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IFMSW Chapter 20

Sacrifice (3)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 20: Sacrifice (3)

At the last moment, a question abruptly flashed into Chu Huai’s mind—did the offering refer to the female corpse?

The word ‘female corpse’ wasn’t mentioned by the blood-red words from the beginning to the end. He just subconsciously equated the female corpse as the offering. Nevertheless, was this really the case?

Was the offering really the female corpse or…him? After all, the blood-red words talked about a…sinful person.

Could it be that the competition set him to kill this woman?

Most likely.

It wasn’t strange for him to turn into a ‘sinful person’ and become a part of the offering.

It was also reasonable that it was only a part of him, but not his whole body as the sacrifice.

He tended to believe that the horror world would remain equitable. After all, the competition was open to all the residents.

Based on this premise, if he and Lou Ming were to sacrifice, then an unequal situation would arise.

He was not the same weight as Lou Ming.

Therefore, the offering indisputably must be—human flesh.

Both he and the female corpse were the offerings.

So, with the combination of the female corpse and his weight, plus with Lou Ming and his corpse weight, the competition would be impartial—since both sides of the offering had the same amounts.

In addition, Song Chen also called Lou Ming ‘Machine Leg’. Didn’t that mean…Lou Ming had no legs?

Lou Ming only had an upper-body…

Mechanical prostheses palpably couldn’t be counted as the offering, so Lou Ming’s weight might be lighter than him and his offering should be heavier than him as well.

Chu Huai had never underestimated the enemy. His subsequent conjecture was based on the offering, which was human flesh.

It was difficult for him to estimate Lou Ming’s weight. However, Lou Ming was also in an unfavorable circumstance when he calculated his weight—basically, the other side still thought that he was Jin Tianyi.

And because of this, it became his trump card.

He was 20 jins lighter than Jin Tianyi.

This was the key.

This also caused Lou Ming to calculate his weight incorrectly.

Chu Huai had already thought of a way to win.

The first step was to abandon the first round.


Luo Ziyang’s eyes widened in surprise upon witnessing Chu Jiao step on the electronic scale with one foot.

Song Chen’s expression became stagnant, there was a sudden thought that occurred in her mind, yet she couldn’t think what it was, which made her inexplicably annoyed.

A faint smile appeared on Jin Tianyi’s face.

“Boss, how much does Jiaojiao weigh?” Luo Ziyang asked casually, with confusion.

Chu Huai had just blocked the number on the electronic scale with his body. Therefore no one could see it.

“He should be a little more than 130 jins if we add clothes.” Jin Tianyi said thoughtfully.

“Although she is 1.8 meters, this weight is not light at all,” Luo Ziyang whispered, “Why is she so calm?”

Song Chen didn’t expect Chu Jiao to be so heavy, and she couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

“What is your weight?” Jin Tianyi looked at Luo Ziyang with a smile.

Luo Ziyang was unsure in his heart: “It seems to be 150 jins?”

After he finished saying this, Luo Ziyang instantly understood the meaning behind Jin Tianyi’s question. Therefore, he clamored with disapproval: “Although Jiaojiao is one centimeter taller than me! The bone density of a woman and a man are still different!”

Jin Tianyi secretly revealed a smile.

In Luo Ziyang’s opinion, the result was already out. Even if Chu Jiao continued to the next round, they still didn’t hold much hope, so he was not as trepidatious as before. Luo Ziyang smacked Jin Tianyi’s shoulder and asked him curiously: “What about without clothes? Does her weight become double?”

“Jiaojiao is too thin, don’t you worry when you hold her?”


Chu Huai got off the electronic scale.

His weight was 130 jins.

With 130 jins, plus 120 jins. The total weight of the offering was 250 jins.


Fifty minutes had passed rather quickly.

Chu Huai’s hearing ability was extremely sharp.

The skeleton popped out from the old fashioned clock to notify him of the time. There were light footsteps coming from the outside…accompanied by the sound of someone swallowing saliva.

The ghost walked towards the next cell without showing any surprise.

A few minutes later, there was a familiar pain in his mind and blood-red words appeared:

[Cell number 1 has 0 jin, cell number 2 has 10 jin. Cell number 2 is favored by the ghost]


At the same time, in cell number 2. Lou Ming was leaning against the wall, he crossed his arms over his chest while glancing at the ghost who was masticating the bone arm, feeling somewhat ridiculous.

He actually won?

Honestly, he wanted to defeat Jin Tianyi in the second and third rounds. It could be said that, in the first round, Lou Ming wanted to give it away to Jin Tianyi.

He already figured out that the offering was human flesh, so even if he lost in the first round, he could definitely win back in the second and third rounds.

His weight was 80 jins, while the male corpse’s weight was 170 jins. In total, the offering that he had was 250 jins. But now the male corpse was already missing one arm, hence he only had 240 jins left.

He could divide these 240 jins into half for the next two rounds. And with this, he already could win.

Jin Tianyi’s weight must be more than 150 jins. If it happened to be 150 jins, then the corpse that he got should be 100 jins.

Jin Tianyi wouldn’t have thought that the offering should be human flesh. In all likelihood, he might believe that the offering was the 100 jins corpse.

In this case, 120 jins were more than 100 jins. No matter how Jin Tianji divided the corpse, he would certainly lose in the last two rounds.

Furthermore, he also deliberately made way for Jin Tianyi to win in the first round. When Jin Tianyi divided a certain amount of it, the offering in Jin Tianyi’s hand would be less than 100 jins.

However, in the current situation, he was actually the winner of the first round. And Jin Tianyi’s offering was actually 0 jin.

Did this guy just use the stupid ‘Tian Ji races his horses’ way of thinking? Being this stingy, Jin Tianyi perhaps wanted to know if this 0 jin could meet his big chunk?

Then that guy’s luck was probably really bad. He already gave him a chance to win in the first round, yet that guy still couldn’t grasp it.

And Jin Tianyi’s ‘small chunk’ was just right to come across his own little chunk.

Lou Ming gave a ‘tsk’, with regret all over his face.

When did Jin Tianyi become so vulnerable?

Something flashed in his mind, yet Lou Ming couldn’t grasp it.

After all, he already won the first round, then he could just end the competition quickly in the second round since  he didn’t want to jump into the pot on the third round. Even though the participants would not die during the competition, the pain was still true.

He thought about the sound of the ghost chewing the flash and felt a chill run down his spine.

The ghost had left; the second round of the competition had started.

In the first round, Lou Ming had already divided the corpse. At this moment, he was just going to do the delivery job, by throwing the 120 jins of flesh into the pot piece by piece.

He looked at the filthy blood all over the floor, and there was a sense of agitation in his heart.

During the cutting process, the male corpse had lost too much blood. The offering he had right now should be less than 240 jins, or it might be 230 jins.

Lou Ming shook his head rapidly.

So what? He was more thoughtful than Jin Tianyi. He’d also won the first round.

In this second round, his 120 jins should be enough.


In cell number 1, Chu Huai picked up the knife that he had thrown on the ground fifty minutes ago.

At the same time, in the apartment.

“She already lost the most favorable first round. Even if Jiaojiao’s big piece comes across Lou Ming’s medium piece in the second round, then what happens afterward? She would certainly lose again.”

Song Chen shook her head, clearly not holding any hope.

Luo Ziyang saw Chu Huai walk toward the corpse with a knife in his hand: “Woah! Boss, is Jiaojiao going to cut the corpse? I already feel distressed.”

“Don’t you feel bad when Jiaojiao has to participate in such a disgusting competition?”

Jin Tianyi pursed his lips and looked at Chu Huai who was on the screen. Did he…really want to do it?

Chu Huai had already thought of an easy way to win. Lou Ming was actually arrogant and liked to despise others. As long as Chu Huai understood Lou Ming and deliberately made him win the first round, then, with Lou Ming’s first-round victory, the last two rounds were without a doubt like a piece of cake.

The reason why Chu Huai gave up the first round and chose the more difficult method was that…he didn’t want to divide the corpse.

He couldn’t get rid of the obstacle in his heart; he was also a human.

So he could only choose to…cut himself.

Nonetheless, his decision unquestionably fit the concept of the competition.

‘The sinners’ decided to sacrifice themselves to receive absolution from ‘god’.

Right, it was a god.

This was in line with the 《Bible》.

The ones who sacrificed themselves to god would get absolution from god.

Right now, Chu Huai was using this rule.

In the competition process, the participants will not die. Even if they’re turned into ash, however, their consciousness still existed.

Chu Huai lifted the knife in front of him.

At the same time, Jin Tianyi could hear his own heart beating like a drum.

For a hundred years, Jin Tianyi had witnessed many ‘people’ entering the horror world and turning into a ‘devil’.

‘Human’ was dead. But, ‘devil’ still existed.

This was their negligence as the guardians.

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