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MSGVB Chapter 16.2

President Shen is too low-profile.

Translator: Hua

Fair skin, outstanding face, handsome facial features. A pair of eyes were lingering with rippling autumn water. The small tear mole beside it attracted people’s attention and fondness.


Of course, the most prominent thing was that this student also had thick hair!


Not only was the appearance enviable, the hairline was even more fascinating.


“My name is Chu Qiao.” During the free discussion time, the senior sister of the same group took the lead in introducing herself to him: “Happy cooperation in the future, Junior Brother Yan.”


“Hou Dongyu.” Another senior also came to greet him.


Jing Xun also introduced himself to them one by one.


“Oh my, Junior brother, do you usually use skin care products? Why do you have such good skin?” Senior sister Chu Qiao1Qiao means beautiful. was as her name suggested, she was not only pretty but also had a good figure.


But even so, Chu Qiao still felt that she was incomparable with this Little Fresh Meat2Young handsome boy., so she couldn’t help but ask for advice on skincare.


Senior Hou couldn’t stand it. He couldn’t help saying: “Flawless beauty, this junior is born beautiful. Don’t envy him.”


Jing Xun smiled and watched them quarrel, but after such a disturbance, the feelings between the members of their group were instantly closer.


After getting acquainted with each other, the project in the group officially started.


Jing Xun’s task was to design a set of small programs with complete processes, which were used to measure and correct the data after the main program was completed.


Now the main program group was still in the research and creation stage, Jing Xun was not in a hurry, after all, their design would not be put to use until at least two weeks.


But even so, they didn’t dare to be sloppy. The senior sister and senior brother took turns to lead the study of that small program every day, and they made the first version of the model within two days. On the basis of the first version, they tried to speed up the calculation speed and accuracy.


Jing Xun liked this kind of research atmosphere. The senior sister and senior brother got along very well.


In addition to participating in this project at school, Jing Xun also secretly found another job on the Internet.


It was to help a game company develop some official small plug-in programs. The difficulty was not high, but it was a bit tedious, and the time allocated to Jing Xun was not much.


But fortunately, the price offered by the other party was not low, and the work intensity was acceptable, so Jing Xun readily took the job.


These two days, he either went to the classroom to participate in project discussions or went back to the dormitory to write the program. Jing Xun arranged his life fully.


During this period, Shen Yijin sent the phone number of his assistant, and occasionally, they would chat on WeChat.


He seldom asked Jing Xun whether he had a meal or not. What he sent him were all work topics related to this business trip—Jing Xun did not hide it from Shen Yijin that he was invited by Professor Huo to join the working group of the planning institute, and Shen Yijin naturally talked to him about some technology topics that needed to be used for programming.


Then Jing Xun learned that Shen Yijin going abroad this time was to participate in the international science and technology summit held in E country.


The world in this book was not much different from Jing Xun’s original world, but the level of technology was not as developed and valued as his original world.


The simplest example was the robot competition and research that Jing Xun focused on in the later period. There was no systematically formed organizational structure in this world.


But even so, Jing Xun was yearning for that technology summit.


[Mr: Come with me next time? ]

[Jingxun: OK]


During the lunch break, Jing Xun was chatting with Shen Yijin, while randomly discussing various issues with the seniors.


On the other side of the classroom, the main program group suddenly exclaimed. Several senior brothers and senior sisters were holding their mobile phones to read the news at the same time. Jing Xun heard them talking: “Yiwei’s research and development project won the gold medal at the Science and Technology summit in Country E? That’s awesome!”


“That was the first in our country, it’s not easy.”


“Nevertheless, President Shen was unyielding ah. How many hundred million will they need to invest ah, it’s hard to imagine…”


“Speaking of which, what exactly does President Shen look like? Wasn’t there a rumor that he was there at the last job fair? So did he come or not? I heard that he’s very young!”


“No way, isn’t he a friend of Professor Huo in our department? He should not be young anymore.”


“No, I have a friend who knows someone in the upper circle, he said, President Shen is actually very young.”


“If I have to say it, this president Shen is too low-key.”


“Hey, You will be able to see him if you are accepted into Yiwei in the future. Students from our school, especially our major, is not bad, and isn’t it the most promising major to come into contact with the big guys?”


 “It’s just that the information is not released to the outside world. When Yiwei becomes bigger, it is impossible not to release it. At least there must be a few interviews.”


Jing Xun subconsciously put his ears upright, and when listening to their discussion, his mobile phone made a beep sound again.


Looking at the notification bar, Shen Yijin sent him a message again.


The note was clearly “Mr.”, no one knew who the person he was talking to on the other side was. But Jing Xun still subconsciously squeezed the phone, feeling that no one noticed him, so he clicked on the chat interface.


Then the color of Jing Xun’s ears began to turn red at a speed visible to the naked eye.


In the chat interface, Shen Yijin sent him a photo.


The background looks like a huge indoor meeting room. Under the gorgeous crystal lamp hanging upside down, Shen Yijin was wearing a neat suit, sitting on a chair with his long legs bent and looking straight ahead.


The picture was taken from the side. Several gentlemen and ladies with different skin tones next to him were also taken in, but there was no doubt that Shen Yijin was the most eye-catching one of the group.


…He was not just young.

Most importantly, he was also very handsome and imposing.


Jing Xun recognized it. This should be the video material that would not be made public at the summit.

Hua: Small announcement~

I’ll be taking a week break due to work and school related stuff, the next update will be on the 2nd of July.

And I’ll be very busy this July because of my final exam and graduation so the update will bumpy during this period. I will try my best to release at least one chapter a week(hopefully). The release schedule will be back to normal(2-3 chapter/week) in August. Please stick around. (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

(This applied to Crossover Actors as well, if any of you read it.)

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  • 1
    Qiao means beautiful.
  • 2
    Young handsome boy.
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