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IFMSW Chapter 26.1

Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (4)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 26.1: Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (4)

After the blood-red words disappeared, they appeared once again in his mind—participant Chu Huai, god camp.

What did this god camp do?

He quietly waited for the explanation about the ‘god’ camp, to only realize that the blood-red words had already disappeared.

Chu Huai’s expression became a bit dull.

He had once played the Werewolf Killing game. However, this ‘Blood Moon Werewolf Killing’ must be different from the original Werewolf Killing game, yet there was one thing in common.

Original Werewolf Killing game divided into three camps: commoner, god, and werewolf.

Commoner and god belonged to the good people camp.

God would hide among the commoners to protect them.

The goal of the werewolf was to kill the commoners or gods.

As for the Blood Moon Werewolf Killing, it was obvious that the ghost camp was equivalent to the werewolf camp while the participants relate to the good people camp.

So the mission goal of ‘finding the ghosts that are hiding among you’ was actually the hint that related to the instance named ‘Blood Moon Werewolf Killing’ since the beginning—

Blood Moon Werewolf Killing.

It was just that he still didn’t understand one thing. What was the so-called triggered condition that the blood-red words had mentioned?

The blood moon was moving further to the west.

Lou Ming’s eyelashes downcasted, his eyes flickered. His hands under the sleeves couldn’t help but become tightened into fists.

Chu Huai didn’t notice Lou Ming’s expression because the visibility had reduced greatly.

The boy grabbed Chu Huai’s hand firmly.

This was all his hope to survive.

Lou Ming asked Chu Huai: “Do you have any plans?”

Chu Huai: “Find a house to hide first.”

Lou Ming nodded.

Since the blood moon was the time for the ghost camp, then the white moon should be the time for the good people camp.

No wonder that an hour ago, the situation had been peaceful.

The white moon was identical to the day time in the Werewolf Killing game.

When the white moon ascended, the ghost camp could only hide within the participants, and when the blood moon appeared, they could kill the participants of the good people camp.

However, the surroundings were too dark and so they couldn’t see clearly, and the danger around them could arise at any time. Furthermore, standing in the middle of the isolated road like this, they weren’t different from a living target right now.

If the ghosts didn’t have the ability to lock1T/N: This is similar to knowing your whereabouts. on the participants, finding the place to hide was a feasible solution in these current circumstances.

Were they going to die here…?

Chu Huai’s eyes were at a loss.

As a god, he didn’t have any ability to look through the opposite side.

What was the difference between the god camp and the commoners camps?

What was the meaning of ‘god loves common people’?

Was he the only god in this instance?

Was there only one ghost hidden among the participants?

What was the ability of the people from the ghost camp? And what was the restriction of those people?

The rule of the original Werewolf Killing game was that the werewolf could only kill one person per night. But, he didn’t know whether this rule would be applied in the Blood Moon Werewolf Killing.

Right now it was better for him to put this thought aside first and join Jin Tianyi and the others as soon as possible.

Since six o’clock to seven o’clock was white moon, then seven o’clock to eight o’clock should be the blood moon.

The blood moon must be visible until eight o’clock.

The instance lasted for twelve hours, so the blood moon and white moon should be alternated for six rounds.

After eight o’clock, they would be safe for the time being.

Chu Huai led the little boy and Lou Ming to a house nearby. When he opened the door, a thick layer of dust immediately slammed on his face.

The little boy was hiding behind Chu Huai while shivering in fear. However, Chu Huai was also relieved when he saw that the boy was behaving and didn’t cause any trouble.

They would be in trouble if the boy cried and made noise to attract the ghosts.

The eaves and the windows of the house were densely covered with cobwebs.

When Chu Huai approached, he found that those dark spiders were all dead.

Behind him, Lou Ming was closing the door. When Chu Huai turned around, he discovered that there was a skeleton at the door.

He hurriedly covered the little boy’s eyes.

Lou Ming looked around the room, finding the lantern string before pulling it, yet the light didn’t turn on.

Finally, he ran toward the window and opened the curtain.

A dead gecko suddenly fell onto his arm; Lou Ming hastily jerked his hand in disgust.

There was a bit of light.

Chu Huai squatted in front of the skeleton and checked it carefully.

Looking at the skeleton’s appearance, it could be estimated that this person should have been dead for about seven or eight years already.

There weren’t any injuries on the surface of the bone, however, there might be some fatal injuries, but because the light was too dim, it was hard for him to see it.

Lou Ming also saw the skeleton. Frowning, he asked: “You say, how did this person die?”

Chu Huai smiled: “How we die later is how he died.”

After all, according to the instance’s mission, they came here to find out the secret behind this ghostly city.

Chu Huai helped Lou Ming move the table and chair to place them against the door.

Chu Huai said: “I’ll open the window.”

Lou Ming stopped him: “Don’t.”

Chu Huai frowned: “Why?”

He opened the window because he was bothered.

Their understanding of these ghosts was zero. They also didn’t know the ghosts’ abilities. If the ghosts could pass through the walls, then using objects by placing them against the door was simply useless. And at that time, they would have nowhere to escape.

So opening the window was also leaving yourself some route of escape.

Of course, opening the window was also a risky decision. If the ghost came in through the window, they would probably have no time to close it, and there would only be a dead end.

But, how could there be an absolutely safe choice? They could only bet.

Opening the curtain indeed allowed them to observe the outside situation and let them escape the danger in time. However, the ghost could also see them through the window at the same time.

Lou Ming knew what Chu Huai’s actions meant, but he still shook his head, insisting on his own idea.

Chu Huai said: “Give me a reason.”

Lou Ming spread his arm, smiling reluctantly: “There is no reason.”

Chu Huai stared at him for a while, then stopped asking.

There was no need to oppose Lou Ming at this moment.

He and Lou Ming were now like grasshoppers on a rope2T/N: The figurative meaning of it is that we are both on the same side and tied to each other.. Lou Ming’s persuasion to not open the window was also reasonable. That man would definitely not take his own life as a play thing.

Lou Ming most likely found out about something, yet he didn’t want to say it.

Flash back to five minutes ago, after the blood-red words ended. Song Chen, who had followed Jin Tianyi for some time, suddenly turned around and ran away.

She was keeping a distance from Jin Tianyi for a reason.

The mission’s goal was to ‘find the ghosts that are hiding among you’. Therefore, Jin Tianyi was possibly a ghost in disguise.

In the horror world, she believed no one but herself.

Jin Tianyi might also have seen through her thoughts, but he didn’t force her to stay either.

Song Chen had discovered that something was wrong earlier.

She was clearly a tier 5, the key target of the ghost, so how could she be so lucky to land in the same place as Jin Tianyi?

The landing places were random. Wasn’t this just to make it more convenient for the ghosts to attack the participants?

If that was the case, then how could the world let her and Jin Tianyi reunite so easily?

Hence, this was absolutely a contradiction.

Furthermore, Jin Tianyi’s way of speaking was a bit strange, his tone had also changed a little.

He also looked gloomy.

When she called Chu Jiao earlier, this only deepened her suspicions.

How could the real Jin Tianyi be so indifferent toward Chu Jiao?

When the blood moon and white moon alternated, her conjecture was confirmed.

Jin Tianyi’s shadow disappeared into thin air.

If he was a human, how could there be no shadow?

Jin Tianyi was clearly a ghost.

Song Chen didn’t hesitate to use the first identification opportunity.

Another row of blood-red words appeared in her mind—do you want to identify for the second time?

She hesitated.

Was this instance really that simple?

Would she be able to leave if she identified twice?

No, this was impossible.

Such a setting simply lured her into a trap. If she identifies twice, she might be wiped out by a ghost!

But, what exactly went wrong?

Song Chen ran desperately. Fortunately, she usually did some workout when she was in the apartment, so her physical condition was good.

She ran for a distance before she dared to turn around.

Jin Tianyi didn’t chase after her.

The huge stone in Song Chen’s heart finally fell onto the ground. She gasped for air before using her legs to support herself.

Maybe…her grouping in with Jin Tianyi just now had been a mistake. At this moment, everyone was most likely hiding in the corners of the huge city in order to avoid ghosts from attacking them. 

The blood moon had ascended, where should she go?

Jin Tianyi stood still, watching Song Chen run away quietly. There was a deep coldness flashing in his gray-blue eyes.

His shadow on the ground was staying still. 

Jiaojiao, where are you?

You will be fine, right?

Can Lou Ming protect you?

He believed in Chu Huai’s strength, but still didn’t feel reassured.

You must wait for me.

Jin Tianyi walked under the blood moon, he didn’t have any intention to hide for the time being.

The blood moon had appeared. The participants would undoubtedly find a house to hide, and this also increased his difficulty to find Chu Huai.

  • 1
    T/N: This is similar to knowing your whereabouts.
  • 2
    T/N: The figurative meaning of it is that we are both on the same side and tied to each other.
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