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MSGVB Chapter 13.1

He seemed to be off the list.

Translator: Hua

“My lover, Yan Jingxun. Jing Xun, this is President Nie.”


Jing Xun: “……”


Mr. Nie: “???”


Jing Xun had naturally noticed the gaze of this Mr. Nie before, when asking about his identity. He only subconsciously glanced at Shen Yijin, then lowered his eyes and his head.


It was not that he felt inferior and embarrassed to face strangers. It was mainly because he didn’t know how Shen Yijin would introduce him to others.


He still remembered that when the shopkeeper mentioned “your boyfriend” in the cake shop, the man didn’t respond.


He lowered his head and no longer paid attention to them. It didn’t matter how Shen Yijin introduced him to others.


But Jing Xun never expected that when the elder brother spoke, he actually called him…


Love, lover? !


Friend, boyfriend, fiancé…….


These are all ok.

It’s all reasonable and not obtrusive.


 But how did he come up with the word lover? !


Jing Xun was also a little at a loss this time. But he was still fairly calm.


Compared to him, Mr. Nie was obviously frightened.


……A hard headed golden bachelor suddenly told you that he had a lover. Especially this President Shen was notoriously cold!


Looking at the clothes of this young man, it was obviously not a marriage arranged by the Shen family…


Oh, that’s right, wasn’t there someone who took advantage of the loophole and climbed his bed two days ago?


He didn’t even know what’s going on anymore.


Why did he even have a lover?


He had never heard of it before!


At this moment, Jing Xun was no longer a well-behaved student in the eyes of President Nie.


——That nose and eyes, no wonder he could have this kind of appearance. It was perfect! How could he find a substitute of the same standard!


Shen Yijin said: “I and Jing Xun will have an engagement ceremony soon, and I hope Mr. Nie will give us the honor and attend the ceremony.”


Mr. Nie subconsciously agreed: “Definitely, definitely.” He reacted quickly again, concealing his shock, and saying a few congratulations.


After Mr. Nie left with a disbelief expression, the area around the dining table finally returned to tranquility. But it was a little too quiet.


Looking down at the night view of the city from the height of the 68th floor, the traffic and neon lights below had merged into a bright line, like a grand painting, it seemed like there were fireworks all around.


Jing Xun took the lead and spoke first: “That person, President Nie, is…”


Shen Yijin replied: “A friend.”


“Friend in business?”


“Not exactly.” Shen Yijin said lightly: “His grandparents and my grandfather are good friends from the same generations.”


Didn’t that mean that soon the Shen family would all know about their relationship?!


Jing Xun: “…oh.”


The young man twisted his delicate eyebrows, which was rare, even his tone became heavier, which made Shen Yijin quickly notice that something was wrong.


He took the initiative to ask him: “What’s wrong?”


Jing Xun thought about it for a while, but decided to express his opinion: “That…is it ok to disclose our relationship now?”


“What’s the problem with it?” Shen Yijin asked back.


“It’s like this sir, we just decided… give it a try, What if it doesn’t work.” Jing Xun expressed his concern.


He didn’t mind the other party revealing their relationship. Anyway, it didn’t really matter.


But the Shen family was so complicated, and Shen Yijin also had that kind of identity, wouldn’t it be troublesome if they didn’t succeed in the future.


However Shen Yijin disagreed with him. His expression became slightly more serious. He said: “I will fulfill all my responsibilities as a husband.”


Jing Xun: “En.”


Shen Yijin: “This responsibility also includes announcing our relationship to the outside world and to my family. There is no need to cover it up.”




Jing Xun faintly felt that the other party was angry. But he didn’t understand why?


Maybe the other party really valued ​​the nominal relationship between them?


It doesn’t matter if they are in love or not, but they must be husband by name.


This situation seemed likely to happen when… when the marriage was forced by the family?


Jing Xun had a lot of Ph.D. seniors who were in the dilemma of being forced to marry. He got along with them every day, and what he heard the most was that the senior sister and senior brother complained about how their family arranged various blind dates for them.


Jing Xun suddenly realized that, but it was hard to believe that someone like Shen Yijin was forced to marry, so he looked at the other party with a little more surprise.


He inquired curiously: “So sir, how old are you this year?… I mean I don’t even know your basic information.”  


Shen Yijin looked at him, did not answer immediately, instead asked him, “This is why you think we may not be successful?”


Jing Xun: “?”


Where are we at again?


Shen Yijin: “I will sort out a copy of my information and send it to you later.”


Jing Xun: “……”


Well… it didn’t have to be so formal…


Shen Yijin suddenly said calmly: “I am twenty-six this year old.”


Jing Xun:……!


Don’t blame him for being so surprised, Shen Yijin’s aura and composure between his every gesture was not like a twenty-six year old person.


Twenty-six ah, Jing Xun roughly remembered this personal detail. It seemed that he was also a Ph.D. graduate and had returned to China for two years? But at this age his talented senior brothers and sisters had just graduated from college.


And yet he was the big villain ah!


Looking at the diligent and attentive attitude of President Nie just now, there was always an illusion, as if Shen Yijin was too high beyond one’s reach.


This gave people an illusion, as if he was already very old and everyone respected him.


Jing Xun did not expect that such a person was actually only…


“What?” Shen Yijin’s voice sounded again: “Does my appearance seem to be very old?”


“No.” Jing Xun shook his head quickly.


He organized his words a little, and told the truth: “It’s not a matter of appearance, it’s the feeling you give to others, sir. It’s so that… people don’t dare to talk to you. Even I don’t dare to joke.”


Shen Yijin expressed his doubt: “Is that so?”


“Hm.” Jing Xun nodded repeatedly, and described carefully: “It’s like seeing a respectable and serious teacher.”




Shen Yijin listened and seemed to understand something, and concluded: “So you are afraid of me.”


Jing Xun dodged his gaze and his long eyelashes faintly flickered a few times.


But when he found that Shen Yijin had been looking at him, his eyes were unblinking, Jing Xun knew that he could not escape, so he had to honestly admit: “When I first found out your identity, I was scared.”


Meeting his eyes, Jing Xun quickly patched his words: “But I’m not afraid now.”


If there was any world record about beauty and ugliness, Jing Xun felt that with these eyes alone, this person could also win a championship or something.


Indifferent but not ruthless, just a little lonely. It should have something to do with his inability to control his emotions, or maybe he was having a hard time.


Once he thought of this, Jing Xun was no longer afraid. Even though he had been looking at Shen Yijin for a good while…


Shen Yijin seemed to be satisfied with his “not afraid”. Later he didn’t know who diverted their gazes first, in short, the two of them did not talk again during the rest of the meal.


After a long time, seeing Jing Xun’s dinner plate was almost empty, Shen Yijin timely asked: “Have you finished eating?”


“Yeah.” Jing Xun looked at the only broccoli left on the side of his plate, nodded and said, “I’m done.”


 “Thank you for dinner, mister.”


“Should I take you back to school?”


“Yeah.” Jing Xun responded in one breath, and then suddenly realized he actually didn’t need anyone to send him.


So he hurriedly said: “This…you don’t have to trouble yourself, mister. I can also go back by subway. It’s very convenient.”


“It’s okay, it’s on the way.”


“Okay.” Jing Xun didn’t refuse again: “Thank you, then.”


Although it was on the way, during the drive Shen Yijin received two phone calls.


It should be all about business, and he didn’t shy away from Jing Xun, so much so that Jing Xun knew that he had to go back to the company for a meeting later. He seemed very busy.

Hua: There is another thing that I forgot to clarify. It is how people address Shen Yijin. ( ╯□╰ )


For Nie Yandong and Shen Yijin’s employees, they called him Shen Zong.  总(zǒng) is the address for people with high leading position such as the president of a company in this case. Shen Yijin also called Nie Yandong, Nie Zong. During these last few chapters I always mixed up President and Mr. (I hope no one noticed that.)  _(:з)∠)_


As for Jing Xun, he addressed Shen Yijin as 先生(xiān sheng), which can be translated to Sir, Mr, Gentleman or Teacher. It can also be used as a respectful term for intellectuals and adult men with certain status. You can also read more explanation here if you are interested.

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  1. Avatar Amynriel says:

    I really like their frankness. They do not hide anything from each other, and all issues have been resolved without misunderstanding. And also the responsibility of Brother Shen. <3

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