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IFMSW Chapter 36

Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (14)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXX

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 36: Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (14)

Jin Tianyi went alone to meet the three ghosts. Looking at his back figure, he appeared to be confident and at ease.

When they caught up with them, Chu Huai finally saw their appearances.

They were two men and one woman.

The two men were big and tall, their arm muscles were powerful compared to Jin Tianyi’s rough legs. They were truly like the living body of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“Are you here to court death?” One of the musclemen shouted, shaking his fierce body.

Jin Tianyi didn’t have any intention to waste his words with them, so he took out Mu Cang lazily and lifted it up toward the three ghosts in front of him with a handsome posture.

The blood from the three people’s faces faded and their legs trembled.

The woman, who stood behind the two men, took a step back quietly, trying to find a chance to escape.

Jin Tianyi cocked his head and glanced at her with a sharp gaze. He showed an indifferent smile. “Don’t move. I can’t guarantee that the bullet will not shoot out.”

The woman paused, she was frightened out of her wits.

“He must be lying to us. Perhaps, there aren’t any bullets in that gun!” Another muscleman said.

“Oh?” Jin Tianyi raised an eyebrow, then smiled at him. “You want to give it a try?”

He pointed Mu Cang at the man.

The man immediately became fearful.

Jin Tianyi moved Mu Cang away from the man. Under the three people’s horrified eyes, he aimed Mu Cang at a wall on the side.


The three of them shuddered upon seeing the hole that appeared on the wall. If this bullet passed through their heads…

“Believe it now?”

“I don’t have time to talk so much nonsense with you, and I don’t want to kill people either. So, take off your clothes, throw out your weapons, then raise your hands.” Jin Tianyi came straight to the point.

Chu Huai stood between the light and the darkness. He couldn’t help laughing when he saw the two musclemen’s faces turn green, yet they had no choice but to take off their clothes.

Chu Huai also didn’t expect Jin Tianyi to have such a bandit aura.


A kitchen knife and a shovel were thrown onto the ground.

The two who handed their weapons raised their hands silently, praying in their hearts that Jin Tianyi would not kill them.

“What about you?” Jin Tianyi frowned, and looked at the other muscleman.

The muscleman took off his clothes, leaving only his black boxer shorts on.

“As you can see, I really don’t have any weapons…” He raised his hands tremblingly.

Chu Huai smiled, covering his face with his hands, and coughed lightly. Then he shouted from behind Jin Tianyi, “Let him take off his boxer shorts, then he will be well-behaved.”

Jin Tianyi turned to look at Chu Huai; the other party’s obsidian eyes were shining brightly, just like a cunning cat.

After Chu Huai finished speaking, he turned back.

Jin Tianyi’s mouth unconsciously curled up; pointing his fingers at the muscleman’s black boxer shorts, he then said seriously, “Listen to my wife, you, take off your boxer shorts.”

The muscleman’s legs were shaking for a long time. He…reached his hand silently into his boxer shorts, took out a folding knife and threw it onto the ground.

Jin Tianyi put away Mu Cang, and took out the rope to tie up the three people.

When Lou Ming persuaded the couple to come over, Jin Tianyi happened to tie the rope into a perfect bow with great enthusiasm.

The bow was located just right between the two bare men’s pectoralis major muscles, and the picture appeared extremely…unique.

Lou Ming: “…” This devil.

The couple were Dong Anya and Zhou Xiuwen.

Suddenly seeing this scene, Dong Anya couldn’t help but giggle. The fear inside her heart also vanished a lot.

Actually, when Lou Ming stopped them first, they were shocked. Although they knew Lou Ming’s intention, they still felt scared. After all, Lou Ming’s expression at that time showed that if they didn’t go with him, they would be dead. It was only later, when Chu Huai came to explain clearly, that they could breathe a sigh of relief and became joyful in an instant.

It was really great that they could leave this instance without killing people.

Jin Tianyi completed his outstanding performance and walked to Chu Huai, asking for praise.

Chu Huai wasn’t stingy about this either, so he said softly, “Brother Tianyi is amazing!”

Jin Tianyi was not satisfied. He moved his handsome face over, with a clearly meaningful smile in his eyes.

Chu Huai’s face stiffened. “…” Laozi wants to plant a large slap on your face.

Chu Huai pressed his thumb on his other four fingers, resisting the urge to beat the person in front of him. Then he kissed Jin Tianyi’s cheek timidly.

Chu Huai’s lips were soft and cold, and that kiss was just like a dragonfly touching the water lightly.

Jin Tianyi’s expression was still unsatisfied, but he quietly turned his red face away.

Chu Huai took the initiative to kiss him without any purpose.

Dong Anya’s tone was filled with respect and admiration. She looked up at Zhou Xiuwen. “They really have a good relationship. Their behavior when interacting is the same as ours.”

In their eyes, Chu Huai, who was bashful, played with his hands and said silently in his heart: What a nonsense talk.

When Jin Tianyi turned back, he had already managed his expression. He naturally put his arms around Chu Huai’s waist. “Sorry, it’s hard to restrain my feelings.”

Chu Huai turned his head and looked at Jin Tianyi with a smile.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, I understand.” Dong Anya had a lively personality and she immediately followed up.

Lou Ming suddenly felt himself a little superfluous, so he took out a large machete and went to chat with the musclemen.

“My name is Dong Anya, this is my husband, Zhou Xiuwen.” Dong Anya took the lead to introduce themselves, Zhou Xiuwen also nodded kindly at the two.

“Jiaojiao, is he your husband?” Dong Anya peeked at Jin Tianyi. She only loved Zhou Xiuwen, but she still couldn’t help herself from blushing.

This man was too handsome.

Chu Huai was momentarily in a daze, but Dong Anya took his hand first, and fiddled with his fingers as if they were familiar sisters.

“No, he’s not my…” When he was halfway through his speech, Jin Tianyi glanced at Chu Huai and Dong Anya, who were holding hands, and his face darkened instantly. He directly pulled Chu Huai’s hand away and held it in his palm.

Dong Anya said happily, “Jiaojiao, the look in your husband’s eyes just now is really scary. I’m afraid that he will chop my fingers if I touch you any longer. He is even jealous of women.”

Chu Huai tilted his head and glanced at Jin Tianyi. He felt the other party’s reaction was too extreme, thus some doubt appeared in his eyes.

Jin Tianyi glanced at him as if nothing had happened.

Chu Huai’s little doubt vanished at once.

“He is not my husband, I…we didn’t have a legal wedding. We just got together…” Chu Huai hadn’t finished his words yet, his face changing when he suddenly felt a burst of nausea.

He swallowed the rest of the words back into his stomach and waited for the nausea to subside. Then, familiar blood vessels were throbbing in his arms.

It was obvious that Jin Tianyi was here, but it still seemed to break out all of sudden. However, he didn’t feel any pain, only a little nausea.

“What’s wrong with you?” Jin Tianyi asked anxiously while paying attention to his expression.

Chu Huai waved his hand, indicating that he was fine, but he was evidently not.

Dong Anya’s expression turned a bit weird.

For a long time, Chu Huai endured the discomfort in his body, and said hoarsely, “Maybe I caught a small cold.”

He broke his hand away from Jin Tianyi, and pretended to point at Lou Ming’s direction leisurely. “I’m afraid he can’t explain everything clearly. I will go and talk with them.”

Jin Tianyi was filled with a faint distress. He directly held Chu Huai’s wrist, startling the other party by this action, so Chu Huai quickly tugged his hand back.

He couldn’t let Jin Tianyi see his arm, it must be very scary.

The throbbing blood vessels…

He hadn’t yet thought of how to explain this matter nor did he want to expose his past to others.

His current health condition would not be improved by suddenly revealing his own past to others, and he also felt exhausted. Besides, this was just a minor injury, so it was not that important.

Chu Huai’s secretive attitude made Jin Tianyi’s eyebrows crinkle.

What was Chu Huai trying to hide from him?

Dong Anya whispered something to Zhou Xiuwen, and before Chu Huai could approach Lou Ming, a familiar pain hit him. The blood-red words appeared in all the participants’ minds.

“Congratulations, all the participants have found out about the secret of the Crazy Blood Moon City, and stopped themselves from continuing to massacre. The ending of the Crazy Blood Moon City does not repeat itself again.”

“Sacrifice is God’s last mercy to the hideous people. And it’s the terrible flood of Noah’s Ark.”

“Only your faith can truly awaken God’s ability. And now, a miracle has reappeared!”

Between the light and darkness, Chu Huai suddenly turned back.

Time became still.

The scene had frozen.

Shock had appeared on Zhou Xiuwen and Dong Anya’s faces.

Chu Huai discovered that Jin Tianyi’s eyes had never left him. He was the one, who’d seemingly revealed his true self.

Behind him, Lou Ming had been explaining the secret of the Crazy Blood Moon City to the three ghosts. They were about to stand up, but got frozen on the spot. Their butts were hanging in the air, which looked inexplicably funny.

The nausea feeling that he had a moment ago disappeared.

Chu Huai felt extremely unreal.

The blood-red words appeared in his mind, one after another. This was the first time that Chu Huai didn’t feel any pain in his mind, it was kind of gentle and soft.

“True ability: God’s eyes.”

“As long as God can see, the ghost has nowhere to hide.”

Chu Huai’s lips curved up.

It turned out this was the ‘God loves common people’ that the hint had mentioned and it was also a way to survive.

Now his eyes could see the hidden ghost.

The world had become still, time would not continue, all the crises would no longer exist.

As long as he could find the ghost, and then identify it, he could end this instance.

It was finally over, and he unexpectedly felt relaxed.

Chu Huai began to look carefully. Jin Tianyi, Dong Anya, and Zhou Xiuwen were not ghosts.

He turned to look at Lou Ming and the other three ghosts; they weren’t the hidden ghost either.

To put it another way, the hidden ghost was not among the participants.

Therefore, the ghost must be hidden somewhere in the city.

Chu Huai laughed helplessly. In such a huge city, he indeed felt comfortable when everything was frozen, but he still had to run all over the city to find the hidden ghost.

He didn’t know what his luck was, but he must be unlucky. Seems like he has to run around the city until his legs are broken.

Chu Huai sighed, he had no choice but to accept this fate. He was about to leave, but when he passed by Jin Tianyi, he suddenly remembered something. Chu Huai smirked, he put his hand into Jin Tianyi’s pocket, and took out a piece of photo that the other party had stolen.

Chu Huai wanted to tear it in pieces. However, when he tore it a bit, he hesitated.

Li Xingran was dead. He couldn’t bring her body back with him, he couldn’t bury her either. This photo should be regarded as a memento of the dead.

Chu Huai looked at himself in men’s clothes, then his emotions surged.

When would his period of dressing in women’s clothes end?

Chu Huai put away the photo and left. After a moment, he came back. He patted Jin Tianyi’s handsome face happily as if he was slapping the other party’s face.

“Loazi wanted to do this a long time ago.”

“Want to f*ck Laozi? Who’ll f*ck whom in the end?”

“You might not be as big as Laozi when you take it out. It must be a foolish thing to act like a pure and innocent chick.”

Because Jin Tianyi couldn’t hear, Chu Huai couldn’t help but say out everything in his mind. His words were too harsh, which was really unpleasant to hear.

Fact had proved that being decent was too troublesome, and being a beast was very cool.

When finished venting his emotions, Chu Huai finally felt comfortable. He was ready to find the ghost, then…go back to continue being Jin Tianyi’s obedient wife.

Jin Tianyi couldn’t help clenching his fists under his sleeves.

Chu Huai whistled and walked away. He hadn’t lived such a happy life for so long after entering the horror world.

It was not that Jin Tianyi treated him poorly. In fact, Jin Tianyi had never said anything bad about him, and he was worthy of being a model husband. It was just him, who felt a little oppressed.

After Chu Huai left.

On the silent road, Jin Tianyi’s low laughter could be heard. He lazily shoved his hand into his pocket, where Chu Huai’s photo initially was.

Jin Tianyi tilted his head, staring deeply after Chu Huai’s figure that had disappeared behind a corner.

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