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MSGVB Chapter 12

He was.....actually not so fierce ah?

Translator: Hua

Yan Jingxun hadn’t come to him in the last two days, which was indeed a rare thing for Shen Bohan.


In the past, don’t even mention two days, if he didn’t contact that person for a day, he(yjx) won’t be able to stand it. Yan Jingxun really loved him to the extreme.


Otherwise, with his honest character, how could he bite the bullet and go to the nightclub to find him.


It was true that what he did two days ago was not quite right. At least when Lin Li and others humiliated Yan Jingxun, he should stand up and speak for him, even if he had already broken up with him because he was tired of him…


As long as he stood up for Yan Jingxun a little bit, the subsequent video incident would not have happened.


But  at that time, he was really annoyed with this person


He remembered Yan jingxun’s wifely appearance in front of him. He was always at the mercy of others, and his humble eyes when he carefully looked at him made Shen Bohan feel a little disgusted. 


But when Yan Jingxun clinged to him, desperate to please him, and couldn’t leave him, it also made Shen Bohan’s self-confidence and self-esteem burst, and he wanted to treat him even more cruelly…….Anyway, Yan Jingxun would not leave him.


That’s right. Thinking of this, Shen Bohan had already determined that Yan Jingxun was playing hard to get.



Otherwise, how could it be so coincidental that he was in the brightest and most conspicuous cake shop on the commercial street, and he was seen by Hu Xiaopeng, and also happened to be chatting intimately with other people?


Shen Bohan couldn’t help but look at the photo carefully again. He automatically ignored the tall figure and focused all his attention on the beautiful face.


… That’s right, in the photo, although Yan Jingxun’s eyes on the opposite man were still cautious, it didn’t have the kind of flattery when he was looking at him.


Shen Bohan snorted softly with ridicule.


He closed the photo interface and saw that Yan Jingxun was no longer mentioned in the group, so he didn’t mention it again. Instead, he typed two lines of irrelevant words and chatted with other people in the group.


Unlike the crowd in the group, Hu Xiaopeng outside the cake shop silently squeezed his phone. His companion was also silent.


Because just now, when Yan Jingxun, who had taken the cake, came out of the cake shop, the man who had been standing with his back to them also showed his face.


The contour of his profile was sharp and the features were handsome and upright. The peach blossom eyes were cold and indifferent like it was brewing with wind and snow, a person with a majestic aura…


No matter how you look at it, why did this person look like Shen Er Shao’s elder brother, the eldest young master of the Shen family!


Hu Xiaopeng and his companions were not the rich second generation with any backgrounds. They only mixed around well in the gay circle and the 18th tier circle. With some connection, they were able to cling to Shen Bohan and others and play together.


But the Shen family’s eldest young master was a mysterious figure. He had always lived in seclusion and never showed his face publicly. Last year when Hu Xiaopeng attended an  aristocratic dinner party as a male companion of a young master, he also met this person for a bit.  


The other party’s life experience was very remarkable, and obviously not at the same level as the ordinary rich second generation, even the temperament was completely different. So after seeing him, Hu Xiaopeng immediately remembered this person.


Later, when he heard about the identity of that person, he realized that he was a person that couldn’t be provoked, so he put out his thoughts early.


But now, a man who looked a lot like Mr. Shen was walking in front of Yan Jingxun, carrying two cake boxes with one hand. The tall figure was as tall as a pine tree. In front of the attentive shopkeeper, he used his other hand to easily push open the door of the cake shop and let Yan Jingxun go out first.


Hu Xiaopeng squeezed the phone tightly, wishing to smash the screen.


In the past two days, several young masters, including the second young master, were affected by the video and were grounded at home. But Hu Xiaopeng, who had no background and did not show his face in the video, was secretly upset because of their separation.


Everyone in the circle knew that he liked the Second Young Master, and Hu Xiaopeng did not hide his affection at all.


Because he liked the second young master too much, he was very jealous of Yan Jingxun. He didn’t hide his jealousy either.


His character in the circle was the kind of straightforward and fierce character who dared to love and hate.


His jealousy of Yan Jingxun was true, but only Hu Xiaopeng himself knew that he had always publicly stated that he liked Shen Bohan, only because the second young master of the Shen family had the highest status and also the most handsome among these rich second generations.


But compared with the Shen family’s eldest young master… they were not of the same grade at all.


No matter how powerful the Second Young Master was, he was only a student, how could he compare with Mr. Shen, who had gradually possessed the power in hand?


What’s more, the eldest young master of the Shen family was taller and had longer legs. His appearance had been inherited from his biological mother, and he looked more upright. Although the second young master looks good, compared with his elder brother, his temperament was a bit less calm, and his sense of existence was not adequate…


Companion: “Do you want to take a picture…?”


“Are you crazy!” Hu Xiaopeng gritted his teeth and secretly took a picture of Yan Jingxun. He did not dare to take it directly in front of him.


In front of the second young master, he even dared to be petty and blatantly resort to playing tricks. But if it involved that person…he dared not.


Being able to mix around in this circle for so long, Hu Xiaopeng still had a bit of intelligence. His greatest wisdom was that he never regarded these rich second generations as ordinary people, but as ancestors. 


For a figure that even the group of rich second generations wanted to avoid, he naturally didn’t dare to provoke him!


“Observe again.” Hu Xiaopeng gritted his teeth, and there was still a bit of contempt in his words: “I can’t believe that Yan Jingxun has such an ability to turn his head and climb onto Shen Yijin?”


 There must be some misunderstanding!


The restaurant that Shen Yijin chose was located in the commercial building in the city center and the revolving restaurant was on the 68th floor. From here, you can sit there and enjoy all the night scenery of the city. Generally speaking, the environment and atmosphere were very good. 


Even for Jing Xun, who had traveled far and wide, this kind of place was also his first time.


In the past, it was impossible to eat randomly, and it was also not convenient to go out.


However, it was different now.


Eating the veal carefully cooked by a French chef and drinking red wine that had fermented for several years, Jing Xun did not ignore the person on the other side.


Honestly it was because of the other party’s elegant movements. His gesture was full of the textbook-like aristocratic model which was hard to ignore.


Shen Yijin sitting under the light was indeed handsome. His fingers were very long, his knuckles were prominent, his movements were elegant and skillful, and his expressionless face can hardly conceal the extravagance of his gestures.


 Such a man……


The two of them ate quietly like this, and Shen Yijin seldom said anything during the meal, which really made Jing Xun relax a lot.


It seemed that the other party’s upbringing was very good. No talking when eating, No talking when sleeping.


Cough, cough


Just like that day, the night they met for the first time, the other party really didn’t speak much, and there was no communication between them…


But in fact, this person was quite gentle that day.


Jing Xun recalled their brief exchange in the cafe. The other party mentioned that he had made him stable that night. 


That explained that he was in a state of extreme manic episode that night.


But if the other party hadn’t mentioned it, he couldn’t see anything abnormal at all.


The other party even took into account his feelings.


Anyway, during the process and after it was done, he didn’t feel too much discomfort.


Such a person…

doesn’t seem to be scary?


Jing Xun slightly straightened his waist.


He could not and should not discriminate against a person because of the setting explained in a book.


Anyway, even if Shen Yijin really blackened and did something bad in the future, it should be because of what happened later.


Jing Xun suddenly remembered that the senior had said that the eldest brother was also miserable.


So just in case… in a 0.01% chance, can he prevent that situation from happening?


Jing Xun had always had a problem, that was, he easily got distracted when thinking about stuff, and it looked like he was in a daze.


This time, he was also subconsciously looking at Shen Yijin for a long time before he knew it.


The over-focused expression was all reflected on his face, this was Jing Xun’s unique expression. With piercing eyes, slender eyelashes and a gentle face, it seemed that the gaze was extremely blazing and eye-catching.


Even Shen Yijin had to stop his movements, and pressed the corner of his lower lip with the napkin.


It was just that the person who was being looked at was not annoyed. On the contrary, the corner of the lips that was covered by the napkin, was slightly curled up, forming an extremely unfamiliar arc.


“Doesn’t suit your taste?”




The low voice sounded, and Jing Xun was able to recover, then shook his head quickly.


“It’s delicious, thank you, sir.” He said politely.


“Hm.” Shen Yijin said, “Then eat more.”


“Okay.” Jing Xun replied, and looked at this person again, always feeling that something was wrong.


The villain big brother was actually…not so fierce?


Suddenly someone came to their table and walked up to greet Shen Yijin kindly: “Mr. Shen, it’s such a coincidence, are you here to eat too?”


Jing Xun and Shen Yijin raised their heads at the same time. In Jing Xun’s field of vision, Shen Yijin’s eyes were slightly lifted. The peach blossom eyes looked romantic and passionate at first, but his eyes were calm and unwavering, beautiful but indifferent.


He politely responded: “Long time no see, Mr. Nie.”


“Long time no see, long time no see!”


The person called Mr. Nie seemed very excited to meet Shen Yijin here. He wanted to come forward to shake hands with Mr. Shen, but he felt a little inappropriate.


This pitiful man was obviously dressed up as a business elite and looked like a rich person, but in front of Shen Yijin, he became cautious and restrained. 


Shen Yijin had always cherished his words  when he was outside. At this moment, for him, it was a time to dine alone with the other, and he did not want to be disturbed by outsiders, so after a greeting, there will be no more exchange.


But obviously, Mr. Nie didn’t want to leave so easily. He set his eyes on Jing Xun.


 “Who is this……”


With one look, Nie Yandong was shocked, his eyes widened, and he could no longer move his line of sight away.


Jing Xun was dressed in ordinary clothes, which was quite simple. The honest student appearance was incompatible with the atmosphere around here.


Clothes make a man just as a saddle makes a horse. This person was not poorly dressed. However when someone with a strong aura like Shen Yijin sat opposite him, it was easy to be ignored at first glance.


But as soon as he noticed his face, Nie Yandong’s heart trembled. He was wondering, Wasn’t Mr. Shen a person with a pure heart and few desires? Why did he also find such a beautiful boy to accompany him for dinner?!


…It turned out that Mr. Shen prefered this type.


While he was surprised in his heart, he looked at Jing Xun secretly, and Nie Yandong couldn’t help making a review: It’s no wonder that Mr. Shen didn’t even glance at the little star he sent the other day.


Because he was really stunning. Nie Yandong couldn’t help but look at him a few more times. He just wanted to remember the youth’s appearance and temperament clearly, and then he would look for people according to this standard next time…


But at this moment, Mr. Shen’s excessively low and deep voice rang out from the side: “This is my lover1爱人(ài rén): Spouse or lover. Usually refer to husband or wife. So he didn’t address Jing Xun as a boyfriend but a potential marriage partner i think. .”

Hua: So peach blossom eyes have been mentioned a lot but i forgot to show picture. _(:з)∠)_

桃花眼[táo huā yǎn]: Peach blossom eyes are a pair of affectionate and amorous eyes. It got this name because the shape resembled peach blossom. (source: Baidu 桃花眼)

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    爱人(ài rén): Spouse or lover. Usually refer to husband or wife. So he didn’t address Jing Xun as a boyfriend but a potential marriage partner i think.
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  1. Loni says:

    Lol half the chapter was spent in the pov of a cannon fodder and the other inside Jing Xun’s head xDD
    The last sentence made me think… are there a lot of different ways to refer to one’s lover in Chinese? ?
    Thank you~ owo

    1. Hua says:

      Hmm I’m also not sure about that. Based on what I found on the internet, the term Ai Ren or lover should not be used causally. It’s usually refer to someone you really love or married to, because there are two translation for this word: (1) Husband or wife. (2) Refers to the man and woman in a relationship.

  2. moo says:

    Yessss, tell him Boss Shen!!! Thanks for the update!

    1. Hua says:

      Thank for reading. You’re quite early. ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

  3. littleyen says:

    Exciting~~ Thank you for this chapter (♥_♥)

    1. Hua says:

      Hehehe more chapters coming soon

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