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IFMSW Chapter 17

Clue Competition

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 17: Clue Competition

[Instance release—]

[Name: Chu Huai (tier 9)]

[Number of times participating in the instance: One]

[Instance Name: The Crazy Blood Moon City]

[Mission: Within one night, the people in the city had died. You will be going there to find out the truth behind it.]

[Duration: 6 pm the first day to 6 am the second day]

[Mission goal: Find the ghosts that are hidden among you.]

[Each participant has two opportunities to identify the other participants. However, if the target that you want to identify are two different people, then you have to make the decision carefully and can only pick one between the two.]

[When you use up the two opportunities, the result will be announced. If it is correct, you will be leaving the instance immediately. But, if your choice is wrong, you will be annihilated by ghosts.]

[Hint: God loves the common people.]

[The release is completed]


While Chu Huai was lost in thought, the sharp and hard lobster shell had cut his finger and now blood was gushing out.

Jin Tianyi’s heart couldn’t help but ache upon seeing this. Song Chen directly got up to look for the bandages.

“The Crazy Blood Moon City?” Chu Huai asked in confusion, ignoring the pain on his finger.

When Song Chen heard this, the rubbing alcohol in her hand fell instantly onto the ground. It rolled toward Jin Tianyi’s feet.

Jin Tianyi bent down to pick it up. He asked Song Chen for pieces of cotton and bandages. Jin Tianyi suppressed the complex emotions in his heart and began to handle Chu Huai’s wound gently.

Song Chen’s face turned pale. Her voice quivered: “Jiaojiao, you…also received a mission? Are you sure it’s…The Crazy Blood Moon City?”

The Crazy Blood Moon City was…the instance that she was going to enter.

Chu Huai nodded while feeling itchy on his finger from time to time.

Everyone sank into silence for a while.

In the end…

“How could it become like this?!” Luo Ziyang put down the chopsticks furiously, “What the hell is wrong with the horror world?! That is a tier 5 instance! What’s more, Jiaojiao has just returned from the instance today, how can she enter another instance again within three days?!”

Luo Ziyang was not only worried about Chu Jiao’s safety, but the sudden change of the horror world also frightened him.

In the past, when they had completed the instance, the horror world would leave them at least a week or a month to take a break. But now…

How could they relax in three days?

Luo Ziyang didn’t dare to imagine how hard this instance would be. If it was him, his mental state would’ve already collapsed. Yet, Chu Jiao in front of him was extremely calm.

Of course, for Chu Huai, the harder the instance, the better. In addition, he could complete more missions and he could also reach the core of the horror world quickly. When that time came, the ghost in his body could be solved.

Because of Jin Tianyi’s existence, the ghost in his body was suppressed. However, this was not a long-term solution for him to survive, since the ghost wasn’t killed. And it was also not a wise choice for him to keep such a dangerous existence in his body, either.

“Sister Chenchen, are all the instances of tier 5 and above released in advance?” Chu Huai asked.

He still remembered that the last instance was officially released on the bus.

“Yes,” Song Chen felt somewhat distressed on behalf of Chu Jiao.

Why did the horror world treat such a weak and kind woman so specially? Was it just like what Luo Ziyang had said, that she was an exceptional one?

That was right, how could an ordinary woman be with Brother Jin?

Chu Jiao, what ability did she have?

Song Chen’s eyes shone slightly.

Chu Huai murmured: “There is still a hint…”

The god loves common people? What did this mean?

The rule of identification was even more strange. Why did everyone have two chances? When did the horror world become so generous, even allowing a participant to make a mistake?

And why would the result only be announced when the two opportunities had been used up?

After he’d finished dealing with Chu Huai’s wound, Jin Tianyi said calmly: “I will go with him.”

Joy appeared on Song Chen’s face. Then, it unexpectedly became a deep worry.

Luo Ziyang was puzzled: “What’s wrong? Chenchen, why did your expression became like that?”

If it was him hearing Brother Jin proclaiming to accompany him to the instance, he would’ve already jumped up happily.

“You don’t know…” Song Chen rubbed her brows, “The difficulty of the instance for tier 5 and above will increase when a participant, that hasn’t been selected by the horror world, joins.”

Chu Huai also agreed with this.

Indeed, such a rule was reasonable. Otherwise, if you kept depending on someone stronger than you, then the existence of the horror world was in vain.

Song Chen was, beyond doubt, wanting Jin Tianyi to go with them. Jin Tianyi was powerful, if they had him, their survival chance was higher.

Jin Tianyi asked: “There will be the clues competition tomorrow, so who will be going?”

Song Chen was taken aback after hearing this. Did Brother Jin put Chu Jiao on the same level as them?

No matter how smart Chu Jiao was, she was still a newcomer who had just survived one instance…

And that instance was also led by Brother Jin. Song Chen felt a little uneasy in her heart.

“The clues competition?” Chu Huai objectively heard something that he wasn’t familiar with.

Jin Tianyi said: “Jiaojiao, the clue of the ‘ghost marriage’ was the ‘shroud’. This was obtained in the clues completion. The clue will be imprinted into the competition winner’s mind and they can only reveal this clue to the others after the instance is over.”

Chu Huai finally understood.

Luo Ziyang suddenly realized: “It turns out that the clue of the last instance was the shroud.”

Jin Tianyi was the one who went to win over the clue. Only when he obtained the clue did Luo Ziyang relax and enjoy the glory.

Luo Ziyang said with a smile: “Boss, you should go.”

Jin Tianyi shook his head: “The participant that hasn’t been selected by the horror world isn’t allowed to take part in the clues competition of the instance tier 5 and above, so between Jiaojiao and Song Chen, only one of them can go.”

Song Chen didn’t say anything. However, the answer was obvious, she had her own pride. Of course, she liked Chu Jiao, but that didn’t mean she would give the opportunity to a newcomer that she didn’t trust.

Her life and death depended on the clues that had been obtained, so she should go by herself in order to ensure her own safety.

Chu Huai smiled: “Sister Chenchen, you should go, I…” he raised his eyes, filled with devotion: “I want to have more time with Brother Jin.”

“Also, I’m afraid of ghosts.”

Luo Ziyang: “…” Are you sure that you’re afraid of ghosts?

After everyone finished their dinner, Chu Huai went back to take a shower, then he went to find Jin Tianyi on the fifth floor.

He knocked on the door. After a moment, the door was opened from the inside; Jin Tianyi was holding a fruit knife and blood was dripping from his index finger.

Chu Huai was stunned: “You…”

Jin Tianyi stepped to one side so that Chu Huai could come in.

“Those participants, who are willing to enter the instance, need to drop their blood on the heaven mark.” Jin Tianyi asked, “Why are you avoiding looking at me?”

“Huh?” Was it necessary to be naked?

Jin Tianyi smiled: “My heaven mark is on my lap.”

Chu Huai’s face became red and he immediately turned back: “…It turns out that everyone’s heaven mark has a different position.”

“Luo Ziyang’s heaven mark is on his butt.”

Chu Huai: “…”

The word ‘butt’ that came out of Jin Tianyi’s mouth was quite superlative and magnificent.

“On what again?” Chu Huai seemed to grasp the keyword.

Jin Tianyi repeated: “On the butt.”

Chu Huai was shocked: “…How come you even know about this kind of thing?!”

He knew so much like this, maybe he…

“What are you thinking?” Jin Tianyi let out a low laugh, “That guy said it himself, he even asked if we wanted to see it.”

Chu Huai’s face flushed.

Jin Tianyi hurriedly settled his own matter, then he approached Chu Huai from behind, whispering into the other party’s ear with a sexy tone: “Jiaojiao, where is your heaven mark…?”

Jin Tianyi’s fingers ran across his tailbone. Chu Huai’s heart quivered, he even had an illusion that he wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Jin Tianyi didn’t beat around the bush, and immediately cut into the topic: “Why did you look for me?”

There was a deep smile hidden in his eyes.

Chu Huai was about to say that he was afraid of ghosts…

Yet, Jin Tianyi seemed to know it beforehand, for he said: “The apartment is very safe, there aren’t any ghosts here, so you don’t have to be afraid.”

Chu Huai realized that his road was blocked: “I’m a bit afraid of the dark.”

“You can turn on the light when you go to sleep, it will turn off automatically when you are asleep.”

Chu Huai directly took out his trump card: “I’m afraid of being alone.”

Jin Tianyi grinned from ear to ear and suggested: “You can sleep with Song Chen.”

Chu Huai: “…” He somehow suspected that Jin Tianyi did this on purpose. Chu Huai stared at the man in front of him for a while, yet Jin Tianyi was still as calm as usual.

Jin Tianyi pretended to be puzzled: “What’s the matter?”

Looks like he was thinking too much. Finally, Chu Huai was defeated in his heart, so he wrapped his arms around Jin Tianyi’s neck and tiptoed to kiss the other person’s lips lightly.

Jin Tianyi was stunned. Chu Huai’s lips were soft and cool, with a tip of sweetness.

At this moment, Chu Huai also reacted.

If last time was an accident, then what about this time? Was it an accident again?

Jin Tianyi’s eyes darkened.

He waited for Chu Huai’s next move. But, the other party just pretended to be pure, staring at him with clear eyes, all the while blinking innocently.

Chu Huai: Laozi is only twenty years old, Laozi can only kiss like this, you think Laozi can do more than that?

Jin Tianyi actually understood the meaning behind that look. He laughed and cupped Chu Huai’s face: “I will do it.”

Before Chu Huai could react, he was kissed by Jin Tianyi and both of their teeth knocked against each other lightly.

Chu Huai: “!!!”

Jin Tianyi’s pitch-black eyes curled up into a silent smile. He had always been paying attention to Chu Huai’s reactions.

Then…he found out that Chu Huai was completely flustered.

On the other hand, Chu Huai was thinking about a serious question right now—according to the logic of his role as an admirer, should he respond?

In the end, Chu Huai didn’t respond. He was afraid that Jin Tianyi would think he was a boring person. After all, Chu Huai himself didn’t like the type of an insipid woman.

However, Chu Huai’s reaction earlier appeared like he wasn’t experiencing it at all.

While he was in crisis, Luo Ziyang’s voice could be heard from behind: “Fuck!”

There were still some clues related to the instance that he had just completed. He wanted to ask the boss and, seeing that the door wasn’t closed tightly, Luo Ziyang didn’t think too much, directly pushing the door in, yet he had never expected that he would be interrupting the boss’ good moment.

“You, you, you guys, continue, continue, I’m sorry, I, I, I…”

Chu Huai pushed Jin Tianyi away with a red face. He turned his back toward Luo Ziyang, feeling ashamed to meet people right now.

Chu Huai couldn’t help but think in his mind, You had just come at the right time. Whatever you want to eat tomorrow, this brother will cook for you as a reward.

Right at the same time, Jin Tianyi smiled at Luo Ziyang. He suddenly felt that this guy was unpleasant to the eyes.

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