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MSGVB Chapter 11

Shen Er: Yan Jingxun did not look for him.

Translator: Hua

Jing Xun originally thought that when he mentioned Shen Bohan, the villain big brother would be disgusted with him, and then drove him out of the car.


But as a result… nothing actually happened.


If the other party didn’t mention it, he also didn’t dare to mention breaking off the engagement.


Although he did not understand what happened within that cold gaze, as a quick witted person, he was more or less faintly got it. This villain big brother didn’t like people to stay away from him.


…In any possible way.


After another traffic light intersection, Jing Xun could not help but secretly look at the legendary villain while the streetlight was very dark and the car was dim.


Shen Yijin looked straight ahead, his side profile looked handsome, his expression unchanged.


...So maybe he was thinking too much again.




Prior to the agreement, his intention was to live together, help him calm his emotions and heal his illness, and then getting married along the way or something. However it was impossible for the villain big brother to fall in love.


People like the Shen family’s big brother would not understand affection or love. Then of course he didn’t care about his past. 


It’s good that he didn’t care about it. 


At the idea of him(syj) being with him(jx)  just to get what he needed, Jing Xun couldn’t help but feel that maybe when he found a substitute and realized that his effectiveness wasn’t that strong, he would be able to retire!


He was an optimist who used to take one step at a time, and he didn’t worry too much about his future. If that wasn’t the case, he would not have been able to survive the day before and would have been scared to death by his illness.


So once it was determined that the other party didn’t have other thoughts, Jing Xun immediately relaxed.


He remembered the scene when the two were “negotiating” in the café just now. He asked the other party how he could confirm that he would be able to appease his emotions. What if it doesn’t work, after all, they had only spent one night together.


The other party’s answer was to try first.


——He(syj) merely came here to ask for his(jx) opinion, so he wanted to give it a try.


So yeah, Just try it out first.


Now that he had agreed to help the other treat his illness, he had to do his best. Anyway, he didn’t need to think too much. There was nothing to lose. 


The more he thought about it, the less nervous he became. Jing Xun let his body soften and leaned on the back of the seat. 


His vision inadvertently glanced out of the window, he did not look at Shen Yijin again, but instead he looked at the outside world.


Light and shadow intertwined on his handsome face, he didn’t know that Shen Yijin was looking at him again.


This time, Shen Yijin’s eyes were neither serious nor severe. He just quietly watched the youth’s eyes blinked and blinked, and watched him look out of the car window like a curious toddler… It was extremely rare. This time, Shen Yijin kept his gaze on a person for a long time, instead of looking at a point in the void like usual.


Shen Yijin seldom paid attention to the matters with Shen Bohan, The video was shown to him by Jin Zheheng after he found Yan Jingxun and just before he went to the café.


Before that, he didn’t know that the young man in front of him had already become a little hot figure on the Internet.


In fact, he really didn’t care about the youth’s past… the past when he hadn’t met himself.


Shen Yijin didn’t like turning over old accounts.


But just thinking of the young man who was afraid that he would mind his past with Shen Bohan and became nervous like that….The corners of Shen Yijin’s lips suddenly rose slightly


Although he just wanted to comfort the youth not to be afraid, he could only press it down and no longer mention that matter, for fear that the other party might think too much.


Now seeing the young man’s face relaxed and no longer nervous, his eyelashes fluttering softly, and there were stars hidden in his eyes like an elf shuttling among the steel forest and iron trees, Shen Yijin’s mood had become inexplicably good.


He said to the driver: “Stop.”


The car stopped on the busiest commercial street in Dragon City.


In a cake shop with a clean and eye-catching sign that was casting a light brighter than a magnesium lamp, Jing Xun was suddenly taken into the shop by Shen Yijin to buy a cake.


“What do you like? Wrap it up.” Shen Yijin said.


“Huh?…” Jing Xun hadn’t figured out why they suddenly stopped to buy a cake?


Shen Yijin looked down at him, and patiently explained: “This shop is not bad, there should be something you like, you can eat it for breakfast tomorrow.”




In response to the party’s gaze, Jing Xun suddenly remembered the embarrassment of the cookie residue sticking to the corner of his mouth.


How terrible. The villain big brother must have thought he liked sweets very much.


Although… he liked it quite a bit.


They met no more than two times but the other party understood him so much, Jing Xun still felt a bit embarrassed.  


The lights in the shop were turned on too much, and Jing Xun suddenly began to feel hot again.


He touched his hot face, and just wanted to leave here as soon as possible. He was no longer courteous with Shen Yijin and pointed to a piece of fancy pastry, and troubled the shopkeeper sister to wrap it up for him.  


However, Shen Yijin pointed at the few next to him, and also asked the shopkeeper to pack them.


Jing Xun quickly refused: “I can’t eat so much.”


Shen Yijin said: “Pick the ones you like and keep it, give the rest to your classmates. It seems that there are two people who have a particularly good relationship with you?”


Jing Xun: “…Huh? Ah.”


He remembered Tang Jingyuan and Yang Yi who went to the job fair with him today.


…Could it be that he not only spotted him when he was in school, but he even noticed his roommates?


This is the keen observation that the big villain possessed?


After the checkout, Shen Yijin scanned the QR code payment. The shopkeeper in charge of packaging looked at Jing Xun with envy and couldn’t help saying, “Your boyfriend is so kind to you.”  


After all, not everyone could afford to wrap up several hundred yuan worth of cupcakes.


Shen Yijin stood aside and said nothing. He was used to speaking less.


Jing Xun doesn’t know what he was thinking. In any case, he himself was stimulated by the words “boyfriend”, and he didn’t pay much attention to the tone of the sister on the other side.


He was curious how the cashier sister confirmed that he and Shen Yijin… were in that kind of relationship. Obviously there was no interaction between them…


Jing Xun suddenly felt a little panicked.


…He guessed that big brother didn’t like being labeled that way.


After all, he was the lonely king in the book, who had been going solo for thousands of years, with a firm and upright character setting. 


So Jing Xun hurriedly looked at Shen Yijin who was standing in front of him, but he saw that the other party still did not have any change in expression, instead, after noticing Jing Xun’s gaze, he asked, “What?”


Jing Xun: “…nothing.”


The space in the cake shop was not very large, and the checkout counter was especially crowded, so the distance between Jing Xun and Shen Yijin was not very far.


Being watched so closely, especially the other person’s peach blossom eyes were as deep as ink, making Jing Xun felt a little overwhelmed.


He had to lower his head again and chatted casually with the shopkeeper sister next to him.


The small cakes that were carefully crafted by the pastry chef were even more cumbersome in packaging than ordinary cake. While waiting for the package, two people happened to pass by outside the window.


“Look, isn’t that Yan Jingxun?”


Hu Xiaopeng followed the voice of his companion and saw a familiar face.


He and Yan Jingxun actually had never seen each other often, but he was the only boyfriend that Second young master Shen had ever approved of, and his look was relatively…unforgettable, so he could recognize him at a glance.


At this moment, he saw Jing Xun through the window, standing in front of the cashier and was chatting with the people inside… There was a man standing opposite him. The man was facing the window with his back, so he couldn’t see his face. He could only see that he was a tall and very well-dressed man.


The shopkeeper next to them was smiling with envy as she was packing cakes. They were pure white fondant cakes, exquisite and delicate………Hu Xiaopeng was immediately overwhelmed with jealousy, he took out his phone and took a picture and sent it directly to the group.


The rich second generations in this group had not been doing very well these days. Now, seeing Yan Jingxun, who was wearing a white T-shirt with his slender body, still talking and laughing with others, some people were immediately angry:


[Bin: Yo, isn’t that Yan Jingxun? ]


[ShanShan:…Swan Cake Shop? That Yan Jingxun could afford to buy things from this sort of place? ? ]


[PengPeng: What’s so strange? Don’t you see a man with long legs standing next to him? Ha ha……]


[Lin Li: @Shen Er, It looks like without you, the other person’s life is still quite nourishing ah~]


[Shen Er: We broke up, okay? ]


After replying to the message, Shen Bohan threw the phone aside.


Since he played enough and was too lazy to pretend to be poor, Shen Bohan didn’t go to school much.


Next semester, He was likely to be sent abroad for gold-plating1镀金 (dù jīn):  A metaphor to ridicule people who further the study or training in a certain environment just to get a false name, but there is no real learning ability. Ex: studying abroad. , so he didn’t care about the final grade at all.


In addition to what happened two days ago, Shen Bohan didn’t go out much these two days. When he was mentioned in the group, the second young master was concentrating on watching the game live broadcast.


The voice of the game anchor shouting passionately to the microphone was still echoing in the room. After a while, Shen Bohan retrieved the phone again.


Other people in the group were still talking and spamming on the screen.


He didn’t read the content, only quickly swiped the screen, and looked at the picture that Hu Xiaopeng had just posted.


In the photo, a young man with black hair raised his neck slightly, with gentle eyebrows and a subtle smile.


Although the shot was not very clear, he could recognize it at a glance. That was Yan Jingxun.


As for the person standing opposite him, there was only his back in the photo.


But there was no doubt that Yan Jingxun was talking with that person about something. He just tilted his neck to look at that person, his eyes were flowing and graceful. He smiled gently, looking a little bright.


…This is Yan Jingxun.

Yet it seems not.   


 Yan Jingxun’s eyebrows were very gentle and beautiful, and his appearance belonged to the naturally gentle and warm type, not too striking but also unforgettable.


But as others had said, It was a high-end cake shop of a top tier domestic brand. Everything inside the shop was very valuable. How could Yan Jingxun go to those places to buy things?  


Also… with that kind of indifferent and relaxed appearance.


Unconsciously staring at the photo for a long time, Shen Bohan suddenly realized what Lin Li said just now–So Yan Jingxun found someone else?


It had only been two days!


……Speaking of which, Yan Jingxun did not come to find him in the past two days. 

The author has something to say:

Comedy segment:

“Second Young Master, your boyfriend hasn’t come to see you for two days.”

“Oh, did he know that he was wrong?”

“No, he is now your sister-in-law.”


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    镀金 (dù jīn):  A metaphor to ridicule people who further the study or training in a certain environment just to get a false name, but there is no real learning ability. Ex: studying abroad.
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  1. Avatar Loni says:

    The second half of this chapter lowkey felt like cannon fodder getting a shovel to dig their own pits ?? why does it feel like someone will totally provoke Jing Xun, and get flattened by Shen Yijin as a result xD
    Thank you~

  2. Avatar Rei says:

    Just discovered this today and I’m loving it! I hope this one will not get dropped. Especially since I think it doesn’t have much chaps. Anw, thank you for picking it up!!

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