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IFMSW Chapter 26.3

Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (4)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 26.3: Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (4)

Just when Li Xingran was about to pass the house that they were in, her phone screen suddenly brightened.

She was standing at the door of the house that Chu Huai and the duo were in.

The surroundings were quiet.

Through the window, Chu Huai saw Li Xingran answer the phone.

She looked rather excited.

“I’m nearby.” The voice coming from the other end of the phone was clearly audible.

Chu Huai held his breath.

This was unmistakably…his voice.

“Really?” Li Xingran’s hand was shaking, there were also tears in her eyes.

She was unable to hold back and inquired: “Then, where are you now?”

On the phone, ‘Chu Huai’ suddenly smiled. With a very gentle voice, he said: “Behind…you.”

“I…found you.” Finally, the voice of the person on the phone changed, it was cold and gloomy.

The phone screen instantly went dark.

Li Xingran immediately turned around, the smile on her face stiffening.

She lowered her head automatically, her eyes filled with disbelief.

A kitchen knife was pierced through her abdomen.

On the other hand, Chu Huai’s eyes were about to crack.

Zheng Yao was afraid that Li Xingran would break free, hence, she grabbed her hair and pressed her face into…the window.

Unexpectedly, there was now only one window between Chu Huai and Li Xingran.

After three years, she finally saw him again.

At the last moment before her death.

Even if Chu Huai changed a lot, she could still recognize him with a glance.

Zheng Yao’s hands were very strong, which made Li Xingran’s face become crammed and distorted. Hot tears slid down onto the dusty glass window, forming into two clear lines on the window.

The teardrops continued to flow onto the bottom of the window and it became dirty.

Li Xingran’s hair was being torn off from her scalp, and blood began to ooze out.

Before she died, Li Xingran eventually understood that the one who called her was not Chu Huai but a ghost.

If it weren’t for Chu Huai, she wouldn’t have been fooled by a ghost and die in Zheng Yao’s hands.

Li Xingran shook her head slightly toward Chu Huai, implying him to hide well and not to come out.

She opened her mouth: “I’m sorry.”

Li Xingran had always wanted to say these two words, yet she never dared to do so. The more she escaped, the more she felt that it was difficult to say them out loud.

She knew that Chu Huai could read lips.

Actually, with Chu Huai’s personality, even if she didn’t pay back, he would not bring up this matter.

It was her that couldn’t ignore it.

Everyone could look down on her, only Chu Huai couldn’t.

If he did, she would likely have no more hope.

Maybe Chu Huai was wrong to save her in the first place.

She was harmful, unscrupulous and unworthy of his kindness.

After Li Xingran let out those words silently, her face became unexpectedly peaceful.

She died.

Xingran was the name that she changed herself by the age of eighteen.

Thus, before the star could rise, it had already fallen.

Chu Huai had been pressed against the wall, with both of his hands clasped behind his back by Lou Ming, which made him unable to move. However, Chu Huai’s eyes were filled with coldness.

Lou Ming sneered: “She got a fatal injury.”

“What’s the use of going out now? Listen to her last words then take revenge for her? When did you become so impetuous?”

“Even if she’s not dead and was seriously injured, sooner or later, she wouldn’t be able to hold on any longer. After all, there isn’t any medical treatment nor supplies here.”

“Isn’t it enough for you to bring a child?”

Lou Ming glanced quietly at the sleeping little boy with cold eyes…

If it wasn’t for that boy, he wouldn’t…

On the other hand, Chu Huai was silent.

He had to admit that what Lou Ming said was right. That man’s choice was the most clear-sighted and practical.

But for him, Li Xingran was special.

He wanted to repay for what he had done when he was young, thus after growing up and knowing about Li Xingran’s situation, he decided to save her.

He was trying to make up for the little boy who used to cry in bed every gloomy night.

He thought that his sin would be exonerated. However, Li Xingran was dead. It turned out that saving people was useless, and he could only save himself.

Chu Huai smiled. In his eyes, the merits that he used to have had shattered.

Lou Ming knew that Chu Huai wouldn’t be as impulsive as before, thus he let go.

“She died because of her foolishness, it has nothing to do with you.” He said awkwardly.

It was awfully dark outside. The weird moon seemed to be stained by the blood of the dead.

Humans had an innate fear of the dark. During the apeman era, darkness meant unpredictable danger.

This fear had already been engraved in their bones.

Throughout that period, when the night descended, the wild beasts were very likely to sneak into the human caves for food.

Those that were lucky enough, would not be selected by the beasts, they could only watch silently as their companions were being eaten.

The sounds of chewing made their hair stand on its end.

When the beasts were full, they left.

This happened over and over again.

Their current situation was also no different. When the blood moon ascended, the fortunate one, who had been hiding in the house, could only watch the unfortunate one being killed by a ghost.

There was nothing that they could do.

No, it shouldn’t be like this.

Chu Huai suddenly woke up.

Mankind had lived to this day, but by no means had they depended on their cowardly in order to betray their companions.

If they were destined to die here, and once they had committed a crime, they would not be able to escape. Then, what was the point of struggling?

Why did they have to find a way to survive?

They couldn’t be indifferent toward life, and hand over their life to luck.

He was a god.

He must be able to do something.

Chu Huai finally calmed down.

His eyes flickered, they were as deep as the ocean under a starless night sky.

Lou Ming thought that Chu Jiao would blame him, or feel desperate and cry quietly. After all, when he first came into this horror world…he had been like that.

There was once a gentle girl in that instance who’d treated him especially well.

She had also been a newcomer.

Later, the ghost appeared.

He’d hidden inside a wardrobe with an old man in an apartment building. The old man had covered his mouth tightly.

He witnessed the ghost kill the girl.

Afterward, the old man said: If she didn’t die that night, it might have been you who died instead.

Looking at Chu Jiao’s attitude, Lou Ming felt that some people were born to live without tears and hesitation.

Perhaps she had been pampered since childhood, and after entering the horror world, she was also protected by Jin Tianyi. In other words, she was a person who had been living in the ivory tower.

So, Chu Jiao probably had never experienced those cruel things. She also didn’t know how challenging it was. Therefore, when she came out, she could walk on earth with ease.

That was too naive.

It was impossible for him to do that.

Li Xingran’s body was a little cold.

Zheng Yao couldn’t hold her anymore, thus she loosened her strength.

Li Xingran’s body slid down the glass window like a gecko.

Zheng Yao’s hand was soaked with her blood, still warm to the touch. Yet, her heart felt cold.

She…killed a human.

She didn’t want to do it either!

But…if Li Xingran wasn’t dead, then ten hours later, she would be the one…who was dead instead.

This was her only chance to survive.

Previously, when she’d entered the instance, she had run into a middle-aged woman.

The woman had rushed towards her, while asking if she had seen her son.

The woman and her son had been separated.

Zheng Yao walked with her and chose to help that woman find her son.


When the blood moon appeared, the woman had glanced at her. Horror had already been written all over the woman’s face, and before Zheng Yao could react, the woman had already ran away from her with one shoe missing.

A few second later, the blood-red words appeared in Zheng Yao’s mind—

[The participant Zheng Yao has been identified as a ghost by the other participant(first time identification), and automatically fell into the ghost camp.]

[Ghost camp mission: massacre (kill all the commoners or find the gods that were hidden among the commoners and kill them)]

[Ability 1: night vision.]

[Ability 2: Lock (during the blood moon period, you can lock the participants who are 200 meters away from you.)]

She generously helped the woman find the child, yet that woman had identified her as a ghost.

In the end, she…became a ghost.

After the anger and resentment had dissipated, Zheng Yao felt somewhat grateful.

At least, when she became a ghost…the other ghosts would not kill her.

As long as…she killed the commoners and the gods that were hidden among them. The way to survive was no longer just imaginary.

Besides, she wasn’t fighting alone. She had ghost companions.

Although she hadn’t met them yet.

At first, Zheng Yao was wandering around the streets. Then, a map suddenly appeared in her mind with a small red dot on it.

For some reason, the red dot was approaching where she was.

It was getting closer from time to time.

She hid behind a house and saw…Li Xingran.

The woman that she had always hated.

She studied really hard and was finally able to be admitted for postgraduate studies without taking the entrance exam. Yet, Li Xingran had snatched that position from her, just because her boyfriend had a good relationship with the school.


If Li Xingran was the eldest daughter of the wealthy family, then Zheng Yao had nothing to be jealous of. After all, Li Xingran was not the only person who came from a prosperous family. However, the reality wasn’t like that, Li Xingran just relied on her luck to find a rich second-generation boyfriend.

Needless to say, both of them were the same.

But, why was Li Xingran more fortunate than her?

Zheng Yao didn’t want to kill Li Xingran either. However, she and that woman were standing on opposite sides, and if Zheng Yao didn’t kill her, then she would be the one who was dead instead.

It would also not be a good thing if Li Xingran discovered that she was in the ghost camp.

So it was better for her to make a move first.

Moreover, it couldn’t be blamed on Zheng Yao entirely. It was Li Xingran, who had delivered herself on her doorstep on her own.

Zheng Yao leaned against the wall, she was breathing hard, trying to calm herself down.

She didn’t know why the first time she killed someone, it didn’t give her any sense of fear. To put it another way, she unexpectedly felt happy when the knife pierced through the other person’s body.

I have no choice, you can’t blame me…

I just want to live.

Zheng Yao threw the knife away, she was about to leave. However, the phone suddenly brightened at this moment.

The caller ID was her boyfriend, Wang Jie.

Zheng Yao was pleasantly surprised.

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