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IFMSW Chapter 15

Ghost Marriage (14) End

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 14: Ghost Marriage (14) End

Two days ago in the evening, Wang Xue’d returned to her room. She’d felt cold all over and her heart was already numbed.

Li Bin, who stood outside, didn’t dare to enter.

There was a dirty and stinky smell on her body. Wang Xue wanted to take a bath, but she was scared, it seemed like she really was useless.

Wang Xue had always been like this. She couldn’t do anything on her own, she often troubled others with her foolishness, which made her worthless.

She used to have nightmares about Li Bin running away with another woman. So, Wang Xue tried to work hard, hoping to gain an important position in Li Bin’s heart.

In fact, Wang Xue didn’t want to live a petty and low life at all, but she had no other choice. She was afraid that her life would be changed.

Furthermore, she wasn’t a virgin either, her innocence had already been given to Li Bin, and others would not want her, except for him.

Her parents also seemed to be dissatisfied with her, wishing that she could marry and buy a house for her brother.

Hot tears were dripping down onto the back of her hand.

If she really completed the instance mission and returned to reality, what should she do…?

In the end, Wang Xue took a bath.

If she didn’t clean herself now, everyone would loathe her. She was very sensitive, so how could she not notice the disgust in Li Bin’s eyes?

Only Sister Chu Jiao was good to her. Without Sister Chu Jiao, she would have been dead, right?

When Wang Xue finished bathing, she realized that her clothes were missing.

Then, a red wedding dress appeared in the place where she kept her original clothes.

Wang Xue wasn’t afraid of ghosts.

She felt somehow familiar with this wedding dress and unconsciously touched it.

There was a big sister who looked beautiful in the wedding dress, which made her envious.

If she was as beautiful as Sister Chu Jiao, she wouldn’t have fallen to this point, right? To be honest, it was impossible for her to not feel envious of Sister Chu Jiao, who had such a perfect man like Brother Jin beside her.

However, Wang Xue knew herself pretty well. She didn’t deserve such a perfect man.

The big sister in a wedding dress was very kind and generous, she knew all her grievances and she also promised to get revenge for her.

“Xiao Xue, do you want to stay with me?” Yin Xiaofeng asked.

“Stay with you?” Wang Xue’s voice trembled slightly.

Yin Xiaofeng smiled while trying to persuade her: “Yes, no one will laugh or ridicule you, and Li Bin will also get what he deserves.”

Wang Xue’s eyes lit up and she asked knowingly: “What should I do?!”

Yin Xiaofeng told her softly: “Put on this wedding dress”

Wang Xue’s face was filled with yearning and she did not hesitate to put on the weird red wedding dress.

She was dead.

She would forever remain in this ‘ghost marriage’ world.

That day, when Wang Xue and Chu Huai came out of Mother Ma’s house, Yin Xiaofeng wanted to attack him, yet she was stopped by Wang Xue.

“Sister, don’t kill her, she saved me once,” Wang Xue said, “You just need to kill Li Bin for me.”

Yin Xiaofeng hesitated for a while, but Chu Huai had already detected it, so she could only stop for now.

Later, when she was about to kill Luo Ziyang, Wang Xue said: “Although Brother Luo used to look down on me, he was also good to me, sister, can you let him off?”

She even pleaded for Zhao Xin: “I know that I have no right to convince you, in fact, Sister Xin had a sharp tongue…”

In the end, Yin Xiaofeng still killed Zhao Xin.

Wang Xue was too naive, kind, and stupid.

Some people were entitled to die.

The underworld was empty and only the true devil existed in the human world.

The dark path was tricky and human will was the most complicated.

Ghosts were more righteous than humans.

Jin Tianyi moved forward and was about to take off the wedding dress from Chu Huai’s body. However, the other person suddenly fainted.

A moment before he fainted, Yin Xiaofeng’s miserable scream could be heard in his mind.

The red light on the wedding dress faded and it directly ripped off from Chu Huai.

Yin Xiaofeng seemed to have been attacked hard by something, Ma Zhicheng’s shroud in Jin Tianyi’s hand also detected this, thus he cried out.

Jin Tianyi hugged the unconscious Chu Huai and his pupils contracted slightly.

What had happened just now?

“Boss, was Jiaojiao being attacked by Yin Xiaofeng?” Luo Ziyang asked worriedly.

Jin Tianyi didn’t say anything.

Chu Huai had a secret.

He put the two shrouds on and supported Chu Huai onto the bus. Chu Huai’s hand flashed behind him, then rubbed the terrifying wound on Jin Tianyi’s back.

Jin Tianyi grunted and laughed angrily.

He really owed this person.

After Luo Ziyang got onto the bus, the door closed on its own.

And the bus began to move forwards, rolling over Li Bin’s corpse.


“Xiaofeng! Are you alright?!”

“Zhicheng, there was a ghost in his body which was a hundred times more powerful than Cao Rong…” Yin Xiaofeng said weakly in shock.

“He attacked me, I’ll not live long…”

Inside the bus, Chu Huai woke up in a daze.

Luo Ziyang was alive and energetic, while the injury on Chu Huai’s back was completely healed, leaving no scars.

What had happened earlier, he remembered it very clearly.

Yin Xiaofeng did occupy his body, yet she didn’t seal his consciousness.

He…actually kissed Jin Tianyi.

It only took Chu Huai a moment to accept this truth.

The development was too fast.

He sighed in his heart.

His original plan was to slowly grow their relationship in a pure way. First, they could touch hands, then share hugs and if Jin Tianyi was impatient, he would think of another way.

But now, why did he suddenly feel so awkward?

The progress was too quick, which also made him feel helpless at the same time.

This was an accident.

In order to sleep together with Jin Tianyi, he had already given up everything.

Fortunately, no one in the horror world knew him.

He hoped that before his gender was exposed, he could kill the ghost that resided in his body.

In fact, when he took the initiative to act first, Jin Tianyi didn’t refuse and even played along with him, thus already giving Chu Huai some face.

“You’re awake?” Jin Tianyi chuckled.

“Um…” Chu Huai came into contact with Jin Tianyi’s deep eyes and his voice became quiet as a mosquito.

“Jiaojiao, were you attacked by Yin Xiaofeng earlier?” Luo Ziyang leaned over and asked.

“I don’t know.” Chu Huai frowned.

Jin Tianyi was slightly surprised.

The bus shuttled in the dark.

A dazzling light suddenly appeared in front of him. Jin Tianyi immediately covered Chu Huai’s eyes.

“Why didn’t I get this kind of treatment when I first came here?” Luo Ziyang muttered.

Chu Huai slowly adapted to the light, he saw a high barren mound through the gap between Jin Tianyi’s fingers.

Then, the bus ran straight towards it!

Chu Huai was shocked and he subconsciously hugged Jin Tianyi tightly. The expected collision didn’t happen and the bus just drove in through the deserted mound.

The other world emerged in front of Chu Huai’s eyes.

The bus stopped at the riverbank, the river had a crimson color.

The pure white houses were located along the riverbank. Chu Huai felt that all the houses were familiar.

The other side of the river was pitch black, seemingly dull and lifeless.

In the dark, ‘people’ were shouting and selling something on the streets.

“This is…an underworld?” Chu Huai asked with doubt.

Luo Ziyang was surprised by his calmness. His face reddened with shame, he remembered clearly when he first came here. He was already overwhelmed by the new surroundings.

Jin Tianyi nodded.

Chu Huai once heard Old Yue talk about the ghost mounds. People who live on the mountain usually build ghost mounds for ghosts to live in and prevent them from entering the village.

Now, if we connected them together, it was easy to conclude.

The mound was the same as the border between the Yin and Yang. The same as ghosts and humans couldn’t live together. And the heaven mark…was just like a pass for them to have a temporary residence permit.

Since there was an underworld, then what was the horror world? What was the meaning of its existence?

Chu Huai didn’t ask anything more.

Jin Tianyi said calmly: “You go back first, I will take Jiaojiao to buy the house floor.”

Chu Huai’s eyes widened.

Buy the house?

So considerate?

Jin Tianyi had more money than him?

Chu Huai didn’t hear clearly about the house ‘floor’ that Jin Tianyi had said.

“Okay, you guys go and buy a wedding room” Luo Ziyang didn’t show any surprise and he teased them instead.

Jin Tianyi glanced at him lightly before pulling Chu Huai, who was already perplexed, out of the bus.

The shops on the street had a republic style to them and Jin Tianyi dragged him to a…paintings shop.

There was a huge brazier at the entrance of the shop. Something seemed to be burning inside it, which let the smoke whiff out and it could make people start to choke.

The two entered the shop. The paintings were simple and modest, depicting the internal layouts of houses.

The lady boss was drawing, she was in her thirties, with a beautiful and refined appearance.

“Tianyi, is this another newcomer?”

The lady boss put down the brush, her hand was slender and her eyes were pretty.  At that moment, she was still laughing. Yet, when noticing that Chu Huai and Jin Tianyi were holding hands, her face stiffened.

The woman standing next to Jian Tianyi was tall and beautiful, accompanied by an extraordinary temper.

With his keen senses, Chu Huai felt the hostility coming from the lady boss. He observed her for a moment and felt that he was in a disadvantaged situation, hence he wanted to say something, but Jin Tianyi had already spoken up.

“Lady Yun, I had already said it last time, don’t call me like that.”

He pinched Chu Huai’s face, with a deep smile hidden in his eyes: “He1T/N: “他=tā” this word could be translated as he/she/it, so because Jin Tianyi had already know Chu Huai gender, I decided to use “He” ^^ likes to be jealous all day long.”

Chu Huai: “…” his face was already burning.

Lady Yun forced a smile.

She had known Jin Tianyi for so long. At that time, she even offered her body to him, yet she got rejected.

Indeed, no one was worthy of this man. He was powerful and modest.

However, she had never expected that one day, there would be a woman by his side.

“We’re already married.” Jin Tianyi said lightly.

Chu Huai tilted his head to glance at him in surprise: “???”

Obviously, they did it because of the instance mission, so he didn’t take it seriously. Did Jin Tianyi say this to stop the beautiful lady in front of him?

He felt it was a pity.

Eight out of ten, Lady Yun was a ghost. If Jin Tianyi and her had a relationship, one between a ghost and a human, then it would be much more interesting.

He didn’t want Jin Tianyi to declare this kind of statement so clearly. After all, they would be separated sooner or later and he was afraid that Jin Tianyi would regret it.

Chu Huai suddenly felt that he was just like a scum.

Looks like he needed to try harder in the future to play the role of an admirer, who could give Jin Tianyi a lot of love and caring.

Jin Tianyi stared at Lady Yun with a calm face, then he said meaningfully: “Ghost Marriage.”

Lady Yun’s face unexpectedly turned pale as a paper.

Because Jin Tianyi himself was…a ghost.

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    T/N: “他=tā” this word could be translated as he/she/it, so because Jin Tianyi had already know Chu Huai gender, I decided to use “He” ^^
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