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IFMSW Chapter 10

Ghost Marriage (9)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 10: Ghost Marriage (9)

Jin Tianyi shook his head and was about to open his mouth to speak. Yet, he saw Li Bin walk in with embarrassment.

Luo Ziyang hummed coldly.

“Where is Wang Xue?” Chu Huai asked.

Li Bin’s eyes moved back and forth. Chu Huai raised his eyebrows, threw his gaze to the door, and waited quietly. Ten minutes later, Wang Xue, with her thick coat on, appeared.

“Are you really a man? You can still do this kind of thing? Flee on your own and leave the girl behind” Luo Ziyang said sarcastically.

Li Bin sank into silence and didn’t speak, which was unusual from his normal behavior, his face turning blue and green.

After seeing Jin Tianyi and the duo, Li Bin felt at ease. Previously, he felt really uneasy in his heart, so he left Wang Xue behind…

Wang Xue forced a smile: “Brother Luo, I’m fine…”

Madam Cao said a few words to everyone, then she left to handle the manor affairs.

The guests also dispersed.

Jin Tianyi stood up all of sudden.

Chu Huai, who had a quick eye, hurriedly grabbed his sleeve: “Where are you going?”

With what had happened last time, he was almost bound to Jin Tianyi.

“Toilet,” Jin Tianyi smiled, “Want to go?”

Chu Huai’s face turned red and he let go.

“Go and return quickly.”

Jin Tianyi had already walked a few steps away, but then he paused, turned back, and whispered to Chu Huai: “Don’t run around, sit here and behave, I will be back.”

“Boss, you are too bad, it made me feel nauseated” Luo Ziyang couldn’t hold back anymore and said with a sour face, “Just going to the toilet, why do you look so troublesome?”

Jin Tianyi glanced at him with a smile that did not reach his eyes, which made Luo Ziyang shrink back.

“You also need to stay here, and don’t mess around either” Jin Tianyi said to him.

“Yes, I understand, I’ll protect Jiaojiao for you.” Luo Ziyang urged him to leave.

Jin Tianyi didn’t have any objection to this. Chu Huai lowered his eyes with a gloomy smile. Luo Ziyang was not so clever, but he was frank and straightforward.

Chu Huai looked at Jin Tianyi’s leaving figure thoughtfully.

Apparently, he thought of going together with him, but Jin Tianyi might have already known how to survive. Therefore, he warned Luo Ziyang earlier not to leave him.

When Jin Tianyi’s figure disappeared, Chu Huai immediately stood up and was about to follow him.

“Brother…Brother Luo, I want to tell you something, will you…accompany me out?” Wang Xue suddenly said.

She lowered her head and didn’t look at Luo Ziyang, her face flushed red while she clasped her hands together tightly.

“This…” Luo Ziyang seemingly hesitated because of Jin Tianyi’s words earlier, “Okay.”

He thought that Wang Xue might want to thank him for helping her in the past, or maybe she wanted to go to the toilet but it was difficult to ask him for help. Therefore, he agreed to her.

Chu Huai, who was about to take a step forward, directly retracted his foot.

“Chu Jiao, I will go out with Wang Xue…”

Chu Huai’s eyes tightened a little, but he still nodded calmly to the other party.

He didn’t want to stir the grass and startle the snake.

Wang Xue followed Luo Ziyang out.

Witnessing the two leave, Chu Huai couldn’t help but become hesitant.

Jin Tianyi went to the left while Luo Ziyang went to the right. Jin Tianyi might have hidden something from them, nonetheless, Luo Ziyang was also in danger right now.

In the end, Chu Huai decided to find Luo Ziyang.

On the other side, Jin Tianyi roamed around the manor for a while and finally found Madam Cao.

At this moment, the sky gradually turned dark.

Madam Cao was hugging the coffin and muttering something.

“Son, mother didn’t find you a good lady. Mother has wronged you” She wiped her tears and smiled forcefully. “You are getting married today so mother must be happy.”

There was a flash of madness in her eyes: “If you aren’t satisfied with her, then appear in your mother’s dream, I will find you a new one, in these years, mother had been doing all these things just for you, kill one or ten and even if it was a hundred, it’s still nothing…”

“Rong’er, when you left like this, mother also has no reason to live…”

The white cloth hanging on both sides of the Mourning Hall made a ‘huhu-‘ sound, as if Cao Rong was responding to his mother.

Madam Cao’s hand tapped on the coffin board rhythmically, she had a gentle expression while she mumbled to herself. The dim coffin seemed to have turned into a cradle and it looked like Madam Cao was singing in order to coax her son to sleep.

Standing at a distance, Jin Tianyi waited for Madam Cao to finish her song, all while he unhurriedly unbuttoned his jacket.

His fingers were slender and flexible, with an elegant movement. Jin Tianyi’s face was cold and frosty.

When the jacket was removed…the black shroud was exposed to the eyes.

Jin Tianyi smiled while touching the shroud, “Go, this is what I promised you, but I’m warning you, do not stain my clothes”.

His eyes flickered with a gray and blue light.

The shroud shone brightly and Jin Tianyi’s face slowly changed into that of another man. The man had smooth and elegant features, yet there was something both sinister and ruthless in his appearance.

‘Jin Tianyi’ flashed like a ghost toward Madam Cao.

Madam Cao was startled: “You are…”

Her eyes widened and she immediately fell from the stool, knocking out the candle on the memorable table.

“No! This…this is impossible!” She shook her head frantically, her legs twisted together like an earthworm.

‘Jin Tianyi’ approached Madam Cao slowly.

The features of the man in front of her were the same as the portrait that was given to her by Father Yin, Madam Cao’s consciousness was already on the verge of collapsing.

“Don’t come here, don’t, go away, it was that Old Man Yin, it was that servant…it wasn’t me…I didn’t do anything!”

At this moment, ‘Jin Tianyi’ had already grabbed her foot, he inserted a strong force on Madam Cao’s foot. Then the Mourning Hall suddenly filled with her screams.

“Ah!” The pain caused Madam Cao to faint. Her leg was broken.

The torture had just begun…

Ma Zhicheng was beaten to death. His bones were broken while his skin was covered with many bruises. His chest rib was also broken, with the bone pinching through the skin.

Whenever Madam Cao was about to lose her consciousness, the next wave of pain would remind her about her committed crime.

The man had a tall body with a handsome face. He hooked up the corner of his mouth into an indifferent smile, just like a demon from hell, and he was doing an extremely horrible thing right now.

The sound of bone cracking and Madam Cao’s howling voice lasted for a long time.

In the end, Madam Cao died.

It was really too painful. Her screaming seemed to echo through the entire Mourning Hall.

‘Jin Tianyi’ stood blankly for a while, and when the shrouded light gradually turned dim, he walked towards the coffin where Yin Xiaofeng was in.

There was sadness on his handsome face, but soon it was replaced with joy: “Xiaofeng…tonight, you are going to marry me” He murmured, and his eyes were gentle.

When the light of the shroud completely disappeared, Jin Tianyi took it off.

That day, when they ran into Mother Ma, it was him who had instructed her to say those words. However, the one who had promised Ma Zhicheng was also him. Therefore, he couldn’t go back on his word. And if he did, then the one who faced such a tragic end would be him.

But only this route could make him wear this shroud safely without any harm, unlike Wang Xue…

The first person that had died in this instance wasn’t Zhao Xin but Wang Xue.

When Jin Tianyi returned to the hall, his eyes abruptly tightened because he could only catch sight of Li Bin, while the other three were gone.

Chu Huai…

“Where are they?” Jin Tianyi told himself to keep calm and asked Li Bin with a heavy voice.

“Luo Ziyang was called away by Wang Xue,” Li Bin said without taking it seriously, “As for Chu Jiao, I don’t know where she went either”.

Inside the room, Wang Xue was talking to Luo Ziyang and Chu Huai accidentally knocked on the door. Then, before the people on the inside could open their mouths and say a word, Chu Huai had already pushed the door in without any more politeness.

Wang Xue was sitting really close to Luo Ziyang, yet the other person seemed to be unaware of this.

Noticing that Chu Huai was coming in, Wang Xue’s eyes flashed with a vicious light.

“Chu Jiao, why did you come?” Luo Ziyang was happy to see Chu Jiao. Wang Xue’s behavior just now seemed to be really strange, which made him feel goosebumps all over his body.

He quickly walked toward Chu Huai, while Chu Huai pretended to be naive: “Wang Xue, I have some matter that I need to talk about with you.”

He tilted his head to look at Luo Ziyang: “Is it convenient for Brother Luo to leave first?”

Wang Xue fixed her eyes on Chu Huai. That pair of eyes looked scary and alarming.

Was this woman here to die?

Luo Ziyang was a bit confused, yet he still went out. When he walked past Chu Huai, the other person whispered something to him.

Luo Ziyang’s eyes widened, then he nodded solemnly.

Chu Huai closed the door and approached Wang Xue: “Xiao Xue, there is something that I need you to hide for me…”

He lowered his eyes and his expression was somewhat gloomy.

“You mean…your arm?”

Chu Huai hesitated a little and finally nodded. He whispered to Wang Xue’s ear with a mysterious tone: “There was a ghost in my body…”

His voice was really deep when he said the word ‘ghost’.

Wang Xue’s eyes flickered with fast hidden cruelty.

She looked worried: “Was it serious?”

“I won’t live long,” Chu Huai said, “However…Because of this matter, I gained an extraordinary ability”

Wang Xue stiffened: “What ability?”

Chu Huai smiled softly and glanced at her with a harmless look: “I have a very strong perception of ghosts.”

Wang Xue sneered upon hearing this remark.

“Let me tell you, I will know whether she is a ghost after I grab her hand”

Wang Xue immediately withdrew her hands, but Chu Huai was fast enough to grab them.

“I just lied to you,” Chu Huai smiled, the hand that he had just touched suddenly turned wet and cold…

The water began to drip from the hand and the room became stuffed with a corpse smell.

‘Wang Xue’ turned blank for a moment.

Chu Huai seized this opportunity to grip her neck and push her onto the bed before he began to…remove her coat.

“I found Yin Xiaofeng’s shroud.” Chu Huai looked at the red wedding dress in front of him with a faint smile.

‘Wang Xue’ had pale skin, with a ghostly makeup on her face, plus an eye-catching red dress, which made her appearance look extremely horrible. From time to time, there would be a dreadful smell of water pouring out from her mouth. Moreover, there were also two dead fish inside of it!

At this moment, ‘Wang Xue’ began to make a move, she wanted to grasp Chu Huai’s delicate and fragile neck, but the other party instantaneously clutched her muddy hair.

“Ahh!!” ‘Wang Xue’ shrieked miserably.

Right at this moment, Chu Huai also shouted: “Brother Luo!”

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