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IFMSW Chapter 22

Sacrifice (5) End

Warning: This chapter includes some revolting and horror content and may cause discomfort to some readers. Please read at your own discretion.

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 22: Sacrifice (5) End

The ghost was drooling, its1T/N: Because I didn’t know the ghost’s gender, I will use ‘it’ to refer to the ghost teeth resembling the Tyrannosaurus from ‘Jurassic Park’. In the dark, the ghost’s face was glowing with green light; it looked rather gloomy.

Under the moonlight, Chu Huai could see a residue of meat stuck between the ghost’s teeth.

The ghost’s stomach was big, and within the silent atmosphere, the things in its stomach, including the water, were perfectly audible.

In the apartment.

Luo Ziyang was shocked when he saw the ghost’s face. Inside Lou Ming’s screen, the ghost had its back towards them.

This ghost was much more terrifying than the previous ghosts in the ghost marriage.

When Luo Ziyang thought that the pure and beautiful Jiaojiao was going to be eaten by such a ghost, he couldn’t help but get goosebumps all over his body.

That appearance was truly hideous.

Chu Huai sighed.

The ghost walked towards him, and Chu Huai made way for the other party.

Chu Huai didn’t know if it was just his illusion, however, he saw the ghost’s huge mouth moving slightly as if it was smiling at him…nevertheless, that smiling image was simply uglier than crying.

The ghost approached the black pot. As if it wasn’t feeling the heat, it stretched its hand into the boiling pot and pulled out the female corpse’s head.

It turned out that after being cooked for fifty minutes, the female corpse was steamed and sliced apart.

The meat actually exuded a strange aroma.

He was extremely hungry.

Chu Huai supported his forehead with one hand.

The ghost opened its big mouth, eating the things in its hand right away. The female corpse’s hair was dangling between its mouth, just like a beard.

In the ghost’s eyes, this unappetizing human flesh seemed to be incredibly luscious.

Chu Huai suddenly remembered that Jin Tianyi was still watching him on the TV, and his behavior was actually too calm right now, which was not a good thing either. Therefore he directly ran into the corner and began to tremble.

He said: “I’m so scared!” in sign language.

Jin Tianyi, who was in front of the TV: “…”

Ten minutes later, the ghost had finished eating the whole female corpse. However, its belly was not really bulging, and the expression on its face was also a bit dissatisfied as if it hadn’t become full yet.

In the end, the ghost fished out Chu Huai’s hand and grabbed that chunk, which looked similar to lotus roots. Then, it turned to smile affectionately at Chu Huai.

Chu Huai: “Ugh.”

In an instant, he wasn’t really hungry anymore.

In the apartment.

Luo Ziyang: “…Jiaojiao’s hands are a bit nice.”

“The nails are nice and clean, the parts of the muscle on each finger are very evenly distributed. When it is cooked, it must be glutinous and tasty.”

Song Chen took a pillow and smashed it against Luo Ziyang: “Are you in a mental disorder?! Do you usually eat chicken finger with pepper pickle and chicken feet soup?!”

Luo Ziyang grabbed the pillow and smiled in low spirit: “…I’m not to find joy in sorrows2to enjoy sth in spite of one’s suffering..”

Jin Tianyi: “…”

In Cell No. 2, Lou Ming was already in a craze.

He unexpectedly lost in the second round. There was only one probability—Jin Tianyi must’ve figured out that the offering was human flesh, and he might be the one who jumped into the pot and cooked himself.

The weight of his sacrifice was 120 jins, nonetheless, Jin Tianyi’s weight must be more than that; and that he lost in the second round was also not a mistake.

Lou Ming tried to calm himself down.

Jin Tianyi was about 1.85 tall and well-proportioned, so his weight couldn’t be less than 140 jins. In other words, Jin Tianyi’s remaining offering was at most 110 jins. Even though he lost the second round, so what? He still had more than 110 jins left. And he would win in the third round anyway.

He was the one who’d pulled that guy into the competition, even though the outcome was not as he expected. Nevertheless, the competition wasn’t life-threatening either, so as long as the result was still the same, he would be able to defeat Jin Tianyi.

Lou Ming took a deep breath, reassuring himself.

However, what Lou Ming didn’t expect was that the person in the other cell wasn’t Jin Tianyi, but Chu Huai. And what’s more…Chu Huai even cut his own arm.

Therefore, from the moment when Lou Ming’d cut off the male corpse’s arm, he had already lost.

Lou Ming would never cut himself, and so he subconsciously thought that Jin Tianyi would also be the same.

In his opinion, he thought that Jin Tianyi probably jumped into the pot in this second round.

What was the feeling of watching yourself being eaten by a ghost?

This scene was being produced in front of Chu Huai.

It was amazing. There was only one idea in his mind—his flesh was delicious.

At least this ugly ghost was intoxicated by eating it.

Chu Huai felt a little fortunate that he hadn’t eaten anything this morning, otherwise, he could really vomit.

The munching on the meat process was eventually completed.

Chu Huai breathed a sigh of relief; just now, that chewing sound certainly had made him feel really uncomfortable.

Just when Chu Huai assumed that the other party was about to leave, the ghost seemed to see through his thoughts, thus it began to suck the bone marrow seriously.

Chu Huai: “…”

That kind of ‘slurping’ sound was truly unbearable, however, Chu Huai was also powerless.

Finally, the ghost threw away the bone and patted its own bulged belly.

Blood-red words appeared in the two participants minds—

[In the second round, cell number 1 has 126 jins, cell number 2 has 120 jins, and cell number 1 is favored by the ghost.]

126 jins?!

When Lou Ming heard this number, his eyes were full of disbelief.

How could it be?!

126 jins?! Jin Tianyi’s weight couldn’t be only 126 jins, nor could the remaining be 124 jins!

How could this be?!

What had gone wrong?!

There was absolutely no way that his way of thinking was incorrect.

But, it was also impossible for the world to be mistaken about the result…

Lou Ming suddenly remembered something, then he shook his head in horror, no way!

If in this round Jin Tianyi had 126 jins, that meant Jin Tianyi still had 124 jins left. While he only had…115 jins.

He actually…lost?

And he lost to Jin Tianyi again…?

This conclusion resulted in Lou Ming being deeply apprehensive for a moment.

What made it even more troublesome to accept the outcome was that he didn’t know why he lost.

Was there really such a big gap between him and Jin Tianyi…?

For the first time, Lou Ming felt very frustrated.

He remembered that the people in his apartment were still watching, therefore he started to maintain his attitude, and his eyes turned cold.

Even if he lost, he was not someone that they could taunt. Moreover, they didn’t even have the right to do so.

Chu Huai thought that when the ghost left, he would jump into the pot and cook himself in it. Yet, before he could do that, the blood-red words appeared again —After ruling on the result, cell number 1 wins.

Chu Huai was taken aback.

Indeed, there was no need to continue.

Lou Ming spent 10 jin in the first round, and lost a certain amount of weight in the process of dismembering the body. Therefore, the weight of the offering that was left in his hand must be less than 124 jin.

The outcome had been decided.

Another line of blood-red words appeared—

[The participant in cell number 2 has no objection to this result. Hence, the competition is over. Congratulations to the participant in cell number 1 for winning “The Crazy Blood Moon City” clue.]

Lou Ming was actually an honest person, Chu Huai thought to himself.

After the blood-red words disappeared, the ghost moved toward Chu Huai while showing an affectionate smile just like before.

The ghost groped its own lower jaw and began to draw thin threads that contained blood.

Although the threads were thin, they were extremely resilient.

A magical scene appeared in front of Chu Huai.

At this moment, the TV in the apartment suddenly turned dark.

Luo Ziyang: “Fuck!”

The ghost in front of Chu Huai had removed the thin threads of ghost appearance that had been wrapped around itself.

In a daze, Chu Huai seemed to have seen god.

The god bent over and kissed the part of his injured arm.

Chu Huai was holding a black card in his hand.

Then God disappeared.

Chu Huai, who as ‘a sinner’ had sacrificed himself, had received ‘absolution’.

The ghost who ate the offering was actually a god.

At that time, the god had revealed an affectionate smile to him, purposely making a mystery of simple things. Yet, Chu Huai only sneered and paid no attention to it.

He opened the black card and was flabbergasted.

He…didn’t get a clue about “The Crazy Blood Moon City”.

But, he got a…god card.

There was only one ancient word on the ‘god’ card.

Chu Huai’s eyes narrowed slightly.

The hint to survive in “The Crazy Blood Moon City” was… ‘God’ loves the common people.

Proofreader’s thoughts:

Guys, I really think we should add the tag for ‘sometimes-icky-gore’ 😫 And maybe some warning for particular chaps. You might be more resilient than I am, but I’m shuddering down to my bones (oh god, bones…).

I’m still traumatized by that corpsy tongue from Ghost Marriage. 

  • 1
    T/N: Because I didn’t know the ghost’s gender, I will use ‘it’ to refer to the ghost
  • 2
    to enjoy sth in spite of one’s suffering.
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