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IFMSW Chapter 26.2

Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (4)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 26.2: Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (4)


Inside the house, Li Xingran was hiding under the bed. She was curled up into a ball, crying silently while covering her mouth.

From six o’clock to seven o’clock, she’d walked for an entire hour. However, she hadn’t encountered any living person.

She was wearing high heels, which made her feet hurt so much.

At that time, when the blood moon ascended, she hurriedly found a house to hide. Once she opened the door, a bone fell from above.

When she looked up, there were two skeletons hanging from the beams of the house!

She went from door to door, yet there were skeletons in every house.

Every house had…

Li Xingran’s eyes were hazy with tears.

How could she be so unlucky and come into such a place?

At that time, she’d received an offer, and she was going to study abroad with her boyfriend…

It was obvious that her future was promising…

How could it turn out to be like this?

She didn’t want to die! Her life had just begun…

Li Xingran trembled.

She shouldn’t be the only person who entered the instance. If the werewolf killed her, and she died on the first night, then she was undoubtedly the unlucky one…

But, she had always been lucky.

Otherwise, back then, with so many students, why would Chu Huai choose to support her?

Chu Huai…?

This name seemed to be a bit distant.

While Li Xingran was in trance, the phone that was placed beside her feet rang all of sudden.

The phone was ringing.

Li Xingran was startled by the sound.

She actually…forgot to mute it.

No! It couldn’t continue like this!

Li Xingran hastily lowered the volume, before glancing around in panic.

This was an accident, she wouldn’t be discovered!

When she calmed down, the phone screen had already turned dark.

Li Xingran regained her senses. With trembling hands, she turned on the phone but she didn’t see any missed call.

Her heart was hanging in her throat.

At this moment…the phone vibrated again.

Li Xingran looked at the caller ID, then her eyes widened. For a moment, she even forgot to breathe.

“Chu Huai.”

Finally, after some hesitation, she picked up the call.

This name without a doubt gave her some courage.

Her family had owed a huge debt that year, and the creditor suddenly came to her. It was the person named ‘Chu Huai’ who fished her out and let her attend university.

The call was connected.

“Xingran, don’t be scared. I’m also in the instance, I saw you just now.”

Chu Huai’s gentle voice came from the other end of the phone. Li Xingran immediately burst into tears.

She felt really guilty when hearing Chu Huai’s voice at this moment.

Back then, she vowed that she would pay him back after graduation, and Chu Huai had also agreed with her.

But before graduating, she’d already regretted it.

That was ten million!

After that, she never went to the mental hospital to visit Chu Huai again.

She even planned to go abroad and didn’t have any intentions to come back after getting married there.

However, even if she had acted like this toward him, Chu Huai had never blamed her and he even cared about her.

This person had always saved her from fire and water. He had done this before and now he did it again.

How lucky she was.

“Don’t cry, where are you now?”

Li Xingran wanted to describe her location to Chu Huai, but she couldn’t find any reference point, which made her become anxious.

“Will you come to find me?”

Li Xingran nodded rapidly and gave an ‘um’.

“When you look up, you will see half of the moon is bright. It is the first quarter moon, the bright side of the moon is the west. You should go to the west.”

If Song Chen was here, she would realize that what Chu Huai had said right now was exactly the same as what he had said to her!

Li Xingran kept what Chu Huai had said in mind while she continued nodding.

“I will wait for you.” Chu Huai’s voice was still gentle, and that was also the phrase that he had said to Jin Tianyi.

The phone was disconnected.

Li Xingran grasped the phone tightly before she crawled out, without noticing that there was no call history on her phone.

Chu Huai must be able to take her away from this ghostly place.

She didn’t want to be alone anymore.

She had never doubted him, as long as she could find him…


Li Xingran didn’t dare to use her phone’s flashlight. She took off her high heels and walked barefoot in the dark night.

The visibility was too low. She had tripped and fell many times, which made her knees look horrible.

The soles of her feet were also cut by numerous stones on the ground, leaving blood stains along the way.

Li Xingran didn’t cry anymore because she had faith in Chu Huai.

Right now, he was waiting for her in the west.

Li Xingran walked with difficulty. Suddenly, a figure came out from the house in front of her!

That person grabbed her wrist.

Li Xingran’s pupils enlarged. She was about to scream, yet she finally saw the other party’s appearance in the dark.

That was a delicate and pretty face.

It turned out to be Zheng Yao, one of her classmates in the university.

Zheng Yao seemed to be studying really hard and she was also a member of the postgraduate entrance exam.

She and Zheng Yao were not close, so they could only regard each other as acquaintances.

Zheng Yao put one hand behind her back: “Xingran, I’m sorry. I scared you just now.”

“I was hiding in this house earlier, and I was so excited when I saw you. I’m sorry.” As she said this, her face was filled with joy.

Li Xingran also relaxed a little.

Two people were better than one. Not to mention that they also knew each other.

Zheng Yao: “Where are you going?”

Li Xingran didn’t say anything, she just continued to move forwards. Behind her, Zheng Yao’s eyes suddenly flashed with a mysterious light.

“Xingran, can I…go with you? I’m scared.”


Chu Huai and the duo had been hiding in the house for half an hour already.

At first, the little boy was lying on Chu Huai’s lap. Later, he found that the boy was not moving, so he called him anxiously, only to realize that the little boy had already fallen asleep, and he was drooling on Chu Huai’s skirt.

On the other side, Lou Ming was sitting on the desk, while paying attention to the situation outside through the window. Suddenly his face cracked a smile.

Chu Huai asked in a low voice: “Why are you smiling?”

Lou Ming said: “Do you want to rest? I can exchange with you.”

He was really envious of that little boy who could adapt to the situation so fast.

Lou Ming spread his arm: “If I lay on your lap, maybe I can also sleep.”

Chu Huai: “…”

Lou Ming said: “The blood moon will be over in less than 20 minutes.”

Chu Huai made a sound as a response.

Looks like they had successfully avoided the first round of killing.

Lou Ming was about to talk to Chu Huai, but then he suddenly caught a glimpse of two slender figures in the distance.

His pupils contracted: “Someone is coming!”

Chu Huai was startled. He gently placed the little boy on the ground before he walked to the window. He pressed his back against the wall while looking sideways, yet he saw nothing.

Chu Huai asked: “Your eyesight seems to be really good?”

“I regularly eat vitamin A.” Lou Ming immediately responded, appearing like he was trying to hide something.

Half a minute later, a dozen meters away, Chu Huai finally saw the people that Lou Ming had mentioned earlier.

The figure that was walking in front was somewhat familiar.

Two women? Both were newcomers?

Chu Huai frowned.

This was the time for the ghost camp to kill people, yet these two people still dare to walk on the road. They weren’t afraid of death?

Chu Huai unexpectedly thought of something, his eyes darkening.

Were these two people really human?

In other words, were they all human?

The two women were about five meters away from the house that they stayed in. And Chu Huai finally saw their faces clearly.


Chu Huai’s eyes widened in surprise.

There was also a quiet and good-looking girl behind Xingran.

The girl was wearing glasses and looking down to the ground, which made him unable to see her expression.

Her hands were behind her back.

Chu Huai suddenly had an ominous premonition in his heart.

Lou Ming was hiding behind the curtain.

Chu Huai glanced at the sleeping little boy, fearing that he would wake up and make some movements.

Li Xingran was approaching their house as if she knew that someone was staying there.

Should he allow Li Xingran in?

After all, it was dangerous outside.

In the times of the blood moon shining, was it really humans who were wandering outside?

What should he do?

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