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IFMSW Chapter 5

Ghost Marriage (4)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Chapter 5: Ghost Marriage (4)

“Li Bin! Save me!”

Li Bin was the girl’s boyfriend. When the two of them looked at each other, Li Bin directly got up and ran out.

The girl’s shrill voice could be heard from the hut: “Help me…please…help me, ghosts, ghosts!”

“No, don’t…don’t come over!”

“Li Bin, you, you can’t leave me…”

Outside the hut, Li Bin’s legs trembled so much that he nearly couldn’t stand straight, and his face was pale. Li Bin shook his head fiercely and didn’t dare to enter.

Inside the hut was Wang Xue…

His girlfriend…

But…There was a ghost inside it! Ghost……

He didn’t want to die…

His eyes were full of struggle.

Earlier, in the middle of the night, Wang Xue suddenly said she wanted to go to the toilet but she didn’t dare to go alone and asked him to accompany her.

He really didn’t expect this to happen…

No! He couldn’t die! He could find another girlfriend but he had only one life!

Li Bin stepped backward step by step, further away from the hut…

“No! Don’t come over! Don’t…” Wang Xue’s cried became more and more miserable.

He felt really hopeless right now. When Li Bin turned his head and caught a glimpse of Jin Tianyi, he seemed to become alive and filled with hope once again.

He jumped over and pulled Jin Tianyi’s clothes, while begging: “Brother Jin, please save Xiao Xue…please!”

Jin Tianyi wanted to go in but was dragged by Li Bin, therefore Chu Huai rushed in first.

The hut was dim and cramped, Inside it, he saw…a floating black shroud. When Chu Huai gazed down, the black shroud didn’t have ‘human’ legs. The surface of the shroud was emitting a cold and gloomy light, similar to eyes that could make people shudder.

It blocked Wang Xue’s path, therefore she couldn’t move. She was leaning against the dirty wall, her face covered with tears. Wang Xue was scared and incontinent, there was also some nasty smell in the hut.

“Li Bin! Save me!”

When she saw a figure coming in and thought it was Li Bin. In an instant, there was a glimmer of hope on her pale face.

“Ahh!” Wang Xue’s body suddenly lifted from the ground in a strange posture, her head raised as though there was an invisible hand gripping her neck. Wang Xue’s face turned purple and she nearly suffocated…

At this moment, Chu Huai remembered what Jin Tianyi had said before.

During their exploration time in the instance, the ghosts would not make a move to attack the participant, unless…a clue had appeared, or…the direction of their analysis was wrong.

Currently, none of them feel satisfied with the clue that they found.

When Chu Huai thought of this, his eyes suddenly shrank, he no longer hesitated and walked forward.

One step…two steps…three steps…then he grabbed the black shroud!

He only felt cold from his arm spreading all over his body after touching it.

Not good!

Chu Huai was about to throw the shroud away but the shroud directly collapsed in his hand at a speed that was visible to the naked eyes. The light on the shroud became dim, right at this moment, it was no different from an ordinary shroud.

Chu Huai hadn’t recovered from what had happened yet while Wang Xue slid down onto the ground like a snake and her eyes were gloomy.

Jin Tianyi who came in later, seeing what had happened, his impression of Chu Huai also changed.

He was very clever and decisive. Therefore, the situation was completely settled.

Noticing that Jin Tianyi and Chu Huai had entered, Li Bin finally made up his mind to follow them. He saw Wang Xue in a miserable state on the ground and immediately ran over to help her up but she jerked his hand away.

Li Bin was surprised that Wang Xue was so strong which made him staggered and almost fell. Wang Xue glanced at Li Bin coldly with anger in her eyes.

Luo Ziyang hurried over to help her but frowned and it seemed like he couldn’t bear the smell on Wang Xue’s body. Li Bin stood stilled with a lost expression on his face, the woman in front of him made him felt unfamiliar.

Wang Xue always gave him the impression of a person that was easy to control and a coward. Usually, she was also timid and quiet.

“Xiao Xue, I really…” Li Bin was distracted and didn’t know what to do, “I love you! You must believe me…”

Wang Xue remained unmoved while clutching Luo Ziyang’s hand tightly. On the other hand, no one knew when Zhao Xin appeared and she started to mock: “Did you keep this kind of boyfriend for celebrating the New Year?”

Li Bin was furious and asked her sharply, “If it was you, are you willing to die on behalf of your boyfriend?!”

“It wasn’t my fault! I just want to live!”

Zhao Xin’s expression turned unpleasant and she immediately stopped talking.

Li Bin sneered, “I know what you all are thinking, but what right do you have to despise me?!”

His trembling hand stretched out and pointed to everyone: “If it was you, your decision would be the same as mine!”

Jin Tianyi extended his hand to covered Chu Huai’s ears: “Let’s go”

Chu Huai also found it was boring to stay, there was no other than a dog blood drama so he followed Jin Tianyi out.

He pointed to the shroud on his hand and asked, “Brother Jin, what do you think?”

Jin Tianyi took the shroud and put it on himself under Chu Huai’s faint gaze. When it was on Jin Tianyi’s body, the shroud was a bit small, specifically the same size as the sleeve.

“Alright, this isn’t Yin Xiaofeng’s shroud, it should be a man’s shroud and he is about 1.75 meters tall, thin, he also had long arms,” Jin Tianyi said as he took it off.

“Cao Rong?” Chu Huai’s brow furrowed tightly, this was the first person that he could think of.

Jin Tianyi said thoughtfully: “Not necessarily, Cao Rong shouldn’t become a ghost.”

Suddenly, something flashed in his mind, and Chu Huai couldn’t help but said: “Could it be the male ghost that pestered Madam Cao?”

“It’s possible”

“I guess the ghost is in the shroud,” Jin Tianyi said.

Chu Huai’s hand that was about to take the shroud back stiffened.

Jin Tianyi tightened the corners of his mouth: “Because they were locked inside the coffin, the shroud becomes their host, this may be one part of the story that the instance had set up”

“So Yin Xiaofeng had become a ghost?!” When Chu Huai thought that this was possible, he couldn’t help but feel shocked.

After all…Yin Xiaofeng’s shroud was missing.

“I don’t know,” Jin Tianyi said.

Indeed, there were still many things that they hadn’t found out yet.

If this was the case, then where did Yin Xiaofeng’s shroud go…?

“Let me keep the shroud,” Jin Tianyi said and Chu Huai also had no objections about this.

Early the next morning, Jin Tianyi gathered everyone to inform them about the information that he had found out last night, at the same time everyone thought that what Jin Tianyi had analyzed was reasonable.

Zhao Xin looked at Jin Tianyi with a warm gaze.

She expressed her opinion: “Brother Tianyi, I don’t think we could stay in the Cao Family for too long since there is a ghost here and what’s more, Madam Cao also one of his targets”

Chu Huai glanced at her.

Calling so affectionately, everything that this woman said was all nonsense.

He turned his head to look at Jin Tianyi with a smile, “Big Brother Tianyi.”

Chu Huai’s voice was charming and sweet. Jin Tianyi smiled and caressed his long hair gently.

Wang Xue was sitting farthest away from everyone with her head bowed down, she had a gloomy expression as though she hadn’t come out from what had happened last night yet.

“You said it so easily, if we don’t stay here then where should we go?” Li Bin sneered.

Since Zhao Xin dared to ridicule him last night, don’t blame him for opposing her.

Zhao Xin’s face was ugly, and she immediately retorted: “We…we can go to the Yin Family!”

She just said it nonchalantly but when Zhao Xin thought that it was a good place. She immediately looked at Li Bin proudly: “Yes! Go to the Yin Family!”

“Somehow, Yin Xiaofeng was probably killed by Madam Cao. If she became a ghost, she must be the first person who acts against the Cao Family and plus that male ghost. In the present situation, this Cao Mansion already has…two ghosts!”

The more she spoke, the more Zhao Xin became excited and Li Bin’s face was gradually hard to look at.

He felt that Zhao Xin was right.

“So of course we have to go to the Yin Family. Yin Xiaofeng will never attack her parents, right? The Yin Family is definitely safer than the Cao Family!” Zhao Xin sat down proudly after speaking.

Although she was an annoying person, Chu Huai felt that what she said right now was fairly reasonable and they also needed to go to the Yin Family in order to find out the cause of Yin Xiaofeng’s death.

It was just that he still remembered about ‘Yincao’ that he had been thinking of last time. Chu Huai’s mind becomes disturbed because of this.

Could this be one of the clues…? It seemed like it…?

Moreover, was the Yin Family really a safe place as Zhao Xin had said…?

“Let’s vote,” Jin Tianyi knitted his brow tightly.

“If you go then raise your hand because there are six people, I abstained”

Everyone had no objection.

Zhao Xin was the first person who raised a hand and Li Bin followed her reluctantly. Luo Ziyang also felt that something wasn’t right and the same as Chu Huai, he did not raise his hand.

Everyone turned to look at Wang Xue.

Seeing that she was still in a daze, Zhao Xin literally hated the iron for not becoming steel1to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvements and called her: “Wang Xue, are you going or not?!”

“Ah!” Wang Xue cried out in surprise, smiled awkwardly at everyone, and said timidly, “I’ll…go”

She raised her hand hesitantly.

With this result, everyone unanimously went to visit Madam Cao and explained the situation to her.

“No problem, I will send someone to inform the Yin Family. Just tell me if you have any difficulty, also, you must come back before midnight two days later to participate in my son’s ghost marriage”

According to the local custom. For the sake of harmony, the difference between the common and ghost marriage was that the latter would be held at midnight.

Bidding farewell to Madam Cao, everyone set off to the Yin Family.

Luo Ziyang went to knock on the door.

The one who opened the door was a middle-aged man with a shaggy beard. He had a skinny figure with a wrinkled shirt, his nails were dark which was dirty, and his eyes were grimy.

His burning gaze stared at Chu Huai for a good while before he said: “I am Yin Xiaofeng’s father. Madam Cao already sent someone to notified me in advance. Come in”

Originally, Father Yin and Mother Yin used to be a servant in the Cao Family and after they turned old, they were dismissed. As a result, Yin Xiaofeng, who was their only daughter, had to go and work as a servant in the Cao Family on behalf of her parents.

“I didn’t expect Yin Xiaofeng’s family to be so poor,” Luo Ziyang walked over and whispered.

Chu Huai furrowed his brows, what Luo Ziyang said was right.

The Yin Family was a four bare walls house that looks like a room with only some basic furniture inside. The edge of the table in front of him was also horribly worn down and the tea they were drinking right now also had a musty smell.

Even if the Cao Family treated their servants terribly, it shouldn’t be too much that it turned them into such a state.

About half an hour ago, it started to rain. At this moment, a drop of rain fell from the shabby roof into the teacup in front of Chu Huai.

“Damn woman, the food is still not ready?!” Father Yin cursed Mother Yin while staring straight at Chu Huai.

“Almost done,” Mother Yin trembled all over, seemingly a little frightened.

Chu Huai stood up shyly and pulled Jin Tianyi’s sleeve before stroking his little finger: “Brother Tianyi, let’s go out.”


Before going out, he borrowed an oil paper umbrella from Father Yin. Jin Tianyi held the oil paper umbrella for Chu Huai. The edge of the umbrella was leaning toward him and Jin Tianyi’s shoulder quickly became wet.

Chu Huai stopped a woman to inquire about the Yin Family situation but the woman waved her hand with a hidden expression: “I don’t know anything, I really don’t know, don’t stop me, I need to rush home and cook for my child! “

Jin Tianyi didn’t say anything but took out the remaining silver taels that he had stolen before, handed it over. The woman smiled instantly.

“We all say that he was a beast, he was good at gambling! And always owed a debt! Xiaofeng is a filial child who always brought money back when she returned home! She was too simple-minded!”

“That old man always beat his wife in the middle of the night, we could hear her cry every time, however, we couldn’t do anything at all and could only talk behind his back…”

“It must be really hard for Xiaofeng to have such a father, fortunately, she served Madam Cao and rarely returned home…” The woman sighed.

Every word the woman said made Chu Huai wrinkle his brow together with a deep frown.

“You have to be careful when you live in his house. Especially, you have a woman by your side, so be more cautious…” The woman turned toward Jin Tianyi, “Is she your wife?”

Chu Huai looked at Jin Tianyi obediently with an affectionate gaze.

Jin Tianyi said with a light smile and grabbed Chu Huai’s hand firmly: “Yes.”

The woman felt touched and reminded them: “Your wife is really beautiful, just like a goddess so you have to keep an eye on her all the time, in case no one knows what that old man will do”

As soon as the woman spoke, she immediately talked nonstop which seemed to have no end. Chu Huai was so anxious that he didn’t know how to stop or interrupt her. She stared at Chu Huai before gazing at the distance, then the woman unexpectedly turned silent.

“Bad luck,” The woman cursed under her breath before dragging her soles and ran away.

  • 1
    to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvements
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