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IFMSW Chapter 28

Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (6)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 28: Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (6)

Lou Ming was not used to Chu Jiao speaking in this tone. Hence, he said awkwardly: “You knew that I’m a ghost. Yet, you didn’t identify me, so I’m not leaving.”

I am…willing to stay.

“How did you become a ghost?” Chu Huai asked the most critical question.

“You weren’t in the ghost camp at the beginning, right?”

Lou Ming shrugged and pointed to the ungrateful kid, who was holding Jin Tianyi’s thigh: “Wasn’t it because of that little whelp? He saw me killing people, so he called out ‘ghost’. Then the world seemed to acquiesce to it and identified me as a ghost.”

Chu Huai: “…It can also be like that?” Then he asked, “In other words, as long as you are being identified by others, you will automatically join the ghost camp?”

“It should be.” Lou Ming scratched his head. Truth to be told, he hadn’t figured out the situation yet.

“That is to say, the participants who have entered this instance before us are all ghosts, and none of them are commoners…? After all, people will identify others in order to leave this place, and I’m also wondering whether being identified twice will lead you to your death.”

“I want you to give it a try.” Lou Ming grinned cheekily, “Speaking of which, I don’t know the ability of people from the god camp. If it was the same as a witch that can use poison, then we might be in a dangerous situation.”

“You say, how many gods are there? It should be the same number as the commoners, right? If there are only one or two gods, and they get killed in the first round, then how can the game continue?”

Chu Huai didn’t care much. He answered casually: “The game is still continuing, which means that at least one god is alive.”

“Chu Jiao, are you sure that you’re just a commoner?” Lou Ming suddenly realized this, and he became skeptical.

Chu Jiao could guess his identity so accurately. She might be a god, someone that knew about other people’s identity, which was equivalent to the prophet in the Werewolf Game.


Seeing Lou Ming’s eyes filled with inquiry, Chu Huai sighed: “Forget it, I will just tell you the truth.”

“Do you know why I knew that you and Brother Jin were ghosts? In fact, those words that I have said just now are used to fool you, and it’s not my guess.”

Lou Ming widened his eyes and, for a moment, his mind went blank.

“…Why?” The answer was on the point of being disclosed.

“Because…” Chu Huai had a regretful expression on his face, “I’m also a ghost.”

Lou Ming’s mouth was already forming in an ‘O’ shape.

When he saw Chu Jiao smile, Lou Ming finally realized that he was being played by the other person.

Lou Ming: “You!!!”

Chu Huai shrugged: “I’m smarter than you, Brother Jin is smarter than me. So, in conclusion, he is smarter than you, and there is nothing wrong with this logic.”

The blue veins on Lou Ming’s forehead jumped.

Jin Tianyi came across the shirtless guy and exchanged a few words with him. When he turned around, he saw Chu Huai and Lou Ming were talking happily. Jin Tianyi narrowed his eyes dangerously.

“What are you two talking about?”

Lou Ming gave Chu Jiao a meaningful look. Yet, Chu Huai didn’t notice it at all. Besides, the wild cat just now had already changed back to the milk cat within a blink of an eye.

Chu Huai quietly held Jin Tianyi’s hand, turning his head to smile at the person in front of him. His smile could calm the wind and water.

Chu Huai’s wrist was extremely soft. Jin Tianyi held it while hooking up the corner of his mouth.

Chu Huai had already relied on Jin Tianyi, and he couldn’t help but think of a question.

Since the abilities of the people from the ghost camp were night vision and summoning, then how could Jin Tianyi find him?

Summoning could not be used to find people.

Lou Ming had already explained clearly about the abilities of the ghost camp. So, it didn’t matter whether he had to depend on Jin Tianyi, but now, there was another problem.

The shirtless guy also came over.

He was probably in his twenties, looking quite upright and simple.

Chu Huai said softly into Jin Tianyi’s ear: “I don’t have a good figure, and a flat chest.”

Jin Tianyi: “Do you like muscles?”

Chu Huai was stunned, then hesitated for a while before nodding.

In fact, he wanted nothing. Because he was parasitized by a ghost, his figure was very thin, and when he was asleep, he always felt nervous.

Jin Tianyi curved up his lips and approached Chu Huai’s ear. With a husky voice, he said: “When we go back, I’ll let you touch them.”

Chu Huai: “…?!!!”

They were both men, yet the gap between them seemed a bit huge; Chu Huai could only restrain the bitterness in his heart.

Chu Huai had thought about it carefully. After the confession, he needed to try every means to bring the person to bed, and it was also normal to talk about obscene topics.

Chu Huai buried his face onto Jin Tianyi’s shoulder.

The shirtless guy scratched his head, his eyes filled with admiration: “Are you a family of three? The world even has the ability to pull the whole family in.”

Jin Tianyi was taken aback for a while. He lowered his head, watching the boy holding his thigh. When Jin Tianyi finally realized their current image in other people’s eyes, he couldn’t help but laugh.

He also noticed that Chu Huai’s body had stiffened.

Jin Tianyi pulled Chu Huai’s face away while using his thumb to rub Chu Huai’s stomach. The person who was being rubbed by Jin Tianyi was burning with anger, which looked somewhat attractive.

“What are you doing?” Chu Huai slapped Jin Tianyi’s hand away, feeling a little overwhelmed.

“A family of three…” Jin Tianyi intentionally stretched out his tone.

His breath touched Chu Huai’s face which was hot and itchy.

Jin Tianyi knew that Chu Huai had walked into the trap. And if he didn’t use this opportunity now, the other party would slip away.

Besides, Chu Huai was too eye-catching. He could attract both men and women, just like a big piece of meat. And if Jin Tianyi wasn’t there, the meat would be targeted by others.

He glanced at Lou Ming.

“When will you…give me a second child?” Jin Tianyi smiled shamelessly, putting his hand on Chu Huai’s stomach, and didn’t dare to go any further down.

Hearing this sentence, Chu Huai’s mind exploded with a ‘boom’.

His face was as red as a chili.

“…” Are you a beast?!

The beast seemed to be in a good mood. He tilted his head to meet Chu Huai’s round eyes. Jin Tianyi’s voice was dangerous: “Jiaojiao, don’t you know that when you’re blushing like this, it makes me especially want to…”

He didn’t continue the sentence.

Chu Huai suddenly felt helpless and desperate. He was also a man, so he understood.

This man must have this idea of wanting to sleep with him right now.

Chu Huai couldn’t go beyond the limit. Therefore, he pretended to not understand and acted as if he was unable to make sense of what Jin Tianyi had hinted at.

The little boy suddenly let go of Jin Tianyi’s leg, then he ran in another direction.

Jin Tianyi was surprised. He looked in the direction where the boy ran to, and he saw a middle-aged woman.

Chu Huai suddenly remembered something. He lowered his head, glancing at his watch, and his face changed slightly.

It was nine o’clock.

Everyone raised their heads at the same time.

The blood moon was here again.

The shirtless guy revealed a grim smile.

Chu Huai looked around; he then heard the rustling sound of footsteps.

So many people.

Proofreader’s thoughts:

‘The (lying) Beauty and the (horny) Beast’ could very well be an alternative title to this story. B&B, giving us all the good (dog) food.

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