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IFMSW Chapter 35

Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (13)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXX

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 35: Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (13)

Chu Huai subconsciously tightened his grip on Jin Tianyi’s sleeve. “Did you realize it? At least four hours have passed since 6 pm. But the white moon is still there.”

His voice trembled slightly.

Lou Ming’s brows furrowed, his face became solemn.

The surrounding area was quiet, and the sound of wind sighing could be heard. The silver light poured down, shining on Jin Tianyi’s face, making the fine pores on his face visible.

Chu Huai pursed his lips, pointing to Jin Tianyi’s clothes that he was currently wearing, and then said, “I’m in poor health, so I’m extremely sensitive about the temperature around me. Previously, I felt cold even when I was wearing clothes. However, I feel a bit hot right now.”

“Do you understand what it means?” Chu Huai’s gaze was unpredictable.

Even an indifferent person like Lou Ming also began to feel uneasy, thus he urged, “You, speak clearly!”

Jin Tianyi gave a concise explanation on behalf of Chu Huai. “Generally speaking, it is at around two hours past midnight that the night is at its coldest.”

Lou Ming’s expression was sluggish for a second, and he finally understood.

He couldn’t help but clench his hands into fists, then he asked with difficulty, “You mean; the current time should be after two o’clock in the morning…?”

Chu Huai lowered his eyelids. “I don’t know.”

Lou Ming glanced at his watch. The time on his watch did not exceed one second past midnight.

Previously, Chu Huai had glanced at his watch at 10:40, but now the time displayed on the watch was 10:43. In other words, his time was the same as Chu Huai’s.

Lou Ming sneered. He tore off the watch from his hand and threw it fiercely onto the ground, before using his foot to step on it.

The cracking sound of the watch was very harsh, just like a nail scratching against the blackboard.

If the time wasn’t noted carefully by people, and plus with their poor awareness of time, it would undoubtedly affect their mood.

It was like when the phone unexpectedly ran out of power. Time seems to flow by slowly as they chat away happily, not noticing anything, then much more time has passed, and the call is suddenly cut off.

So now they finally realized that the problem was time.

“We should go.” Chu Huai said.

“What are you going to do?” Lou Ming tried to keep calm.

“Think of a way to find the participants, I might…know the way to survive.” Chu Huai and Jin Tianyi looked at each other. And the moment their eyes met, the two nodded slightly.

Jin Tianyi’s eyes were extremely attractive.

The three of them hurriedly crossed the street.

“Brother Jin, use your locking ability.” Chu Huai tilted his head and glanced at Lou Ming. “You use summoning.”

“What?! Chu Jiao, are you crazy?!” Lou Ming’s voice was loud.

Chu Jiao had explained to him before about the connection between the two abilities, summoning and locking. Jin Tianyi could use locking ability to find people, but if he used summoning to summon ghosts, then it would be troublesome if they got surrounded.

Chu Huai cocked his head to look at him. Lou Ming was stunned by what the other party had said. “Have you thought about the possibility that both locking and summoning abilities weren’t meant to be used to kill people, but rather used to… find people and survive together instead?”

As he walked forward, Chu Huai explained to Lou Ming. “First, we entered the instance in random locations. Second, the layout of the city is exactly the same, the gaps between the houses are similar, which shows no difference. The purpose is to prevent us from reuniting. We all know that there are ghosts, and when being chased by a ghost, normal people’s reaction should be the same as us at that time—hiding, right?”

His logic was clear and coherent, which made Lou Ming admire him.

“No matter which camps we are in. We are, after all, participants. Now, the instance deliberately created a conflicting view. Isn’t the instance’s ultimate goal to deter us from rejoining?”

“I asked myself, if you didn’t conceal your identity from the beginning, and if I knew you were a ghost earlier on, I would definitely have tried to escape from you in order to survive. This is a normal reaction, even if you promised to not kill me. But, why should I believe you?”

Chu Huai turned to look at Jin Tianyi.

“Do you remember the sound of the axe during that time? If Brother Jin and I didn’t have a special way to communicate. If…” Chu Huai still did not forget to act, his face reddened. “If we weren’t close, I would not have believed him. I, I might have jumped out of the window and escaped with you.”

Because Jin Tianyi used the locking ability to search around, it consumed a lot of his energy. He could only listen silently, and tighten his grip on Chu Huai’s hand.

Chu Huai was the most idle one at this moment.

After Lou Ming used the summoning ability, he heard Chu Huai say, “We have a problem with our vision, but our hearing is still keen, the one named Li…”

Chu Huai almost spilled out that he knew Li Xingran. Thus, when he saw Jin Tianyi looking back at him, he immediately changed his words. “In that phone call, the person who imitated me was most likely a real ghost! The ghost’s ability had been exposed since the beginning, but we overlooked it.”

Lou Ming was both stupefied and speechless at the same time. The amount of information that he had gotten was too much to digest to accept it all in such a short span of time.

Chu Huai’s mouth curved up into a wry smile. “I have a bad guess.”

Thinking about that guess, Chu Huai suddenly felt a little heavy in his heart.

“Perhaps, the ghost…except to only appear when the participants’ make a second identification error, it doesn’t have the ability…to kill the participants personally.”

He added, “In fact, the sacrifice’s method belongs to the same group as ‘second identification error’.”

When Lou Ming heard this, the blood in his body became chilled, as if he was in the ice cellar. His whole body stiffened, his feet seemed to be nailed onto the ground, making him unable to move anymore.

“If it weren’t for Zhang Quanfang’s sacrifice, I’m not sure when I would have been able to figure this out.”

“This ghost can only confuse people, and it’s the people that kill people.” Chu Huai said slowly. It was obvious that this truth made him feel unable to accept it.

“We must find all the living participants as soon as possible, and tell them the truth. Stop this game from continuing, the world is preventing us from meeting each other. Because as long as we meet, the way to survive will gradually take shape.”

Chu Huai finally finished explaining, and he felt a little tired all of a sudden.

Compared to the wrong information that they had thought of before, this new information was truly terrible.

Lou Ming said in a daze, “God… loves the common people.”

This hint sentence was exceptionally suitable at this time.

For a long while, Lou Ming’s eyes were complicated, mixing with some humble faith. “Chu Jiao, you are indeed God.”

A certain God had no conscience at all. “I don’t love you.”

Chu Huai happily revealed a ‘loving’ gaze to Jin Tianyi, who was calm and stable. “I only love him.”

Jin Tianyi looked down at him slightly. “I only love you.”

His magnetic voice was deep.

Chu Huai became emotionless. “…Did you hear that?”

Lou Ming: “…”


As they shuttled back and forth through the empty street, their visibility suddenly dropped.

The blood moon had appeared.

Chu Huai glanced at his watch, it was exactly eleven o’clock. The corner of his mouth arched up into a mocking smile.

The white moon had never existed.

When the instance’s name changed from ‘The Crazy Blood Moon City’ to ‘Blood Moon Werewolf Killing’, the blood moon had appeared since then.

And the introduction of the instance had been —bloody moon, the crazy people.

His previous explanation of this introduction was wrong. This sentence didn’t mean only the participants from the ghost camp went crazy. That was to say all the participants under the blood moon lost their minds and went crazy.

The participants from the ghost camp with unpredictable hearts walked through the blood moon, hunting down their companions, while the commoners hid in the corners of the city, pointing their fingers toward their companions.

Commoners were no different from ghosts.

It was the nature of betrayal.

Therefore, the phrase ‘Bloody moon, the crazy people.’ was very much like ‘Heaven and earth is ruthless, they treat the myriad creatures as straw dogs1T/N: This “天地不仁, 以万物为刍狗” translated as “‘Heaven and earth are ruthless, they treat the myriad creatures as straw dogs.” is from the fifth chapter of “道德经[Dàodé Jīng]” written by the ancient philosopher Lao Zi..’

The world was fair, it had never been biased toward any camp.

In fact, the white moon in the first hour might have been true, but it never appeared again after that.

The ghost could affect the participants’ vision, that’s why they could see the white moon every hour.

As long as the ghost wanted people to see the white moon, then they would be able to see it. Once the time that was recorded in the watch was wrong, no one would be able to know the real time, whether it was the white moon or the blood moon; it was up to the ghost, who wanted to have fun.

It was eleven o’clock right now, but it was possible that in another group of people, it was one in the morning.

In the beginning of the game, the time should’ve been correct. However, it was gradually changed by the ghost.

They depend on time so much that they fell into this situation.

It was all fake.


“I’m locking two people.” Jin Tianyi said.

“The group of ghosts that chased me on eighteen streets before seems to be rushing over after being summoned.” Lou Ming said.

The two of them almost said in unison.

This was unexpectedly good news.

“How many people were chasing you before?” Chu Huai asked Lou Ming.


Chu Huai mumbled to himself. Jin Tianyi had Mu Cang in his hands, it was enough for five people. They could threaten and lure the five people to obey them for the time being.

Unknowingly, the five people, plus them, were all the living participants.

This was good.

Jin Tianyi’s hand suddenly tightened. Chu Huai knew immediately that the other participants had appeared.

Because of the low visibility, he couldn’t see the surroundings clearly, but with Jin Tianyi here, he was not afraid of the dark.

The street was murky, and two figures suddenly emerged at the corner.

One was tall and broad, while the other was short and slender. This should be a man and a woman. The woman was leaning against the man’s arms.

Chu Huai instantly heard anxious footsteps behind him; the ghosts that Lou Ming had summoned had also come.

The road was extremely narrow, there seemed to be a skeleton lying in the darkness, near his feet.

In front of them were a man and woman, and behind them were three ghosts.

“Quick battle with a quick decision?” Jin Tianyi lifted his brows and looked at Lou Ming.

Lou Ming was about to confront the three ghosts behind them, but Jin Tianyi stretched out his hand to stop him. “I’ll go, I’m afraid that you will kill people.”

“The two should be lovers, they might be easier to talk with, don’t use force.”

Lou Ming shrugged and walked forward. “They indeed look weak.”

Jin Tianyi rubbed Chu Huai’s face and smiled. “You stay here.”

Chu Huai blinked, and muttered, “I’ll do nothing?”

“Mhm.” Jin Tianyi stroked his hair.

Under the blood moon, Chu Huai couldn’t see the other party’s face clearly, but that pair of eyes were extraordinarily beautiful, just like gems.

He tilted his head and smiled. “I’ll be your cheerleader.”

“One, two, three, four, change your posture, five, six, seven, eight, do it again.”

Jin Tianyi: “…What kind of messy slogan is this?”

Chu Huai seemed to be lost in thoughts. “I watched the weight loss exercise on TV, and it was like that.”

Jin Tianyi’s ears were red, he suddenly felt a trace of gratitude that the surrounding area became dim during the blood moon period.

“Oh right, let me give you a treasure.” Chu Huai said.

“Mu Cang is enough…” Jin Tianyi was halfway through his speech when he saw Chu Huai lift up his skirt a little, revealing a rope wrapped around his leg.

“The yellow-haired man’s rope. I thought it’s useful so I took it. I didn’t have a place to store it, I could only wrap it around my leg temporarily.” Chu Huai explained hastily, then he realized that Jin Tianyi hadn’t moved for a long time.

“Don’t look at my legs!” Chu Huai blushed. He raised his slender hands and pulled his own hair in embarrassment.

Translator’s note:

I have had myopia for 6 years already and the current condition of my eyes is a bit serious. I might not be able to continue translating my two projects until they are complete. This project will be dropped at c37 (end of the second arc). If any of you are interested in picking up this project, feel free to do so^^

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    T/N: This “天地不仁, 以万物为刍狗” translated as “‘Heaven and earth are ruthless, they treat the myriad creatures as straw dogs.” is from the fifth chapter of “道德经[Dàodé Jīng]” written by the ancient philosopher Lao Zi.
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