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MSGVB Chapter 18.2

Sorry for coming back late.

Translator: Hua

Jing Xun didn’t bother talking nonsense with him, so he just hung up.


Before hanging up, he heard the other person still saying: “I’ll be waiting for you to come and beg me.”  


These words deepened Jing Xun’s contempt.


I’m going to beg you?… Are you filming a TV series?1He’s saying SBH, this scum, is delusional.


However, when he hung up, Jing Xun was not as calm as he was during the call.


Shen Bohan’s vicious look…seriously, he couldn’t help but start to worry a little.


The main reason was that in the original work, in the later period, finally the original owner could clearly see the character of the scum gong after he was half disabled. He couldn’t forgive himself and could no longer stand the scum gong, hence he tried to escape.


But each time, he was caught back by the unusually persistent scum gong, and opened a small black room2Imprisoned and papapa. daily.



Jing Xun began to wonder if he had thought about things too simply before.


He thought that when there was not so much entanglement between the gong and the shou, he could get rid of the scum gong by completely breaking off the contact.


But he didn’t expect the scum gong to be such an indecent3油腻[yóu nì]: Literal translation is greasy. Usually refers to those dirty and indecent middle age men. and unreasonable character. In the past Yang Jingxun was not allowed to like him too much, but now he was also not allowed to dislike him. 


This is really hard to deal with.


And the scum gong now knew that he was in the hospital, it was hard to guarantee that he would not further investigate his family affairs…


How could he stop the scum gong completely from pestering him? This had become an important problem for him to think about.


Jing Xun stayed in the hospital until very late. When the old man saw that it was late, he urged him to go back to school and rest, saying that he should not delay the class tomorrow.


But the younger brother hadn’t woken up yet, Ms. Luo and the others were still there, Jing Xun was a little worried.  


Lei Tianhao’s current situation didn’t require him to live in the ICU, so he was pushed back to the original ward. The ward he lived in was a four-people room. Because of the shortage of hospital beds, having a cheap bedroom was good enough. Their family was not picky.


But the four-people room was also very crowded, because the ward itself was not big.


There were patients on every bed. Accompanying family members could only sleep on a low bed in the narrow aisle, and only one person can sleep on it. The rest of the accompanying family members had to sleep in the corridor.


The conditions were really tough.


So Jing Xun suggested: “Tomorrow is the weekend and there will be no class, how about I stay here tonight to accompany my brother, mom…you and dad go back and rest well, you can come back tomorrow.”


“How can that be” Ms. Luo firmly objected, “You have to study and work. If you have no class tomorrow, you should take a good rest, go back quickly. I’ll stay with your father for half a night… We are both used to this. You’ll only get in the way if you’re here!”


Stepfather also said: “Yes, go back quickly, Xiao Xun. You’ve been tossing around all night, go back to rest.”


At last Jing Xun was directly pushed out of the ward by the two elders.


In the ward, the aunt who accompanied the bed next to them envied Ms. Luo and her husband: “You husband and wife are lucky to have such a big son, who is capable and knows how to care for you.”


The patients in the few beds had known each other for a long time, and the others chatted together: “Yes, I heard that he is from a famous university, right? He looks so handsome. Alas, does your eldest son have a partner now?”


The whole corridor rang with Ms. Luo’s laughter after being praised: “Haha, he has no partner, no partner, do you have a suitable one to introduce to my son.”


Jing Xun: “……”


Jing Xun dared not go inside but he did not leave immediately.


He knew that Ms. Luo and the stepfather Mr. Lei would not allow him to accompany them in the hospital. The original owner used to simply take a look and hurried back to school after sending the money. His main duty was to learn and make money.


But emotionally… thinking of the couple who sacrificed everything for their sick child…


A hospital was always bustling like a shopping mall, but even at night, there was not a moment of tranquility. There were still people coming and going in the hallway.


There were people who were talking loudly, those who cried and shouted, there were also people who were cursing. 


The most desperate people in the city were stationed here, and once upon a time, Jing Xun grew up here.


He could pretend to be nonchalant when there were many people, but to be honest, he really hates hospitals.


Jing Xun lowered his head and looked at the tip of his shoes unconsciously. For a moment, he suddenly felt that the surrounding area became much quieter.


…… When did it start?

Why is it suddenly quiet?


Jing Xun was very surprised.


This situation was no stranger to him. When he focused on doing things, he would automatically block the surrounding sounds, so sometimes when he came back to his senses, he would find that great changes had taken place in his surroundings.


For example, he had the impression that the teacher was still in class, but the class was already finished when he came back to his senses.


But he didn’t think about anything just now ah?

It can’t be midnight all of a sudden…


Just when he was feeling inconceivable, a string of footsteps gradually approached him.


Then, a pair of clean leather shoes appeared in Jing Xun’s field of vision.


“Jing Xun.”


The low voice full of rhythm sounded above his head, Jing Xun heard someone calling his name…?


He abruptly raised his head, and his gaze collided with a pair of cold peach blossom eyes.


“Sorry for being late.”


Seeing him raising his head, Shen Yijin looked a little more concerned than usual: “Xiao Xun, are you ok?”


The author has something to say:

Second Young Master: I’m waiting for you to come back to me in tears!

[The other party doesn’t want to talk to you and give you two bowls of dog food in return.]


Big brother is back! ! !

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  • 1
    He’s saying SBH, this scum, is delusional.
  • 2
    Imprisoned and papapa.
  • 3
    油腻[yóu nì]: Literal translation is greasy. Usually refers to those dirty and indecent middle age men.
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