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IFMSW Chapter 25

Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (3)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 25: Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (3)

Chu Huai’s pupils shrunk.

That was his cell phone.

It must have fallen out during the previous struggle.

He turned around and picked up the phone that was covered in blood. The caller ID was ‘Song Chen’.

Chu Huai thought carefully.

What was the horror world’s purpose in making them land in a random place?

If it was because when they were gathered together, could it affect the ghost’s movement? Or perhaps it wasn’t good for the instance’s main plot to advance; then again, why did the world permit them to stay in touch with each other?

Could it be that……

The world was trying to support the mission and make the participants join hands?

No, there must be something wrong.

“Jin Tianyi?” Lou Ming was unhappy.

Chu Huai shook his head and answered the phone.

Song Chen’s voice came from the other end of the phone: “Hello, Jiaojiao?”

Chu Huai responded softly, and his heart was enveloped in deep confusion.

Song Chen was pleasantly surprised: “It’s great that the phone was connected! Brother Jin didn’t allow me to do anything, and neither did I know what to do next so I said we should give it a try, I didn’t expect that it would work.”

Jin Tianyi won’t let her do anything?

Chu Huai’s expression became tense.

Did he know something that was about to happen?

“You are together now?” Chu Huai frowned.


After receiving a positive answer, Chu Huai breathed a sigh of relief.

This was good news for him.

Song Chen and Jin Tianyi’s chances of survival would be higher if they were together.

She was also protected by Jin Tianyi, therefore, her life would not be in danger for the time being.

He and Jin Tianyi were men, they both had a natural responsibility to protect women and children.

Song Chen: “Jiaojiao, where are you now? Brother Jin and I will find you.”

Chu Huai glanced around, thinking about how to describe his current location to Song Chen. But, he found that the surroundings were exactly the same.

His eyes sank.

Without any information, how could Jin Tianyi and Song Chen find him?

He could use the corpse of the man that’d wanted to rape him earlier as a pinpoint. However, it was impossible for him to stay here and wait. What’s more, they couldn’t even see the city’s borders, which was really inscrutable for Jin Tianyi and Song Chen to find a single corpse in such a huge city.

It would be better if he at least knew the directions of south, north, east, and west.

Chu Huai thought silently.

“Jiaojiao? Why aren’t you speaking?” Song Chen urged, and suddenly she also realized the problem.

The moonlight gradually turned dim.

Chu Huai cast his gaze towards the night sky.

Strangely, there weren’t any stars in the sky.

Fortunately, there was a moon.

Half of the moon was bright…this was the quarter moon.

6:20 was the first half of the night.

Therefore, the bright moon should be in the west.

The moon rose from the east and set in the west. Its direction moved to the west.

After Chu Huai discerned the direction clearly, he tried to explain everything to Song Chen. Nevertheless, Song Chen seemed to be baffled about what Chu Huai had just told her.

“Give the phone to Brother Jin, I will tell him.” Chu Huai said.

Jin Tianyi should be able to understand the phases of the moon.

Lou Ming, who was beside Chu Huai, scoffed.

Both of them have been talking on the phone for too long, and that woman surnamed Song, who had lost to him in the competition, was talking so much nonsense. On the other hand, that Jin Tianyi guy’d even listened to the two talk without any intention of interrupting them.

And in addition, Chu Jiao was the one who made a request of wanting to talk to Jin Tianyi.

Lou Ming really wanted to hold this anguished person in his arms, but Jin Tianyi was still there. He knew that Chu Jiao must be feeling humiliated by that man.

“Jiaojiao.” Jin Tianyi’s voice was calm.

Chu Huai repeated what he had said to Song Chen earlier.

Jin Tianyi: “Good.”

At this moment, the other party actually cherished his words like they were gold. Chu Huai also realized Jin Tianyi’s abnormality, guessing that he must be scrupulous.

Chu Huai: “I’ll wait for you.”

Jin Tianyi remained silent, but when Chu Huai was about to hang up, he said two words: “Be careful.”

There was a bustling noise on the other side of the phone.

Be careful?

This was what Jin Tianyi had said to him.

What did the man want him to be wary of…?

Did Jin Tianyi’s behavior just now have something to do with it…?

Chu Huai grabbed the phone and looked at Lou Ming: “Let’s go.”

“He usually treats you this way?” Lou Ming asked from behind.

Chu Huai gave a perfunctory answer: “I wouldn’t describe it like that.”

However, Chu Huai’s attitude undoubtedly confirmed Lou Ming’s conjecture.

“Is he so good? Aren’t you sad when he acted like this toward you? Don’t you feel wronged?”

Chu Huai didn’t say anything, nonetheless, Lou Ming kept on badgering.

Finally, Chu Huai was annoyed by him, and he said unpredictably: “It’s not that everyone is together because they are in love. I don’t want him to love me because I don’t love him either.”

“What do you mean? Then this is your scheme?”

Lou Ming had a blank expression on his face.

Chu Huai smiled: “When everything is over, you will not live well, so it’s better for you to live happily without any thought of the future.”

Lou Ming: “…”

“For me, Jin Tianyi is as mighty as Mt.Everest, this is what every ambitious woman wishes to climb on. I have already fulfilled my wish, but I’m pretty clear-headed; no one will live on Mt.Everest.”

“Do you understand?”

Lou Ming was stunned.

Chu Huai laughed happily after seeing how Lou Ming was being fooled by him.

His bragging about Jin Tianyi up to this point should have given that man (JT) enough face.

Lou Ming expressed his ability to grab the key point: “I…will also live happily.”

His ears turned so red that they already resembled tomatoes.

Chu Huai: “…” Laozi is bigger than you.

“Chu Jiao,” Lou Ming hesitated, seemingly not daring to look at her, “You are also the same as Mount Everest.”

Before Chu Huai could say ‘Thank you for the compliment’. Lou Ming said another sentence: “So…may I climb on it?”

He blushed after speaking.

Chu Huai: “…”

Chu Huai walked a few steps in the direction which he and Jin Tianyi had agreed on, then he suddenly heard an immature voice: “Stay away from me!”

That was a boy, about five or six years old.

The boy had fair skin and a chubby face. His eyes were round, while his body was shaking frantically.

Chu Huai was taken aback, was he this scary?

“Murder!” The boy screamed and ran away.

Only then did Chu Huai finally understand that the boy was referring to Lou Ming.

This child was scared to this extent because he had been witnessing Lou Ming kill people.

Previously, when he was on the bus, Chu Huai had glanced at every participant seriously, however, he didn’t notice this little boy at all, possibly because he was too small.

Why didn’t the horror world let a five or six years old child off?

How could such a small child survive in this instance?

While Chu Huai was lost in thoughts, Lou Ming had stepped forward and grabbed the little boy’s arm.

His original idea was to take the boy with him, nevertheless, the boy was already frightened by Lou Ming.

“Ah! Ghost! Don’t come over!”

Lou Ming’s face immediately lost color.

“Mommy, help!” The boy struggled desperately; in the end, Chu Huai squatted down and held his shoulders.

“He killed the bad guy.” Chu Huai’s voice was extremely calm, and his obsidian pupils flashed with convincing light.

The boy finally stopped struggling like before, he only peeked at Lou Ming timidly.


“Yes, if the bad guy wasn’t dead, you would’ve been killed and you would never see your mom again; what’s more, everyone here would’ve also fallen into danger.”

Not everyone had a skill like Jin Tianyi and Lou Ming.

Speaking of his mother, the little boy suddenly cried: “Mommy…”

Chu Huai felt something was wrong: “Your mom is ‘here’ too?”

The little boy nodded sharply, and his tears fell: “Mommy is missing…”

Chu Huai tilted his head, noticing that Lou Ming’s expression was unusual. He asked: “What’s the matter with you?”

Lou Ming smiled lightly to conceal it: “Why? Do you care about me?”

Chu Huai lowered his head and said to the boy: “I will take you to find your mom.”

The boy’s eyes lit up and he quickly held Chu Huai’s hand tightly.

“Big sister!”

Chu Huai: “…”

Chu Huai walked with the boy, somewhat absent-minded.

This child’s sudden appearance reminded him of Li Xingran, who had  also entered the instance.

Li Xingran was a female college student, whom he’d helped two years ago.

Jin Tianyi walked while looking up at the moon.

Song Chen followed behind, keeping a great distance from Jin Tianyi. She kept on rubbing her eyes incessantly.

The city was extremely enormous, even if he and Chu Huai were on the same middle road, he didn’t know how long it would take for them to meet.

Jin Tianyi glanced at his watch.

After walking for half an hour, they hadn’t come across any newcomers.

There were only a few minutes left until seven o’clock.

During this hour, he didn’t know if someone would die.

Jin Tianyi was very worried about Chu Huai. Fortunately, Song Chen said that Lou Ming was by his side.

This reassured him a lot.

Chu Huai’s body was too weak.

Perhaps, for Chu Huai, the most terrifying existence that could harm him weren’t ghosts but humans.

He had to find Chu Huai as soon as possible.

It was only a few seconds before seven o’clock.

All the participants in the city raised their heads at the same time.

A horrendous scene occurred.

The bright white moon seemed to become dyed with a jar of blood, then it turned into…a blood moon.

The moonlight became completely dull.

The visibility instantly dropped by 90%.

Chu Huai couldn’t even see Lou Ming’s face clearly, who was still next to him.

A familiar pain immediately blew in, and the blood-red words appeared in every participant’s mind—

[Congratulations to all the participants, after going through the identification process, the condition has been completely triggered.]

[The instance of ‘The Crazy Blood Moon City’ has been officially renamed as ‘Blood Moon Werewolf Killing’!]

[The blood moon has appeared.]

[This is the time for…the ghost camp.]

[The killing has begun.]

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