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IFMSW Chapter 18

Sacrifice (1)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 18: Sacrifice (1)

Early in the next morning, Chu Huai was awakened by Song Chen knocking on the door. When he opened his eyes…Jin Tianyi’s handsome face was close at hand, Chu Huai’s leg resting on this person’s waist.

He was embarrassed. So, Chu Huai hastily removed his leg from Jin Tianyi’s waist. Then he put on Jin Tianyi’s robe that was placed on the bedside, before he went to open the door.

Jin Tianyi stood up silently behind Chu Huai. He squinted his eyes slightly to look at the other person with a smile on his face.

It took Chu Huai only three days from sleeping at the edge of the bed to sleep in his arms.

“Jiaojiao, why are you here?!” Song Chen was taken aback. However, when a sudden thought flashed in her mind, her face began to turn red.

Her conjecture was right when she saw the robe that Chu Huai was wearing.

Chu Huai smiled in a bashful manner, that’s right, it is just like what you’re thinking.

“You need something?” Jin Tianyi walked over and said indifferently.

Song Chen’s expression darkened. The corners of her mouth were overflowing with bitterness: “I lost.”

Jin Tianyi was stunned: “This fast?”

He knitted his brows tightly: “Who did you run into?”

Song Chen’s strength was not weak. If she’d met an ordinary participant, she wouldn’t lose like this.

“Machine leg, Lou Ming.”

“You ran into him?” Jin Tianyi was surprised, “So, it turned out to be their apartment.”

“This is his instance?”

“It should be.”

“It’s okay.” Jin Tianyi was relieved.

Song Chen’s loss to Lou Ming was not an unfair matter. If he remembered correctly, this should be Lou Ming’s sixth instance.

At this moment, Song Chen seemed to hesitate in saying something.

Jin Tianyi: “Speak.”

Song Chen glanced at Chu Huai: “Lou Ming didn’t take the reward when he saw your name on the list, he let me deliver these words to you. He wants to fight one-on-one with you and if he loses, he will give up the clue.”

“Fight one-on-one?” Chu Huai was curious, “Does it mean combating?”

With Jin Tianyi’s skill, who could beat him?

Song Chen: “…”

Jin Tianyi laughed helplessly: “What are you thinking? This is the clues competition rules, the winner has the right to give up the clue and have another round of contest with the loser, though typically, no one will do this.”

Chu Huai raised his eyebrows: “Is that Lou Ming crazy?”

Song Chen: “He has always taken Brother Jin as his enemy; last time, he happened to enter the same instance as Brother Jin. Yet, Brother Jin was the first one to find the way out, and Lou Ming must have felt humiliated because of this case, thus from then on, he will try to provoke Brother Jin.”

“Moreover, this is a good thing for us.” Jin Tianyi looked at Chu Huai.

Song Chen nodded and also looked at Chu Huai.

Chu Huai was stunned and instantly understood the meaning.

Jin Tianyi wasn’t selected by the instance, so he couldn’t take part in the clues competition. But Chu Huai could.

Although, Song Chen didn’t hold any hope in Chu Jiao. Nonetheless, they still had a chance, so this was better than nothing.

“I will go.”

Jin Tianyi leaned towards Chu Huai while taking out the fruit knife from his pocket and smiling at the person in front of him.

Chu Huai looked at the sharp knife. He hesitated a bit before stretching out his finger: “You…be gentle, I’m afraid of pain.”

This was just a simple sentence. But, Song Chen’s ears were somehow heating up.

Jin Tianyi: “I know.”

“It hurts.”

Jin Tianyi: “…I haven’t done anything yet.”

“……Oh, sorry.”

“Does it hurt?”

“It’s okay, it won’t hurt if you blow it for me.”

Song Chen: “…” Looked like she had been fed with a bowl of dog food in the early morning.

In another place, Lou Ming was leaning against the sofa leisurely while letting a beauty feed him grapes.

His trousers were empty, revealing only ice-cold machine ankles.

Lou Ming had no legs, only prostheses.

So when someone called him machine legs, he didn’t see it as a mockery or an insult. He thought it was a compliment instead.

Lou Ming’s heaven mark was on the left side of his face, adding a bit of mystery to his handsome, yet wicked appearance.

Right now, his expression was full of longing.

He’d asked Song Chen to deliver some words to Jin Tianyi in order to humiliate that man. Nevertheless, he truly did want to fight.

Since the day he entered the horror world, many people kneeled in front of him with respect. When had his spotlight been robbed like this?

Jin Tianyi deserved to be treated as his enemy.

“He entered so soon,” Lou Ming was slightly surprised, “It’s quite refreshing.”

His eyes were already burning with a fighting spirit.

Chu Huai woke up and found himself in a dark cell.

The cell was filled with the disgusting smell of blood.

The filthy walls were tainted with blood; Chu Huai walked tentatively a few steps forward, the ground under his feet feeling slimy.

Chu Huai could only see the situation in the cell clearly with the help of the moonlight coming through the small window.

His pupils shrank sharply.

A person was lying on the ground. It was incompatible to say this since it was more likely…a corpse.

A butcher knife was pierced through the woman’s chest.

One of Chu Huai’s feet had already stepped on a pool of blood, the blood was dark and dry. It could be assumed that the woman had died some time ago.

Chu Huai was not relieved at all, therefore, he went to examine the woman’s breath.

Indeed, she was dead.

A fluorescent green light suddenly lit up in the darkness from the distance, showing the number「00.00」

Chu Huai walked over and saw that it was an electronic scale. The light was illuminating at the bottom of the electronic scale.

The current temperature was higher than at the beginning.

Chu Huai accidentally stepped on something, making him stagger. He subconsciously grabbed onto something on the side, yet Chu Huai suddenly felt pain in his palm as if there was a flame burning it.

Inside the apartment, Jin Tianyi, Luo Ziyang, and Song Chen were sitting in front of the TV, watching Chu Huai on the screen, and their hearts couldn’t help but tighten.

Although the participant wouldn’t be in a life-threatening situation, the pain was real.

Chu Huai grunted, resisting the discomfort in his palm. He finally saw the thing clearly.

It was a huge, black pot.

The water in the pot was boiling silently, and what he touched a moment ago was the edge of the pot.

Nearby his feet was the thing that he had tripped on, it was a white bone.

Chu Huai resisted the desire to vomit and picked it up. The bone was 30 centimeters long, yet it was unexpectedly light.

He checked the bone and found that the marrow inside it had been eaten clean, there were also some teeth marks on the bone.

This was… an animal’s bone?

There was a terrible suspicion in his mind.

Human bones.

But, what creature had eaten a human’s bone…?

As if to confirm his conjecture, the blood-red words suddenly appeared in his mind—

[Clues competition(play-off): Sacrifice]

[Introduction of the competition: Those who are sinful, can only sincerely sacrifice to the god, only by doing this can they receive absolution]

[Rule: In the next three hours, once in an hour, the ghost will come to the two cells in an attempt to taste the offerings]

[The participants need to pull out the butcher knife and begin to distribute the offering into sufficient amounts for each round, then put it in the pot to cook]

[The ghost will be choosing which offer is the tastiest and it will give a blessing to that participant]

[The game will be divided into three rounds. Winning two rounds in the game count as the winner]

[The first participant who is favored by the ghost twice will receive the clue of “The Crazy Blood Moon City”]

[Additional: The offering has to be cooked for fifty minutes. If the ghost tastes an unfamiliar offering, it will become furious and the participant will lose the qualification]

[So please make a careful decision, have a proactive performance, and don’t be careless]

[The introduction is complete.]


Chu Huai’s eyes flickered slightly.

Sacrifice, was it referring to… the female corpse on the ground?

To rationally distribute the number of offers in each round, was it telling him to… to divide the corpse? Divide it with the butcher knife?

The clock in his mind had already started counting. With the time of his exploration and introduction, add 50 minutes to cook…he had only five minutes left to decide.

What should he do?

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