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IFMSW Chapter 6

Ghost Marriage (5)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Chapter 6: Ghost Marriage (5)

Chu Huai turned his head back in surprise upon seeing the four burly men were climbing up with a coffin while their mouths hanged open and seemed to be out of breath. Behind them was a wailing sound of the relative, he didn’t know whether this was the real grievance or the fake one.

Jin Tianyi took Chu Huai to the side of the road and made way for the group.

Several guys were bare from the waist up, they wiped the sweat and complained as they passed by: “I haven’t seen such a heavy coffin…”

“Yeah, it’s getting heavier and heavier, I can’t do it anymore, should we rest?”

“My shoulders are about to break, I seem to remember that the son of the Ma Family was thin right…?” Their entire faces flushed because of tiredness.

“Hey, don’t you think…the sons of the Ma Family had died unjustly…? I heard people say that if the coffin is getting heavier from time to time, it means that the person who had died didn’t want to leave…”

“Don’t say such a scary thing in broad daylight!”

Chu Huai stared at their feet because it was raining and the road was muddy. They left deep footprints.

The four big men climbed up the hill and one of them yelled to the team to stop in order to take a rest. They put down the coffin on the catafalque but before they could sit down and catch their breath. Everyone heard a ‘crack’ sound, then the catafalque that supported the coffin was broken!


The coffin slammed onto the ground heavily making the mud and water splashed. Jin Tianyi quickly pulled Chu Huai over to covered him and his clothes were spattered with mud.

The group of people’s complexion changed instantly.

“The coffin must not fall onto the ground, this is a big taboo.” Jin Tianyi explained in a low voice.

Chu Huai raised his eyebrows, he felt that Jin Tianyi seemed to know a lot of things.

The four big men quickly lifted the coffin again in panic. However, they already tried for a long while but the coffin seemed to be rooted on the ground and could not be moved at all.

For a while, everyone was frightened out of their wits and didn’t know what to do.

“Son!” The haggard old woman suddenly rushed out from the back of the group. She burst into tears while kneeling and hugging the coffin.

“How can such a thing fall into our family? God, please open your eyes and see! The three generations of our Ma Family have one son in each generation, how can he encounter a group of evil people and get killed…mother sorry, mother didn’t protect you very well…”

Chu Huai’s eyes darkened. Jin Tianyi handed the umbrella to him and walked to the old woman before he squatted down beside her. After saying a few words to her, he returned.

The old woman nodded toward him hesitantly and began to cried like what Jin Tianyi had instructed her: “My son, mother knows that you have an unfulfilled wish. If you are wronged, you can rest assured, mother will fulfill your wish and take revenge for you!”

As soon as she said this sentence, the four men only felt that the coffin had become light. They almost fell somersault because of this unreasonable force. The good news was that the coffin could be lifted.

Jin Tianyi watched thoughtfully at the group who were leaving.

“Do you think the male ghost that Wang Xue saw might be him…?” Chu Huai asked, holding an umbrella for him.

Jin Tianyi glanced at him in astonishment and nodded: “The coffin can’t be lifted, which shows that the people who have died were refused to leave.”

Chu Huai knitted his brows tightly.

When they returned to the Yin Family, Luo Ziyang immediately came over with delight and said: “There was a discovery!”

Later, Father Yin came out and Luo Ziyang turned silent in an instant, dragging the two toward the back courtyard. The other three newcomers were also there.

When Zhao Xin saw Jin Tianyi, she wanted to curry his favor, therefore she quickly handed over the letter to him.

“They let us live in Yin Xiaofeng’s room!” Zhao Xin looked disgusted and then smiled. “But if it weren’t for this, we wouldn’t be able to find such a clue.”

“I looked through the entire room and finally found it under the cushion of these embroidered shoes.” Zhao Xin pointed to the pair of red embroidered shoes on the bed.

Jin Tianyi opened the letter.

“Yin Xiaofeng had a man outside,” Zhao Xin sneered. “This kind of woman who doesn’t know how to restraint herself deserved to die, maybe she was killed by her lover and was thrown into the pond”

Chu Huai frowned slightly: “Can you say a few words less?”

Zhao Xin snorted coldly: “Oh, a disgusting person was feeling sympathetic toward the same kind. In the last letter, she wrote that she was pregnant and wanted to elope with that person”

Zhao Xin’s words were really unpleasant to the ears. Chu Huai’s face became more and more gloomy, he decided not to pay any more attention to that woman.

“Maybe Father Yin and Mother Yin didn’t know about this matter. She probably just wrote it and before the letter could be sent, the person had already gone” Luo Ziyang added.

Wang Xue sat on the side of the bed silently, she and Li Bin seemed to be completely horrified, and Li Bin also stayed far away from her, he didn’t even lift his eyes to glance at her.

After reading the letter, Jin Tianyi handed it back and whispered in Chu Huai’s ear: “The man’s surname is Ma, and his name is Ma Zhicheng.”

Chu Huai’s pupils contract slightly.

The big guys who carried the coffin just now said that…It was the son of the ‘Ma Family’ who had died.

Right at this moment, he instantly understood a lot of things.

Yin Xiaofeng and Ma Zhicheng were secretly in love with each other. After that, Yin Xiaofeng became pregnant and they agreed to elope together. However, at this time Madam Cao’s only son, Cao Rong, suddenly died.

Madam Cao wanted to find a ghost relative for her son, but she could not find a suitable candidate and by a coincidence, she moved her target toward Yin Xiaofeng. What she knew about the relationship between Yin Xiaofeng and Ma Zhicheng was unclear. Furthermore, she might not know that Yin Xiaofeng and Ma Zhicheng had already reached this point. (T/N: Probably about Xiaofeng pregnant)

They just met Mother Ma by chance. She had withered hair, her face was filled with crinkles and her hand was rough. It looked like the Ma Family wasn’t well off at all.

So Madam Cao didn’t pay too much attention to the Ma Family. In order to achieve her goal, she directly ordered people to beat Ma Zhicheng to death in secret, and then managed to kill Yin Xiaofeng afterward.

In this way, everything made sense. Plus with the existence of the male ghost that bothered Madam Cao before, it could be pointed out that she was the real culprit who killed Ma Zhicheng!

And Ma Zhicheng wanted to kill Madam Cao in revenge.


Was the truth really that simple…?

Chu Huai furrowed his brows.

Why didn’t Ma Zhicheng attack Madam Cao? Why did he have to wait for so long?

Ma Zhicheng had been buried, they couldn’t repeat their previous method to open his coffin and check if the shroud on his body had disappeared. However, according to the current situation, it could almost be explained that the shroud belonged to Ma Zhicheng.

But why didn’t he take revenge and attacked Wang Xue instead…?

Was this the instance setting? It shouldn’t be…

According to the custom here, the corpse was usually mortified for three days and buried on the fourth day. In other words, Ma Zhicheng had been dead for at least four days. Weren’t these four days enough for him to kill a woman who didn’t have the power to even bind a chicken?

Did the ghost get abstained and couldn’t kill people recklessly?

Then what were the rules for killing…?

If that was the case, then what was the way to survive…?

They already learned the truth but it seemed not to help them much to get through this…

The sky gradually turned dark.

Chu Huai thought for a while and went to find Wang Xue. He wanted to go to the Ma Family to confirm whether that male ghost was really Ma Zhicheng.

Even if the Ma Family didn’t have Ma Zhicheng’s portrait, just listening to Mother Ma’s description was enough. Besides, Wang Xue was the only person who had seen the male ghost.

Chu Huai expressed his intentions, but Wang Xue was still in a daze. Therefore, he called for her once again, and finally, Wang Xue returned to her senses: “Ah, yes, I, I have no problem.”

“You wear so many clothes, don’t you feel hot?” Chu Huai asked casually.

On such a hot day, Wang Xue put on a coat.

“I’m not hot,” Wang Xue smiled shyly, “I always like this, I feared winter but not afraid of being hot, during the summer, I never turned on the air conditioner, I reluctantly made do with it after I got together with Li Bin, and when he turned it on, I’ll be covered with a thick quilt”

Chu Huai nodded.

The place was so big, they had to ask all the way and soon found the Ma Family.

Mother Ma had seen Chu Huai before, she was stunned at the door for a while before letting them in.

When Chu Huai asked about Ma Zhicheng’s appearance, Mother Ma began to look alert.

Having no other choice, Chu Huai made up a story and said: “Not long ago, my friend passed by a group of people who beat a person, she was frightened out of her wits thus she ran away but she still remembered their appearance and last time I heard you said something related to this matter so I wonder whether that person who got beaten was your son…”

Chu Huai said and pointed to Wang Xue beside him.

Upon hearing this, Mother Ma became happy and she began to describe Ma Zhicheng’s appearance clearly without mixing up.

“Is it him…?” Chu Huai turned his head and asked Wang Xue in a low voice.

Wang Xue was absent-minded. After a long while, she reacted and her tone was uncertain: “…it should be.”

After Chu Huai dealt with Mother Ma, the two walked out and there was a sudden chill behind him.

For a moment he felt like he was in an ice cellar, his blood was frozen and his scalp went numb!

Chu Huai was very sensitive to this evil energy because his body was soaked in it for a long time…

In a flash, he turned around but the pressure suddenly vanished…

Chu Huai was perplexed. Earlier, he really felt like he was on the brink of death!

Wang Xue looked at him suspiciously: “What’s the matter?”


At this time, the sky was already darkened.

“Jiaojiao, I’m afraid of the dark.” Wang Xue leaned over and tightened around Chu Huai’s arm.

Chu Huai didn’t mind and let her do so: “Let’s go back quickly”

Back in the Yin Family, Chu Huai wanted to explain his conclusion to everyone yet his face suddenly turned pale in an instant.

The ghost in his body suddenly flared up.

The pain hit his heart horribly, like a thousand ants biting his heart and for a moment, he couldn’t breathe.

“Jiaojiao, your…” Wang Xue beside Chu Huai covered her mouth, staring at Chu Huai’s arm with wide eyes.

Because of the heat, Chu Huai lifted his long sleeves halfway up.

At this moment, on his slender and delicate arm, the purple blood vessels suddenly weakened and something terrifying seemed to be crawling in it.

Chu Huai immediately put down his sleeves before anyone else saw it, and put his hands behind his back.

It should have been when he came into contact with the evil energy at the Ma Family earlier. Therefore, the yin energy that had been suppressed in his body suddenly awakened.

“Chu Jiao, are you alright?!” Luo Ziyang was a little panicked. Originally he was smoking by the window and upon seeing what had happened. He directly moved the stool over for him.

“Sorry, I have a congenital disease.” Chu Huai lied.

He waved his hand to Luo Ziyang, indicating that he didn’t need to sit.

In just a few minutes, Chu Huai was already soaking with sweat because of the pain, and his hands that were hidden in his sleeves couldn’t help but tremble.

Damn it.

On the other side, Zhao Xin gloated over his misfortune.

“Where is Brother Jin?” Chu Huai asked quietly while holding back the pain.

“Li Bin followed him to the Cao Family in an attempt to check Ma Zhicheng’s death. I was planning to go too but the boss felt uneasy and asked me to stay and protect Zhao Xin.” Luo Ziyang explained, looking at Chu Huai with worry.

“Is it serious? Should I help you get the medicine?” he suggested cautiously.

After all, this belonged to Chu Jiao’s privacy. Without Chu Jiao’s permission, he couldn’t look through her things.

“No…I’m fine, I’ll be okay in a while.”

Chu Huai smiled forcefully, pinching his palms with his fingers, and walked out with difficulty while depending on the wall to support himself. Furthermore, he didn’t want others to notice his current condition at all.

He couldn’t explain to them that there was a ghost living in his body. This group of people was in a rush to survive, and what they hated the most was ghosts. He knew that the ghost in his body would not harm them, but what reason did they have to believe him??

People’s hearts were evil and there was no guarantee that someone wouldl not act secretly to get rid of this ‘troublesome existence’.

It was not that Chu Huai had never thought about using painkillers such as morphine before. In fact, when he had a seizure, Old Yue couldn’t stand watching him in pain. Therefore, he injected him on the spot and he was directly fell unconscious.

Chu Huai didn’t lack money but he just didn’t want to be addicted. If he used it, he would become the drug’s puppet, he would live with the existence of neither human nor ghost.

After struggling to step out of the high threshold, Chu Huai saw Jin Tianyi walking in by the door.

As soon as Jin Tianyi raised his head and met his gaze, seeing that his face wasn’t right, as if he was about to faint in the next second. Jin Tiayi immediately strode over and carried him horizontally in front of everyone’s vision.

Jin Tianyi passed his one hand under Chu Huai’s snow-white knees and put his arms around his back with the other hand. His face was neither flushed nor panting and his back was straight as steel.

This picture was too beautiful. The handsome man was carrying a beautiful woman in white. The woman’s legs were long and white, which was extremely eye-catching.

“Are you okay?” Jin Tianyi knitted his brows tightly and asked with worry.

The pain in his body was weakening, and Chu Huai wrapped his arms around Jin Tianyi’s neck in a natural manner, his body suddenly relaxed as if he was relying on the other party.

Chu Huai shook his head shyly and his face reddened in embarrassment.

Right now there was only one sentence left in Chu Huai’s mind —Loazi 1It’s referred to the word “I” which is used in an arrogant way dead was depending on him.

It didn’t hurt anymore, he felt like he was crying with joy.

Jin Tianyi tugged Chu Huai’s skirt neatly and carried him to the room. Chu Huai immediately pulled his legs together in order to prevent him from exposing himself.

As the night fell, it was already the second night.

Chu Huai felt unsettled in his heart.

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    It’s referred to the word “I” which is used in an arrogant way
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