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IFMSW Chapter 34

Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (12)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 34: Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (12)

“It should be this house.” Jin Tianyi said, pointing to the house that was facing them five meters away.

“But there seems to be someone nearby.” He paused. “That person is probably from the ghost camp.”

Chu Huai said, “It’s white moon period now. They should hide their identity and not attack us for the time being.”

Jin Tianyi frowned.

Chu Huai walked to the tightly closed door. There was thick dust piled up near his feet. Somebody should have entered the house, which made the dust on the door fall off.

There was indeed someone who went in.

When Jin Tianyi pushed the door open, Chu Huai caught sight of Lou Ming taking off the fat man’s clothes with a cold expression.

Chu Huai: “You…”

Chu Huai looked at the white flesh in front of him, and the blue vein on his forehead jumped.

His gaze shifted downward.

Lou Ming was startled. He immediately grabbed the clothes to cover the man’s naked lower body. “Don’t look!”

“If you want to look, then look at your husband!”

The corner of Chu Huai’s mouth twitched. The vein on Jin Tianyi’s forehead throbbed slightly.

Jin Tianyi raised his eyebrows. “Those who don’t know you might think that you are raping a corpse.”

Lou Ming: “Don’t just stand there and make a sarcastic comment.”

“It’s white moon anyway. Chu Jiao, you go out, and that guy with surname Jin, you come and help, to see if there are any wounds on his body. I was just playing with those stupid ghosts and saw this corpse when I entered this house a moment ago, but I don’t know how this person died. I was about to take off his clothes for inspection, yet didn’t expect that you guys would come in.”

Chu Huai let out a long cry and went out obediently, without touching the corpse. He stood outside in a bored manner, his appearance exceptionally dazzling at this time, plus with his expressionless face, it was no different from snow on the mountains.

Chu Huai suddenly heard subtle footsteps.

He tilted his head, glancing at the side of the house.

Sure enough, three seconds later, a yellow-haired figure passed by the house where they were.

The man inadvertently looked back and happened to catch a glimpse of Chu Huai. He couldn’t help but cry out in surprise.

Chu Huai gave him a light glance.

The yellow-haired man approached, a big, red pimple on his face. And because of his wretched appearance, even if he was smiling, expressing his kindness, he still appeared to have an ill-intention. “Miss, are you alone?”

Chu Huai covered his chest, and raised a sly smile. “No, thank you.”

The yellow-haired face flushed. “I, I didn’t mean that. Miss, it’s dangerous to be alone like this.”

Chu Huai raised his eyebrows.

Noticing that the person in front of him remained silent, the yellow-haired man said, “I just happened to pass by. Would you like to go with me? Two people will be safer than one, don’t you think so?”

Chu Huai didn’t know the identity of this person. Even so, he didn’t panic.

Jin Tianyi had a locking ability, so he must have known that this person was close to him.

Besides, it was white moon period now, so this person would not do anything to him. If he wanted to do something to him, then that man might trick him first, and wait for the blood moon to appear.

“Can you protect me?” Chu Huai lifted his watery eyes, this appearance of his immediately arousing people’s desire to protect.

The yellow-hair became happy when he saw someone had hooked the bait. “Of course I can!”

He couldn’t help but regret a little. It was a pity that such a beauty was about to die in his hands.

“Let’s go!”

Chu Huai pretended to follow him two steps forward, and suddenly he shouted, “Ghost!”

The yellow-haired man stiffened, he felt cold all over his back. He was exposed?

Seeing the other party’s reaction, Chu Huai understood at once.

“Brother Huang, I saw a ghost pass by just now, I’m really scared!” Chu Huai’s voice was soft and tender, plus with some alarmed doubt.

The yellow-haired man’s expression relaxed for a moment, it turned out that this lady was not talking about him.

He comforted himself, how could he be exposed so easily?

“Don’t be afraid, Brother Huang is here…” He subconsciously blurted out the name while turning around and urging Chu Huai. The man couldn’t help but to fall in a daze.

“No, my surname is not Huang.” The man recovered his senses.

Chu Huai was very careful, his pair of obsidian eyes were filled with cunning. “Then…Brother Mao?”

Huang…Mao1T/N: This is only my understanding through mtl, this word ‘黄毛=Huáng máo’ translated as ‘yellow hair’ in English..

The yellow-haired man finally reacted, his face instantly turning as black as an iron cooking pot.

Chu Huai smiled happily, his dimples deepening.

“Are you fooling me?” The yellow-haired man’s complexion was shrouded with dark clouds. If he didn’t understand the other party’s intention right now, then he might be stupid.

“Yeah.” Chu Huai spread his hands innocently.

The yellow-hair clenched his hands tightly, and moved toward Chu Huai step by step. His cuffs…revealed a tiny rope.

This guy wanted to strangle him?

Chu Huai’s face sank. This yellow-haired man’s identity had been exposed. However, looking at this guy’s motive, he unexpectedly wanted to do something to him during the white moon? How could this be? There stood a reason that they should not violate the rules of the game.

Chu Huai became doubtful.

He knew that Jin Tianyi had locked on to him all the time, so even if this yellow-hair was about to get close to him, Chu Huai was not afraid.

He put on a surprised face and pretended to sob. Chu Huai shook his head slightly while taking steps back, little by little. “Don’t come here! What do you want to do?!”

“Smelly girl, you dare to play with me! Since you refuse to cooperate, then don’t blame me for being rude!”

The yellow-haired man pulled out the whole rope and showed a gloomy smile.

Chu Huai suddenly let out a laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” The yellow-haired man asked.

“My husband will definitely come to save me!” Chu Huai smiled and began to cry.

The man sneered. “He might have been killed by my companions.”

“Impossible!” Chu Huai’s beautiful eyes were filled with disbelief.

The yellow-haired man was pleased by the woman’s expression. He didn’t want to waste any more time, and when he was about to send her off, Chu Huai became excited all of sudden, his eyes curving up.

“Look!” Chu Huai suddenly pointed to the sky.

The yellow-haired man subconsciously looked up to the place where Chu Huai had pointed. He couldn’t help but spit out, “Isn’t it just a blood moon? Why, do you still want to flee?”

Blood moon?

Chu Huai finally got the answer he wanted.

He immediately revealed a lazy and indifferent look, covering his face with his hands, showing only a pair of eyes that were full of interest.

“Husband!” Chu Huai shouted in surprise.

“Do you think I will be fooled twice by your same old trick?” The yellow-hair scoffed.

Chu Huai also grinned at him.


The yellow-haired man’s eyes widened.

With his eyes filled with disbelief, he lowered his head automatically to look at the bloody hole in his chest.

The blood was oozing out, wetting his clothes and the rope in his hand.

The yellow-haired man fell down.

Chu Huai walked to the man and kicked him. “I said my husband will come, yet you didn’t believe me.”

Afterward, Chu Huai rushed into Jin Tianyi’s arms.

Mu Cang was still warm. Jin Tianyi said, “It’s very easy to use.”

He naturally circled his arms around Chu Huai.

Chu Huai said with a grievance, “He would have strangled me if you hadn’t appeared in time.” He made a gesture with his hands. “The thick rope would have been wrapped around my slender and white neck, just like a snake. Then, I would not have been able to see you again.”

Jin Tianyi, who had witnessed the whole process. “…Mhm.”

His mood…was a bit complicated.

Chu Huai’s face darkened, he pushed Jin Tianyi’s arms away, jumped out of his embrace, and asked patiently, “…Did you just move the body with these hands?”

Jin Tianyi smiled. “…Mhm.” He then said innocently, “…You rushed toward me by yourself.”

Chu Huai: “…”

As soon as Lou Mung came out, he saw the two people hugging each other, and he couldn’t help but frown.

“How did that fat person die?” Chu Huai remembered the business. “Are there any injuries on his body?”

“His death is very strange, and it’s a bit like Zhang Quangfang’s death. There is no fatal injury on his body.”

“By listening to your words, does he have any other injury?” Chu Huai asked.

Jin Tianyi made a sound, and just as he was about to say it out, Lou Ming winked at him madly, with an expression of ‘Only we, men, understand.’

Lou Ming feared that Chu Jiao would go deeper into the topic, so he hurriedly moved forward.

Jin Tianyi and Chu Huai walked behind.

Chu Huai’s curiosity was aroused, and he asked Jin Tianyi again.

“You really want to know?” Jin Tianyi raised an eyebrow.

“En!” Chu Huai nodded rapidly.

Jin Tianyi used his hand that had touched the corpse to grab Chu Huai’s slender wrist. Chu Huai subconsciously wanted to throw the other party’s hand away. However, Jin Tianyi only smiled at him while holding his hand all the way down…

“He’s sick here.” Jin Tianyi’s expression was still the same as per usual. He grinned while glancing at the person in front of him faintly, his eyes as deep as the Milky Way that concealed all the stars.

Chu Huai’s brain exploded. His face was burning hot, and his breathing also turned a bit uncomfortable.

He regained his senses, blinking rapidly, forced himself to calm down, then withdrew his hand with a red face, and at the same time, Chu Huai unconsciously gulped.

Fuck, this old beast.

He felt that things had gone in the wrong direction. Besides, if he didn’t think of a way to leave Jin Tianyi, he would be teased by that man again.

“Can you walk faster?” Lou Ming urged impatiently from the front.

Seeing Lou Ming turning back, Chu Huai felt a little guilty. Thus, he hastily pulled Jin Tianyi and walked forward with his head down.

After being teased like this, he almost forgot the business that he had to do right now.

Chu Huai called at Lou Ming’s back.

“I suspect that the person in the room just now had failed the identification, and was taken away by a ghost. After all…Zhang Quanfang died like that.” Chu Huai said.

Jin Tianyi nodded. As if he had recalled something, Lou Ming asked, “Chu Jiao, are you really a god?”

“Yeah.” Chu Huai felt that there was no need to hide from Lou Ming.

“Wow! Two ghosts and one god.” Lou Ming was speechless.

“Oh right, the yellow-haired man had said that the blood moon appeared in the sky.” Chu Huai looked solemn.

Lou Ming was stunned. He looked up at the sky and smirked. “What are you playing…”

Halfway through his words, his complexion changed.

Jin Tianyi had already explained to him about the secret behind The Crazy Blood Moon City.

Lou Ming came back to his senses, he swallowed with difficulty, his eyes became obscure. “You mean… the white moon may have never existed at all, and it has always been the blood moon…?”

“The participants of the ghost camp think that this is still the blood moon period, therefore, they continue to kill. The commoners and the gods think that it is white moon time, so they relaxed their vigilance…”

“Jin Tianyi and I are ghosts, but why did we see the white moon instead of the blood moon?”

Chu Huai: “We can’t say confidently that there aren’t ghosts, commoners, or God. The only difference is those who want to kill and those who don’t. In spite of whether you are a ghost or I’m God, we can consider ourselves to be in the same camp.”

Song Chen wrote the word ‘moon2T/N: The word moon in Chinese is 月.’ before.

It was most likely the moon. When she died, she looked up at the sky, and saw the moon.

She must have seen…Blood moon.

If this conjecture was correct, then the truth was almost revealed.

In the Crazy Blood Moon City, the white moon had never appeared, it had always been the bewitching blood moon.

Then why could they see the white moon?

Was it because there were illusions around them, or their eyes…

Chu Huai’s heart tightened.

He seemed to be able to outline the whole process of what had occurred in the city those years.

As soon as nightfall, the people in the city would have dinner in the house, not even aware that the white moon had turned into a blood moon.

Then…the game began.


Jin Tianyi was silent for a while before asking the most terrible question, “…So, what time is it now?”

If the yellow-haired man thought it was the blood moon period, then his perception of time should be different from theirs.

Chu Huai glanced at this watch, it was 10:43. There were still seventeen minutes left before the next blood moon.

But in the yellow-haired man’s cognition, it should be the blood moon period right now.

Then it might be possible that the time was eleven o’clock to twelve o’clock.

Or…two o’clock to three o’clock…

Maybe…five o’clock to six o’clock…

Chu Huai’s pupils suddenly enlarged.

  • 1
    T/N: This is only my understanding through mtl, this word ‘黄毛=Huáng máo’ translated as ‘yellow hair’ in English.
  • 2
    T/N: The word moon in Chinese is 月.
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