?”




The guidance desk was connected to the four-ways intersection, Jing Xun turned his head and looked over. By coincidence… He actually saw the scum gong and his gang.


…Is this too much of a coincidence?

For no reason, Jing Xing had a bit of a bad feeling.


Shen Bohan was followed by three people including Hu Xiaopeng who yelled out with sarcasm just now.


Seeing Jing Xun’s footsteps paused, a few of them walked straight to Jing Xun’s side, naturally led by Shen Bohan.


The second young master wore a set of ordinary casual clothes today, it was just that the top and bottom were showing the logo of a certain international brand, which made him look less ordinary.


Others also wore all kinds of expensive clothes. They were sizing up Jing Xun with different expressions. The most obvious one was the second young master. He was staring fixedly at Jing Xun without speaking.


…… This was the first time Jing Xun had met the real scum gong.


Objectively speaking, Shen Bohan was good-looking. He was tall, had long legs and a standard body. From a distance or from a closer look, he looked like a decent human being1人模人样[rén mó rén yàng]: A derogatory term refers to a person’s behavior and attitude that are not consistent with their appearance. So JX basically saying this person looks human, but he didn’t expect him to do such a thing.. No matter his appearance or body, the ordinary people couldn’t be compared to him. He had the male lead halo. 


But for some reason, Jing Xun just couldn’t get the handsome point of this male lead.


It was not an exaggeration to say that this person was completely outside his aesthetic line.


What Jing Xun thought at this time was: How could someone like the Second Young Master come to this kind of public hospital? How could they meet so coincidentally? Recalling the climax plot of the original book…


Ah ah ah, he didn’t want to get involved with Shen Bohan in the hospital at all!


Shen Bohan went out to play street basketball with some people today. He was a bit ruthless, and caused a little brother to be injured in the middle of the game, so he called 120 to be sent to the hospital. There was nothing serious, but out of boredom, he followed.


He didn’t expect to meet Yan Jingxun here.


Yan Jingxun’s eyes were clear and bright, probably because of such a pair of eyes, his high face value had become irreplaceable. Even if he was in a hospital where people come and go, he could still be seen at a glance.


Actually, even if Hu Xiaopeng didn’t mention it, Shen Bohan saw him from the moment he walked out of the corridor.


“Why are you here?”


Moving his fixed gaze away from him, Shen Bohan glanced at the road sign above: “…Hematology Inpatient Unit? Who is in the hospital?”


He stared at Yan Jingxun again, but the other party just looked at him with a pair of black and white eyes and did not answer.


Seeing that the young man was wearing ordinary clothes, looking a little pale and wretched…Shen Bohan suddenly thought, no wonder, two days ago, he re-added Yan Jingxun’s WeChat, but the other party did not add him back.


…As soon as the video incident came out, after trying to make Yan Jing take the blame…Even if he failed to push the blame on him at the end, Shen Bohan was somewhat unsure how to face him.


In fact, he really did not approve of doing this.


When he was in the nightclub that day, he didn’t protect Yan Jingxun, mainly because he was angry that the other party was disobedient. He also felt annoyed and despised him.


He told Yan Jingxun that he was not allowed to look for him privately, but the other party still did that. This made Shen Bohan feel that Yan Jingxun was not sensible, and he really couldn’t do without him.


He wanted to punish him and abuse him a little, so he didn’t think twice about breaking up. But he didn’t really want him to die.


After all, he did have some affection for him, and faced with today’s situation, he didn’t want to push Yan Jingxun out to take the blame.


But he didn’t want things to continue to ferment and disturb his grandfather, nor could he resist the pressure from his friends and family. In the end, Yan Jingxun could only be sacrificed temporarily.


He tried to add him on WeChat on a whim when he saw his picture that day. But due to his guilty conscience, the second young master did not take it to heart when the other party failed to add him back. 


In his heart, Yan Jingxun didn’t add him back because he was playing hard to get.  


In two day at the latest, the other party would come back to find him, crying and shouting.  


Without a doubt, two days later, Yan Jingxun did not come to him. Today he went out to play street basketball with people, more or less because of this matter, which made Shen Bohan feel a little depressed.


So… Did something happen to Yan Jingxun’s family? …


Suddenly bumping into the scum gong’s group, Jing Xun’s face was indeed not good.


Not only Shen Bohan could see it, but even Hu Xiaopeng and others beside him could also see it.


Seeing Shen Bohan’s expression was a little moved, Hu Xiaopeng couldn’t help but continue his taunt: “Hey, you put on that wounded look for whom to see, little white lotus? Congratulations, the chance encounter was successful.”


“Huh? Why don’t you speak?” As before, another person hurriedly took over the conversation, playing a two-man comic show, with one singing while the other acted: “Isn’t our second young master here? Quickly spill your grievances…”


“Shut up, are you f*cking done?” Hu Xiaopeng and the others had not finished speaking, and Shen Bohan suddenly exploded with foul language.  

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    人模人样[rén mó rén yàng]: A derogatory term refers to a person’s behavior and attitude that are not consistent with their appearance. So JX basically saying this person looks human, but he didn’t expect him to do such a thing.
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    Meeting Shen Bohan is all Jing Xun needs (not)! ? Well, it’s a chance at least to make it clear he doesn’t want to have anything to do with this scum. Though I’m afraid Shen Bohan will be difficult to shake off.
    Thank you for the translation ?

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