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IFMSW Chapter 27

Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (5)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 27: Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (5)

It was exactly eight o’clock at this moment.

The first round of the game ended. The blood moon was replaced by the white moon, and the time for the good people camp had arrived.

Zheng Yao’s scream shrouded everyone’s heart like a shadow.

Lou Ming first went over to inquire about the situation.

The little boy’s previous behaviour had changed. He hugged Lou Ming’s thigh firmly, while shivering. In the boy’s eyes, he had already become a reliable person.

“Uncle, you have no legs…” The boy’s tone was soft, yet there was also a trace of surprise.

Lou Ming’s eyes flashed with anger, the hand under his sleeve was tightly clenched.

He was about to pull the boy away, but then heard the little guy say: “It looks really cool! Like…a transformer!”

“You are…Edward Scissorlegs1T/N: So, there is an American fantasy romance film called Edward Scissorhands. The character in the film, Edward, is a synthetic man with scissor hands. However, Lou Ming doesn’t have a scissors hand like Edward, but he had mechanical legs. Therefore, the little guy called him Edward Scissorlegs..” The boy giggled, he even knelt down and touched Lou Ming’s mechanical ankles.

Lou Ming was at loss.


This was the first time anyone had ever said this to him. 

Lou Ming said coldly: “Edward fell in love with a woman and accidentally killed her vicious boyfriend. In the end, he was demonized by the world, and died because of the loneliness in the castle.” 

“But…” Lou Ming thought of something. His eyes lit up: “In the end, that woman also fell in love with Edward.” 

He turned around to take a peek at Chu Jiao.

The boy didn’t understand what Lou Ming had said. He looked up at Lou Ming. The little guy’s eyes were filled with longing and belief as if the man in front of him was the Ultraman2T/N: Ultraman (ウルトラマン, Urutoraman) is a fictional superhero and is the first tokusatsu hero launched by the Ultra Series and by extension, Tsuburaya Productions. who saved the world: “Uncle, you can definitely kill those bad guys! At that time you will certainly look so handsome!”

Lou Ming’s ears turned red. He lifted the little boy up uncomfortably while pinching the little boy’s face and corrected him: “Don’t call me uncle.”

He pointed to Chu Jiao and said with embarrassment: “If you call her sister then you have to call me brother.”

Chu Huai squatted in front of Li Xingran’s corpse. He sighed before straightening her twisted body.

During the process, Li Xingran’s wallet fell out.

Jin Tianyi picked up the wallet, glancing at it casually, but then he couldn’t shift his eyes away.

There was a photo in the wallet.

Under the tree, a seven or eight years old girl stood in front of a man who was sitting in a wheelchair.

The man was wearing a white shirt, he looked gentle and indifferent. He was making a gesture toward the little girl in sign language, all while laughing. The man’s smile was as brilliant as if the flowers were blooming.

The sign language happened to say ‘love’.

Chu Huai also looked at the wallet. However, after seeing his own true appearance, he panicked. Chu Huai immediately snatched the wallet from Jin Tianyi and stuffed it back into Li Xingran’s clothes.

Chu Huai closed Li Xingran’s eyes.

“You know her?” Jin Tianyi asked.


“What about him?” Jin Tianyi asked Chu Huai while pointing to the wallet.

“…I don’t know either.”

“Oh.” Jin Tianyi nodded thoughtfully, “Then tell me, do you think he likes her?”

Jin Tianyi was a little annoyed when Chu Huai lied to him without feeling any shame.

Besides, this woman even carried a photo of Chu Huai, thus her heart was obvious.

Chu Huai was embarrassed. Did Jin Tianyi want to ask whether Li Xingran liked him? With this guy asking such a weird question, he might need to answer calmly as well.

Chu Huai answered indifferently: “…How do I know?”

“The man gave her the photo, he must have liked her very much.” Jin Tianyi narrowed his eyes dangerously. He was staring fixedly at Chu Huai with a scorching gaze.

Chu Huai was disturbed after being stared at by the other party, thus he looked away: “…Secretly photographed.”

“How do you know?” Jin Tianyi raised his eyebrows without any smile on his face.

Chu Huai hastily responded: “…I guessed it.”

Jin Tianyi couldn’t help but lift his lips slightly and he wrapped his hands around Chu Huai’s waist: “…Then, you don’t like it?” 

Chu Huai replied sternly: “…Yes.”

Jin Tianyi got the answer he wanted. He bent down, his two slender fingers pinning the photo before he gently pulled it out. Then Jin Tianyi put it in his own pocket, all under Chu Huai’s gaze.

His expression was calm.

Chu Huai suddenly felt like his whole body was naked. His face was burning.

“What are you doing? This is called stealing other people’s things. Put it back quickly!”

Jin Tianyi embraced Chu Huai: “She had taken a picture of other people secretly. So, what’s wrong with me stealing this photo?”

Chu Huai: “…”

Jin Tianyi tilted his head, revealing a dangerous smile at Chu Huai: “Unless you want to tell me that this was not secretly photographed by her. Instead, he gave it to her.”

“…No.” Chu Huai’s teeth itched with hate, and he had to pretend to be relaxed: “What are you doing with the photo of that man?”

Jin Tianyi: “I’m not collecting women’s photos. Are you jealous? Hm?”

Jin Tianyi was so close. The deep ‘um’ of his voice made Chu Huai’s ears become hot.

Chu Huai completely gave up communicating with this man and proceeded to play dead.

“I just think it’s a pity if the photo of such a beautiful and clean person has to remain in the instance forever.” Jin Tianyi said seriously.

Chu Huai: “…” I think you are complimenting me.

The little boy ran toward Chu Huai while he looked up at Jin Tianyi in daze: “Big Brother.”

Jin Tianyi touched his head.

So gentle.

Lou Ming had been checking out Zheng Yao’s situation. Thereafter, he came over to inform them. The little boy stared at him and blurted out: “Uncle.”

Lou Ming gritted his teeth.

Chu Huai suppressed the urge to laugh.

“How old are you?” Chu Huai asked Lou Ming.

He was afraid that Lou Ming would answer ‘just turned 18’. Hence, Chu Huai added: “I mean your real age.”

“22.” Lou Ming snorted and gave Jin Tianyi a provocative look.

Chu Huai turned around and asked the person in front him: “What about you?”

Jin Tianyi raised his brows. He gave a nonsense response with a serious tone: “21.”

Lou Ming stamped his foot in anger: “I can’t keep up with a 21 years old man like you!”

He then reluctantly said: “That woman, who was killing people earlier, is dead. She was stabbed in the back.”

Chu Huai’s face sank. The killer from the ghost camp was also dead?

He walked to the direction where Lou Ming had pointed to. He found a female body laying on her stomach.

Chu Huai squatted down. He lifted the woman’s hair and glanced at her face. She was indeed the girl that he had just witnessed killing people.

The girl was stabbed several times on her waist from behind, as if…she was being hugged by someone while she wasn’t paying attention.

The murderer seemed to be a person that she was familiar with. Otherwise, in such a dangerous environment, normal people would not let others get close to them so easily.

Furthermore, this woman had also used Li Xingran’s trust in order to kill her. She should have been more alert at this time; however, some people didn’t follow the pattern.

Chu Huai caught a glimpse of a few bloody footprints.

The footprints were very noticeable.

The other party had killed the woman during the last moment of the blood moon period. They knew that the people that were hiding in the houses were about to come out. They were afraid of being discovered, so they ran away and didn’t have enough time to deal with the footprints on the scene.

Lou Ming also came over, he compared his foot with the footprints.

Then he said: “That person wore a size of 42 or 43. He must be a man.”

Jin Tianyi was looking after the little boy. He didn’t come over to take a look since he didn’t want to scare the child.

Chu Huai sank into deep thoughts.

The killer killing another killer made him even more convinced that the girl who had killed Li Xingran before wasn’t a ghost.

Of course…it was not impossible for the ghosts to kill their own kind.

Was it possible that the ghosts couldn’t recognize their teammates?

Would they treat their own kind as a commoner and kill them as well?

Was this woman being killed by a mistake or was she a…commoner?

Chu Huai glanced at his watch.

It was 8:20.

There were still forty minutes left before the next blood moon.

Currently, whether they were a commoner or a ghost, three people had already died.

This was what had happened on their side, but what about the others’ side? Was it the same for them?

“Did you count the number of people on the bus before?”

Lou Ming thought about it for a while and said with a smile: “Four, five, six, seven, eight, add us, thirteen.”

Chu Huai: “…”

Chu Huai walked back to Jin Tianyi and notified him about the general situation.

Jin Tianyi suddenly asked out of the blue: “Jiaojiao, what do you think of an…old man with a young wife?”

Chu Huai’s eyes widened, he almost choked on his own saliva.

He thought that Jin Tianyi was joking. But, after waiting for a long time, this man’s expression was still as solemn as ever.

“No way…” Chu Huai paused, and he gulped: “Are you serious?”

Jin Tianyi nodded.

Chu Huai hesitated: “Aren’t you only 21? Why are you suddenly asking about this?”

Despite the fact that Jin Tianyi lied about his age, just by looking at this man’s handsome face, even if he was forty years old, no one would think of him as an old man.

“Just want to know.”

Chu Huai stared at the man in front of him for some time. Jin Tianyi seemed to be a little…melancholic.

Chu Huai asked tentatively: “What is the age that you are referring to?”

Jin Tianyi: “…Sixty to seventy?”

After all, he was hundreds of years older than Chu Huai. But, he could only inquire like this.

When Chu Huai heard the age that Jin Tianyi mentioned, he had already assumed that Jin Tianyi didn’t refer to himself.

Although this question was somewhat odd, Chu Huai substantiated it from a female’s perspective.

Then Chu Huai thought about the matter seriously. If the woman was 18 years old and the man was 60 or 70 years old, then the woman’s life would not be good. She had to satisfy her husband and fulfill the wife’s duty. However, since the husband was already old, it couldn’t be guaranteed that he was able to hold on in bed and he might even break his own bones.

Besides, old things liked to torment people the most.

Nevertheless, you could think about it again. If the husband died and you inherited his wealth, then you might be able to live a happy life.

Jin Tianyi’s face changed slightly when he saw Chu Huai shaking his head from time to time.

“…I don’t think it will work.” Chu Huai gave a serious conclusion.

Jin Tianyi turned his face away: “…I don’t think it will work either.”

The four of them walked under the white moon to see if they could run into other participants.

Jin Tianyi’s eyes darkened. He turned to look in another direction.

There were people over there.

Chu Huai was suddenly held back by Lou Ming.

Lou Ming’s face was solemn as he whispered: “You have to be wary of Jin Tianyi.”

Chu Huai was a bit surprised. There was a smile hidden in his eyes that even Lou Ming had discovered​.

Seeing that Chu Huai didn’t respond, Lou Ming thought that the other party had misunderstood him. Thus, he explained with a wry smile: “I don’t mean to…destroy the relationship between the two of you.”

“He found you during the blood moon.”

“But have you ever thought about how he found you in such a huge city?”

“Although you had made an agreement with him on the phone in advance. Yet, one of you was in the west while the other one was in the east. Besides, don’t forget that when he found you, we were hiding in the house. Normal people, who are looking for someone, need to at least push each door of every house first, right?”

Lou Ming turned around: “Yet, at that time, he was…knocking on the door for so long.” He concluded: “He already knew that someone was in the house. What’s more, he knew beforehand that we were in the house.”

He thought that Chu Jiao would panic. Or she might as well scold him for meddling in their relationship. However, as a result, Chu Huai’s expression showed ‘I already knew.’

Chu Huai spread his arms wide, smiling innocently. His expression was relaxed while saying something that could shock people: “He’s from the ghost camp.”

Lou Ming’s expression stiffened; he couldn’t help but feel a chill in his heart.

This beautiful woman knew everything!

“Not only that…” Chu Huai deliberately extended his tone, approaching Lou Ming. He leaned closer to Lou Ming’s ear and whispered mischievously, “I also know that you are the same as him.”

Lou Ming suddenly felt like he had fallen in the ice cellar; his body was frozen on the spot.

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    T/N: So, there is an American fantasy romance film called Edward Scissorhands. The character in the film, Edward, is a synthetic man with scissor hands. However, Lou Ming doesn’t have a scissors hand like Edward, but he had mechanical legs. Therefore, the little guy called him Edward Scissorlegs.
  • 2
    T/N: Ultraman (ウルトラマン, Urutoraman) is a fictional superhero and is the first tokusatsu hero launched by the Ultra Series and by extension, Tsuburaya Productions.
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