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IFMSW Chapter 23

Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (1)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 23: Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (1)

While Chu Huai was in deep thought, the black card suddenly glistened and then disappeared into thin air.

A faint golden word ‘God’ still appeared in his palm, however, it also faded away after a moment.

The heavy door of the cell was opened with a ‘creak’. Moisture and condensation smell that was lasting in the cell had also vanished a lot.

The light that came in from the outside was dazzling; Chu Huai warily adjusted to it, then a tall and thin figure appeared in the doorway.

The lower part of the figure was straight, looking a little weird.

Lou Ming came here to speak harshly, but he saw a slender beauty in a white skirt when the door was open.

Catching sight of this beautiful woman, Lou Ming could see that her eyes were like gems, there wasn’t any hint of fear or admiration in them. On the contrary, it was replaced with a sign of ruminating and playfulness instead.

Lou Ming was stunned, for a moment, he even forgot to breathe.

The blood on the hem of the beauty’s skirt slid down onto her knees, then it continued to kiss her calves before it lingered on her ankles.

Lou Ming’s mind was already overflowing with fascinating images.

If this blood came from…

He was already frivolous about this idea.

Chu Huai walked out of the cell; he inexplicably felt that Lou Ming’s eyes were a bit abnormal.

Chu Huai was so hungry that he wanted to eat sweet porridge.

When passing by Lou Ming, Chu Huai nodded at him faintly and was about to leave, yet Lou Ming grabbed his wrist.

“You need something from me?”

“The one who competed with me just now…was you?”

Lou Ming’s eyes flashed with a strange light.

Chu Huai raised his eyebrows: “Who else?”

After getting Chu Huai’s affirmative reply, Lou Ming’s previous gloomy mood vanished.

He did not lose to Jin Tianyi.

He felt that losing to the beauty in front of him was a wonderful encounter, arranged by the heavens.

Finally, there was a woman who could be worthy of him.

“…How did you win?” He hesitated for a while, then asked a superfluous topic.

“If you want to know, go back and watch the replay!” Chu Huai began to feel impatient.

He stared at Lou Ming’s face and found that Lou Ming’s heaven mark had only two tails left.

The Crazy Blood Moon City was Lou Ming’s sixth instance, which meant that Lou Ming’s totem had seven tails and he was originally a tier 7.

Lou Ming felt that the stunning beauty’s gorgeous eyes were burning, and his face also began to heat up.

Chu Huai looked at the person in front of him for a while. And he noticed that Lou Ming appeared to be a little shy.

It was pretty weird.

Nonetheless, this guy was quite interesting.

Lou Ming introduced himself nervously, and then asked with expectation: “What…what’s your name?”

Chu Huai glanced at him with a smile yet not a smile: “My name is…”

He deliberately teased Lou Ming.

“What?” Lou Ming asked precipitously.

“My name is…Jin Tianyi’s wife.” Chu Huai seemed to be bashful.

In an instant, Lou Ming’s face was darker than the pot in the cell.

In the apartment.

Luo Ziyang: “Boss, your face is unexpectedly red!”

Jin Tianyi’s face was expressionless.

“Your lips are tightened, while the corners of your mouth have curved up; your muscles are also tense; your lower eyelids are turned upwards and the outer corners of your eyes are bent down.” Luo Ziyang was exaggerating, “Boss, it is really obvious that you are holding back your smile!”


Luo Ziyang was hit by a flying pillow.

Jin Tianyi went to the kitchen to get the porridge.

When Chu Huai returned, Song Chen’s expression was a little complicated. Luo Ziyang took the advantage of Jin Tianyi being in the kitchen and he ran barefoot to hug Chu Huai.

Chu Huai’s expression became composed and his eyebrows gradually loosened up.

“Wow! Jiaojiao, you are amazing!” Luo Ziyang said excitedly.

“Tier 5! Heaven! I can’t believe it! You actually won!”

“It’s a pity that you haven’t seen Lou Ming’s expression; at that time, his face was like a pig’s liver, he was the one who wanted to compete and now it serves him right, he completely lost face!”

Luo Ziyang suddenly sniffed Chu Huai’s body, “Jiaojiao, your body smells so good, what’s this smell? I have already become hungry.”

Chu Huai smiled: “Human flesh.”

Luo Ziyang shivered all over and immediately let go of him while laughing.

Jin Tianyi prepared the chopsticks for Chu Huai and walked over.

Chu Huai calmly spread his arms wide towards Jin Tianyi.

Jin Tianyi was slightly stunned.

“Hug.” Chu Huai’s voice was milky, while his eyes were slightly moist, resembling a timid kitten.

Jin Tianyi couldn’t help but laugh while holding Chu Huai in his arms.

On the other side, Luo Ziyang shed tears silently.

He thought that it was not a bad idea for him to find a partner as well.

While Jin Tianyi was taking a bath at night, Chu Huai ran through Jin Tianyi’s bookshelf and accidentally found a morse code book.

In the past, he was usually bored when staying in the mental hospital, so he often played with this kind of stuff.

Chu Huai sat down with the book in his hands, beginning to flip through it, simply in a bored manner.

After Jin Tianyi finished dressing himself, he came out and saw Chu Huai sitting with his legs crossed, reading the book quietly.

“You can use sign language?” Jin Tianyi asked while drying his hair.

Chu Huai was taken aback, then nodded.

There used to be a cute little girl with autism in the mental hospital. Just like him, she was also sent by her parents.

The little girl never spoke nor laughed, however, she was pretty close to the mute nurse.

Later, he discovered that the girl could ‘speak’ sign language, so he took the time to learn it and made her laugh.

Chu Huai recovered from his senses, then started to lie shamelessly: “Aren’t I a college student? There is a sign language club in the school, and I joined the club.”

Jin Tianyi smiled meaningfully.

“Oh right, we should also learn more about the morse code and use it in the instances.”

When Jin Tianyi saw Chu Huai holding the morse code book, he was slightly surprised: “You also know about this?”

“…Well,” Chu Huai tightened the corners of his mouth and continued to talk, “There is…a morse code club in the school too, and I also joined that.”

Jin Tianyi didn’t expose his lie and only gave Chu Huai a significant look.

He moved toward Chu Huai and stood behind him. Then, Jin Tianyi took out the black signature pen from the pen holder.

His left hand was resting on Chu Huai’s shoulder, while his face was relatively close to Chu Huai’s neck.

Chu Huai had an illusion that Jin Tianyi wanted to teach him how to write.

“You smell so good.” Chu Huai said.

Jin Tianyi was stunned.

Chu Huai: “…What shower gel brand did you use?”

Jin Tianyi stroked the back of Chu Huai’s neck lightly.

Chu Huai felt the tickling and coolness.

Jin Tianyi’s hand holding the pen was slender and fair, with unique knuckles.

He tilted his head to glance at Chu Huai before he revealed a smile, then Jin Tianyi began to seriously write small dots and dashes symbols.

Chu Huai looked at the symbols in front of him and his pupils shrank; for a moment, he unexpectedly felt uncertainty.

This guy was really great.

Chu Huai sighed in his heart.

However, it was a pity that he was a man.

Jin Tianyi wrote ‘I like you’ in morse code.

Was this considered a confession?

It seemed like what he had worked for so long was not in vain.

In the end, if they slept together now, it would appear more appropriate.

Even though…they had slept together all the time in the past.

Jin Tianyi watched Chu Huai for a while and found that he…was distracted again.

Jin Tianyi couldn’t help but ridicule himself secretly in his heart, he knew that Chu Huai wouldn’t respond. So, he put the black signature pen back; at this moment, Chu Huai also regained his senses and he immediately turned his head to look at Jin Tianyi. Caught off guard…

His lips brushed against the corners of Jin Tianyi’s mouth.

Chu Huai: “…” In all honesty, this time he really didn’t mean it.

Chu Huai turned back in embarrassment, he quickly took the black pen from Jin Tianyi’s hand. Under Jin Tianyi’s exploring gaze, Chu Huai wrote a string of symbols.

He was waiting for this day for so long, therefore, how could he let this opportunity slip away?

When Chu Huai thought that he had to take the initiative everytime, he couldn’t help but feel ashamed.

Jin Tianyi looked at the beautiful symbols in front of his eyes for a long time, and he laughed silently.

After Chu Huai fell asleep, Jin Tianyi opened his eyes in the dark, all while placing his hands at the back of his head.

The difficulty of Chu Huai’s instance was odd.

Was it because…was he a tier 9?

When did the world become so impatient…?

Jin Tianyi’s eyes flashed with cold glint.

Or was there any other reason?

While Jin Tianyi was frowning and sinking into deep thoughts, Chu Huai suddenly turned over and put his hand on him.

He seemed to be afraid of the cold, thus, just like a snake, Chu Huai slid his hand into Jin Tianyi’s robe.

Jin Tianyi turned stiff.

The air appeared to be frozen in place.

Feeling the sudden change in the other party’s body, Chu Huai instantly became sober.

Big brother, if you knew that I’m a man. I’m afraid that you wouldn’t become this hard.

“Well, why are you still up?” Chu Huai pretended to be stupid, closing his eyes and asking dazedly.

He also wanted to retract his hand from Jin Tianyi’s robe, however, if Chu Huai immediately withdrew his hand right away, then it would be obvious that he already knew what had happened.

Chu Huai hadn’t done anything intimate. Yet, Jin Tianyi had already reacted this strongly.

Chu Huai sighed; more or less, he felt that he had already discovered Jin Tianyi’s secret of why he was single.

Jin Tianyi’s ears began to turn red, he got up quietly.

Two days later, at 5:30 in the evening. Song Chen, Jian Tianyi, and Chu Huai were waiting for the bus on the side of the road in front of the apartment.

Chu Huai was wearing Jin Tianyi’s watch on his arm.

At 5:50, the bus arrived.

Luo Ziyang waved at them from the window on the second floor of the apartment.

He also felt depressed while waving.

He didn’t know whether he would see Jiaojiao and Chenchen again the next morning.

He wanted to eat the meals that Jiaojiao cooked and to argue with Chenchen.

As soon as Chu Huai got onto the bus, he felt the scorching gaze that came from Lou Ming.

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