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IFMSW Chapter 16

Judgment Wall

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 16: Judgment Wall

Jin Tianyi told Chu Huai to choose a painting on the shelf.

Chu Huai picked up a painting randomly. The paintings piles were thick and heavy, the paper was as thin as a cicada’s wing, stacked up one on top of another, possibly a hundred layers of them.

The internal layout was simple and stylish.

Jin Tianyi took the painting from him and walked toward the brazier, then he threw it in.

Chu Huai understood immediately why the white houses located along the riverbank were so similar to each other.

It was burned for the dead with the fire.

The paper house in the shroud shop was virtually the same, so it was not surprising that those white houses were carved out of the same mold.

He was temporarily living in the underworld right now. When Jin Tianyi said ‘buying’ a house for him, it meant that he burned one for him.

Lady Yun watched the two people leave with a complicated expression.

Jin Tianyi and Chu Huai entered the spire-style apartment.

Chu Hua had already counted; the apartment had a total of five floors.

After entering, Chu Huai caught sight of the paintings on a wall. It was cramped.

All the paintings in this place would be world-class masterpieces if they were to put them in the real world.

The painting style was extremely depressing, with just one glance, it could make people feel sad.

“This is……”

Jin Tianyi constricted his eyes: “We call this the judgment wall, if the participants died in the instances, the painting of those people would automatically appear here.”

Chu Huai was shocked by the history of this apartment. What’s more, he saw a thousand paintings here.

He followed the timeline, then looked for Li Bin and Wang Xue paintings. Their painting was in a very hidden corner at the bottom of the wall.

In the painting, the naked Li Bin was laying on top of a woman with dark and red skin.

That woman was not Wang Xue.

However, Wang Xue was also in the painting.

There was a square-shaped glass bottle on the table inside the room, and Wang Xue…was inside it.

The bottle lid closed tightly, Wang Xue could only watch them from the inside with tears.

Tears began to accumulate in the bottle, the tears increased until they reached Wang Xue’s mouth, nose, then above her head.

In the end, Wang Xue was drowned silently by her cowardly tears.

She was just like a rotten tea leaf, floating in the tears.


Chu Huai looked at the painting in a daze, it seemed to be lifeless yet when you looked at it, it just gave you an emotion.

A type of despair.

If he died like them, what would he look like in the painting?

Chu Huai couldn’t help but think.

“Don’t look at it anymore.”

Jin Tianyi sighed before he pulled the other person to the first floor. He grabbed Chu Huai’s hand and put it at the doorknob, then the door opened on its own.

“This door can only be opened by you,” Jin Tianyi said.

Chu Huai: “Brother Tianyi, which floor do you live on?”

“Top floor.”

“Only one person is living on the first floor?”

Jin Tianyi nodded.

Chu Huai was surprised: “In other words, five people are living in this apartment, except me, you and Brother Luo, there are also two more people that I haven’t met.”


“Currently, because I’m a newcomer, I have to live on the first floor and when another newcomer comes, I will be living on the second floor?” Chu Huai guessed.

Jin Tianyi was slightly surprised: “Yes.”

Chu Huai’s ability to connect things really surprised him. After all, in the horror world, many things were abnormal.

Chu Huai fell into deep thought.

This was indeed like establishing a front rank.

This place was a spire apartment, which appeared like…a pyramid.

And those who lived on the upper floor of the apartment, without a doubt, would be loved and admired by the newcomers.

The elevator door opened, the people who resided on the upper floors going down to greet the newcomers.

Chu Huai saw only one person.

“Hello, my name is Song Chen, Chen the sincerity.”

The person who had spoken was a beautiful woman in her twenties. She was dressed in elegant clothes and had beautiful makeup on, she appeared like a rich person.

But the first thing that Chu Huai noticed was the woman’s eyes.

He glanced at her casually, thinking that the woman must be exhausted which was why her eyes were bloodshot. However, when he looked closely, he felt that she seemed to have a sign of retinal detachment.

Song Chen also noticed Chu Huai’s gaze, she shook hands with him, then said frankly: “There was indeed some problem with my eyes. “

“It was a slight outburst which affected my eyes, and when I enter the instance in two days, the injury should be healed by the time I return.”

Chu Huai nodded.

Song Chen laughed: “It has been a long time since this apartment had a woman, this time I’m satisfied, there is a sister that I can chat with.”

Chu Huai: “…” I’m afraid that I might disappoint you.

Jin Tianyi lowered his eyes and pulled Chu Huai’s hands.

Song Chen was stunned, then she looked at Luo Ziyang questioningly. On the other hand, Luo Ziyang winked at her excitedly.

Song Chen had her own set of principles, so she did not show any desire of wanting to gossip.

“She’s amazing! Without her, even fewer people might have gotten out of that instance alive!” Luo Ziyang began to blow Chu Huai a rainbow fart1Statements made to transform a celebrity’s questionable qualities into virtues are referred to as caihongpi. Literally translated as ‘rainbow fart,’ the term is meant to imply that even your idol’s flatulence looks and smells like rainbows..

Chu Huai smiled shyly.

It was really fortunate to come across this type of cheerful person in the horror world.

“By the way, where is that person surnamed Sun?” Luo Ziyang frowned.

Song Chen’s face suddenly turned cold.

She glanced at Chu Huai with an apologetic look.

Chu Huai thought that it was inconvenient for her to talk with him here, so he turned around and was about to leave, but he was pulled back by Jin Tianyi.

“Speak, it’s okay.”

“He heard that the newcomer was a woman…so he said, she would die sooner or later, why need to waste the time to take a look at her?” She was also a woman, thus Song Cheng couldn’t help but grit her teeth when she delivered those words.

Chu Huai’s eyes darkened.

Luo Ziyang sneered yet in his heart, he was really frustrated.

He had known Sun Jiamu for a long time. This person was vicious and cruel, but Sun Jiamu had completed more instances than him.

The four were chatting, and Chu Huai was surprised to find out that Song Chen was the first person under Jin Tianyi.

Song Chen was going to enter her fifth instance. As for Sun Jiamu, he’d already completed his third instance a while ago, and the ‘ghost marriage’ was Luo Ziyang’s third instance.

In the evening, Chu Huai was taken away by Song Chen to cook dinner.

Song Chen was on the fourth floor. Generally speaking, as long as she was home, then she would call the others to have dinner.

“You must live a pampered life, I just asked you to help but Brother Jin already felt distressed.” Song Chen sat by the table and joked after she finished washing the dishes.

Looking at Chu Huai’s spoiled appearance, Song Chen didn’t hold much hope and just asked her out casually. However, she didn’t expect to get such a surprise.

The food that she cooked was not so tasty and Luo Ziyang had always complained about this matter.

Honestly, she never had a talent in cooking.

Chu Huai chopped…a cucumber skillfully, before he said in a calm tone: “If you want to obtain a man’s heart, then you have to grab his stomach first.”

Song Chen’s hands shook, the vegetables in her hand almost dropping into the basket.

Chu Huai had been single for many years, he was reminiscing that, if he’d met a woman with good cooking skills, he would have married her a long time ago.

Typically, he was really picky about food, what others cooked always made him feel dissatisfied. Because he was in poor health and had many restrictions, he could only cook on his own.

Nevertheless, after taking care of the company’s affairs every day, Chu Huai would sit in a wheelchair in a daze. With this, if he couldn’t find anything to do, his hair would probably turn white.

“You asked me to buy the yellow river carps, but the boss had never heard of it before, so he could only draw as I described and burn it.”

Chu Huai explained: “The carp usually has thick skin with a dirt smell so the yellow river carp is better, its inner skin is white and the average carp is black.”

Song Chen felt a bit strange, her family could be considered wealthy yet she had never heard about this kind of thing before.

During dinner, Sun Jiamu didn’t come down to join them.

Luo Ziyang immersed himself with food and he was so happy that he couldn’t control his tears.

“Heaven! Chenchen, when did your food become so delicious? In the past, you hated me so much that you did it on purpose, right?”

“You have already grabbed my stomach and obtained my heart, so do you want to consider me?”

Song Chen looked at Chu Huai, who was peeling the lobster for Jin Tianyi, with a smile.

Chu Huai’s hands quivered when he heard this and a drop of soup slid down his wrist.

Song Chen raised her eyebrows: “Do you want her to consider you?”

Luo Ziyang sneered.

Chu Huai’s hands were slender and delicate, the ugly red lobster in his hands had already been turned into rosy shrimp meat.

Jin Tianyi frowned: “You don’t need to do this.”

He didn’t want Chu Huai to serve him, it was his willingness to treat Chu Huai this special, so Jin Tianyi didn’t need the other party to repay him.

Chu Huai lowered his eyes, his face becoming redder than the shrimp in his hands: “Brother Jin, I want to take care of you.”

Jin Tianyi: “…” Do you know what you are saying?

“Chenchen, you will enter the instance in the next three days, right?” Luo Ziyang asked.

Song Chen nodded and the tasty food seemed to become bland at this moment.

The fifth instance.

Starting from the fifth instance, it would become the team instance.

In other words, they would not only meet the newcomers but also other participants from different apartments.

The difficulty would be increased to an extent. After the team was formed, some members would mistrust each other, it would become chaotic and dangerous.

Luo Ziyang was silent.

A familiar pain suddenly got into Chu Huai’s mind.

The instance was released without warning.

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    Statements made to transform a celebrity’s questionable qualities into virtues are referred to as caihongpi. Literally translated as ‘rainbow fart,’ the term is meant to imply that even your idol’s flatulence looks and smells like rainbows.
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