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IFMSW Chapter 33

Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (11)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXX

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 33: Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (11)

He guessed from the short man’s unfinished words that Song Chen must have a powerful weapon in her hand.

Besides, the small size of the powerful weapon was just right to hide it easily.

In normal instances, in addition to some basic medicines and supplies, other messy things, such as weapons and spells, would be confiscated by the world after entering the instance. Therefore, the people in the apartments usually didn’t bring these sorts of stuff with them.

The fruit knife that he had used to kill the rapist was given to Chu Huai by Jin Tianyi, back when he had cut his own finger. What’s more, Chu Huai hadn’t expected it to become so useful.

This also reminded him that the instance of The Crazy Blood Moon City didn’t seize the participants’ weapons.

So, Song Chen’s Mu Cang should have been brought in by coincidence.

It was just that Chu Huai couldn’t believe that Song Chen would actually do something to him after he told her that there was something wrong about this instance.

Under the bright light of the slanting road, there was still some hesitation in Song Chen’s beautiful eyes. She raised her hand, aiming the gun at the back of Chu Huai’s head.

She placed her index finger on the trigger and her face became fierce.

The event occurred in a blink of an eye.

Jin Tianyi suddenly turned around and pushed Chu Huai to the side. Song Chen opened her eyes wide, her expression stagnant for a second.

Without pausing in his movements, Jin Tianyi’s hand grabbed Mu Cang.

Song Chen suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, the canthus of her eyes were about to split. Thus, she pulled the trigger.


The bullet shot out at full speed toward Jin Tianyi’s chest.

At this moment, Chu Huai’s heart almost hung in his throat.

Jin Tianyi dodged sideways wonderfully. The bullet flew past his clothes, leaving a hole on the wall behind him

Song Chen’s expression turned deathly pale, her eyes were filled with despair.

This had been her only chance.

Jin Tianyi’s face became heavy, his deep, black eyes could penetrate to the bone, making people feel cold.

Jin Tianyi clasped Song Chen’s slender wrist, all her current struggles and resistance were tantamount to throwing an egg against a rock1T/N: court defeat by fighting against overwhelming odds..

“Ah!!” Song Chen screamed.

Her hand dropped down weakly, the Mu Cang that she was holding also fell onto the ground, sliding down to a certain distance.

Chu Huai approached, his rustling footsteps were like stepping on Song Chen’s heart.

She was restrained by Jin Tianyi, hence, Song Chen was unable to move. Chu Huai bent down to pick up Mu Cang. He then raised his hand, pointing Mu Cang at…Song Chen.

Chu Huai was looking pale, the whole person tall. And at this moment, there was a trace of pain in his bright eyes.

“Sister Chenchen, I will return this bullet to you.” Chu Huai smiled. He pulled the trigger without any hesitation.

Mu Cang’s body was cold, just like the temperature of a dead person. It sucked the heat out of the living people, making them feel cold for no reason.


The bullet flew out like lightning. Song Chen’s eyes widened and blood oozed out from her chest, like a cluster of lovely blooming flowers.

Her beautiful face turned white, the lovable flowers also fading away.

Jin Tianyi released his grip.

Song Chen’s body fell heavily onto the ground.

The heart that didn’t belong to her stopped beating.

In the moments before her death, Song Chen smelled a faint scent of the lotus flower incense and the tasty fragrance of food while lying in the pool of blood, then tears rolled down from her eyes.

Mom, Dad, I will never be able to return.


What did she just see?!

Song Chen’s eyes were full of terror.

She raised her head, facing the moon in the sky.

But that wasn’t…the white moon.

That was…the bewitching blood moon.

Song Chen inserted her last bit of strength and moved her finger slightly.

This was what she…could finally do for them.

Brother Jin, Jiaojiao, I’m sorry.


Chu Huai stood still in a daze.

He did have an intent to kill Song Chen, but he didn’t expect the other party would die so easily.

According to Zhang Quanfang’s reminder before her death, he initially suspected that Song Chen was a ghost, or she might be possessed by a ghost. Thus, if Song Chen was in a life-threatening situation, the ghost should show up.

But…Song Chen died in the end.

He didn’t regret it. Chu Huai gradually calmed down.

The situation was in a deadlock again.

They still have no idea about who the ghost, hiding among them, was.

“Are you afraid?” Jin Tianyi asked.

Chu Huai pursed his lips and shook his head. There was some complicated emotion in his pitch-black eyes.

Jin Tianyi grabbed Chu Huai’s hand, the other person’s five fingers were holding Mu Cang so tightly that they turned white.

Jin Tianyi laughed. “Don’t try to show off as if you really can do everything.”

He and Chu Huai played different roles, just like heaven and earth. When everyone felt uneasy, Chu Huai would act nonchalantly. He comforted them by leaving all the scars to himself. Then he waited until he could calm himself down before he smiled at everyone just to reassure them.

Chu Huai’s body stiffened when he was exposed by Jin Tianyi.

Jin Tianyi relaxed Chu Huai’s fingers one by one, he then snatched the cold Mu Cang away and held Chu Huai’s hand.

Jin Tianyi’s palm was quite warm.

Physics suddenly appeared in Chu Huai’s mind—the internal energy would be transferred from a place with high internal energy to a place with low internal energy. Heat would be released during the transfer period until the two objects had the same temperature.

What an awful mess.

Chu Huai raised the corner of his lips slightly, his tightened brow slowly loosened.

Jin Tianyi saw the other party’s eyes turn blank; knowing that Chu Huai was distracted, he immediately dragged Chu Huai to walk.

“Next time, if you can’t kill, I will kill. It doesn’t bother me, so you don’t have to force yourself.” Jin Tianyi said.

“En.” Chu Huai became Chu Jiao again, thus he lowered his head shyly and listened to Jin Tianyi’s instructions.

Jin Tianyi’s eyes were very domineering. “Don’t trust others except me.”

“Okay.” Chu Huai nodded seriously. “Let’s go and find Lou Ming.”

Song Chen’s body was located in the center of the road. Chu Huai paused when he passed by her.

Under the white moon, he saw the word ‘Jiong2T/N: 冂[jiōng] is radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 13).’ written in blood on the bluestone ground.

The character was written crookedly.

“What’s wrong…” Jin Tianyi tilted his head and happened to see the character. His eyes darkened.

“Why would she write this character?” Chu Huai frowned.

This word was pronounced jiong, it was the first tone in Mandarin. It meant ‘outside the city.’

“Could it be that she originally wanted to write the word ‘door3T/N: ‘门’ is the word door in Chinese.’, but then the blood slid down, making it connect together and become that character?”

Chu Huai looked at the other side of the street.

There was a house less than ten meters aways from them, the door of the house facing them.

Could it be that Song Chen saw a ghost, and the ghost had been standing by the door of that house just now?

Jin Tianyi said thoughtfully, “She may not have had enough time to finish writing.”

His words widened Chu Huai’s way of thinking.

“What other word could it be?” There were really a lot of words that have jiong in them.

Chu Huai lowered his head and glanced at his watch. It was now ten-thirty, which meant that the blood moon period would appear again in half an hour.

“Let’s hurry. We need to find Lou Ming within half an hour. Then gather all the participants as soon as possible and tell them that this is just a killing game.”


Jin Tianyi held Chu Huai’s hand and continued to walk forward. He didn’t say anything because he was focusing on using the locking ability.

Chu Huai continued to walk forward. Suddenly, he felt chills from his back.

He cocked his head, staring sharply at the window of the house that was the nearest to him.

The house was pitch-black, and there was a pair of vicious eyes staring through the window.

Chu Huai held his breath.

Those eyes were bloodshot and gloomy, which made his back turn cold.

When he fixed his gaze on that place, those eyes had already disappeared.

Chu Huai pulled Jin Tianyi along with him to have a closer look. There was only a skeleton behind the window, it wasn’t much different from the house that he had hidden in before.

Because it had been a long time, there was no flesh on the skeleton, the eyeballs in the eye sockets had already fallen out in the same period as the flesh.

The skeleton had no eyes at all.

Just now…was it his illusion?

Chu Huai frowned.

A thought flashed in his mind.

“Brother Jin, we will separate and search a few houses nearby to see whether there are skeletons in those houses.”

Jin Tianyi smiled. “When I looked for you, I vaguely saw that almost every house had skeletons.”

When Chu Huai heard this, he was so shocked that he froze on the spot.

“So the secret of The Crazy Blood Moon…”

Jin Tianyi nodded, his complexion was hazy and his voice sounded a bit distant. “A few years ago, the people in the city inexplicably got trapped in this game called ‘Blood Moon Werewolf Killing’.”

“This has been a trick game from the beginning.” Chu Huai became certain.

“Yeah.” Jin Tianyi looked a little cold.

He said, “Those who thought they were ghosts slaughtered people madly in order to survive. And people continued to identify others for the sake of staying alive, making more people think that they were ghosts. They did this just to survive. However, they still died in the end.”

“In conclusion, those people are killers.” Chu Huai sighed deeply.

Those skeletons were the people who died during the killing period seven to eight years ago.

Song Chen and Li Xingran’s corpses would be no different from those skeletons after seven to eight years.

This was the secret of The Crazy Blood Moon.

The coward did a suicide, and the courageous one killed.

The survival of the fittest and the natural selection.

The nature of human society was to fight between people.

The Crazy Blood Moon City was just a replica.

“There is a question.”

“I have a question.”

The two spoke almost at the same time.

Chu Huai and Jin Tianyi’s eyes met. They both smiled.

Chu Huai said, “You want to ask ‘what is the outcome of the person who won the game’, right? It stands to reason that; no matter what happens, there must be one person who will be able to leave this city.”

Jin Tianyi nodded, what he said was half true and half false, “I guess, either they commit suicide or…”

Jin Tianyi changed the words in an instant. “They might be killed by a real ghost.”

This was just…a killing game.

Human beings were being played, revealing their evil one by one.

They wanted to stop this game as soon as possible.

“The real ghost…who is it? And where is it?” Chu Huai murmured.

The two walked for a moment.

“I found Lou Ming.” Jin Tianyi suddenly said.

His eyebrows wrinkled together. “But there seems to be someone else as well.”


At the same time, a newly-married couple among the participants also met each other.

The woman threw herself into the man’s broad chest.

She finally found someone to share her burden. Hence, her emotions burst out in an instant, tears sliding down from her eyes and wetting the man’s clothes.

“Xiuwen, I…I am a ghost.” The woman sobbed while stammering, and let out what she had been holding in her heart for so long.

She didn’t dare to kill and she was also afraid of being identified by the commoner camp or being killed by the god camp. So she had kept on hiding. Heaven must be pitying her, thus letting her run into her husband.

This man was her only support.

The man named Zhou Xiuwen stiffened. However, he didn’t push her away, instead he hugged her even more tightly.

There was joy in the woman’s eyes. “Xiuwen, are you also…a ghost?”

Her tearful eyes were moist and beautiful.

Zhou Xiuwen smiled bitterly. He shook his head, and said bluntly, “Xiao Ya, I’m a commoner.”

The woman froze.

“I will not kill you!” Dong Anya said. She didn’t realize how loud her voice was. Dong Anya immediately calmed herself.

“It’s a pity that there is no Cupid.” Zhou Xiuwen could still make fun in such a difficult situation by wanting to solace his lover.

In the original Werewolf Game, there was Cupid in the god camp. Cupid could shoot an arrow at any two players at the beginning of the game. Regardless of their identity cards, the two players would become a couple.

If both players were in the werewolf camp or the good people camp, their goal would be the same. However, if the Cupid happened to shoot a werewolf and a commoner, then the couple and the Cupid would automatically be grouped as one team. They would secretly stalk other players and kill them one by one to win the game.

“Xiao Ya, that sacrifice…” Zhou Xiuwen hesitated. His mouth was overflowing with bitterness, yet his eyes were extremely firm. “I, I will send you away…”

Dong Anya immediately reacted and pushed him away. Her white jade-like hand clenched Zhou Xiuwen’s clothes tightly. “Xiuwen, listen, although I’m a ghost, I will not kill you! And I don’t need you to sacrifice yourself! If you’re dead, what’s the point of me going back alive?!”

She and Zhou Xiuwen were destined for each other. Even though they met on a blind date, they did fall in love at first sight. Therefore, they decided to get married directly.

They indeed looked like a couple that was shot by Cupid’s arrow.

“If…” Dong Anya forced a smile. “If the main purpose of this game is to kill the commoners to win, then I will die with you!”

She was determined, her eyes filled with stubbornness.

Zhou Xiuwen was deeply touched by her. “Let’s die together.”

He held Dong Anya tightly.

  • 1
    T/N: court defeat by fighting against overwhelming odds.
  • 2
    T/N: 冂[jiōng] is radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 13).
  • 3
    T/N: ‘门’ is the word door in Chinese.
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