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IFMSW Chapter 9

Ghost Marriage (8)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 9: Ghost Marriage (8)

“Xiao Xue, are you willing to forgive me?” Li Bin immediately felt confident in his heart. What’s more, he wouldn’t believe, that Luo Ziyang and Jin Tianyi would leave them alone in this place and follow Chu Jiao’s plan to return to the Cao Mansion.

Their responsibility was to protect the newcomers!

Chu Huai glanced at Wang Xue and his eyes gradually deepened.

“Wang Xue?” Luo Ziyang furrowed his brow, “You already considered it settled?”

He didn’t understand why Wang Xue couldn’t figure it out and still insisted on hanging out with Li Bin.

“Well,” Wang Xue replied softly, “Thank you, Brother Luo, for your concern. I, I want to stay here with Li Bin.”

“Alright,” Luo Ziyang didn’t bother to care about this matter anymore, “then you have to be careful.”

“Li Bin, are you really not going with us?” Chu Huai calmly asked him once again.

Under Chu Huai’s gaze, Li Bin became hesitant. Yet not wanting to admit his current feelings, he flew into a rage: “Why should I listen to you?!”

“Let him be.” Jin Tianyi’s eyes darkened.

He took Chu Huai’s hand and walked out. Chu Huai’s fingertips were cold, he had a beautiful and elegant nail shape, unlike the typical crescent moon shape.

Luo Ziyang also followed behind them.

When the three people stepped out of the threshold, Li Bin, who was looking at them, was shocked. He couldn’t believe Luo Ziyang and Jin Tianyi really left him and Wang Xue behind. For a moment, he panicked, but was determined to stay instead of following them, for the sake of his face.

Chu Huai turned back to look at Li Bin, his pair of eyes held a deep meaning in them.

Zhao Xin had just died a few hours ago, and the ghost ought to start their next mission soon…however, he didn’t know whether the time was enough for Li Bin to come to his senses?

It was indeed a good decision to stay in the Yin Family. But with their current situation…

If Li Bin was killed…then the ghost would not do anything to the remaining people for some time…

When he thought about this, Chu Huai’s eyes flashed with an inconceivable light.

No! How could there be such a hidden rule?

At this moment, he was thinking about time and a method on how to sacrifice his teammates.

Since ghosts couldn’t kill them wildly, then they might leave some time for them to take a breath. According to what Luo Ziyang had said, most of the instances in the horror world were time-limited.

As long as you sacrifice your teammate and avoid all kinds of trouble, then you could live until the end of the instance.

The ghost marriage was no different. They had entered the instance three days before the main story occurred. In that case, if one person led his teammates to where the ghost stayed, then…

When his teammate was killed, that person would be safe for the time being, and when the safety time was over, he would repeat the same actions…

As long as that person used this method, and the others still listened to and acted on their advice, then that person might have a chance to survive, all while offering, intentionally, the wrong path…

Chu Huai concealed the strange glint in his eyes and looked up at Jin Tianyi.

“What’s the matter?” Jin Tianyi was puzzled by this look.

Chu Huai gently shook his head with a smile, then lowered his eyes.

Jin Tianyi was absolutely not that type of person. He despised this sort of despicable method and there is no need for him to gauge the heart of a gentleman with one’s own mean measure1Judging unfairly a noble person with one’s own despicable mind..

Since the three left, Li Bin’s mind was in a mess and he had been glancing at the door from time to time.

He regretted it. (B.C: Ya don’t say o.O)

Speaking of it, living in the instance for so long, he had never encountered a ghost. However, Wang Xue was different. First, she saw a male ghost and after that, she was blocked by a ghost in the hut. What’s more, she even witnessed the death of Zhao Xin.

On the contrary, he was extremely lucky.

To be honest, since he entered the instance two days ago, Li Bin still felt that everything around him was unreal. It wasn’t until Zhao Xin died did he finally realize that this world was real and it could kill people at any time.

No! Li Bin shook his head fiercely.

He was special.

Even if the ghost made a move, its first target should be Wang Xue or Chu Jiao, a woman who had no strength to even catch a chicken…right? How could the ghost target him first?

This was impossible.

His choice was right, but why did no one believe him?

However, he didn’t want to stay in the Yin Family anymore.

He belatedly realized that there were two more corpses here.

If Father Yin and Mother Yin held a grudge and turned into ghosts, then what should he do?

“Xiao Xue, l-let’s go to the Cao Mansion…” Li Bin’s eyes dodged slightly with hesitation.

No one knew when Wang Xue came behind Li Bin. Her neck twisted slowly, like a snake, while staring at Li Bin’s fragile neck.

Li Bin seemed not to notice her strange behavior and talked to himself in order to save face: “I-I think we are a team…so it’s not a good choice to act alone…”

Wang Xue laughed out all of a sudden and her voice was as sweet as a Black-naped oriole from the valley: “Official Li, we have been together for seven years right?”

Li Bin didn’t notice the way Wang Xue called him was strange, his eyes lit up instead. If she asked him, then this means Wang Xue wants to reconcile with him!

Taking advantage of the situation, Li Bin said: “Yes, Xiao Xue, we have been together for seven years, since we were in high school, did you forget? Once we graduate, we will look for a job and get married, after that we will have a kid…”

Li Bin thought about their future lovingly.

Truth to be told, he didn’t want to give up on Wang Xue. She was really obedient. When they were in high school, Wang Xue usually washed his clothes and took care of his daily life, just like a nanny.

He was already used to having her beside him.

Wang Xue moved: “Yes” then she wrapped her arm around his abdomen from behind.

Li Bin was very happy, but then he suddenly came into contact with Wang Xue’s hand, and his whole body shivered uncontrollably.

Her hand was cold and wet, there was still a trace of water dripping from it.

As for the appearance of Wang Xue’s skin…

For a moment, Li Bin thought that he was touching a steamed bun or a balloon that was about to explode…

Li Bin lowered his head automatically. However, what he saw was a delicate and slender hand…

No! It was just an illusion, he was too nervous just now. He was just too nervous!

How could Wang Xue become a ghost? What on earth was he thinking? If she was a ghost, then how could she still breathe until now?

After all…they were so close to each other and he could still detect her breath.

What Li Bin didn’t realize was that he had annoyed Luo Ziyang. Therefore, Luo Ziyang didn’t tell him about the safety time limit after the ghost killed the participant.

Li Bin swallowed with difficulty while trying to calm his mood down. Then he forced a smile: “Xiao Xue, I know that it was my fault…I made you upset and yet, it wasn’t any different for me, too. It made my heart feel hollow, however…I still love you, I just…

“No need to say more, I understand.” Wang Xue leaned her head on him.

Wang Xue’s breath touched Li Bin’s back and it was icy cold. Her attitude made him feel really satisfied.

“Then, if I ask you to make a choice, you…” Wang Xue paused, there was a glint of ferociousness in her eyes: “Are you willing to accompany me to death?”

“What?” Li Bin didn’t hear her clearly.

Wang Xue said softly: “I said, If the role was reversed, then I wish to accompany you to death”

“Xiao Xue…” Even in his heart, Li Bin didn’t believe what she said. However, he still felt moved.

“When a person was still alive, they would be covered with a quilt, but when a person was dead, they would be covered with a coffin, living alone is really lonely, you also think that way too, right?”

Suddenly, Li Bin started to feel that his back was covered in sweat.

“I want you…” Wang Xue said a very profound sentence.

She had a gorgeous face with bright red lips and rosy cheeks. Her facial features revealed a tenderness resembling…a bride.

Li Bin’s heart swayed. In a trance, he was led into the room by Wang Xue.

She turned her back to him, then…Wang Xue began to remove her thick coat.

Li Bin’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.

This wasn’t right!

For some reason, he turned around and ran away.

Wang Xue’s movement paused, she seemed to detect that Li Bin was escaping. Therefore, she turned back, with her body revealing…


It didn’t take long for the trio to arrive at the Cao Mansion.

Upon seeing Madam Cao once again, Chu Huan realized one thing —Madam Cao might have also been deceived by the Yin Family.

Father Yin knew about Yin Xiaofeng and Ma Zhicheng’s relationship pretty well. However, for the sake of wanting his daughter married into the Cao Family, he deliberately distorted the truth about Yin Xiaofeng and Ma Zhicheng’s relationship.

Madam Cao’s husband died during the spring and autumn period. Throughout all these years, she raised Cao Rong with her own hands. The Cao Family also remained powerful under her control until today. Such an experienced woman like her, who had already faced many things in this world, killing a poor person was nothing.

Madam Cao helped Father Yin solve the ‘trouble’. Therefore, Father Yin chose this opportunity to strangle Yin Xiaofeng, then threw her into the lotus pond in the Cao Mansion.

Everything made sense.

Madam Cao probably didn’t know about Yin Xiaofeng’s pregnancy, otherwise, with her righteous personality, even if they were connected with the Yin Family by marriage, how could she tolerate such a woman as her daughter-in-law? Isn’t this just letting her son wear a green hat2In China “wearing a green hat” (戴绿帽子 or dài lǜ mào zǐ) is an expression that Chinese use when a woman cheats on her husband or boyfriend because the phrase sounds similar to the word for cuckold.?

Hence, just for the sake of getting a connection by marriage. Father Yin had already crossed the sea by a trick3to achieve one’s aim by underhanded means. Even death cannot wipe off his crime.

Since the ghost marriage happened tonight, the entire manor was already filled with guests, some of them were complimenting Madam Cao with difficulty.

They didn’t know whether they should congratulate her son on his marriage or if they should comfort her because of his death.

Father Yin and Mother Yin should be present, but now the seats were empty and no one seemed to notice anything strange.

Chu Huai suddenly understood the reason Jin Tianyi refused him when he asked whether they should get rid of the bodies.

Father Yin and Mother Yin were NPCs, so they were removed by the horror world.

“Boss, do you have any ideas?” Luo Ziyang looked a little anxious.

Chu Huai also looked at Jin Tianyi.

“Wait.” Jin Tianyi took a sip of tea.

Chu Huai’s eyes flickered with a deep meaning, was he waiting for the same thing as him?

“Don’t you feel hot wearing so many clothes like this?” Chu Huai asked casually.

  • 1
    Judging unfairly a noble person with one’s own despicable mind.
  • 2
    In China “wearing a green hat” (戴绿帽子 or dài lǜ mào zǐ) is an expression that Chinese use when a woman cheats on her husband or boyfriend because the phrase sounds similar to the word for cuckold.
  • 3
    to achieve one’s aim by underhanded means
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