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IFMSW Chapter 8

Ghost Marriage (7)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Chapter 8: Ghost Marriage (7)

Chu Huai woke up in an instant and directly ran toward the room where Wang Xue and Zhao Xin lived. When he arrived, Chu Huai saw the scene in front of him, and for a moment he held his breath.

Zhao Xin’s body fell straight onto the ground, the color of her neck and face turned pale which resembled onion skin. Her face was covered with dark dry blood while Zhao Xin’s mouth wide opened and her eyes were filled with panic.

Li Bin had just rushed over and didn’t pay any attention to the ground. Therefore, his feet came into contact with a chunky and slippery thing that made him stumble and fall onto the ground. Li Bin’s eyes dilated with terror.

At the same time, after being stepped on by Li Bin. The living…tongue was wriggling and jumping abnormally like a gecko that wasn’t dead. The tongue looked so disgusting.

“Ahh!!” Li Bin’s face turned white and he abruptly rose from the ground in panic, then he used his leg to kick around randomly before hiding behind Jin Tianyi who had just arrived.

Wang Xue was limping because of fright. She pressed herself against the wall while trembling with tears streaming down her cheek. Her lip quivered and she couldn’t help but retched a few times.

Chu Huai suppressed his nausea and walked toward Zhao Xin’s body to check her breath. For a moment, he felt cold all over his body.

Zhao Xin was dead and she had been dead for a while now.

Chu Huai took out the paper bag from his pocket and when he was about to opened Zhao Xin’s mouth, Jin Tianyi shook his head at him: “Let me do it,”

Jin Tianyi opened Zhao Xin’s mouth, which revealed her tongue that had been cut off. Her mouth was moist and because the blood was still dripping, Jin Tianyi’s hand was also soaked with it.

Facing such a thing, Jin Tianyi still had an indifferent look and he only asked Chu Huai for a paper towel to wipe off his hand. His movement was elegant and neat.

With everyone already present, Wang Xue finally recovered her senses. She sobbed: “Last night, I went to bed early and Sister Xin was fine…”

She choked: “At that time, I wanted to go to the toilet, however, when I opened my eyes, I found Sister Xin…she…”

Wang Xue couldn’t continue her word anymore but everyone immediately understood.

“Was she on the ground from the beginning?” Chu Huai asked.

“No…No,” Wang Xue paused, “Because I was too frightened and accidentally pushed her onto the ground, I didn’t mean it…”

Chu Huai frowned: “I see.”

While everyone was in a low spirit, Luo Ziyang suddenly ran in while he gasped for breath: “Father Yin and his wife are dead!”

The rain poured down rapidly while a line of thunder could be seen under the dense clouds and it roared madly through the heavy rain.

Chu Huai’s eyes shrank. He already knew that this would happen but he had never expected Father Yin would die so soon and even Mother Yin also died at the same time…

How come everything turned out to be like this……?

Why was Zhao Xin killed…?

Luo Ziyang explained: “I lived next to Father Yin and when I heard the commotion, I was about to rush over, yet, when I walked out with the oil lamp in my hand, I found that the mud color wasn’t quite right…”

“I…followed the color of the mud, I found blood oozing out from the next door and when I pushed the door open…” Luo Ziyang resisted the desire to vomit.

Everyone understood instantly, Wang Xue’s three immortal souls and seven mortal forms1are types of souls in Chinese philosophy and traditional religion. were already half gone, and Li Bin wasn’t any better. In their eyes, Father Yin and Mother Yin were only NPCs. It didn’t matter if they died, but the death of Zhao Xin made them scared. As a matter of fact, they were also newcomers so it didn’t make any difference between them and Zhao Xin, one day their fate might be the same as hers.

The ghost already killed three people as soon as it started to make a move.

Their first choice…was wrong for coming here, instead of being safe, even Father Yin and Mother Yin also died.

Everyone’s moods became heavy for a while.

Jin Tianyi walked to Chu Huai’s side, and Chu Huai subconsciously wanted to pull his hand, but Jin Tianyi avoided: “My hands are dirty, you like to be clean”

Chu Huai was slightly at loss for a moment.

“Brother Luo, have you noticed any footprint on the ground…?” Chu Huai suddenly asked.

“Footprints?” If it were someone else, Luo Ziyang would ridicule them for asking this kind of stupid question. However, the person who was asking him right now was Chu Jiao, a weak lady that had never caused any trouble from the beginning, so he replied to her kindly: “No.”

He also reminded Chu Huai generously: “The ghost power is beyond your imagination, as long as you are its target, even if it is a thousand-mile away from you, it can still kill you invisibly, how can it leave a footprint like a human?”

Chu Huai nodded without denying his opinion and walked to open the window.

The rain continued to fell heavily onto the ground and the lightning struck from the sky, revealing a thunderous sound.

Because of the huge wind, the trees collapsed onto the side of the road miserably.

It rained all night and the traces would be washed away by it, then how could there be footprints on the ground?

Chu Huai seemed to remember something and when he was about to go check Father Yin and Mother Yin’s room, Jin Tianyi had already returned from there. He appeared to know what Chu Huai was thinking: “Their tongue are still there, they were strangled to death”

Chu Huai’s expression contracted.

When the ghost pulled out the tongue, they could still make some connection and the cause of it.

The first floor of hell was called the chamber of tongue ripping function. Those who caused trouble by gossiping, talking maliciously and slender others would find their tongue pulled out by a chain.

So, did Zhao Xin said something wrong…?

Chu Huai’s pupils shriveled instantly.

During the day, Zhao Xin had talked badly about Yin Xiaofeng.

Could this be the real reason behind her death…?

Chu Huai turned around, with some difficulty, he managed to smile at everyone and informed them something that could shocked people: “I know the reason behind Father Yin death”

Everyone held their breath.

“Yin Xiaofeng was killed by him, so Father Yin became Yin Xiaofeng’s main target of revenge.” Chu Huai’s voice smashed everyone’s hearts.

Previously, he still held some doubt toward what the woman had said last time but when he had witnessed Father Yin’s behavior earlier. He firmly believed what he guessed in mind was correct.

Since Father Yin was destined to die, why need to dirty Jin Tianyi’s hand?

It was a better choice to watched him fell into the trap step by step.

Father Yin died because suffocating. It was really too easy for him.

He didn’t expect the ghost movement was too fast which made them didn’t have enough time to rush from the room and checked out what had happened.

After Father Yin left, Chu Huai felt that their choice was wrong and it wasn’t a wise decision either for him to call everyone back to the Cao Mansion late at night.

Ma Zhicheng, who had turned into a ghost was still in the Cao Mansion…They may not be safe there.

And if they stayed at the Cao Mansion today, then the one who should be dead might be Madam Cao.

When they gained more clues after two more days. The people who should have died also…inevitable.

Wang Xue lowered her head.

“How is this possible!” Li Bin’s state of mind was almost on the verge of collapse, he emphatically refuted and his word was sharp.

“Yin Xiaofeng was his biological daughter! His only daughter! A tiger, as though it’s cruel, will not devour its cubs2It means even wild beasts look after their young! You should stop talking nonsense! And don’t make a wild guess! Women are the most that can make things mess up!” he yelled.

“If it weren’t for Zhao Xin’s idea, we wouldn’t have come to the Yin Family! It was all her fault! She deserved to die!” Li Bin began to vent his anger and pushed the blame to the others.

Chu Huai was not at all irritated by Li Bin’s behavior and he even said indifferently: “*When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth3I think this was from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, stated in Sherlock Holmes book

“Wine and women are bewitching people’s eyes while money can make people’s souls stirred, and it has been like this since ancient times. I have an exact reason to rule this out, however, I know that you also held some doubt toward this matter”

“You!” Li Bin was utterly discomfited, his eyes were fierce. He was about to step forward and hit Chu Huai. This guy gradually revealed his true evil self in the horror world.

Luo Ziyang quickly grabbed his hand and pushed him against the wall violently. Li Bin’s head collided with the wall and his eyes were bloodshot.

Finally, Luo Ziyang sneered and said haughtily: “Trouble you to get a clear understanding of reality, and I have a hundred of methods to grant you a silent death, just like her”

He pointed to Zhao Xin’s body that was placed on the ground. Chu Huai cast him a grateful look.

Li Bin clenched his hand tightly under the sleeve. Yet, he still managed to endure the pain. He knew that if he wanted to survive, he had to rely on these people.

“Why Mother Yin is also dead?” Li Bin had a sullen face.

“Coward and clumsy, allowing an evil person to commit a crime without stopping him,” Chu Huai said lightly, “Let me ask you if you grew up into this kind of family, don’t you feel hated toward your mother?”

Jin Tianyi nodded: “During her lifetime, she only had a little resentment but after death, the resentment inside her would be a hundred times more than when she was alive. Maybe Yin Xiaofeng used to be discontented toward Mother Yin and therefore when she turned into a ghost. She could kill her ‘smoothly’.”

Li Bin didn’t say anything else while Wang Xue remained silent from the beginning. On the other hand, Luo Ziyang was smoking, he choked and coughed repeatedly.

Jin Tianyi frowned slightly. Because Chu Huai was not in good health, he told Luo Ziyang to took an oil paper umbrella and smoke outside.

The rain stopped unconsciously in the early morning. This was…the last day.

Today at midnight. The Cao Mansion would hold a ghost marriage…

At that time…

“We must go back to the Cao Mansion.” Chu Huai suddenly said.

Li Bin jumped up madly with anxiety: “Why should we listen to you?! Previously, because of her own blind choice, Zhao Xin is dead!”

“Let just follow your conjunction for a time being…every injustice has its perpetrator, Yin Xiaofeng had already killed Father Yin and Mother Yin, isn’t this what she wanted for her revenge? So…the Yin Family must be safe now! Therefore, do you want to die by going to the Cao Mansion?!”

“You know it very clear that the ghost was targeting Madam Cao, so why do you want us going back this time?!”

It was not that Chu Huai didn’t think about Li Bin’s words. The death of Father Yin and Mother Yin made him think that Madam Cao’s fate was also the same but he wasn’t sure either whether she would die after or before the ghost marriage.

At present time, the Cao Mansion was without a doubt a dangerous place. However, that place was the core of the instance. They might obtain more information and increase their chance to survive.

The ghost would not kill them for the time being and what’s more, Zhao Xin’s death also delayed them some time.

Noticing Chu Huai was silent, Li Bin thought he was lacking confidence. Therefore, he said righteously: “Listen to me, the ghost marriage will be held today at midnight so we have to gather together in one place and at 11 o’clock, we will leave…”

Before he could finish his word, Luo Ziyang and Jin Tianyi already stood behind Chu Huai to express their opinion.

The more they got along well, the more Luo Ziyang viewed Chu Jiao in a new light. She seemed to be as delicate as dodder but in reality, Chu Jiao was smart and decisive. If she was afraid, she would show it but she never retreated or acted like a coward. At that time, he didn’t expect Chu Jiao was the one who saved Wang Xue.

Such a person was trustworthy and also a good partner which really deserved to be with the boss. He and Chu Jiao were not destined to be together and he couldn’t help but be envious of the boss.

It was too lonely to live alone in this instance, the shadow of the dead often made him felt stifled.

Chu Huai was too lazy to argue with Li Bin: “If you don’t want to go to the Cao Mansion right now then you can go there before midnight to participate in the ghost marriage. I have no objection to this”

“Wang Xue, how about you?” He turned his head and asked Wang Xue, who had been silent from the beginning.

“You guys!” Li Bin was furious, “You will regret it!”

Li Bin looked at Wang Xue with an embarrassed expression. However, everything had already reached this point so he could only bite the bullet: “Xiao Xue…do you…do you want to stay with me in the Yin Family?”

Wang Xue sank into silence. Li Bin thought that she was rejecting him and was about to flare up in anger. Yet, he didn’t expect Wang Xue would raise her head and smiled shyly: “Okay,”

  • 1
    are types of souls in Chinese philosophy and traditional religion.
  • 2
    It means even wild beasts look after their young
  • 3
    I think this was from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, stated in Sherlock Holmes book
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  1. Avatar says:

    “Zhao Xin’s body fell straight onto (was laying on) the ground”
    “Wang Xue was limping because of frightened (fright)…….Her lip was shaking and she couldn’t help but retching (retch) a few times.”
    “Chu Huai took out the paper bag from his pocket and when he was about to opened (open)”
    “Jin Tianyi opened Zhao Xin’s mouth(,) which revealed (that) her tongue had been cut off.”
    ““Is (Was) she on the ground from the beginning?” Chu Huai asked.”
    “It rains (It’d rained) all night and the trace(s?) would be washed away by it, then how could there be footprints on the ground?”
    “He appeared to know what Chu Huai was thinking: “Their tongue(s) is (are) still there,…”
    “Chu Huai’s eyes (pupils) shrank instantly.”
    “Father Yin died because suffocating. (…died through suffocation OR Father Yin was (or: had been) suffocated)”

    These are the ones that I noticed first, but I got bored to point out all, which’d actually result in overturning / reconstructing whole sentences to get that smooth flow (and that long of a comment I’m not ready to make).
    I know how hard translating is; if you want a proofreader, I’m open to it, I really do like this story.

    Thanks for the chapter and your hard work!

    1. Avatar ariess says:

      Thank you for pointing out the problem and I will discuss it with the editor about the matter^^

      It will be great if you can help us since I’m also looking for a proofreader. Therefore, can you contact me through discord? (Id: Ariess#1602) or can you give me your discord id and I will contact you^^

  2. Avatar Kayachoumin says:

    In my opinion Xiao Xue is possesses (? That sounds so wrong 😂🤚🏽)
    Thanks for the chapter 🙏🏽

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    I don’t know why but I feel like Wang Xue wants to attack her scum boyfriend using this opportunity

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