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IFMSW Chapter 7

Ghost Marriage (6)

Warning: This chapter includes some inappropriate words and may cause discomfort to some readers.

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Chapter 7: Ghost Marriage (6)

Jin Tianyi and Chu Huai slept on the same bed.

The highest possibility was that the accident might have happened at night, they slept with their clothes on, so it would be convenient for them to run away as soon as there was danger.

The Yin Family was small and it was impossible for five or six people to squeeze into the same room. Li Bin and Wang Xue were in a cold war, so Luo Ziyang and Li Bin would be staying together in the same room while Wang Xue lived with Zhao Xin.

Therefore, Jin Tianyi and Chu Huai were ‘reluctantly’ stay together.

Chu Huai’s breathing gradually became steady. He slept in Jin Tianyi’s arms. However, Jin Tianyi didn’t know whether it was because of Chu Huai’s habit or subconscious rejection. After falling asleep, he broke away from his embrace and shrank into a ball.

In the dark, Jin Tianyi opened his eyes, there wasn’t a trace of sleepiness on his face.

He tilted his head and glanced at the person next to him, wondering why Chu Huai was hugging himself tightly at the edge of the bed. This posture was no different from a person, who was suffering from pain because of a serious stomach problem.

Chu Huai was in an unstable sleep, his brows furrowed and his eyelids kept on moving slightly.

Jin Tianyi thought for a while before sitting up quietly. He grasped Chu Huai’s hand gently and started to relax each one of his fingers.

Chu Huai’s hands were cold.

Last time, Jian Tianyi discovered that Chu Huai’s body temperature was lower than normal humans.

The information he obtained was limited, and it wasn’t enough to find out about Chu Huai’s secrets.

He just wanted to discuss whether the illness that Chu Huai had said before was true or false.

Jin Tianyi smiled softly before grabbing the other person’s hand and pulled him back into his arms.

When he was about to close his eyes, he heard a tiny sound of the key crash against the mental.

Jin Tianyi narrowed his eyes and his dark pupils gradually turned gray and blue.

A paper window was pricked by a human finger and revealed a small hole. The finger was embedded with mud which made it turn gray.

Afterward, a small tube came in through the small hole. There was gray and blue smoke spreading from the tube.

Jin Tianyi immediately covered Chu Huai’s mouth and nose. Chu Huai woke up in an instant. He was about to struggle but Jin Tianyi, who was behind him suddenly tugged at him and bit his earlobe lightly.

Chu Huai shivered all over and there was a moment of blankness in his round eyes.

The thin tube withdrew from the small hole of the window paper and replaced it with an evil turbid eye.

Jin Tianyi immediately closed his eyes.

At this moment, Chu Huai also seemed to realize the situation. Therefore, he obediently closed his eyes and remained unmoved. Chu Huai didn’t notice Jin Tianyi’s strange pupils at all.

A pair of eyes stared at them in secret for a long time before leaving. At this moment, the door opened with a ‘squeak’ and a dark figure sneaked in.

Jin Tianyi opened his eyes and looked at Father Yin quietly.

Father Yin tiptoed toward the table and found the silver taels that Jin Tianyi had stolen before. He was overjoyed and directly shoved the silver taels into his sleeve. He was about to slip away but seemed to remember that there was a beautiful woman in this room. For a moment he became enamored and walked toward the bed.

Chu Huai was sleeping in the outside area. When Father Yin was about to touch his waist, Jin Tianyi immediately pulled the person beside him and changed the position.

Father Yin was taken back by this sudden change. He directly squatted down at the bottom of the bed, the knife hidden in his sleeve almost fell out.

“Slut!” Jin Tianyi shouted to Chu Huai. His eyes had already returned to normal.

Chu Huai: “………………?!!!”

“You’re so cheap…nevertheless, I still…en…like you”

“What, not screaming anymore? Embarrassed?” Jin Tianyi laughed in a low voice.

Chu Huai: “…” Fortunately, he was a man, otherwise, it would be a shameful thing if he was a woman.

He didn’t expect Jin Tianyi to be so violent, which made his ears become hot.

If it weren’t for his pure and innocent personality, Chu Huai wouldn’t mind talking back.

Father Yin breathed a sigh of relief, it turned out that they were ‘working’.

Father Yin laid under the bed. On the other hand, he was feeling uncertain why his enthusiastic smoke lost its effect. He listened to the sound of movement above him while shaking with fright, fearing that he would be discovered.

He had only himself now. Although there was a woman above him who was fragile. Nevertheless, the man’s strength couldn’t be underestimated. Furthermore, he was old and weak, which could not compete with that man at all.

They just needed to realize that the silver taels on the table had disappeared, then they would know about his intention. How could this be any better? If it was only a trivial matter then they could just beat him but what if that man became mad and killed him…

This group of people and Madam Cao had a really good relationship, without a doubt it showed that they were from a noble family. As the proverb said, people killed others because of money. Nevertheless, could they still live a peaceful life and be safe all the time?

Thinking of all of these possible things, Father Yin’s face turned ferocious. He should… struck first to gain the upper hand.

Chu Huai gestured to Jin Tianyi with his eyes and asked him what he planned to do next. Jin Tianyi’s thin lips moved slightly, his eyes darkened when he was about to speak!

A silver light suddenly flashed from the bottom of the bed near Chu Huai’s waist!

That was…a knife!

Chu Huai didn’t know what had just happened yet.

On the verge of his death, Jin Tianyi held him while avoiding the knife.

Chu Huai laid on Jin Tianyi before tilting his head to look at the blade that was approaching them. Then, he suddenly realized that his heart was fluttering with fear.

The bed board was made of wood. There was a big gap between each board. The movement on the bed was violent. Father Yin couldn’t even hit them because when the two changed their posture, it happened to avoid Father Yin’s attack. He withdrew the knife and began to stab from the bottom of the bed once again.

Jin Tianyi smiled silently.

“Hold me tight.” He tightened his hand around Chu Huai and spoke to him in a low voice.

Chu Huai tightly wrapped his arm around the other person’s neck and Jin Tianyi…rolled up the sheets while avoiding the tip of the knife.

Because the bed was tough, Father Yin’s movement was always blocked when he inserted the knife, so Jin Tianyi could easily avoid every blow from him while holding Chu Huai.

No matter how stupid Father Yin was, he still realized the situation. Therefore, he climbed out under the bed with a knife in his hand, directly turned around, and ran away but when he almost reached the door, he was caught by Jin Tianyi who had chased after him.

Jin Tianyi’s hand was so strong that Father Yin felt choked and thought that death was approaching. He clutched Jin Tianyi’s hand with despair then a begging word emerged from his mouth: “Great, great lord, please have some mercy, life is always like this…”

Father Yin’s complexion turned gray and his eyes filled with grief.

“Be careful!” Chu Huai’s eyes widened.

Father Yin lifted the knife, wanting to stab the person in front of him, but Jin Tianyi reacted first and kicked the knife from his hand.

Chu Huai breathed a sigh of relief when the knife fell onto the ground with a ‘clang’.

The murderous intent flashed in Jin Tianyi’s eyes.

It was his neglect, yet, what he didn’t expect was that Father Yin not only looked for money and sexual relations but also had an idea of ​​killing people.

Chu Huai was almost injured because of this accident.

“Don’t kill him.” Chu Huai’s expression became tense.

Jin Tianyi turned his head and stared at his shimmering obsidian eyes. The cold and sharp Chu Huai disappeared immediately, which was replaced by the little bunny Chu Jiao.

Jin Tianyi loosened his grip.

Hope flashed in Father Yin’s eyes, he directly begged Chu Huai for mercy: “Young miss! I am greedy for money! damn it, no, no, I can’t die, bah…”

“Please save me… I really didn’t mean it! I won’t do it again!”

“You have also seen that my family was too poor…My daughter is gone, how can I survive like this with my wife…I really have no choice!” He saw Ch Huai’s face move slightly and he started to make himself even more tragic.

“I, I’ll give you back the silver taels! Please let me go!” Father Yin began to take out the silver taels, and because of his rushing attitude. All the silver taels immediately fell and rolled onto the ground.

“You…don’t kill him, it’s not easy for him to live in a life like this. Besides, we’re fine now…” Chu Huai finally opened his mouth to speak, clearly lacking confidence and didn’t dare to look straight at Jin Tianyi’s eyes.

Jin Tianyi turned back and smiled silently before releasing Father Yin.


“Thanks, thank you for not killing me!” Father Yin immediately ran away.

Chu Huai thought Jin Tianyi would be angry but Jin Tianyi turned around and hugged him instead.

Chu Huai froze for a moment, he put his hand on the other person awkwardly and said slowly: “I’m sorry,”

“I know he deserves to die, but I, I just can’t bear to watch him die…Am I, am I too useless?” Chu Huai was depressed, and blaming himself. His voice was soft, which could easily affect any man’s nerves.

“It’s okay.” Jin Tianyi caressed Chu Huai’s dark and smooth hair as if soothing him, he revealed a pampering smile on his face when the person in his arm couldn’t see it.

Chu Huai was truly a devil, he was too clever. Nevertheless, it made him even more fond of this person.

Jin Tianyi went to close the door, and the two fell asleep.

Before dawn, the sky was still dark. Wang Xue’s shrill scream cut through the tranquility of the night.

The entire Yin Family was now shrouded in darkness.

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