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IFMSW Chapter 21

Sacrifice (4)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 21: Sacrifice (4)

Staring at the cracked blade, Chu Huai felt like he was in advantage.

During these years, he had been parasitized by a ghost. Therefore, his pain tolerance was extremely good.

When thinking about those things, Chu Huai couldn’t help but laugh, feeling somewhat absurd.

He was sent to the mental hospital by his parents. Of course, he was also willing.

He didn’t know when the ghost had parasitized into his body, but it was probably before he was seven.

He had been in poor health since he was a child. He used to have a minor illness for three days and a major illness for five days. However, his parents had never taken it seriously.

At the age of seven was his turning point.

Since then, he had become out of control. There were always some fragments of memory.

Every time he regained his consciousness, all he could hear was screaming and squealing sounds.

He had hurt others with a sharp weapon.

In his first grade, he had pushed a long and sharp pencil into the girl’s nostril, who was his deskmate for the first time.

The blood poured out over the pencil onto his hand, slid down and was hidden in his sleeve, just like a dreadful blood centipede.

When he came to his senses, he could feel that everyone was looking at him with horrified eyes, as if he was a disastrous existence.

Then, he was shrouded with a blood centipede.

The pregnant female teacher was also frightened by him and she miscarried.

First, second and third times…but there was no fourth time.

His parents said: Huaihuai, shall we send you to a place where you don’t have to go to school?

Chu Huai also knew where that place was.

He heard himself say: Okay.

He asked: Mom and Dad, will you come to see me?

They said yes.

However, for the next fifteen years, Chu Huai had never seen his parents.

After he entered the mental hospital, he had never attacked anyone again. Nevertheless, how could the child, who’d once been called a wolf by others, be forgiven?

That he had injured others was real.

And if this was his sin, then he would admit it.

How about the nine tails on his heaven mark?

Was he afraid of death?

Was he afraid of pain?

But, Chu Huai had already been condemned to death a thousand times in the news reports.

When he entered the mental hospital for the first time, the old chief was a very ‘business minded’ person. A stream of reporters poured into the hospital, which was the place that no one was interested in before, just to interview him over and over again.

In the later news, they called him ‘son of the devil’.

Son of the devil.

In the following period, many visitors came to the hospital just to see this novelty. While the chief was laughing and counting money happily.

Chu Huai wasn’t sure either if he felt hostile towards every one of them, since his whole body had already become exhausted.

His struggling appearance was just like a maggot in the toilet.

At that time, Chu Huai somehow felt that, if he couldn’t make money for the chief and live like an animal in the zoo, how could he have been served with such delicious food and drink? How could he live such a fortunate life for now?

Later, the girl’s parents had appeared and pointed at him: Why don’t you just die?

Yeah, why didn’t he just die?

His parents made numerous sincere apologies on the TV, but in the end, they couldn’t stand the pressure and so they moved away.

In the end, he was the only one left.

Chu Huai had a secret that he couldn’t even tell Old Yue.

He couldn’t die at all.

As if nothing happened.

The nurse remained alert while giving him food and injecting him medicine, all while being in a state of feeling horrified.

This made him feel a strange sense of despair.

Just do it again.

Chu Huai didn’t care anymore.

He thought that he needed to cut at least several times like a slice of pork meat, however, the expected pain didn’t come and he had already cut off half of his arm.

It didn’t hurt.

He really didn’t feel anything.

He didn’t feel it at all.

It was just like…cutting a lotus root.

Too boring, Chu Huai smiled.

It turned out that this was the legendary absolution.

It didn’t hurt even a bit, it was all just a duplicitous trick.

Chu Huai had suddenly tripped over the human bones, and his hand had pressed on the pot. Sometimes this sort of mishap was not necessarily coincidental. Maybe the world just wanted him to meet misfortune and make him afraid of cutting himself because of the pain.

Chu Huai’s broken arm was like it was wrapped in plastic, there wasn’t any trace of blood flowing out.

It occurred to him that there was no loss in cutting yourself.

Besides, no effort was required.

Chu Huai threw the 120 jins female corpse and his arm into the pot.

In the apartment, Luo Ziyang hugged the pillow and began to cry.

“Heaven! It looks really painful, my arms already start to feel pain, Jiaojiao…”

On the screen, the young lady in white skirt was holding a rusty knife in her hand, then she expressionlessly cut off her arm.

With a ‘poof’ the arm fell onto the ground.

During the whole process, the young lady didn’t even flinch.

Her white skirt was stained with nasty blood from the woman’s corpse. But the whole person was still clean; she kept an indifferent expression on her face as if the whole person was ice-cold.

This was really… ‘him’?

There was a strange light emitting from Jin Tianyi’s gray-blue eyes.

For some reason, Luo Ziyang’s nose turned sour.

The young lady picked up the arm and threw it into the pot, only realizing later that her partner was still watching her.

Hence, she looked up at the camera, revealing a reassuring smile. At this moment, the young lady turned into a warm and kind lady once again.

She opened her mouth and moved her lips silently: I’m fine, it doesn’t hurt.

She seemed to be afraid that she couldn’t express herself clearly. Therefore, she began to make gestures in sign language.

The young lady had only one arm, but she was really skilled in sign language.

Luo Ziyang didn’t understand both reading lips or sign language. However, he understood the smile. So, he couldn’t help but burst into tears.

Jin Tianyi laughed silently, then he also made a move: I want to ‘protect’ you.

His movements were very slow, like some ancient etiquette, the meaning was only known to him.

Protect, this was the guardian’s duty.

“Boss, Jiaojiao can’t see it.” Luo Ziyang said with tears.

“I know.” Jin Tianyi said lightly.

How could he see it?

The pot started to boil, the lady smoothed down her skirt neatly before she sat on the electronic scale, waiting for the ghost’s arrival.

Song Chen watched Chu Jiao with a bitter look.

A moment ago, Chu Jiao had slapped her on the face, making her wake up.

Chu Jiao was determined to win.

Song Chen really felt ashamed.

The previous words had already been said, and now she even felt more embarrassed to lose to a newcomer.

Reason told her that Chu Jiao’s victory was a great thing. However, no one could control their own emotions; for some reason, she even wished that Chu Jiao would lose to Lou Ming.

She lost to Lou Ming, yet Chu Jiao defeated Lou Ming. What did this show…?

Luo Ziyang said: “Boss, Jiaojiao is very much like the handless girl in that ‘Green Fairytale’ that the devil falls for.”

Jin Tianyi said: “In the end, the girl married the king.”

Luo Ziyang was stunned, then his tearful face broke into a smile: “You really can cover your face with gold1In here Jin Tianyi refers to himself as a king in the ‘Green Fairytale’. Hence, Luo Ziyang said to him: “You really can cover your face with gold”.”

Chu Huai, who was in the cell, didn’t know that he had already made Luo Ziyang shed numerous tears because of his actions just now.

But, he really didn’t feel pain.

At this moment, familiar footsteps, along with a drooling sound, could be heard from the outside.

Chu Huai’s eyes darkened. On the other side, satisfaction was already written all over Lou Ming’s face as if he was the winner already.

The ghost was thin and wretched, its body soaked with yellow color, seemingly a bit like a zombie; it had a crouched back, while its hands were like sickles, and its instep was a little similar to a frog’s. Its mouth occupied two-thirds of its face, while its eyes and nose were crammed together. At the same time, its appearance was extremely ugly, just like a kappa2They are typically depicted as green, human-like beings with webbed hands and feet and turtle-like carapace on their backs. in Japanese legends.

The ghost sniffed the two cells as usual, and finally, under Lou Ming’s unbelieving eyes…it walked into the next cell.

The ghost came in.

Chu Huai saw it.

  • 1
    In here Jin Tianyi refers to himself as a king in the ‘Green Fairytale’. Hence, Luo Ziyang said to him: “You really can cover your face with gold”
  • 2
    They are typically depicted as green, human-like beings with webbed hands and feet and turtle-like carapace on their backs.
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