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IFMSW Chapter 19

Sacrifice (2)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 19: Sacrifice (2)

Chu Huai strode back to where the female corpse was positioned. He used his uninjured left hand to hold the butcher knife’s handle, trying to pull it out.

Chu Huai tried many times, but it was in vain. So, he could only endure the pain and clasp his two hands together, struggling to pull the butcher knife once again.

With a ‘poof’, the butcher knife was finally pulled out from the corpse. The sticky blood also splashed out; Chu Huai merely felt warm fluids on his face.

The rotten smell was too strong. And the blood beads slid down from his cheeks to his chin.

Under the moonlight, Chu Huai glanced at the butcher knife in his hand. There was a large crack at the edge of the knife.

Just how many times had this knife been used until it came to be like this?

The moon outside the high wall became brighter. He turned around and saw a stack of human bones piled up together in the deeper part of the cell.

Did he have to…dismember the corpse?

Chu Huai’s right hand, which he had always used since his childhood, was already injured. What’s more, the butcher knife was also blunt, so could he even really cut the corpse with it?

Chopping the meat was already hard enough, not to mention… the human body. In addition, even if he avoided the bones, he would not be able to cut the muscle with this knife.

Chu Huai was not familiar with the human shape. Although the heart had stopped beating, as long as he cut an artery, the blood would ooze out. Even if only a small amount of it leaked out, he still fell into a disadvantageous situation.

The reason was no other than the weight of the offering being reduced. Additionally, he couldn’t gather the blood and move it into the pot either.

Moreover, there were not only arteries but also the intestines, bladder…

At this moment, Chu Huai was really calm, thinking to himself that he was just like a criminal that was about to commit a crime.

He put away the butcher knife, ignored all the dirt around him and dragged the corpse onto the electronic scale.

120 jins1T/N: a traditional unit of weight, each containing 10 liang (市两) or 16 old liang (旧市两) and equivalent to 0.5 kilogram or 1.102 pounds..

In other words, Lou Ming, who was in the opposite cell, also had 120 jins to offer.

After having done these several tasks, Chu Huai only had…three minutes left. And if he didn’t offer anything to the ghost, it would mean that he was giving up the victory for the first round.

In the apartment, Luo Ziyang’s heart had already surged up to his throat.

“Oh my god, the clues competition is really this creepy?” He hugged the pillow tightly, yet he didn’t dare to look at the screen at all.

Because of the awkward position of the heaven mark, Luo Ziyang had never been to the clues competition before, and therefore, he had never expected that the clue competition would turn out to be like this.

Song Chen looked solemn: “This is tier 5.”

It was really unfair to Chu Jiao. Even Song Chen didn’t have the ability to cut the corpse by herself. Let alone Chu Jiao who was weak?

However, on the screen, Chu Jiao was really calm. Her obsidian eyes shined brightly.

In the competition, the participants would not die, so the residents of each apartment had the right to watch through the TV. And this was also one of the horror world’s evil sides.

Jin Tianyi’s gaze landed on the female corpse that was dragged by Chu Jiao.

“If it were you, how would you divide it?” Song Chen asked Luo Ziyang.

Luo Ziyang thought for a while and said with an uncertain tone: “I would divide the offering into three parts: large, medium, and small. According to ‘Tian Ji’s racing his horse’2accepts one loss in order to ensure two wins. way of thinking, I would bet on luck to see if my small piece can be equal to his large piece, the medium can be equal to his small piece and the large piece can be equal to his medium piece.”

Song Chen thought carefully and couldn’t help but frown. Luo Ziyang’s idea wasn’t bad yet she didn’t believe that the horror world would let them win by luck.

This was unreasonable.

In the apartment, there would be a superior and an inferior rank, which was really obvious by looking at the strength from each floor.

Jin Tianyi suddenly said: “That is, when the offering is of equal weight.”

Luo Ziyang: “What do you mean?!”

Jin Tianyi pointed to the other screen that had Lou Ming inside it.

On the other screen, Lou Ming also dragged the body to the electronic scale.

Luo Ziyang’s eyes widened, for a moment, he even forgot to breathe.

He was also watching the screen, but he’d still missed a fatal point.

What Lou Ming was dragging right now was…the man’s body. The man was short, however…he was fat.

Totally more than…120 Jin.

The numbers on the electronic scale brightened.

“170 Jin!” Luo Ziyang roared.

“How can this happen?!” Song Chen clutched her short hair in pain.

Lou Ming’s offering was 50 jins more than Chu Jiao…

According to Luo Ziyang’s thinking, it was not that they had no chance to win but the winning rate was…too slim.

“Boss! This isn’t fair!” Luo Ziyang directly stood up, looking a little deranged.

“Why is the horror world bullying a newcomer like this?! This rubbish clues competition! The world clearly wants to kill her!”

“Calm down first,” Jin Tianyi asked him to sit down and stated calmly, “There must be some reason for the instance to be divided like this. This may be more or less the key to victory.”

“But…” Song Chen uttered the truth, “Chu Jiao doesn’t know that Lou Ming has 50 jin more than her. She must be thinking that Lou Ming also has 120 jins. In that case, we would basically lose.”

Jin Tianyi stared directly at Chu Huai’s figure on the screen: “He will know.”

Lou Ming seemed to know that the people from Jin Tianyi’s apartment were watching him on TV. Therefore, he raised his head proudly as if he was already the winner, then gave them his middle finger.

“This guy!” Lou Ziyang was so mad that he wished he could smash the TV immediately.

Jin Tianyi stood up and snatched the glass from Luo Ziyang’s hand that was about to hit the TV.

There was a coldness in Jin Tianyi’s eyes, yet his tone was extremely calm: “We will win.”

“I believe in him.”

Luo Ziyang sat down with anger, his hands tightened into fists, and stared at the screen seriously without blinking.

Jiaojiao, fighting…

It doesn’t matter if you lose…

When you’re back, Brother Luo will hug you and comfort you…

Song Chen shook her head, obviously, she was disappointed in Jin Tianyi. She had never expected that such a powerful person like him could be overwhelmed by love. And Jin Tianyi even said with confidence that Chu Jiao could win, which was obviously just his idealistic view.

Jin Tianyi’s words were tantamount, wonderful yet useless.

On the other screen, Lou Ming was holding the butcher knife, cutting the male corpse’s arm before putting it in the electronic scale.

10 jins.

He shrugged indifferently, then stabbed the bloody arm by shaking it hard, and threw it into the boiling pot, the arm was no longer visible to the eyes of others.

Lou Ming’s offering had been put in the pot.

“10 Jin? Is this his small piece? Really that small?” Luo Ziyang’s eyes lit up. “As long as Jiaojiao puts in more than 10 jins, she will win this round!”

“Next, Jiaojiao still has more than 100 jins, as long as her big piece is more than Lou Ming’s medium piece…”

“Deducing that Jiaojiao’s big piece is 100 jins, and Lou Ming’s medium piece is 70 jin, then she will be the winner, right?!”

Song Chen directly poured cold water on Lou Ziyang’s idea: “That is just your assumption that Chu Jiao will win in the first round.”

There was a small, black clock in the center of the TV. And before everyone realized it, there was only…one minute left.

The countdown had already begun.

Chu Huai squatted down, holding a knife in his left hand, hanging it in the air without moving. Clearly, he was hesitant.

Song Chen suddenly became impatient, upon seeing Chu Jiao remain unmoving.

Finally, Chu Huai moved.

Under Song Chen’s expecting gaze… he slowly released his hand that was holding the knife.


The knife fell onto the ground with a clear sound.

Time was up.

At that moment, when Chu Jiao had made a move, she was just trying to delay the time, without any intention to cook at all.

Song Chen sighed and closed her eyes weakly.

Sure enough, she was wrong to hold so much hope for a newcomer. Not all women were the same as her.

Suddenly, an imperceptible smile appeared at the corner of Jin Tianyi’s mouth.

  • 1
    T/N: a traditional unit of weight, each containing 10 liang (市两) or 16 old liang (旧市两) and equivalent to 0.5 kilogram or 1.102 pounds.
  • 2
    accepts one loss in order to ensure two wins.
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