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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Gummy

In the depths of Hessian, inside a towering gray and white palace.

The interior is shrouded by large shadows, like a depressed work of art. Only a touch of silver is the most eye-catching stroke in the entire picture.

The gorgeously shaped seat made entirely of icy dark metal, had its back to the visitor and a black figure was sitting on it. Only his long silver hair could be seen, like a winding and quiet mountain spring.

His posture looks very relaxed, seems very leisurely, and seems to be brewing a deep and dangerous atmosphere at the same time.

A tall and ghastly undead knight was reporting to him the news he had just received.

Also being handed out was the little black snake that Xiao Zhi had placed under the tree at will.

The fingers gently picked up the fragile snake and gathered it in the palm of his hands. The pale fingertips drew across the snake’s back, drawing an arc of inexplicable meaning.

The room was silent, the undead knight stopped speaking after the report was completed, and the man in the seat did not speak.

After a while, a cold and lifeless voice sounded, “Go.”

In the tavern.

The atmosphere around Xiao Zhi was very warm, and players surrounded him as if they were holding an auction. Handsome guys and brothers are called casually, his sons and grandsons are also emerging endlessly.

However, since there are those who want to obtain bounty by temptation and peace, naturally there are also guys who behave rudely and are too lazy to move their tongues.

A gust of wind brushed Xiao Zhi’s ears, bringing a needle-like dangerous feeling. Relying on his instinct, Xiao Zhi didn’t look back at all and avoided the sudden blow on the side of his head.

Then, he raised a fireball and threw it toward the predicted position.

The fireball’s place looked empty, but Xiao Zhi still attacked the open space beside him without hesitation.
The fireball drew a bright arc in the air, suddenly fell into the air and spread out in all directions.

This is the reaction to the target!

In the next moment, a figure appeared out of thin air in the place that was originally empty.

With a dagger in his hand, combined with the skills of invisibility, the opponent’s profession is obviously an assassin.

Being discovered so quickly surprised this player.

As everyone knows, the mage is not a profession that is good at close combat, especially their resistance to the assassin is very low. Being able to catch the assassin’s trail so quickly shows that the opponent’s combat awareness is very good.

And he also noticed Xiao Zhi’s smooth movement of throwing fireballs.

Unlike keyboard games, you only need to press keys to release skills.

In ZERO like the real world, players need to mobilize their energy first, then chant a spell or make a spellcasting action, and finally aim at the target to cast it. The speed and power of casting skills varies from person to person.

Therefore, melee occupations are relatively simple. The long-range profession needs to aim at oneself. If the accuracy is bad, the end will be very bleak.

Like a mage, those who need to memorize lengthy spells or casting actions, understand the structure of magic, and aim for themselves, belong to the exclusive profession of the boss or the liver emperor.

Powerful mages are called Faye, and weak mages are called Fireworks masters. There is a huge difference between the two.

Seeing such a smooth casting movement and accurate prediction of this fireball technique is definitely not the level of a novice. If he encounters such an opponent, he will definitely choose to directly flee.

But the fireball technique just exposed Xiao Zhi’s weakness.

The power of the fireball is too low!
This made the assassin player realize that the level of the mage in front of him is not high, or even very low. No matter how good the combat awareness is, the power of the skills will be greatly reduced due to the suppression of the level.

No way, after more than 500 years, the overall level of ZERO has been improved a lot. Xiao Zhi was still at the 50th level, which is naturally a very low level compared to the current level.

The invisibility has been cracked, but the assassin player has no intention of retreating and rushes straight towards Xiao Zhi.

Xiao Zhi was also prepared for this. He had thought that his level would definitely fall behind.

However in ZERO, the high level does not have an absolute advantage. It can only affect the attack power and recovery ability to a certain extent and cannot completely offset the attacks of low-level players. Even if it is a full-level boss, if a vital point like the heart was pierced by a first-level skill, the boss will still die.

Facing the assassin who rushed towards him, Xiao Zhi raised his staff and cast a spell to strike back without hesitation.

The unfilial children and grandchildren who were originally called Dad and Grandpa all around have come back to their senses. What Dad?! It’s all fighting and you won’t even be able to get the soup if you don’t do it, come on!!

In an instant, countless attacks came towards Xiao Zhi and the assassin player.

Due to the wanted notice in Hessian that he needed to be captured alive, they didn’t dare to put a heavy hand on Xiao Zhi, fearing that they would accidentally beat people back to death. Most of them were control skills and they also didn’t dare to aim at vital points.

This also gave Xiao Zhi a space to dodge, he freely dodged between the gaps of skills, incredibly flexible and from time to time using the assassin next to him as a meat shield.

A freezing technique hit, Xiao Zhi turned around and decisively changed positions with the assassin who was fighting close to him.

In an instant, the assassin was confused by the ice ball, temporarily unable to move.

Immediately afterwards, not knowing whether it was deliberate or accidental, countless skills greeted him like this, taking away the last trace of warmth in the world.

Assassin: “…”
He’s so stupid. He only knows that the senior Faye is not easy to mess with and he does not know the immutable truth that your uncle will always be your uncle.

Once the battle started, there would be no way to go back to the previous stage of peaceful negotiation. Now everyone is looking at Xiao Zhi, hoping that they can catch him and monopolize Hessian’s reward money.

Xiao Zhi constantly shuttled through the crowd, always able to dodge attacks at critical moments, to find shelter, or catch another hapless person as a shield.

[e/n: hapless –unfortunate; unlucky]

A bard quietly shrank in the corner, pointing his arrow at Xiao Zhi, and began to chant his lengthy skills.

“The song of wind and leaves, dedicated to…the daughter of the sun of Durenna…Asimeria? Asiana? Algeria?…What is it called?”

Before he could think of it, Xiao Zhi, who was not far away, had poked his head out of the bunker. He raised his staff and made spell-casting gestures at him.

A fireball rushed towards him and hit him all over his face off-guard. It also triggered a double damage bonus because he hit the target.

The bard was so frightened that he couldn’t remember what he was going to chant.

After the fight, he found that the power of this fireball technique was not as great as he had imagined. Even if it had a critical bonus, the damage of the fireball was not as high as the fireball damage of a mage of the same level as him, so he felt a little more at ease.

But before he could let his heart down, another fireball slammed over, and then one after another in a quick succession.

“Fireball burst?!” Some players around the area exclaimed.

Burst is a skill effect in ZERO. It requires the player to release the skill twice within 15% of the operation error, and it can be released continuously regardless of the skill cooling time.

In theory, as long as you can keep the error within this range, the burst can go on indefinitely.

But this is just a theory. ZERO is a holographic game. An operation error of less than 15% requires high operating accuracy. Generally speaking, three or five consecutive bursts are already very good.

“1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8…Crap! 22 bursts!”

Although fireball is the simplest spell of a mage, what is the operating error within 15% for 22 consecutive times?

——He’s not a human being.

Each fireball accurately greeted the bard’s vitals, almost forming a dense line of fire.

A large number of ants can kill the elephant. In a short time, the bard’s blood bar, which is not thick, has been swept away and his clothes are burned.

When the surrounding players saw the situation, they did not feel guilty at all. They still made a concerted effort to send him to the realm of Asanasi for a day trip.

Anyway, everyone is now in a competitive state and there can be one less opponent.

Xiao Zhi had a magical feeling and it seemed that the more he fought, the more comfortable he became. It seems that this body can be completely controlled by him and there will be no lack of energy. It is even more flexible than in reality.

Is this a real holographic game?

This feeling is… breathtaking.

The surrounding players saw a smile on his face half covered by the cloak. He seemed to be happy about something.

And what just happened, only two people were sent away.

They suddenly felt cold behind their backs. Wouldn’t this be a big boss who deleted his account and made a comeback?

In the world of ZERO, one person can only have one role, but there will always be people who give up the results of their previous struggles for various reasons and start over again. If they are really a big boss, this level of operation can be explained.

Why did the boss delete his account? Generally speaking, it is either love or hatred.

Maybe this big boss had already made too many enemies, he would delete his account only when it didn’t work….

The players who were frightened by their own brains were scared for a while.

They heard that big bosses generally have a bad temper and have a strong vengeance. What should they do if they are hated by the other party?

Those of them mingled in the low level town just wanted to receive the gold. They were all low-level players, how could they bear the anger of the boss…

At this time, there was a clear sound of horseshoes not far away.

There were a lot of people who heard the sound, and there was also the clicking sound of bone and metal collision, which sounded very distinctive.

This is the Undead Knight of Hessian.

The nearby NPCs saw that the situation was not good and they slipped away quietly.

The players in the battle wanted to run but didn’t dare and were in an awkward situation.

Xiao Zhi also caught a glimpse of the undead knights approaching from the window.

Taking advantage of the time when the players were struggling and did not dare to move, Xiao Zhi cast another spell in his hands.

A huge fire tornado swirled around him, and the fiery flames accompanied by the gale blew the entire tavern making it extremely hot. It also obscured everyone’s sight.

“Fire Tornado!!” A mage player was shocked.

There is no dedicated skill instructor in ZERO. Players must find clues by themselves if they want to learn skills.

Either find ancient books, mage handbooks, skill scrolls or find an NPC who knows this skill and then ask the other party to agree to teach it.

The NPC will leave or die in unexpected circumstances, so every time the NPC imparts skills will change.

This is not only the difficulty of the game, but also one of the fun parts of the game. Almost every player’s skill list is different and some people are even glamorous. In fact, it is very common to have few skills.

Fire Tornado is a mage skill with high damage and wide range, which naturally makes many mage players jealous.

The most recent instructor of the fire tornado skill is the Great Mage of Barini.

Although this person is greedy and lustful, for him, there is nothing that can’t be solved with money. He was once known as one of the easiest NPCs who teach skills.

But the good times didn’t last long. This guy was imprisoned in the Sinner Tower ten years ago and the archmage who took his place was unwilling to pass on the skills.

Since then, the fire tornado has become quite difficult to obtain and players who want to learn them must find new clues by themselves.


This also seems to support their speculation that the player in the black cloak is really the boss of the deleted account.

The players are distressed, they just want to make a little money, who expected that they would run into the boss like this? Looking at the blazing fire in front of them, they felt that they were about to visit the realm of Asanasi.

Unexpectedly, the fire suddenly dissipated and the center of the flame was empty.

Xiao Zhi… slipped away.

Players: “…”

But they couldn’t help but breathe a long sigh of relief. It seemed that they didn’t have to die.

It’s good, but they need money to repair the equipment.

But life is like this. When you think that the suffering is over, you will find that you are too naive.

They don’t know when the undead knights were already standing outside the tavern, closely surrounding the whole pub. They were silent, but like a towering wall.

Upon seeing this, the players’ hearts thumped up again.

This, this, what is this?

Suddenly, the undead knights stepped aside and a bone carriage drove slowly. The wheels rolled in the alley to make a crisp sound, every sound seemed to be crushed in the heart of the player.

The players were dead silent, as quiet as a group of golden and crisp chickens covered in egg liquid and fried in breadcrumbs.

The carriage stopped, but the door did not open, and a low and cool voice came from inside: “Have you done something to him?” The killing intent was diffused along with this sentence.

In the next instant, before the players had time to organize their language, they felt a cold and sharp breath penetrating their bodies. Everyone fell down at the same time and their souls returned to the realm of Asanasi.


The realm of Asanasi.

Several players who were sent back wanted to cry without tears.

“How fierce, Lord Hessian is as fierce as the legend!”

“Woo-woo, it’s hard to make money. I just want to get reward money. How can he be so ruthless?”

“If you lose money, you lose a lot of money.”

“Ah ah ah ah, my big pants are worn out for a long time and they are completely scrapped!”

“I only have this pair of pants. Can you guys lend me a pair of pants? Don’t let me go out naked…”

“I have a dress here”

T/N: You can catch but you cannot touch XZ
E/N: XZ is untouchable ¬‿¬
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