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IFMSW Chapter 26.4

Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (4)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 26.4: Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (4)

She and Wang Jie had been separated. Zheng Yao’d tried to contact him before, but it seemed that there was no signal, and she couldn’t get through.

Now Wang Jie called her.

She was now a ghost. As long as she killed all the commoners with her ghost companions, she could win the game and leave the instance safe and sound. If she and Wang Jie were from different camps, she could just let others identify him as a ghost, and then it would be better for her and Wang Jie to work together.

It was easy to kill a weak chicken like Li Xingran. However, if it was someone powerful instead, Zheng Yao couldn’t guarantee that she could gain the upper hand.

Not too far away, there was a man, heavy-jowled and pot-bellied1T/N: said of the idle rich., inside a house.

He had witnessed the whole process of Zheng Yao murdering people.

The man didn’t dare to scream; he shrank into a corner of the house quietly.

After Zheng Yao left, the man did not hesitate to identify her.

The next line of blood-red words appeared—do you want to identify for the second time?

The man chose yes without any consideration.

He identified Zheng Yao twice.

During the process of waiting for the outcome, the man was very excited.

He could finally leave this damn instance!

Finally, the result was out.

The man’s face became astonished, his eyes filling with terror.

—Identification error.

No! This was impossible!

How could the identification be wrong?! This couldn’t be a mistake! That woman just now had clearly killed her own companion!

She was absolutely not a human!

If the identification was wrong, would he be obliterated by…a ghost?

No way!

There was a sudden chill behind him. A hand was placed on the man’s shoulder.

“I found you.” The voice was cold and gelid.

At 7:55, the time of the blood moon had almost ended.

After Zheng Yao left, Lou Ming asked: “Do you want to identify her?”

“No,” Chu Huai’s answer was very simple.


Chu Huai said lightly: “She may not be a ghost.” He added: “She just killed someone, but it doesn’t prove that she is a ghost.”

Lou Ming’s eyes were a bit complicated when he looked at him.

Chu Huai asked a sharp question out of the blue: “You know something, right?”

“What do you mean?” Lou Ming didn’t dare to look straight at the person in front of him.

Chu Huai smiled: “Assuming that she is a ghost. Then, ghosts would probably have a lot of restrictions and they also have the same strength as us. Otherwise, the woman just now wouldn’t kill people with a kitchen knife. One-on-one battle we may not be able to win. However, if it was two against one, we would have a 100% chance to suppress her.”

Chu Huai approached Lou Ming, little by little: “So, can you tell me; why did you become so certain that if we went out, we would die?” He continued: “Unless…”

Lou Ming’s pupils contracted, he hurriedly interrupted: “The situation was crucial at that time. I didn’t think well and miscalculated her strength.”

Chu Huai nodded noncommittally.

But before Lou Ming could breathe a sigh of relief, he heard the other party say: “You didn’t let me open the window before, was it because…you knew that ghosts don’t have the ability to come in through the walls?”

“You say.” Chu Huai’s lips curved up, “Why did you know about this matter so clearly?”

Lou Ming revealed a bitter smile, thinking in his mind, wanting to get everything out clear. Yet, before he had a chance to do that, there was a loud bang, like an axe hitting the door.

The two became alarmed in an instant.

They have been…discovered?

The person on the outside…had a weapon that could cause them harm.

The little boy was also awakened by this loud noise, he suddenly let out a scream.

Chu Huai immediately felt that the blood in his body turned cold.

Lou Ming quickly went over to cover the boy’s mouth.

The boy struggled by kicking his own legs, his eyes filled with panic.

The slamming became louder and louder; with the help of the moonlight, Chu Huai could even see the edge of the axe piercing through the door panel.

The door was already old, if this continued on, it would not take long for the person on the outside to break in.

The sound of the axe crushing the door was hitting Chu Huai’s heart heavily.

He and Lou Ming glanced at each other before nodding. Lou Ming hastily carried the boy with one hand, rushing towards the window before he opened it with great effort.

The window had not been opened for many years, the lock had already become rusty. Even if Lou Ming was strong, he still couldn’t open the window.

He suddenly became anxious.

Seeing this, Chu Huai went to help.

If the door was really broken down, then he could only hope that the things that were put against the door could last for some time.

Finally, the window was opened. The falling dust made Chu Huai cough.

Lou Ming first helped the boy out by putting him on the ground before he went to help Chu Huai, only to see how the other party’s face had become pale.

Lou Ming was shocked: “What happened to you?!”

Chu Huai put his hands on the edge of the table and slowly sat down, digging his ten fingers into the wooden table.

Damn it, why did it have to occur at this moment?

The boy’s cries could be heard from the outside.

“You go out first.” Chu Huai lifted his eyes to look at Lou Ming. His voice was calm and steady, his body seemed to emit light.

“No.” Lou Ming shook his head firmly.

Chu Huai: “The axe monster is still there. If you don’t escape now, the child will be dead.”

Lou Ming scoffed: “What does his life and death have to do with me?”

“I took him because you wanted it. If anything happens to you, I will definitely throw him away without any hesitation.”

“Sooner or later, he will be dead. Don’t you think so?”

Lou Ming smiled sarcastically, withdrawing half of his foot that had stepped out of the window before he leaped in again.

“You!” Chu Huai gritted his teeth.

He tried to get up; the boy’s wailing sounds were particularly intense in the dangerous night.

“Big sister…”

Lou Ming was supporting him. Chu Huai trembled, his fingers had already turned blue and white.

It was convenient to step on the table and climb towards the window. But, when he was about to jump out, Chu Huai suddenly turned his head, grabbing the rim of the window with his hand.

Lou Ming asked: “What’s the matter?”

Chu Huai placed his index finger on his lips, motioning for Lou Ming not to speak.

The sound of the axe hitting the door had changed.

First, it was only three abrupt hits, then one hit, one long hit, and after that, it was two quick hits.

“Long hit, short hit and it will be a long hit again this time.” Chu Huai said in his heart.

Sure enough, the sound of the axe hitting the door afterward was the same as what he had guessed.

Chu Huai revealed a smile, his face becoming relaxed.

He jumped back into the house under Lou Ming’s shocked gaze. Chu Huai held the table while walking with difficulty towards the door.

Lou Ming roared: “What are you doing?!”

He wasn’t afraid to expose the fact that he and Chu Huai were in this house. Since the axe monster hadn’t given up, it proved that the other party had already known that they were inside.

Lou Ming stood in front of Chu Huai.

“Step aside.” Chu Huai raised his brows, a faint smile adorned on his lips: “The axe monster is confessing to me. You, make way.”

Chu Huai also added jokingly: “My husband is coming to see me.”

The rhythm that the axe monster used to hit the door was exactly the same as the morse code that had been written by Jin Tianyi that day.

Eyes and ears could deceive people.

Lou Ming became absent-minded.

While Chu Huai had already approached the door.

“Don’t open!” Lou Ming shouted at the top of his lungs.

The sharp edge of the axe fell onto Chu Huai, Chu Huai raised his head, yet he didn’t avoid it, and a proud smile appeared on his lips.

Jin Tianyi finally pushed open the door.

Under the moonlight, standing outside the door was just a handsome man.

“Axe monster? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” Chu Huai said with a smile. (B.C: I’m bawling my eyes out at how romantic this scene is.)

There weren’t any stars in the sky, but there were small stars in Chu Huai’s eyes.

Jin Tianyi was taken aback. After a brief moment, he pushed aside the furniture between him and Chu Huai, then, under Lou Ming’s complex gaze, Jin Tianyi pulled the person in front of him into his embrace.

“I finally found you.” His voice was hoarse, mixed with too many emotions that Chu Huai couldn’t understand for a while.

Chu Huai was rubbing his face against Jin Tianyi’s neck.

The pain in his body also reduced greatly.

Lou Ming’s expression was a bit dark, and he went out quietly to look for the boy, who kept crying nonstop.

Chu Huai: “Where is Song Chen?”

Jin Tianyi let go of him, he answered indifferently: “She didn’t trust me. So, she left.”

Chu Huai nodded in understanding.

He then remembered that Jin Tianyi was looking for him during the blood moon period.

Was this man…not afraid of death?

For a moment, he was at a loss.

“That call…” Jin Tianyi gently patted the dust on Chu Huai’s clothes. Just as he was about to explain, Chu Huai stopped him.

“You were really cautious. If you’d talked too much, the ghost would imitate your voice and deceive others.”

“Deceive others?” Jin Tianyi paused. Smiling, he said: “I’m afraid that it would deceive you.”

Chu Huai finally understood what that ‘careful’ meant.

At that time, he and Jin Tianyi were talking on the phone. The ghost probably intercepted his voice to mislead Li Xingran.

Therefore, the shorter the sentences, the less amount of information had been revealed, the safer they would be.

Jin Tianyi began to take off his outer clothes. He asked: “Did you just hear or see something strange?”

He’d hit the door for so long, yet Chu Huai didn’t show any intention to open it. So, he knew that something must have gone wrong.

Looks like Chu Huai didn’t feel reassured at that time. If he was afraid that it was ghosts who were knocking, Chu Huai could just see through the window, and it was impossible for Chu Huai to not recognize him.

That was also the reason that Jin Tianyi decided to change the way of hitting the door.

Chu Huai gave a succinct explanation to Jin Tianyi about what had occurred earlier.

Jin Tianyi finally understood.

He put his clothes on Chu Huai.

There was only one minute left until the white moon appeared. Chu Huai breathed a sigh of relief.

Chu Huai suddenly realized something. His eyes were tense: “You…how did you know I was here?”

Jin Tianyi became silent. He put his hand on the back of Chu Huai’s head, before pulling him into his arms as they walked out.

Jin Tianyi leaned closer to Chu Huai’s ears and whispered: “Jiaojiao, I heard you…called me husband just now.”

Chu Huai’s face stiffened, and he somewhat became embarrassed.

It was true that he had said that word earlier. However, after hearing it from Jin Tianyi, he felt a little uncomfortable.

Under the moonlight, Jin Tianyi’s face reddened.

He thought…Chu Huai had just called him husband.

“Can you…”

“No.” Chu Huai wasn’t stupid either.

If it were other titles, he could just give it a try. As for this title, it was really not good. 

He would not negotiate about this kind of matter.

It was really a shameful thing to think of.

Chu Huai realized that his refusal seemed to be a bit strong. Hence, he bowed his head with a shy expression.

Chu Huai: I’m shy, I’m not deliberately rejecting you.

The corners of Jin Tianyi’s mouth arched up.

He glanced at his watch; it was only twenty seconds before eight o’clock.

He had finally found Chu Huai.

He could set his mind at ease for now.


In the tranquil gloomy night, there was a sudden, ear-piercing woman’s scream.

That was…Zheng Yao’s voice.

Our little team has something to say:

Black.Cat: Proofreader is left breathless after this wholly unexpected attack of romantic fluffiness. 

Ariess: Cough…this is the last part of c26. Sorry guys, because this chapter is a little longer than the other chapters, so I decided to split it into four parts and c26 finally came to an end. This chapter nearly make me die because of sweetness(๑>ᴗ<๑)

AlevXx: Haha, JT really knows how to tease Huaihuai. In the next chapter, there will be more…hehe…[mysterious expression].

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    T/N: said of the idle rich.
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